The Most Important KPIs To Track In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Important Content Marketing KPIs to Measure

Are your content marketing strategies bringing you the expected results?

Well, it's not easy to assess the performance of content marketing campaigns typically.

Being a content marketer, you should consider some key metrics that act as KPIs for any content marketing strategy. But what are those metrics?

Rest assured! Here in this post, we'll tell you some crucial signs to help you identify the content marketing KPIs. 

These KPIs are beneficial in tracking the effectiveness of your content statistics and enhancing your content strategy for better search results.

Measure These Content Marketing KPIs To Get More Insights

1. Track Social Shares And Engagement

It is crucial to track your content's number of shares and engagement on social media platforms to succeed in social media marketing. By sharing your content on social media platforms, you can reach more people. 

And you should track which of your content is doing well. It will help you understand your audiences, and you can create content based on their interests.

Tools And Tips For Social Shares And Engagement:

Here’s a screenshot of Locobuzz:


2. Trace Audience Engagement:

Audience engagement may include comments, clicks, social shares, or downloads of your content. You should create something that will provide meaningful insight and appeal most to your target audience.

However, 85% of spam comments are on popular websites. It means only 15 out of 100 comments are legitimate; you should keep this in mind too.

Tools And Tips For Audience Engagement:

  • Add a chatbot feature on your website to engage with your audience 24/7.
  • Create accounts on Quora, LinkedIn, or Reddit to interact with audiences and solve their queries.
  • Survey your social media platforms to know the interest of your visitors.

Here’s a screenshot of the chatbot:


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3. Note Click-Through Rate

It is calculated by the search result appearing on the SERPs (also known as "impressions") divided by the number of clicks it receives.

The organic CTRs may assist you in determining how beneficial every rank position is to your site. Also, it helps the website owner track which keywords are driving the most traffic to the site.

Tools And Tips For To Increase Click Through Rate:

  • Use your website analytics to check the organic CTR.
  • In WordPress, you can use different SEO plugins to boost your organic click-through rate.
  • Try to use more CTA in your promotional content.

You can use Google Analytics to track CTR:


4. Check The Average Time On-Site

It shows how much time a user is spending on your website. It is a crucial factor in measuring the performance of your content marketing campaign. If the average time on site is lower, people are not interested in your content. 

So, whether you're writing a blog post, creating a video, or creating a tutorial, make sure that you provide value to your audience to engage them more on the site.

Tools And Tips For Increasing Average Time On-Site

  • Ensure your content is relevant to the topic and provides value to the audience.
  • Focus on internal linking to engage the visitors to your site.
  • Try to use videos to make your site look attractive.

Google Analytics lets you track users’ average time on your site:


5. Record Bounce Rates

It measures the amount of time your readers/audience spends on your website. If the bounce rate of your website is higher, then probably your site is not meeting the visitor's expectations. 

It is one of the most used KPIs in content marketing strategy. The bounce rate percent and the time duration metrics are good indicators for traffic engagement.

Tools And Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates:

  • Check the website loading time; it must open in less than 5 seconds.
  • Keep checking the bounce rate on your analytics. If any content shows more bounce rates, recreate that content based on the customer's interest.
  • Provide a better user experience on your site.

Here’s a screenshot of Google Analytics showing bounce rates:


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6. Track Unique Visitors:

It is the most important KPI in content marketing strategy. It shows how many unique visitors are visiting the site. From a website owner's perspective, unique visits are the most valuable.

If your site is getting new visitors regularly, the audience becomes familiar with your brand. 

Tips And Tools To Get Unique Visitors:

  • Spread your content using different advertising tactics.
  • Give more attention to your On-Page SEO to generate more leads.
  • Understand the persona of new visitors and try to keep posting such content to establish them.

Here’s a screenshot of Google analytics showing the number of unique visitors during a specific period:


7. Trail Inbound Links

Suppose you have posted your content link on any other site that becomes the inbound link. Tracking inbound links helps the website owner understand the number of visitors visiting the site from that link.

Google considers the inbound link as a KPI to boost the content ranking in SERPs.

Tools And Tips To Get Inbound Links:

  • Inbound links must come from relevant or high-valued sites to be effective.
  • Ahref, Semrush, and Moz are excellent tools for tracking inbound links.
  • Create high-quality content and do guest-posting to get inbound links. 

Here’s a screenshot of SEMrush:


Content Marketing KPIs FAQs

Q1: What Are The Different Types Of Content Metrics?

There are seven different types of content metrics worth tracking for the growth of contempt marketing. These are Consumption, Retention, Sales, Engagement, Leads, Shares, and Cost. 

Q2: How To Define Digital/Content Marketing KPIs For B2B SaaS That Is Just Starting?

In SaaS business, establishing a connection between your brand and target audience is crucial in Content Marketing KPIs. You need to understand the pinpoints they experienced that motivated them to search for a solution like your competitors are offering.

Q3: What Is The Most Important KPI For Content Marketing?

It depends on the type of marketing you are following. But Audience Engagement and Sales are the most prominent KPIs in content marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect your blog/website with Google Analytics to track your customers' valuable Content marketing KPIs.
  • Keep monitoring social media engagement regularly to get clear stats.
  • Check the average time a user is spending on your site.
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your site by providing a better user experience.
  • Engage with your audience through Social Media Platforms to know their interest.

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.

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