Best Ways to Boost Local Ranking for Carpet Cleaning Firms

Are you struggling to get local clients for your carpet cleaning services?

This might happen because you focus only on global SEO instead of local SEO. 

According to research, 69% of people search with local intent. So, if your services have a local consumer base, you must optimize your website as per local SEO to geolocate to your business. 

Here are some local SEO strategies to organically boost your leads and scale your cleaning business. 

1. Leveraging Google My Business Listings

Google dominates when it comes to the search engine. Undoubtedly, 99% of your clients make a Google search before buying any service. Hence, getting yourself listed on GMB provides an edge. 

To start, create a Google My Business account and add all your information to the dashboard. 

Now people can find you in Google search results, Google search knowledge panel, and Google Maps. 

However, it will not generate leads automatically. You have to optimize it to get leads. 

Tips To Optimize Your GMB Listings -

  • Provide all relevant information like business title, address, contact info, service categories, and a short description of your brand.
  • Focus on local keywords related to the service in your description. For example, ''We're a carpet cleaning service provider in Santa Monica with five years of experience.''
  • Also, add the latest images and videos of your business locations to increase your audience's trust in your services. 

Here’s an example of a GMB profile containing all business-relevant information:


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2. Specify Keywords Related To Your Business 

Although keywords play a critical role in local SEO, many local carpet cleaning services commit one mistake – It's keyword stuffing. 

Keyword stuffing simply means adding the same keyword too many times in the content. According to Google, keyword stuffing ruins the user experience. So, any practice of keyword stuffing is prohibited. 

Here's how to use local keywords to boost the local SEO of your carpet cleaning business:

  • Firstly, list out all the keywords specific to your business. For example, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning near me, affordable carpet cleaning, carpet cleaner rental, RV detailing, etc. 
  • To conduct local keyword research, you can use tools like Google keyword planner, Cleverads, Semrush, etc.
  • Add the location identifier to the keywords. For example, "Carpet Cleaning House in Seattle", etc.
  • You must optimize all your business assets like GMB listings, websites, social media, and third-party directories for local businesses to help more locals find your business easily. These keywords can be added to descriptions, titles, etc. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Google keyword planner:


3. Add Backlinks And Citations

Consider you have two options to buy a gift. Your friend recommends one store, and the other is something you just found randomly on Google. Which one will you opt for? There is a high chance you will go with your friend's recommendation.

That's the same concept with backlinks. Backlinks are similar to your friend's suggestion. They signal search engines that other websites trust your site and thus are linking back to you. It will also help you improve local traffic. 

Tips for using a backlink for local SEO optimization-

  • Guest blog on relevant local websites. This will help you improve your brand authority and help you gain a backlink.
  • Reach out to local influencers to submit your business information. Local influencers generally create top business lists in cities. So, if they include your carpet cleaning business in the list, you can receive a backlink and more traffic.

Here’s an email template you can use as a guest blogger to reach out to websites:


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4. Local Content Marketing

Content is king, especially when it comes to local businesses. Unfortunately, most local carpet cleaning businesses pay no heed to content marketing

If you have no useful content to help attract readers, how will your ranking improve?

All those local keywords, backlinks, social presence, GMB listing will go in vain if your audience can't relate to your content. 

Now, what's local content? Local content can be anything, including blogs, videos, infographics. But the main ingredient of local content is its relevance to your location.

Here are some tips for creating local content to boost your SEO:

  • As a carpet cleaning business, you can create content that can resonate with the audience. Suppose your business is located in Santa Monica, then you can create blogs, infographics, videos on topics like "Ultimate Guide To Professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica."

You can use a blog title generator to find ideas for blog topics:


5. Register On Local Business Directories

Although Google My Business is the prime lead-generating source, it's equally important not to depend entirely on it. 

Most people still use local business directories to reach out to businesses. Also, your registration in multiple directories proves your business is authentic, thus improving customers' trust. 

The Following Points Should Be Remembered While Registering Yourself In Directories -

Yelp is another great business directory to list your cleaning business in:


6. On-Page SEO

The primary function of On-page SEO is to elevate user experience. If you have visited where you have to zoom in to read the content, you know how frustrating it is. It ruins the experience and makes you never want to revisit the site. 

That's why Google gives so much importance to On-page SEO. By tweaking a few things like URL, meta descriptions, responsiveness, you can take user experience to the next level and keep both search engines and users happy. 

Tips One Can Follow To Optimize On-Page SEO Are:-

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. To check mobile responsiveness, use Google's mobile-friendly testing tool.
  • Optimize meta descriptions with local keywords. Keep them within 160 to 220 characters. 
  • Add alt-text to images to get found in image search results. Keep it shorter than 125 keywords. 
  • Add schema markup. Schema markup is a code added to a website to improve visibility. You can generate this code on ""'. 
  • Keep your URLs user-friendly. You can also add keywords in URLs. For example, 

Here’s an example of Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool analyzing a website:


7. Build Social Media Presence 

The importance of social media presence in local SEO is undeniable. Here are top statistics that make social media presence so critical: 

  • 78% of sellers with a social media presence earn more than their counterparts who aren’t using it. 
  • Moreover, 70% of sales clerks use social selling tools for lead generation. 
  • Social sales generate nearly 50% of revenue in 14 leading industries.
  • People spend nearly 3 hours of the day on social media. 

Here Are A Few Tips For Carpet Cleaning Businesses To Integrate Social Media In Local SEO. 

  • Use your business name as the page name to avoid confusion. 
  • Put contact details at the front.
  • Provide a short description of your cleaning services.
  • Optimize your description with local keywords.
  • Share your customer reviews regularly to boost trust. 
  • Create engaging, high-quality social media content, including videos to attract more attention. 

Here’s an example of a well-optimized cleaning business on Instagram:


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8. Nail Your Technical SEO 

Imagine you maintained both on-page and off-page SEO, but the customers fail to access your webpage via phone, or it takes too long to load.

When average customers spend 10-15 seconds waiting for your site to load, they will most likely not return. Thus, you risk losing tons of potential customers with a slow site. 

Therefore, it's essential to enhance technical SEO.

For This, One Can Follow The Below Tips

  • Optimize page speed by compressing all your images, HTML, and JavaScript sizes. Also, use cache plugins to store a static version of your site. This reduces loading time for repeated customers.
  • Check for redirects and broken links. If you have broken links, replace them with working links. You should remove multiple redirects. 
  • Ensure you have the HTTPS version. If not, then add an SSL certificate to improve security. 

You can use GTmetrix to analyze and optimize your page speed:


9. Maintain NAP Consistency

When customers search for local businesses, they will generally want to know three critical pieces of information about your business. It is my name, address, and phone number. 

This information is called NAP. It helps Google build citations to your GMB listings, which is used to check the legitimacy of your brand. Search engines also use it to geo-target your business to potential clients. 

Now imagine if you had given a different phone number on one website and the other a different one. This can confuse search engines and can send mixed signals about the legitimacy of your carpet cleaning business. 

Here Are Some Tips For Maintaining NAP Consistency

  • Conduct frequent quality audits to check how your business appears in different searches. One can also use SE Ranking Website Audit to find all the possible issues with your business information. You can also use Moz Local to find NAP inconsistencies. 
  • Be vigilant with the spelling and format. Double-check each piece of information before publishing your NAP.
  • Keep it up to date.
  • Keep it consistent on all your websites, social pages, and ads.

Here’s a screenshot of SE ranking website audit results:


10. Keep Your Website Updated

Your website is the first thing your customers will see when searching for carpet cleaners. So, imagine if you had been using the theme from 10 years ago with no mobile responsiveness? That would surely give a bad impression to users, right? 

If you want to avoid a high bounce rate, which is also one of the local SEO factors, it is important to keep your website updated.

Here Are A Few Suggestions To Optimize Your Carpet Cleaning Website For Local SEO:

  • Ensure all your contact details, certifications, features, customer reviews, and upcoming offers are updated to make a good first impression. 
  • Categorize all your services on your homepages like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, dry cleaning, and carpet redressal for a better user experience. 
  • Mention your business hours. For example, "9:00 am- 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday."
  • Create location pages for each location and unique content for all the services.

Here’s an example of service categorization on a cleaning website:


11. Ask For Reviews And Feedbacks 

89% of consumers read reviews before buying any product. And 79% of people trust them. It gives you feedback and proves that more people engage with your brand and services. 

However, only 49% of people share their experiences. And when it comes to local services, the percentage dips further. 

So, Below Are A Few Tips For Collecting Reviews From Your Customers -

  • After service delivery, send them a personalized email SMS request to share their experience with yours.
  • Reply to all the reviews and show gratitude for their response.
  • If you receive negative reviews, answer them politely and solve their issues. 
  • You can also request happy customers to share a review video if they don't mind. 

Here’s an example of a personalized SMS requesting feedback:


12. Get Rid Of Duplicate Content And Listings 

If there is one mistake you don't want to commit when doing local SEO, it has duplicate content and listings. 

According to Google's webmaster guidelines, each business should have only one listing per location. 

If you have multiple locations, it might be tempting to use the same content for all the pages, but resist the temptation. Google doesn't want duplicate content since it ruins the user experience. As a result, if you have duplicate content, you might risk your ranking. 

Here are some tips to avoid duplicate content on your site and duplicate listings:

  • Use tools like Moz Local to check whether you have any duplicate GMB listings that you might not be aware of. 
  • Use tools like Site Liner, Copyscape to check for duplicate content on your site. 
  • If you see duplicate content, here are some ways to create unique content for services and location pages.
  • Speak about the individual service or product you offer in a particular area. For example, if one of your branches is located in California, you can provide details about cleaning services that you specifically provide there. Add landmarks or local details to resonate with the audience. 

Here’s a screenshot of Site Liner’s analysis results:


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is part of search engine optimization, where businesses optimize their services to show up in local search engine results.

Q2. Why Do Carpet Cleaning Companies Need Local SEO?

Your company may function at many locations, but it's necessary to showcase your service area to your consumers. Here, local SEO helps you be visible among the local audience, who will be your prime customers.

Q3. What Are The Directories For The Carpet Cleaning Company?

There are abundant directories to register oneself. But for the Carpet Cleaning industry, one can go for Rug Care directory, Professional Carpet Cleaners, Cleaning Business Today, International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association, Carpet Cleaning Dir, etc.

Q4. Why is it necessary to have a website for Carpet Cleaning Companies?

The website ensures your presence in the Search Engines. It helps people find you, learn about your company and its services, and contact you.

Q5. What Role Does Social Media Play in local SEO of Carpet Cleaning Companies?

Social media brings you to the radar of a local audience without costing a fortune. It helps you easily connect with your clients, engage with them and share their experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Register in your niche-specific directories and GMB to stimulate greater visibility. 
  • Add local keywords to your website to rank higher in SERP for local searches.
  • Grow yourself on multiple social media platforms to gain an audience.
  • Network with other local businesses in the same niche and local influencers to gain backlinks and referrals in industries and ask for backlinks and referrals.
  • Sponsor local influencers to review your services.
  • Maintain On-page and Off-page SEO.
  • Collect and monitor customer reviews to improve users' trust in your carpet cleaning services. 

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