20 Best Ecommerce Podcasts and Their Benefits To Boost Your Sales

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio files, aka episodes about various topics, shows, books, and the like. Often you can both listen to and download podcasts.
Podcasts sound a lot like radio but are different. In a nutshell, a podcast is an on-demand talk radio series.

  • Subscribers can download the audio files and listen to them any time they want.
  • Compared to other forms of broadcasting methods, podcasting is one of the cheapest to produce and distribute.

Successful podcasts are usually not judged by the number of listeners but by audience engagement. You can find podcasts about everything under the sun.

7 Popular Podcast Types

1. Solo Podcasting

Solo Podcasting is one of the most common podcast types. Individuals who are experts in specific topics tend to pick Solo Podcasting as it gives them complete control.
The challenge in Solo podcasting is keeping your audience engaged. As you are the only one who delivers content, the pressure to give exciting content is on you right till the end.

2. Co-hosted Podcasting

Co-hosted Podcast takes the pressure off from both podcasters when one podcaster runs out of things to say; the other steps in and makes the conversation going.
As Co-hosted Podcasting is mostly conversational, there is enough room for fun-filled conversations and banter.
Listening to a co-hosted podcast is very similar to overhearing a pleasant conversation between two friends. The success of a co-hosted podcast often depends on the podcasters' personality and the chemistry between them.

3. Fictional Storytelling

Fictional storytelling podcasts are akin to dramatic TV shows. Use of audio effects and multiple voices to narrate the story is pretty common in this type of podcast. Cliffhangers, exciting plotlines, fictional places make this podcasting an interesting one.
Some fiction writers record their stories as audiobooks and release them as podcast episodes. If you are a creative person who likes to dwell in fictional worlds and live with imaginary characters, this podcast type may be the right pick for you.
The edge you have with fictional storytelling is the ability to hold your audience's attention for quite a long time. Additionally, this podcasting type is still underexplored, and there is a lot of room to capture the market.

4. Non-fiction Narrative Storytelling

Non-fiction Narrative Storytelling is for those who love to listen to real-life events. Experts say this is one of the challenging podcast types to produce. Making a good non-fiction narrative storytelling podcast requires hours and hours of writing and editing.
One may need approximately 3-4 hours of audio to come up with a 20-minute podcast episode. Some of the famous non-fiction narrative storytelling podcasts are Criminal, Serial, and This American Life.

5. Interviews

One of the evergreen podcast types is the Interview Show. The reason this podcast type is so famous among podcasters is that it is easy to produce.
The learning curve in this type of podcast is shallow. Just hone your interviewing skills, and you are good to go to produce a good Interview Show.
The pros of Interview shows are they demand minimal editing and content. Some of the notable Interview Shows are The Art of Manliness and The Tim Ferris Show.

6. Repurposed Content

This format is all about taking existing content and making it into a podcast by adding some value.
Bloggers usually take their existing content and transform it into podcast episodes. This type of podcasting is ideal for reaching out to a wider audience.
Seminars, workshops, sermons, interviews, and live events can serve as Repurposed Podcasts. The advantage of this podcast type is that it is effortless to produce. One need not have a big budget to create a Repurposed Content Podcast.

7. Panel Shows

Panel shows are essentially Interview Shows but with more than one guest. There is no shortage of content in Panel Podcasts as each guest would pitch in with their views and insights about the topic in discussion.
At times, the audience will be overwhelmed by the content and takes time to digest it. The main challenge you have as a podcaster is coordinating the guests' schedules.
Next comes managing the guests during the show. As a host, you need to create a level-playing field for each panelist. Not to mention the technical difficulties you need to face to produce a show that has multiple participants.

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5 Ways Listening to Ecommerce Podcasts Will Benefit Your Sales

1. Know About Industry Insights

Nothing can match the experience of learning directly from the experts. Listening to podcasts hosted by online store owners and Ecommerce marketing experts can give you valuable information about the industry.
As a new Ecommerce entrepreneur, one needs to know a lot more than just creating a website and listing products. There are quite a few things to master to run a successful online store, from writing descriptions to building funnels.

2. Options to Choose

When it comes to podcasts about Ecommerce and Ecommerce marketing, you are spoiled for choice. Store owners have a myriad of podcast options to choose from and learn.
Whether you are a new online store owner looking for Instagram influencer marketing tips or an experienced hand learning about upscaling, there are podcasts available out there for you to pick.
For example, My Wife Quit Her Job is a podcast for those who want to learn straight from an Ecommerce entrepreneur. The podcaster, a seven-figure store owner, provides you with valuable beginner-friendly tips. It is an excellent podcast for solopreneurs to begin.

3. The Convenience Factor

Podcasts fare better than video tutorials and written articles in terms of convenience. Unlike video tutorials, books, and TV channels, podcasts require little or no effort to learn. One can learn from podcasts on the go and need not stay put.
You can listen to podcasts while shopping, driving, or doing household chores. This convenience factor comes in handy for those who don't have enough time for entrepreneurship but looking to exit their 9-5 job.
Similarly, podcasts are highly beneficial for established entrepreneurs who are usually in hectic schedules.

4. Stay Up-to-date

Since producing a podcast is less time-consuming than making videos and long-form articles, industry trends surface earlier through podcasts.
Another advantage one has with Ecommerce podcasts is the availability of podcasts on lesser-known subjects within Ecommerce.
There are podcasts dedicated to specific topics. For example, The Amazing Sellers is a podcast made exclusively for those looking to foray into Amazon as an FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) seller.

5. For Wide & Deep Learning

One of the keys to success is to learn wide and deep. You may have excellent knowledge in one subject within the Ecommerce universe. However, if you lack insight into ancillary topics such as Shoppable Posts, Content Marketing, and Personalized Offers, you may be missing the boat.
Hence, having a decent knowledge of more than a few subjects is a prerequisite to winning the Ecommerce game. When it comes to Subject Diversity, podcasts win other forms of knowledge platforms, hands down.
For instance, The Fizzle Show has a whopping 380+ episodes for creative entrepreneurs who want to build an online store. These episodes cover almost all necessary subjects within Ecommerce.

20 Best Ecommerce Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

1. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

With more than 340 episodes, The Unofficial Shopify Podcast aims at answering all sorts of questions related to the Ecommerce industry. It provides ways to grow your Ecommerce business. The content is digestible and easy to follow through.
Podcaster Kurt Elster interviews successful Ecommerce owners. He also does case studies and periodically presents Q&A sessions with industry experts.
Subscribers can download the MP3 version of the podcasts. They can also access the transcript of each episode on the official website.
For Whom is it
The Unofficial Shopify Podcast is specifically for those who are looking to grow their Shopify store. The podcast paves the way for you to learn from the world's most successful Shopify entrepreneurs.
Being a Shopify Plus Partner and an experienced Ecommerce partner, Host Kurt Elster gives you valuable advice to master the Shopify game.

2. Honest Ecommerce

Honest Ecommerce interviews successful online store owners and online marketers. Podcaster Chase Clymer runs an Ecommerce development and optimization agency called Electric Eye and shares his insights.
Honest Ecommerce has a community wherein it works closely with online store owners. The podcast also has courses and coaching sessions for subscribers. The courses have step-by-step instructional videos on how to run a successful online store.
For Whom Is It
Ideal for merchants who want to scale their businesses, Honest Ecommerce gives actionable advice to store owners. In the words of Nick Disabato, Designer & Writer in Draft, "Honest Ecommerce gives one a clearer sense of how to act in the current moment."
As Honest Ecommerce produces podcasts every week, it is suitable for those who want to stay up to date.

3. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show is for creative entrepreneurs who want to rock the Ecommerce world. The podcast team discusses the issues online store owners face and provides them with solutions.
The podcaster cover subjects include Ecommerce SEO, brand creation, Facebook and Instagram advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. The podcast is known for its comprehensive guides on copywriting for products, business ideas, etc.
For Whom Is It
The Fizzle Show is a goldmine for those who are new to the Ecommerce world. It offers excellent value to new store owners, who arguably have a myriad of doubts regarding Ecommerce.
The significant part about the podcast is that it produces premium content for free. Subscribers say the community is highly supportive and that they binge-listen the podcast.

4. Ecommerce Influence

With 12 categories that include email marketing, content marketing, Facebook advertising, and conversion rate optimization, Ecommerce Influence scores well as a podcast.
When writing this piece of content, the podcast has 299 episodes in total, with the topic 'Marketing Strategy' having 94 episodes.
Some of the entrepreneurs who have gained wisdom through Ecommerce Influence are Jake Kassan, CEO of MVMT Watches, and Sean Kelly, CEO of SnackNation.
For Whom Is It
Ecommerce Influence is for those who are looking for inspiration to rock the Ecommerce game.
The podcast has at least 63 episodes dedicated to successful Ecommerce entrepreneurs; this is phenomenal as one can get to know about entrepreneurs of different kinds in one place.
The podcast is also a goldmine for those who want to master Facebook Advertising. There are 51 episodes dedicated to Facebook Advertising.
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5. Core of Commerce

This podcast revolves around the commerce strategies and technological advancements behind successful online stores. The podcast is known for Host Guido Jansen's interviews with renowned Ecommerce entrepreneurs.
The podcast often focuses on the hottest topics of the Ecommerce world. The strategy helps the subscribers to stay relevant in the industry.
For Whom Is It
For those who are keen to study the industry's new apps, Ecommerce platforms, payment gateways, and marketing strategies, Core Of Commerce is a good bet.
The podcast is famous among Ecommerce entrepreneurs for its actionable advice. The podcast tells you how to leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn to boost your business.
The podcast also touches upon topics that may seem distant to Ecommerce but close. One such topic is 'Human Decision Making,' which is very relevant to Ecommerce.

6. Ecommerce Paradise

Run by Trevor Fenner, an Ecommerce entrepreneur, ecommerce Paradise mainly focuses on the host's experiences. According to Trevor, he runs a successful high-ticket dropshipping business and travels the world. He records weekly shows and gives valuable tips on how to start and scale an online business.
Trevor's shows feature guests who give a different perspective on things. Trevor also offers ideas on how to outsource a dropshipping business. Subscribers say Trevor's shows talk about things in detail and that the content is easy to follow along.
For Whom Is It
Online entrepreneurs who are eyeing high-ticket dropshipping businesses must listen to ecommerce Paradise. Likewise, those who want to sneak a peek into a digital nomad's life can listen to the podcast.
Since Trevor travels the world a lot, he often shares his insights on traveling. You also get tips on topics such as Budget Traveling.
Trevor extensively covers high-ticket dropshipping and gives a comprehensive idea about the topic. He also provides product suggestions to his subscribers.

7. Ecommerce Lifestyle

Hosted by Anton Kraly, ecommerce Lifestyle's goal is to help its subscribers achieve freedom through entrepreneurship. Anton does this by giving subscribers access to a network that has thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.
Ecommerce Lifestyle aims to provide you with tools, systems, and support to scale your online business to newer heights. Anton Kraly and his team have spent 12 years formulating and optimizing growth systems to kickstart your business.
The systems developed by Anton and his team are well-refined as they have been tested over and over again. Using the strategies devised by ecommerce Lifestyle, entrepreneurs can reduce manual work and automate their dropshipping business.
For Whom Is It
Those who want to automate their eCommerce business can check out this podcast. The 8500+ course members from more than 25 countries will be beneficial in achieving your Ecommerce goals.
Anton also advises on how to handle frustration and pressure that are common among new entrepreneurs. If you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or feeling stuck in your Ecommerce business journey, an ecommerce Lifestyle may be the right destination.

8. Smart Passive Income Podcast

Hosted by Pat Flynn, the podcast has more than 47 million downloads. The podcast has also won distinguished awards such as Best Business Podcast by the Academy of Podcasters, Best International Podcast by New Media Europe, and Best Business Podcast by
The show was first aired in 2009. Apart from hosting Smart Passive Income (SPI), Pat also hosts his weekly Q&A show called AskPat. For those who want premium content, the podcast offers a Premium Pass. One can access exclusive content without any ads with the Premium Pass.
The latest offering of SPI is called Flops, a podcast about FAILURES. Yes, you read it right. The podcast talks only about Ecommerce entrepreneurs who faced failures.
For Whom Is It
Smart Passive Income is not just one podcast. SPI Media offers three podcasts -- SPI, AskPat, and Flops. While SPI and AskPat are just like any other podcasts, Flops is one in a million.
In its own words, Flops presents "an honest portrait of entrepreneurial failure in its numerous forms." The host interviews entrepreneurs who have faced failures.
If you want to learn about the pitfalls of the Ecommerce business, Flops is a boon. Apart from learning about the grave mistakes, you also get to know how to skip them.

9. Shopify Masters

Want to get motivated to mark your presence in the Ecommerce world? If yes, Shopify Masters is for you. Shopify Masters is an official podcast of Shopify. The podcast features interviews of successful entrepreneurs and Ecommerce experts.
Hosted by Felix Thea, you get actionable advice from successful Ecommerce entrepreneurs. From social media marketing to Facebook advertising, SEO to outsourcing your online business, Shopify Masters talks about a wide range of topics.
For Whom Is It
If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn about a business thoroughly, Shopify Masters may be the right choice. The topics Shopify Masters cover are unique and broad.
The podcast not just talks about the strategies and apps you need for a successful online business but focuses on maintaining your mental health while starting and growing an online business.

10. Ecommerce Minute

Ecommerce Minute is not just about interviews and Q&As but about tech and retail news. The podcast is a product of SUMO Heavy, an Ecommerce consulting firm with offices in Brooklyn, NY, and Philadelphia.
Hosted by John Suder, Bart Mroz, and Brittany Blackman, this daily podcast primarily focuses on the industry's updates and trends. The episodes air from Monday to Friday.
For Whom Is It
If you are an Ecommerce entrepreneur keen on knowing the industry's hot trends, ecommerce Minute is for you. The fast you get access to Ecommerce news and changes to the industry, the quicker you can act.
The content is easily digestible and usually lasts less than 20 minutes. The podcast occasionally features lengthy episodes such as 'Year Wrap-up.'

11. Ecommerce Fuel

Ecommerce Fuel podcast is ideal for those who dig deep. The podcast gives accurate and detailed information on a range of topics. It features the industry's top experts who have proved their mettle in the domain.
The host Andrew Youderien, a successful Ecommerce entrepreneur, invites experienced online store owners every week to his show. The advice and strategies given by the guests are easy to follow and implement.
For Whom Is It
Ecommerce Fuel Podcast's shows are motivational, entertaining, and stuffed with tried-and-tested methods that one can easily implement. The podcast also gives you a regular dose of news snippets highly relevant to your Ecommerce business.
Apart from industry news, the hosts also give you ideas and suggestions to apply outside your business. Some subscribers say that the host tends to deviate from the topic.

12. The Story of a Brand

As the name suggests, the Story of a Brand mainly talks about Ecommerce brands and the factors that transform a name into a brand. The episodes extensively cover customer experience, support, design, and manufacturing of a product, etc.
The show aims at finding why people connect themselves to certain brands. Founded in 2018 as a media production company based in Azusa in California, Ramon Vela hosts the show.
For Whom Is It
If you are serious about creating a brand rather than just starting an online store, The Story of a Brand is your destination. In each episode, owners of successful brands share their stories and how they build brands.
Since every episode features persons behind successful brands, you get to know their lifestyle, strategies, vision, product selection, and the like.

13. Commerce Tea

Hosts Kelly Vaughn, CEO, and founder of Shopify Plus agency The Taproom, and Rhian Beutler, COO, and co-founder of the Shopify app company Venntov help you stay informed about the industry and its developments.
The duo has been in the Ecommerce industry for the last two decades. The show airs every Tuesday morning. Subscribers say that Commerce Tea is nothing like anything. "This show is a breath of fresh air in the stale world of business podcasts," one user writes.
For Whom Is It
Are you tired of listening to the same Ecommerce tips and hacks again and again? If yes, Commerce Tea may be your savior. Hosts Kelly and Rhian are known for their unique tips and tricks.
The hosts share a camaraderie which makes listening to the podcast engaging and entertaining. The hosts dive deep into topics and give subscribers the whole picture about a particular subject. The show often discusses brands that are in the spotlight.

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14. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast that has more than 3,000 episodes. The podcast has over 100 million listens. The show Host John Lee Dumas chats with successful online store owners.
He is one among the selected few whose podcasts have crossed 2,000 episodes. Each episode usually lasts between 20-40 minutes. Subscribers also get access to bonus episodes wherein Host John chats with business owners and fellow podcast owners.
For Whom Is It
Shortly called as EOFire, the podcast is suitable for solopreneurs, side-preneurs, and small business owners. If you are tired of listening to outdated Ecommerce ideas and suggestions, EOFire will be a breath of fresh air for you.
The show is known for its unique guests who drop a slew of value bombs. The show also has Q&A sessions, business reviews, free content, and interviews. If you are a fan of crisp presentations, you will love this podcast.

15. Elevated Ecommerce

Hosted by Ben Cummings and Traian Turcu, the Elevated eCommerce podcast mainly talks about selling physical and private label products. According to Podchaser, Traian Turcu is a seven-figure seller.
The duo also talks about how to make money using Amazon Marketplace. The show has recently crossed 400 episodes. According to subscribers, the show gives you exciting statistics about the Ecommerce industry, new apps, industry forecasts, and the like.
The content is easily digestible, subscribers say. Ben and Traian explain things in detail and keep listeners up to date on the latest Ecommerce strategies.
For Whom Is It
If you are an entrepreneur mulling to mark your presence in Amazon Marketplace, Elevated e-commerce may help you in several ways. Listeners say that the show is not just informative but entertaining too, thanks to Ben and Traian.
Elevated ecommerce touches upon all facets of Amazon Marketplace. You get to know about the changes to the Amazon Marketplace ecosystem, new rules and restrictions of Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), etc.

16. Rock Your Brand

In a nutshell, Rock Your Brand is everything in one thing. The podcast supplies steady content for both amateurs and veterans.
Host Scott Voelker drops value bombs that he learned in his 18 years of experience.
Scott has built several six and seven-figure businesses. The show is known for renowned guests such as Chris Ducker, Pat Flynn, Rick Mulready, etc.
Apart from interviews and discussions, the host shares excerpts from his private coaching call with listeners. The excerpts come in handy for those who can't afford private coaching calls with experts such as Scott.
For Whom is It
Rock Your Brand is for looking for a podcast that answers all of their questions regarding online businesses. From questions such as "How to drive traffic to my online store?" to "How to clean up my email list," the podcast answers everything.
The podcast is also for those who like to listen to things that come from the industry's top experts. If you are on a shoestring budget but want to access unadulterated content, this show might be the right choice for you since the host shares extract from his private coaching calls.

17. Ecommerce Empire Builders

What do you need to build an empire? Yes! You are right! You need everything. Ecommerce Empire Builders attempts to give you every tool you need to create your Ecommerce empire.
The podcast was started as a side project by host Peter Pru, an Ecommerce entrepreneur. Peter began sharing his Ecommerce strategies through the podcast but transformed it into a full-fledged one after scores of subscribers saw immense value in it.
Peter's show revolves around Shopify, dropshipping, funnels, subscription boxes, continuity programs, business strategies, and the like.
For Whom Is It
If funnel-building is what you aim for, this podcast may be the right choice for you. Listeners say Ecommerce Empire Builders' content is "comprehensive and valuable" and that the podcast fills out the gaps other podcasts miss out on.
The Facebook group associated with Ecommerce Empire Builders offers value, support, and premium content for free. Subscribers say Peter gets straight to the point and that the topics he chooses are interesting.

18. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job interviews entrepreneurs who said goodbye to their 9-5 jobs and started successful online businesses.
Being an entrepreneur who runs two seven-figure online businesses, Host Steve asks hard-hitting questions to the guests and brings out the cold hard truths about the industry.
Available in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and pandora, the podcast was voted one among the top 10 e-commerce podcasts. The show features experts such as Derek Halpern, James Clear, Noah Kagan, Ramit Sethi, and Neil Patel.
For Whom Is It
If you are looking for valuable tips straight from industry experts to start an online business, you are at the right place. My Wife Quit Her Job is known for its renowned guests. Host Steve brings out the strategies used by his guests for their businesses.
The podcast covers subjects, including online advertising, blogging, email marketing, product sourcing, and SEO. Are you looking for actionable advice to kickstart your online business? Look no further and subscribe to this podcast.

19. The Jason & Scot Show

The Jason & Scot Show is all about interviews with successful Ecommerce entrepreneurs and the latest news about the industry.
While Jason Goldberg serves as the Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis Communications, Scot Wingo is the Founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor.
Before kickstarting the Jason & Scot Show, the duo was at as Board of Directors. They used to discuss Ecommerce with fellow board members, and the tradition sprouted into a podcast.
For Whom Is It
If your priority is Ecommerce industry news rather than Ecommerce strategies, The Jason and Scot Show may be yours.
As a listener, you get to know the latest news and trends of the industry. One can also ask questions regarding the industry to the hosts. Hosts Jason and Scot have a great sense of humor which they blend into the show.

20. Build My Online Store

Originally started as an interview show, the program slowly evolved as a podcast. Later, hosts Travis Marziani and Terry Lin began sharing their stories on Ecommerce and online marketing.
The exciting thing about Travis and Terry is that both run their online stores. They share their strategies and experience through the podcast.
The podcast has over 190 episodes, and it is 100 percent free to listen to. It covers topics such as dropshipping, SEO, logistics, customer service, and a lot.
For Whom Is It
For those who believe in the persons who walk the talk, Build By Online Store is the right destination. Travis and Terry are at their best when they talk about big data, traffic sources, bounce rates, split-testing, etc. The duo knows the industry like the back of their hands as they have been in the domain since 2012.
But the duo stopped podcasting in 2017. A lot of their strategies are indeed obsolete now. Though Ecommerce is a constantly changing industry, certain pieces of their advice are evergreen. For the optimists, the podcast is still a goldmine to explore.
Do you want to know more about podcasts and its impact on your ecommerce website? Speak to our experts now!

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