Importance of Creating High-quality Content

1. Improved Trust Factor

A metric that has become significantly more relevant over the years is trust. Back in the day, trust was reinforced by building quality backlinks and SEO practices. But today, you need a solid content marketing strategy to improve your trust score.
With the advent of social media, trust has become a make or break factor for brands. Businesses are now focusing on publishing authentic and branded content that is relevant. This is also something that the audience these days expects brands to do.
Today, brands build their reputations with a solid foundation of content. This has proven to be a much better alternative to other methods when building trust for your brand. But you should remember that the quality of content your brand publishes needs to be exceptional.

2. Augmented SEO Results

Another benefit of using quality content for your brand is that it helps with your SEO process. As SEO has evolved over the years, content has become an important part of the process.
Search algorithms today favor top-shelf content when it comes to ranking well. And this is why every business today invests upwards of 30% of their marketing budget on content marketing.
Stellar content improves the performance of your SEO pipeline. It gets you better results quicker and reduces your costs for lead acquisition. Content has become an integral part of SEO over the years.
Brands use content in several creative ways, including infographics, social media snippets, and Google ads to draw in people. Quality content can also go viral. This can be a huge boost for your brand, and you will gain a lot of exposure.

3. Better Quality Lead Generation

With more than a billion businesses going online, the landscape is becoming crowded and stifling. It also means that the average customer has a lot of choices. Brands are looking to stand out from the crowd to make their online presence more appealing.
Here is where content marketing can make an impact. Your website content can be the difference between a user clicking away from your website and signing up in many cases. And this is why content is useful for lead generation.
Another factor is that lead generation by itself is now dependent on high-performance content deliverables.
Businesses are incorporating better content marketing methods into their lead generation funnels. This gives their brand a significant advantage when it comes to getting more qualified leads.

Top Tools to Create Great Content for SEO

1. SEMrush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

SEMrush is one of the most dominant digital and content marketing tools, and this hasn’t changed here.
It comes with several tools which you can use for content optimization, keyword research, competitor research, and link building. And the best part is that it caters to all levels of marketers. It scales up really well for advanced users.
If you are a brand owner looking for high-value keywords to improve your ranking, this platform is a great choice. It comes with a comprehensive SEO Content Template that you can use to get more out of your SEO campaign.
You can enter a focus keyword, and it will automatically generate a list of recommendations. These will give you an idea of how you can create SEO-friendly content.

  • A popular platform for content marketing for all types of businesses
  • In-depth content optimization and keyword research tools
  • SEO content templates are helpful to set up your funnel

2. Page Optimizer Pro

Basic Premium Unlimited
$20 $30 $39

Like its namesake, Page Optimizer Pro is focused on getting your content ready for searches. With the increased traffic prevalent today, content needs to be optimized. This ensures that it ranks higher than others content pieces in the niche.
But the problem with content optimization is that it has gotten more complex over the years. Brands need to focus on various metrics to make sure that they rank better. This becomes a problem when the brand is growing or scaling up its operations.
This is where tools like POP can help businesses. It tracks the most impactful metrics and makes sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollar. It also delivers competitor analytics of important keywords.

  • Detailed and customizable keyword reports
  • Competitor analysis is comprehensive
  • Works well to optimize content with any niche

3. BuzzSumo

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99 $179 $299 $499+

For a content marketing campaign, one of its primary goals is to generate interest among the community. This interest otherwise referred to as ‘buzz,’ is what this platform is looking to harness. BuzzSumo helps content marketers come up with the best topics to write about.
And it doesn’t stop there - you also get insights about research, creation, marketing, and monitoring. BuzzSumo can be your all-in-one content marketing tool to create campaigns of any scope. You can even get inputs about competitor content creation which can help you improve your own content stream. The only problem here for people who are starters is the price.
This starts at a hefty $99 per month onwards. It does offer a multitude of features to justify the price. But for marketers who are just breaking into the domain, it can be a bit high to start with.

  • Offers real-time content monitoring
  • Improved influencer identification
  • Analysis of billions of data points

4. AnswerThePublic

Basic Enterprise
$99 $399

Answer The Public is perhaps one of the most powerful free tools out there for content developers. It offers a way to easily visualize data targeted at content creators. And its strength is not just the visual aids, and it's the depth of its data sets.
It offers comprehensive data, which can be useful if you are looking to create an engaging campaign. You get a reporting feature that can work for any niche and is detailed enough for even the most advanced users. The platform is also extremely intuitive and easy to work with.
While there are paid versions, you get up to three searches for the paid version. For most people who want to get a start with it, this will do.

  • A great way to visualize data related to content
  • Comprehensive raw data which are highly detailed
  • Highlights keywords that most other platforms are liable to miss

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5. Text Tools

3 Day Pass Professional Premium
$9.97 $37 $67

Text Tools is a unique tool and has an innovative approach to content marketing. It takes a scientific approach to content optimization.
It calculates the quality of content based on WDF-IDF and TF-IDF semantic analysis. This can offer insights that might otherwise elude even the most advanced marketing teams.
People need to understand before buying into this tool that it has a singular focus - content optimization. While it might not be as full-fledged as most of the other tools here, it is powerful when it comes to its function. And for this, it is worth its price.
It seems pretty simple at first and does not look as feature-rich when it comes to content marketing. But it has several noteworthy features that make it a necessity for your marketing funnel.

  • Great results with scientific methods for content optimization
  • Ranking gains are more stable over time
  • Quicker results from this tool compared to the rest

6. Grammarly


Grammarly has become the standard for this type of tool over the world, one of the most used editing and proofing tools. It is used by writers, marketers, directors, and everyone in between.
As a tool, it has improved significantly over the years. Although the software's primary function is to make sure the copy is free from errors, it has several other abilities.

  • It adds new algorithms and changes to its AI to analyze content and make it more engaging.
  • It can also weed out wrongly used phrases and improve the contextual meaning of the content.

You can choose which type of written English you prefer - US or UK. There are also several styles of articles to choose from, ranging from academic to informal.
Grammarly is priced reasonably and is something that is indispensable regardless of which niche you belong to. Every marketer needs to have it in their bag because it is so useful everywhere.

  • Powerful editing and proofreading tools
  • Priced well within reach of most people
  • Continually updates to the AI engine

7. Hemingway Editor

one-time buying

Hemingway Editor is another editing tool that gives you feedback on your content quality. But unlike Grammarly, the focus here is on optimizing your content to make it more readable. It highlights areas that may have text that is difficult to read, which you can then simplify for your readers.
You also get pop-ups about the excessive use of adverbs which make your copy less direct. It also gives you feedback about using complex words and also suggests simpler alternatives.
Finally, it is a great tool to help you with writing more active copy. Content that has extended passive sentences can dilute the message and make it less interesting to read. This is an area where Hemingway Editor excels in and delivers great-looking copy for all marketers.

  • A powerful editor which can help with making content more readable
  • You can even work without connecting to the internet
  • Users can export it to other word processors or editors

8. Quora

Only Ad spends

Creating content is not just about that singular goal; it also has to do with distributing your content over several channels. And Quora is a platform that helps you do just that. It is pitched as a knowledge platform. People interact with each other on several topics to form discussion pods.
The advantage here is that if you are able to contribute something of value to the discussion, your answer gets upvoted. This process can generate a lot of visibility for your website. In fact, several brands use Quora as a platform to improve their brand awareness with their audience.
Of late, this platform has become a strong competitor in the SEO niche. It is a place where ideas are exchanged, and connections are made. This is definitely one of the better ways to build links to your website.

  • It has an extensive search feature where you can search for various topics
  • You can manage your subscribed topics and monitor questions
  • Share your answers and questions on other platforms

9. Google Documents Suite


The Google Suite of tools is one of the most used tools on the internet, domain no bar. Any marketer agency or even a freelancer uses these tools because they are great to work with while being free.
It also comes with several options that you can use to integrate with other platforms. Using this ecosystem, anyone gains a lot of advantages. You can store files that can be accessed anywhere with a browser and internet connection. People can import their excel, document, or PowerPoint files into this and use or edit them on the fly.
It is also extremely light on system resources and is snappy even while handling a lot of data. It is also compatible with several file formats across different programs and operating systems.

  • Integrates easily with several platforms
  • It has a detailed list of functionalities
  • Accessible even for beginners and powerful enough for experts

10. Copyscape


Copyscape is a tool that helps writers check plagiarism in articles. This is vital considering how difficult it is to detect it and the penalty it carries. And in this space, Copyscape has provided unmatched performance with minimal false positives over the years.
When creating content, duplication is a huge issue for website owners. Search algorithms penalize content duplication depending on several factors.
In some cases, it might even be a ban from all search results. This is something that you can completely avoid with Copyscape.
It is effectively priced and used by brands all over the world. The platform is significantly easy to use and can run off a browser.

  • Best performing plagiarism check for several years now
  • It can notify you when other websites have stolen your content
  • You need the premium version for best performance

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