10 Ways to Optimize Your Asphalt Paving Website for Local Searches

Good roads and walkways are very important in a society and its development. So, if you are an asphalt paving contractor, you should be pretty proud of it.

But do you know what happens often?

These projects are mostly given to reputed contractors through word of mouth. Or sometimes they also give it to ‘known' people in the circle. 

So how do you, as an asphalt paving contractor break the competition and make yourself visible to your clients?

There are so many businesses out there, and asphalt paving is a very niche business that needs that extra push to make the business visible to the circle. 

If you want someone to pick your business for their contract, then here are a few things that they will be looking for. 

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reviews and reputation both online and offline
  • Insurance and license requirements
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Post-project warranty and assurance

If you are looking at growing your customer base, you should invest time and money in digital marketing, especially SEO. Here are a few local SEO tips for asphalt paving contractors that you must check today.

Local SEO Tips for Asphalt Paving Contractors

1. Assess Your Local Competition

The first thing to do as an asphalt paving contractor is to understand and assess the local competition

There could be more than one contractor in your area, and to beat them, you need to know their tactics and how they are approaching their customers. 

Thanks to various tools that make such information visible to everyone. 

Here’s How It Appears On Search:

  • One simple way is to turn on Google Alerts for your competitors and see what's being mentioned about them across various platforms.
  • Spyfu, Buzzsumo, and SEMrush help you make competitive analyses and find the gaps that they are missing.
  • WhatRunsWhere is another great tool to determine your competitors' ads. Find what's working for them and what is not to strategize yours.

2. Set Up GMB Today

If you haven't set up your GMB account yet, then this is when you have to do it. 

So, when someone looks up for asphalt paving contractors near me, your business appears in the searches. 

It's not enough to create an account and ensure that all necessary points are met.

Here’s a screenshot of a GMB account:

  • Include all relevant information correctly, like name, place, working hours, and contact information. Your clients looking for asphalt paving contractors should easily find you.
  • Add original pictures of your previous projects and office to create trust in your customers. 
  • Make sure you always answer all the questions asked in the Q&A section. This will build your reputation.

3. Explore Other Directories And Get More Local Citations

When your customers check for a business like yours, they don't just explore Google but check other directories. 

As an asphalt paving contractor, you have to make sure you have your business listed in multiple directories, so even if it's some other source that your customers are looking at, they will find your business.

Have a look at how this local citation finder searches for the results:

  • Mentioning your business in various online directories is the simplest way to get more visibility.
  • Ask your competitors and other similar or related businesses to give you a shoutout on other platforms. This boosts your business visibility.
  • WhiteSpark and Bright Local are two places you can start with to list your business online.

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4. Blog Regularly

For an asphalt paving company, blogging might sound not so connected. You might even wonder why anyone would come and read paving-related blogs. 

But, what many don't understand is that blogging is a great way to improve your visibility. It is the best method to incorporate all high-ranking keywords. 

Guest blogging is also a practice that will fetch you new customers.

Have a look at this blogpost by Robert on the Content marketing institute.


5. Have An Eye On Your Page Speed

Yes, as a local business, page speed is very important. If you haven't checked on it yet, now is the time. 

Imagine someone coming across your business and finding it forever to load your website. 

This would test not only their patience but also create a bad impression. Optimize your website for better speed, and here are a few pro tips for the same.

  • Tools like Google's Page Speed Insights help you determine the ideal speed of your page and provide tips to resolve and make it better.
  • Using optimized images and reducing redirects are also two things that can help you improve your page speed for better local SEO.

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6. Ask For Reviews

Not everyone looks for an asphalt paving contractor, but again, those who look for it are people with higher monetary investments. 

So, when someone checks for a business like yours online, you should be ready to put the best foot forward. Reviews are social validation that people trust. 

When you have reviews from your past clients that speak highly of your work, the chances are that newer clients trust you for their requirements.

Take a look at these reviews for an asphalt pavement company in Germany.

  • Ask your previous clients to drop a message or a review on Google for your business. Tell them how it will help you in your future projects.
  • Use tools like SocialMention to check what people are talking about your business across various platforms. Make sure you respond to positive comments and also address negative comments.
  • Review Trackers is a tool that generates a dashboard with all mentions and reviews about your brand from across platforms.

7. Keep Checking Your Bounce Rate

This is the simplest approach to discovering how many of your target clients visit your website and progress through the funnel. 

Not everyone who visits your page will become a client, but everyone who visits your page is a prospective customer. 

The construction sector is highly competitive, and if you want to thrive in your local region with your firm, you must carefully examine your website. 

When someone visits your website and promptly departs after viewing only one page, this is a high bounce rate. 

It is detrimental to your SEO, and the higher your bounce rate, the worse your ranking.

  • Keep your content short and informative. Keeping it to the point will help customers understand easily.
  • Write catchy copies that will push your customers to explore your website.
  • Keep the website simple and user-centric for a better experience.
  • Use Alexa Traffic Analysis and Google Analytical Tool to determine your bounce rate.

Have a look at this screenshot from Alexa.


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8. Improve Your DA And DR

Domain Rating and Domain Authority are two things that Google loves. The better the rating, the better your ranking. 

Using a website authority checker will help you analyze your ranking. Your SEO strategy should depend on your ranking and how well your Domain Authority is. 

Take a look at this screenshot showing DA and Ranking keywords:


Here are a few tips to improve your DA and DR.

  • Obtain backlinks from unique yet relevant websites. This will boost your domain authority.
  • Improve your page speed by optimizing it for quick load time.
  • Focus on technical on-page and off-page SEO to improve these ratings. Ensure you have a strong SEO strategy in place and that your checklist covers all essential requirements.

9. Responsive And Interactive Web Design

These are simple yet effective aspects of local SEO. When it comes to an interactive web design, it is essential to ensure that your customers find it engaging enough to explore not one but all the pages on your website. 

On the other hand, a responsive web design is mobile-friendly and is legible across various devices. When customers view your website on the go, they want it to be adaptable to their device. 

Look at this responsive website from an Asphalt paving contractor in Austin.

  • Use online chat options to make interaction much better. Customers will find this feature very helpful and leave you extra ratings if you respond well and help them through the online chat option.
  • Use InVision to visualize your web design before building it.
  • Stick to a minimalistic design in both navigation and text throughout the website.

10. Engage On Social Media

Social media platforms are the most used amongst customers. If you can tap customers here, there's nothing better than that.

Create a social media handle for your business. But what could go on the social media pages of an asphalt paving company?

That's a fair question, but there is so much to explore. Take your followers through real-time projects. Show them what your final assignment looks like.

See how this construction company has gained more than 1000+ likes by engaging more on social media.


Share with them your customer journey. 

  • Share customer testimonials as videos or posts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Tag your customers to reshare and talk about your business to refer your company to other clients.
  • Use your social media handle to provide updates and information to your customers.

11. Updating Keywords And Using Geo-targeted Keywords

When you target your local customer base for your business, you should majorly focus on geo-targeted keywords. 

If you are asphalt paving business in Germany, incorporate major cities. For example, it could be the best asphalt paving contractor (insert city name). You can also add them to your website tags. 

You can find geo-targeted keywords using tools like Moz.

This helps in better crawling and ranking. 

  • Keyword research is a continuous process, and so you should keep looking out for the latest and the most trending keywords to insert them in your web pages.
  • When you add keywords, make it natural and not evident.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner or Moz to find keywords.

12. Never Ignore Internal Linking

When Google crawls and indexes your pages, it looks for a continuous chain. By ensuring you have a healthy internal linking, you are helping the bot crawl faster and better.

Here’s a screenshot to show how it looks on the interlinks manager:

  • Use Link Whisperer to analyze all your website links and identify the gaps.
  • Interlinks Manager helps you create automatic links based on your targetted keywords.

Local SEO for Asphalt Paving contractors - FAQs

1. What Local SEO Tips Should I Keep In My Checklist For Better Ranking?

The top SEO checklist aspects are setting up a GMB, having a responsive website design, blogging, adding more customer reviews, and optimizing your website for better page speed.

2. What Should I Keep In Mind While Doing Keyword Research?

While doing keyword research, find geo-targeted keywords as this helps a lot for local businesses. Spy on your competitors and see what keywords are working best for them. Also, ignore global keywords as they will not help you a better rank.

3. What Are Some On-Page SEO Tips I Should Follow?

While doing on-page SEO, never miss out on adding the right title tags, meta descriptions, sorting headings, and optimizing your images. Also, ensure you do proper internal linking and the right schema markup for your business.

4. What Are The Major Landing Pages That I Have To Create On My Website?

While designing your website, ensure you have location landing pages, an about us page, service landing pages, and a contact page. Add a map in the contact page for geo-targeting this also helps in better ranking. Google finds such websites very productive.

5. SEO Vs. Local SEO?

The major difference between SEO and local SEO is the goals and strategies. While SEO focuses on ranking globally or internationally, the latter focuses on targeting the local customer base.

Key Takeaways

  • Set up your Google My Business account and optimize it with the right information.
  • Encourage your customers to add reviews on various platforms.
  • Add your business to other directories and improve your local citations.
  • Connect with your customers on social media to build rapport.
  • Analyze your local competition to build your SEO strategy.
  • Blog regularly and add enough trending keywords for better ranking.
  • Check your online reputation regularly and respond to negative comments promptly.
  • Create a responsive and engaging web design.
  • Monitor your website speed.
  • Aim to improve your DA and DR by adding more relevant backlinks.

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