Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools in the Web

1. Ahrefs

Lite Standard Advanced Agency
$99 $179 $399 $999

Ahrefs is perhaps one of the most recommended tools in almost every review and roundup. They have the best tools and features that cover everything in a digital marketing funnel, so it’s not hard to understand why.
Their rank tracking module is detailed and shows the user's keyword movements over a period of time. You can get valuable insights about specific pages and how your keyword data has been moving.
Another factor to consider is that they have been around for a long time now. This experience shows in their tool’s performance. They can filter out false positives and noise and get you the data you’re looking for. It is accurate and not difficult to set up.

  • For a powerful tool, the setup is easy to get done
  • It has one of the highest accuracy ratings of all tools in the roundup
  • Can set alerts based on rankings and fluctuations

2. SEMrush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

SEMrush is another high-quality digital marketing suite that always comes in the top three ranks. It has been around for a long time and covers a vast array of marketing tools and features.
Rank tracking is one of their strengths - their algorithm can deliver accurate results. Their tracking module gives users access to rankings, visibility, and average traffic for keywords.
It integrates with a wide array of tools and can cater to all types of users, even experts. It can help you with alerts when you want to monitor a specific set of keywords. The dashboard is clear and intuitive. It has a lot of data which might seem a bit overwhelming for newer users.

  • Has three different tools for tracking keywords
  • Position tracking helps fix cannibalization issues and delivers accurate data
  • Sensor tool monitors volatility across different search engines

3. Moz

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

Moz is another top player when it comes to the digital marketing niche. The team behind the platform is highly experienced and keeps themselves abreast of global SEO developments. This is apparent in their products and is one reason why they work really well.
This platform has a powerful rank tracking tool. It is not just good with recording rank movements but also helps people with insights. It has in-depth rank analysis features which can help you figure out how your rankings are affected.
A huge plus point for Moz is that they have one of the world's largest keyword databases. This means users have a huge advantage compared to other platforms in this roundup. The data you get from Moz is much more accurate and actionable due to the larger sample size.

  • One of the best platforms for rank tracking
  • It has the biggest keyword database, which means more accurate rankings
  • Delivers detailed analysis of your keyword movements and suggests changes

4. AccuRanker

1K Keywords

Accuranker is a new entrant to the market compared to the other stalwarts we’ve reviewed here. But this has no bearing on its performance. Marketers and industry experts highly recommend it.
Many people find this to be the fastest and most accurate rank tracker they’ve ever used. It is so accurate that the rankings match manual searches carried out by users. Another point in its favor is that you don’t need to read through a lot of data to understand its projections. Key metrics are highlighted and easy to work with.
It gives you the option of adding unlimited domains to their projects. You can also assign several different members and teams to work on a project simultaneously.

  • This is probably the quickest rank tracker that we’ve seen
  • It has extensive filtering and segmentation features
  • Tag cloud has an overview of all data for a group of keywords

5. SERPWatcher

Basic Premium Agency
$49 $69 $129

Unlike other tools that also offer a tracking tool, SERPWatcher is just that - a solid rank tracking application. Built on a premise of offering performance and ease of use, this is a solid platform for both beginners and advanced users.
You can upload a keyword list with a custom format, copy-paste it, or other keyword software results. The online dashboard is simple and intuitive, focusing on keeping its most used functions within arm’s reach. It shows tracked keywords, position changes, and search volumes.
You are also able to sort it according to a specific timeframe. This helps you get relevant results for a particular period. It also has a Dominance Index which shows keyword position changes based on a single key metric. This gives users a different perspective of their keyword ranking ability.

  • Highly focused tool for keyword rank tracking
  • The Dominance Index gives you a different view of how well your keyword is doing
  • It comes with detailed reporting features along with customizable alerts

6. Ubersuggest


Another strong competitor in the digital marketing niche is Ubersuggest. Since this caters specifically to the audience who are looking for keyword-related data, this is not a generalist platform like the others here. The advantage it has is that it offers a more comprehensive data set when compared to the rest.
Its selling point is its simplicity. This is aimed at people who do not have much exposure to the advanced side of Search Engine Optimization. The dashboard is simple to use and has a lot of different useful statistics. It also conveys information without any clutter normally associated with top-end platforms.
Its rank tracker module is robust and offers a lot of options to monitor your keywords. It integrates with Google Search Console and offers a more cohesive approach.

  • A simple but more comprehensive rank tracking tool for everyone
  • Even though it is free to use, it boasts a 90% accuracy rate
  • Integrates with Chrome browser to deliver a much better experience for new users

7. SERanking

Optimum Plus Enterprise
$31 $71 $151

SERanking is an alternative to other higher-priced complete SEO platforms and solutions. The difference here is the price and the docs on keyword rank checking. The rank tracker module comes with tracking ranks on all popular search engines - Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

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It is easy to navigate its several menus, and it also offers the flexibility of getting more information on a specific metric. It also gives users the option to monitor up to five of your competitors’ keyword profiles. The platform also highlights the top competitors in your niche from a list of ten.
If you’re looking for white label services, this platform is a good choice. It gives users the ability to add their agency name and custom logo to its reports. This makes it a great choice for agencies who are not looking to outsource but want a good rank tracking solution.

  • A competitive rank tracker for a great price
  • It integrates with the most popular search engines in use
  • Extensive competitor tracking delivers insights into optimizing your funnel

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8. Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

Starter Pro Agency Enterprise
$49 $99 $199 $499

As a web-based rank tracking tool, Advanced Web Ranking Cloud is one of the better options available. You can customize your reporting schedule to cater to your needs. It can be daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also sort it into different geographical locations.
It has an elaborate online dashboard from where you can get a lot of information. It is divided into eight different ranking sections. You can also set a default dashboard view where you can check out your highlighted keywords.
The standout feature is the Visibility score, where you can get statistics in percentage. You get aggregated data for all of your web pages. This saves you a lot of time, and you don’t have to look into individual reports to get the data you want.

  • It searches and tracks keywords for more than four thousand search engines
  • Get improved visualizations for your keyword’s ranking
  • Detailed competitor analysis for all highlighted keywords

9. AgencyAnalytics

Freelancer Agency Enterprise
$49 $149 $399

Another all-inclusive digital marketing solution AgencyAnalytics is something that you should consider. From starter to enterprise brands, this can suit people at all levels of expertise. The dashboard is easy to use and has drag-drop functionality which means it's a lot more convenient.
It has a lot of different tools of which rank tracking is a standout feature. It has more than forty-five integrations with various platforms. This is especially true for Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
Another advantage for agencies is that you can customize your branding on it. This allows you the possibility of white label partnerships with your clients. This saves you the bother of working on keyword rankings and just focusing on other parts of the funnel.

  • You can specify keyword ranking reports for separate geographical location
  • It gives you SERP snapshots which you can then compare with your competitors
  • You get powerful white-label features that you can use to expand your brand’s ability

10. STAT Search Analytics


A tool backed by the people at Moz, STAT Search Analytics comes across as a new but powerful tool. And a lot of good reviews have been surfacing about its keyword tracking tool.
It can track thousands of keywords over several geographical locations every day. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your keyword profile.
This also enables you to get valuable insights into which areas you need to improve. Evaluating keywords can help you detect patterns and act accordingly.

  • A simple and powerful tool enables you to scale keyword rank tracking effectively
  • It gives you a weighted score for keywords based on search volume
  • Visualizations are dated but effective and accurate

11. ProRankTracker

Starter Pro Agency
$13.5 $89 $180

Labeling itself as one of the most comprehensive rank tracking and reporting solutions, we are inclined to believe them. ProRankTracker gives users a detailed overview of their keyword profile. It has a cutting-edge algorithm that can deliver accurate results.
Another advantage of using ProRankTracker is that results are quick. This means you get a better turnaround on your projects which translates into better ROI. It also gives you competitor insights so you can compare your keyword rankings.
It is pretty easy to use, and the dashboard is straightforward. We felt that space could be better optimized on it, but it does look clutter-free.

  • Simple and easy to use rank tracking solution
  • It has a lot of features for the price and can scale up easily to fit larger brands
  • Integrates with several different search engines all over the world

12. Wincher

Starts At

As an SMB, sometimes you might have issues with being able to scale costs for your tools. But with Wincher, you get a lot of performance at a great price. It costs less than half of some of the other platforms here but still offers a good deal of functionality.
The key feature here, apart from the cost, is the flexibility. It can integrate with several platforms and work with any sized teams. These are exactly why it appeals to small and medium-sized businesses.
The simple interface packs a lot of power behind it and has everything you expect from a rank tracking tool at this price point.

  • A lot of performance at a fraction of the price
  • Integrates with a lot of platforms and available on both desktop and mobile
  • It also comes with a powerful keyword research tool

13. AuthorityLabs

Plus Pro Pro Plus Enterprise
$49 $99 $225 $450

AuthorityLabs may not have been the most popular platform earlier, but today it has a significant following. This is another platform that gives users an undiluted keyword rank tracking experience.
One of the best things about it is that it is light on your system. It doesn’t require any downloads or additional software. Since it is cloud-based, you just sign in, and you’re ready to go.
It comes with advanced features that are best in class. You also get app support on desktop and mobile devices.

  • It gets daily updates, and you can set customized reporting schedules
  • You can track keywords from anywhere around the globe
  • It delivers detailed reports and even competition tracking

14. Keyword Hero

Big Hero Giant Hero Ultimate Hero
$9 $49 $149

Keyword Hero is a new platform that has great reviews about it from a lot of people. This is normally used in conjunction with Google Analytics to form a solid rank tracking foundation for all types of brands.
This tool's focus is to ensure that user intent filters through the website to the website owners. The intent is an important part of the SEO journey. If you are selling a product, it needs to be based on intent.
The tool enables users to get the best organic search keywords for their needs and track them as well.

  • It helps you optimize traffic numbers through better keyword selection
  • It works with Google Analytics which helps relate keyword rankings to goals
  • It comes with a semantic algorithm that can track 90% of all relevant keywords

15. SEOmonitor

Starts At

During a digital marketing campaign, data can sometimes overwhelm the SEO team. But with SEOmonitor, users can abstract and encapsulate keyword data to make it easier. It enables analysts to group related keywords automatically and track them.
It brings users several innovative metrics for measuring keyword metrics like Visibility Score. This is a number that tells you how visible your keywords are compared to your competitors.
And on top of all, it has a pitching tool. This can help you calculate the financials of using a specific set of keywords in your campaign.

  • It brings a lot of revolutionary features to its users, like keyword encapsulation
  • The topic research tool helps with detailed keyword research
  • You get customizable pricing, but it might be out of reach for starters

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