How to Use Instagram Stories to Gain Traffic to Your Ecommerce?

If you are a blogger or an Ecommerce store owner, you should know the importance of Instagram Stories.
Instagram stories let you post a series of pictures or short videos. Your followers can view this for 24 hours
This feature is beneficial for Ecommerce store owners. This is because they can use it to share a story about any new product or discount and drive traffic to their stores
If you are trying to use Instagram Stories to grow your ecommerce traffic, you may already know how to post your products on Instagram, but do you know how to post them to an Instagram Story?
How They Work? Instagram Stories are a great way to increase your ecommerce traffic. Instagram Stories are not your traditional Instagram posts. They are images or videos with text, and they only last 24 hours
They are a great place to show your personality and build rapport with followers. They are also a great place to post your products
Many business owners are posting their stories just like they are posting to their feed. They are using them to build their business in a manifold of ways

Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Using Instagram Stories

1. Prepare a Schedule

Be consistent in posting stories. It is said that posting at least three stories per day can create a good impact among your followers. It is indispensable to remind your followers about your brand every day. With numerous brands competing each day on your follower's page, make sure you post frequently
In your Instagram analytics, you can check for the active hours of your followers each day. This can be checked as per the timings of each day as well
Make use of it to post stories at the perfect time to garner the attention of your followers wisely
Scheduling posts ahead can help a lot in maintaining consistency in posting stories. There are a few tools that can help out in this, and it is best to make use of the same

2. Answer FAQs

Yes, this is the most important way to run Instagram stories. As a follower of a random profile, you would have a million doubts and questions. Then imagine how many questions your followers following your brand's Instagram account might have
You can run question and answer sessions
Encourage your followers to ask any questions they have about your brand. Then, make sure you answer them genuinely. Keep it fun and amusing. Please make use of creatives and make it lively and engaging.
This will clear out the doubts that your followers have and create an impression about your page. Posting a few FAQs each day keeps your followers reminded of your brand.

3. Run Instagram Stories Ads

Have you noticed that after you search for some product on google, Instagram starts showing many story ads of the same?
Well, these brands are making use of the google ads game stronger.
You can also make use of the same for your ecommerce site. Brands broadcast their product ads in those targeted customer's stories. It will be broadcasted respectively to the potential customers
Whether or not the potential customers are following your eCommerce site, it will be seen.
You can prepare a creative for running Instagram ads and publish it for your targeted audience. It is needed that you keep the video or post short, crisp, and attention-grabbing. This is to attract potential customers
These are easier and quicker ways to gain traffic to your ecommerce using Instagram stories

4. Engage with Your Customers

A dash of fun is all that is essential to engage with your audience. Create polls and ask them to answer them
For example, compare two products you are selling and ask which one they would be willing to use more
Create amusing filters and ask them to try them out. But make sure you integrate the brand logo in the filter, thereby getting a reach
Create exciting challenges and ask your followers to take part in them. For example, if it's a shampoo brand, ask the followers to post a picture of their hair using the shampoo product. Make sure you ask them to tag your Instagram profile
Seeing this, many of the participant's followers might get curious about your page and will visit it;thereby driving traffic to your eCommerce site.

5. Showcase the Launch of New Products

If you are launching a new product, it is of utmost importance to share them in your stories. Let your followers know about the new launch. If you are about to launch a new product, then run a countdown of the launch date
Keep the followers hooked about what you are going to launch
Not only does it create a curiosity in the customers, but it also increases brand awareness to more people. Keep the countdown fun and engaging
Use different creatives to run each day's countdown, making it amusing and exciting for the followers
When you launch your product on your stories, make sure to pick a time when your followers are most active

6. Add a Swipe up Link

Adding a swipe-up link to your stories is an easier way to generate traffic to the website. If it is the launch of the new product, add it to your story with a swipe-up link, and your followers will be easily able to go and look at them on your website
If it's a new blog post or some customer review post, do the same
If you are making use of Instagram influencers to promote your products, ask them to do the same. In these busy times and information overload, people don't have much time or attention span
Using the swipe-up link, you can make your customers see your products and services quickly with just a swipe.

7. Create a Personal Story

People buy stories and not brands. Make sure you give a personal touch to your Instagram stories
Say if you are selling clothes, then add stories narrating the making of the clothes. Explain if they are hand-woven or machine-made
Create a set of stories elucidating how the process goes on and more. Also, add about the customer's experience of using it. You can also use hashtags and maintain consistency in posting a particular type of personal story per day of a week
Later, move on to club them and keep them in your Instagram highlights. This can be an effective way for the followers to connect with you on a personal level.

8. Create Highlights

Creating highlights is clubbing up a series of related stories and keeping them visible on the profile. Pick up a creative photo for that highlight and make it the highlight's icon
Say if you have run a series of FAQs, then club them all together and make it a highlight. If you are offering a discount on few products, then club them all together. And then name it as 'Discounts' under the highlight
If you get good reviews for your products, then club them all and make it a highlight
When you are spending so much time curating Instagram stories, you might as well make them visible on your profile. This will also give your new followers an idea about your page and its josh.

9. Engage in Reels and Share It in Stories

Reels are the new way by which many Instagram accounts are gaining attention more quickly.
Reels are short videos like Tik Tok, which is giving an excellent reach for Instagram pages. It is expected that posting one reel per day can garner good traffic to the site
You can make use of these reels and share them in your stories. Posting with an emoji blocker can evoke curiosity in the followers
This will lead them to open it and view the reel. Make the reels fun and engaging. Doing this will automatically increase your ecommerce website's traffic.

10. Make Use of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one best ways to carry out brand promotions. Digital marketing firms are actively indulging in making use of influencers. This is more or less like the word to word marketing
Work With Influencers: In which, we purchase products from a place a trustable friend suggested. Work closely with a few sets of influencers and make them your brand ambassador. This to showcase and promote products through them
Promote Your Products: Ask them to promote their products through the stories and posts. Then repost the same in your stories. Seeing credible people vouch for products creates a sense of trust in the followers
They will be willing to check out your ecommerce Instagram profile and products. This drives good traffic to your ecommerce
Who Uses it? Many top-notch ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Myntra, and Shein are indulging in the same. This is a good chance for budding ecommerce websites to grab the potential customer's attention
Go ahead and curate Instagram stories to increase the traffic to your ecommerce site.

Instagram Stories for Ecommerce - FAQs

Q1. How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story?

In the main Instagram feed, click on the plus icon on the top left corner to create an Instagram story. Then create a story. Click on the chain link icon and enter the URL
Through this, you can add a swipe-up link to your Instagram profile with a CTA. It is to be noted business accounts with 10k+ followers can only add a swipe-up link in their story.

Q2. How to Create an Instagram Story Ad?

You can create an Instagram story using Ads manager. Click quick creation to create an ad. Then, select brand awareness, reach, video views, conversions, app installs lead generation or traffic objection
Then, select the automatic placements or edit placements in the placement section. By default, the Instagram story gets selected in both the workstreams. You need to continue with the following steps to build your ad campaign. Then click confirm to publish your changes.

Q3. How Can I Use Instagram Influencer to Promote My Ecommerce Website?

Yes, it is worth promoting your ecommerce website and Instagram account through influencers
Trustable Influencers with good reach have the real power to promote/ sell products and brands to their followers. It is worth spending on Instagram influencers to promote your eCommerce Instagram account/website.

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