Helpful Tools to Do Content Marketing

1. Hubspot

Professional Enterprise
$300 $900

Hubspot is one of the most powerful content marketing platforms out there, and they are still adding more features. It has consistently been at the top of every list talking about content. It has been able to dominate the market because of the flexibility and usability of the tools it provides.
You get several content automation features that can streamline your content pipeline. It also has one of the best CMS modules in this class. And another advantage is that you can easily scale if you are a growing brand.

  • Several free content marketing tools that are powerful and easy to use
  • It gives users WordPress plugins that can handle all their content duties
  • It can handle enterprise-level data and functions

2. Contentools

Start Pro Premium
$199 $399 $999

Contentools is a wholly content marketing-related platform with nothing extra added to it. You can create, collaborate, publish and analyze using this platform.
While it isn’t aimed at companies that are only starting their journey, it is a great option for medium to large brands.
It has several important features that make the life of a content marketer easier. It starts with a dashboard that is informative and easy to read. Here, you can monitor the progress of your content strategy and make changes to your pipeline.
Scheduling is much easier with the drag-drop option.

  • The AI-powered content insights tool make creating engaging content easier
  • Users get an in-app content editor which can help you with SEO aligned content
  • It has an editorial calendar that can help with scheduling posts

3. WordPress

Price Personal Premium Premium eCommerce
Free ₹160 ₹280 ₹640 ₹1152

Being the most widely used CMS globally, WordPress is a platform that doesn’t need a huge introduction. It is used by people who are getting into digital marketing and by huge Fortune 500 brands as well. It has all the tools people need for a full content marketing pipeline.
Another important factor to consider when choosing a content marketing platform is flexibility. Users can find several modules and extensions across the web for WP. It has one of the largest marketplaces for apps and themes. You can customize every aspect of your website.

  • One of the most used content platforms in the world
  • It has a comprehensive app ecosystem and is focused on content services
  • It is easy to use but has enough functionalities for advanced users as well

4. Google Docs

Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus
$6 $12 $18

Google has cornered the word processor market with its ever-popular Google Docs. This comes as a part of the Google productivity suite.
With a clear interface and clutter-free look to it, Docs is incredibly easy to use and master. Individuals and companies use this app for collaborative content marketing.
An advantage this has is that it is free to use - nothing is locked behind a paywall. Individual accounts also come with a huge amount of storage which users can even upgrade later. It also integrates with the rest of the Google Suite apps, making this a truly collaborative tool.

  • It's completely free to use and offers 15 GB of storage for individual accounts
  • Users can share and collaborate with 100 users simultaneously
  • All the data is stored in the cloud and easily retrievable using just a browser

5. SEMrush

Pro Guru Business
$199.95 $229.95 $449.95

Another popular platform in this roundup, SEMrush, has all the tools to optimize your content strategy. Created by experts, it comes with all the required functionalities to ensure a better content marketing funnel.
It has competitive intelligence protocols which can boost your brand reach through content. Topic research is another tool that helps you find the most engaging topics in a niche.
This can help you build shareable content ideas. It also comes with an SEO Writing Assistant tool which works similar to an online editor. But it also adds SEO metrics apart from correcting your grammar.

  • It has a comprehensive collection of content marketing tools
  • Users can add several functionalities through apps
  • Delivers in-depth reporting, especially for competitor analysis

6. BuzzSumo

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99 $179 $299 $499+

One of the biggest barriers for content marketers is finding engaging topics to write about. BuzzSumo can help marketers solve this problem. It is geared towards finding the hottest content topics across the web.
You can customize the niches and end up with a lot of engaging topics to write about.
It has several metrics that you can use, including social shares, backlinks, and influencer reports. All these metrics together can give you a good idea of which topic to choose for maximum chances of it being shared.

  • It can deliver detailed content related metrics for optimization
  • Provides insights when it comes to influencers
  • The content analyzer tool can search for specific terms and their engagement

7. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for content marketing today and for good reasons. It is free, powerful, and comes built-in with the most used search engine in SEO. It is also significantly easy to use compared to other tools in the market.
Beginners might require a bit of training to utilize it fully, but advanced users will find themselves right at home.
You can set up entire content marketing campaigns on it and get useful insights about it as well. It allows you to organize behavioral events as well. And another advantage is that it can scale up relatively well.

  • It’s free, powerful, and delivers exceptional details when it comes to statistics
  • It comes with better integration than most other platforms
  • You can get accurate data from any geographical location

8. Moz

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

A platform that is associated with a lot of companies, Moz is a relevant digital marketing tool for the whole pipeline. While they have a package that works for every part of the digital marketing pipeline, their content tools are high-quality.
The Moz platform brings a whole host of content marketing tools for the user. This includes keyword analysis, content syndication, insights, and more.
These can be used to maximize the benefits of content marketing for your company. It can help you create content that is not just relevant but also engaging for your audience.

  • It comes with a lot of important tools that can help you with content marketing
  • Users get intuitive tools that are powerful but easy to work with
  • Works great as an enterprise-level solution for streamlining content strategy

9. CoSchedule

Marketing Calendar

Coschedule is a tool that can help you with all aspects of the content - developing, implementing, publishing and marketing. It is used by a lot of brands and is a de facto standard when it comes to content marketing tools.
While it might not be exclusively aimed at smaller businesses, people who are new to it can still use it effectively. The true purpose of this platform is to service mid and large-sized companies.
You get a fully functional editorial calendar and content collaboration tools. It even works great if you’re a solo content creator or marketer.

  • It comes with niche content tools like a headline analyzer
  • An editorial calendar can help you schedule your posts and content strategy
  • You also get dedicated social media post content optimization tools

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10. Uberflip


Uberflip is a unique take on the content marketing process. It is an aggregator that can consolidate all your content into one cohesive dashboard.
The focus of this platform is building relationships through content curation. You can also track how well your audience reacts to a piece of content. This can help streamline and focus your content creation strategy.
Uberflip also integrates with available marketing automation solutions to maximize results. It gives marketers the means to boost lead generation and engagement. This can help demand generation and get more people interested in your brand.

  • It gives users detailed insights into their audience
  • Many people find it easier to create and curate content on this platform
  • It has a huge knowledge base that you can use to optimize your experience

11. HotJar

Plus Business Scale
$39 $99 $389

If you’re looking to improve your content marketing experience, HotJar is a tool to consider. It can help better understand customer behavior to different content pieces that you put out. And the results it delivers are pretty accurate and comprehensive.
The key here is that this platform helps you collect more data points and a much lower cost than its competitors. Heatmaps and session recordings can tell you how people react to your content. It can also improve brand reach and deliver meaningful feedback.
Users have access to different forms of validation, including data snapshots.

  • Detailed data tracking tools like heatmaps and session recordings
  • It gives users the ability to create custom surveys that can gather information
  • Easy to spot pain points and bugs on a website

12. Airstory


Airstory is all about creating engaging content quickly and gives users the ability to collaborate on it. It is a minimalist browser-based application that is simple to work with and flexible.
Users get a large bunch of templates that they can repurpose for their own needs. These templates help get users started and finish relatively quickly.
Content is divided into projects on which several people in a team can collaborate on. It also comes as a Chrome extension that captures quotes and other types of content for use later. All this is stored in the app, which you can use to build any content later.

  • One of the quickest and easiest ways to build content online
  • Keeps all your references and quotes in one place
  • It comes with several templates which marketers can use to improve their productivity

13. Similarweb


Similarweb is one of those tools which contributes critical business intelligence to a content marketer. It provides a range of information about your target market through advanced tracking and reporting.
You can customize the data points and make them more suitable for a particular campaign you are running.
It is important because it can highlight a particular piece of engaging content in your content strategy.
You get valuable insights like referrals, organic searches, and social media mentions. It also delivers comprehensive industry analysis reports. It can help you understand your audience and your competition better.

  • One of the most popular business intelligence tools for content marketing
  • It gives users access to deep market insights, which people can use to grow their audience
  • It has insights from all over the world - useful for global brands

14. Portent


Portent is a focused brand of digital marketing strategists who can get great results for your brand. And this is an important part of the content marketing experience.
Social media posts and engagement is a great way to market your company and brand.
Their experts can create engaging content and marketing campaigns for your business.
They are focused on delivering ROI and getting your target audience interested in your product. And the best part about them is their services are scalable. You can get value out of them even if you’re a smaller company.

  • It gives you access to the best social media strategists in the industry
  • They have a more analytical approach to their content marketing
  • The platform delivers detailed social media account audits

15. AllTop


AllTop isn’t what you would call a traditional content marketing platform. Rather, it is a website that acts as a repository of several content niches under various domains.
The topics range from technology to trending news all over the globe.
This can be a great resource for a copywriter who’s looking for data on a specific topic. It can highlight relevant topics, which improves your chances of creating viral content pieces. And because it is free, it comes with a lot of recommendations in the industry.

  • Free but a detailed resource that you can use to aid content marketing
  • Website is categorized into several niches making it easy to choose from
  • It has a global view of all trending content

16. Wordable

Professional Team Company Enterprise
$49 $99 $299 $999

Wordable is a content management software that helps you manage content pieces for your website.
Using this tool, you can quickly transfer pages from popular content creation suites such as Google Docs or WordPress. This saves companies a lot of time migrating data from one platform to another.
It also enables easier collaboration using tools that your workforce is familiar with.
Users only get this function, but it does this flawlessly. And this is a much-needed tool because transferring content from WP to other platforms is a time-consuming process.

  • Single-minded function but works amazingly well for content marketers and bloggers
  • It saves a lot of time when using multiple content platforms
  • It is incredibly easy to use, even for people who are starting

17. Exploding Topics

Pro Standard Pro Complete
$67 $197

For a content marketer, coming up with regular engaging content is quite a challenge.
Exploding Topics can make it easier for them by collecting the most trending topics in one place. It makes it easier for content marketers to conduct research and discover trending topics much quicker.
The app gives you a lot of options to choose from in every niche. You are bound to find something that your audience would be interested in. It does through analysis of millions of searches and conversations that happen online.

  • It can deliver a list of trending topics and keywords for content marketers
  • It can help uncover new topics which have the potential to go viral
  • Users can choose the right topics for them from a pool of thousands of options

18. Loomly

Base Standard Advanced Premium
$34 $76 $159 $332

Loomly is geared to help content creators curate their social media feeds on various platforms. It is a powerful, all-inclusive tool that also includes detailed marketing analytics and keyword filtering.
These can narrow down exactly what you’re looking for when carrying out content research.
This platform supports several popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It has an editorial calendar that can help you coordinate your social media posts much better.

  • Publishing can be automated, which saves times and improves ROI
  • It works on all popular social media platforms
  • A lot easier to use than other social media optimization tools

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