As Internet technology reaches new heights, SEO is one of the most standout marketing tools it has given us. It has enabled businesses like electricians to reach new heights regarding traffic and reach.
Electrical companies and electricians are pretty narrow niches, but SEO can help them get the number of people they want.
Let's look at how local SEO can help get more customers for electricians.

Local SEO Tips for Electricians

1. Conduct Detailed Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most critical parts of a local SEO strategy. A lot of agencies spend the bulk of their effort here. This phase sets the tone for the rest of the process. The more detailed your keyword research is, the better your campaign will perform.
Tools For Accurate Local Keyword Research
As the number of businesses grows, competition for keywords is higher today. This has prompted local SEO keywords to become more specialized. This might be difficult to get done without tools.
Here are a few tools that can help you with keyword research.

  • If you're just starting, Google Keyword Planner can help you get great results.
  • Other more general platforms like Ahrefs and SEMrush have separate keyword research sections.
  • One of the most specialized keyword tools we have had is AnswerThePublic. It offers super performance and insights.

For example, this screenshot shows "Average monthly searches" for a particular keyword, "electricians near me," in San Antonio.

2. Set The Right SEO Goals

Before starting any campaign, it is essential to have the goals of the project outlined. This can vary with the electrician niche based on their requirements.
It can mean anything from increased web traffic to a new site to more engagement for a new campaign. It could also mean a straight revenue increase which is forward but can be difficult.
Strategies To Outline The Best Goals To Pursue
There are several goals that local SEO can provide for your electrical business. The key is to choose the right one for you. Before you choose, you should understand a few aspects of what SEO can provide for you.

  • Increasing traffic can improve your chances of making a sale.
  • Getting qualified leads can reduce the time spent on the marketing phase.
  • Reputation management improves brand perception and helps prevent too many negative reviews.
  • Outreach allows you to reach new customer demographics.

3. Leverage Right Analytics Tools

For any SEO campaign, local or national, analytics are everything. Analytics are critical to helping you gain perspective on your SEO campaign. It is one of the significant advantages SEO has over traditional marketing methods. But to maximize analytics and application, you need the right tools for the job.
Have a look at this screenshot from Google Analytics - displaying recent 30-day data.
Choosing The Right Analytics Tools For Your Electrical Business
As a process, local SEO is more dependent on analytics for success. The reason is that local is a much more competitive space for SEO. There are a greater number of businesses vying for the same market. This stresses using the right tools to get the job done for you.

  • Google Analytics is the first and most obvious choice. It is powerful and free.
  • Moz Pro is your all-inclusive SEO platform that has several metrics tools.
  • Ahrefs Site Audit can help analyze your webpage. A simple score value represents this.

4. Speed Up Your Website

One of the best methods to rank up your electrician website is to speed it up.
Google search has assigned high weightage to how fast a website loads. This figures into how useful your website is for users. Speeding up a website is not simple - many things factor into the process.
Tools To Measure And Improve Website Loading Speeds
As part of updates, search spiders prioritize loading speeds over other metrics. This makes sense because users tend to click away from a slow website. It leads to undesirable side effects like increased bounce rate and lower engagement.
Have a look at the loading speed of our website.
The key is to understand your website loading speed and reduce it.

5. Build Authority

Any business needs to build its website authority over time. This can help you get more people searching for your brand. Also, increasing brand authority can help improve conversions across the board. It is an effective strategy to improve your website's search rankings and SEO metrics.
How To Build Brand Authority For Your Electrical Company
Every company needs to build brand authority to succeed in this market. It is a way of standing out from the rest of your competition. Building authority increases brand trust, which results in increased sales.
Here are a few ways you can build authority.

  • High-quality content marketing is one of the best ways to build authority.
  • Use reputation management tools like Reputology to get insights on brand reputation.
  • You also need to monitor social media feeds with Mention or HootSuite.

Have a look at this screenshot that shows how to create an alert and monitor your social media feeds
using Mention

6. Drive Traffic With Content To Drive Traffic

One of the most proven ways to drive traffic is through high-quality content. Content is the fulcrum on which today's SEO is driven. It is a powerful method to get leads for your business. It might be tough and will take time, but it is worth it compared to other methods.
Strategies To Implement Content Marketing For Your Business
Generally speaking, all marketing is based on content, so it is so strong. Creating content can have a marked effect on your brand. It generates trust and clicks higher than other marketing methods.

  • Create content aligned to your audience. Be informative and descriptive as possible.
  • Use content auditing tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog to assist you.
  • A powerful free plugin for your WordPress CMS is Yoast SEO Plugin.

Here is a screenshot from the content audit section of the Screaming frog.

7. Optimize For Local Keywords

The simple rule is to opt for more local keywords to get local SEO results. Using local keywords, you can attract local results, which are important to your electrician niche. These keywords are different from national-level keywords because they're more specific.
Tools To Find The Right Local Keywords For Electricians
When searching for keywords for electricians, it is important to know the searcher's geographic location. Different regions have different names for the same service. Some electricians may also specialize in other fields, such as home improvement or other services related to electricity.

Have a look at this screenshot showing the monthly searches for keywords in a particular area.

8. Focus On Gaining Reviews

In this era of trust-based marketing, reviews are a powerful source of traffic.
Especially for a niche like electricians, positive reviews can get a lot of new leads for you. It is important to get people to review your services. This is an important ranking signal and helps word-of-mouth marketing flourish.
How To Track Reviews And Improve Response Rate
Tracking reviews is an important part of marketing for any business, big or small. Reviews are a vital mechanic in brand and image building. A lot of people have access to reviews, even on search. It makes tracking and responding to these reviews a part of the marketing cycle.

  • One of the most popular tools for monitoring reviews is Reputology.
  • If you want something lightweight and free, consider Google Alerts. You can set it up for custom alerts from around the web.
  • Using these tools, also remember to respond to your reviews professionally. Don't be abrupt or personal on any of them.

Have a look at this screenshot from Reputology showing average reviews and ratings across multiple websites from the web.

9. Use Social Share Buttons

With the advent of social media and the power it holds, most businesses are on it. It gives businesses access to a large population. This is a quick method to get people interested in your services. Social share buttons enable people to share your website or content directly to their feed.
See how this website is making use of social share buttons.
Advantages Of Using Social Share Buttons For Electricians
Social media has been one of the revelations for businesses today. It has enabled leveraging social feeds to get more exposure through ads and shares. Social share buttons are an aspect that you need to look into.
Here are a few advantages of using social share buttons.

  • It enables you to get direct exposure to your electrician services in the area.
  • Much more qualified leads than other marketing methods.
  • Your content marketing gets a huge boost through adding social share buttons.

10. Implement Voice Search

One of the biggest advances of marketing technology today has been voice searches. Voice searches have opened up a new way to search online. The huge number of voice searches is because of voice assistants in the market today. The most popular ones are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.
Adding Voice Search Related Keywords To Local SEO
Voice searches have been becoming more popular owing to more powerful mobile devices. The increase is also due to better language recognition and improved processing. You need to keep a few strategies in mind when implementing voice search-based search terms.

  • It is critical to understand voice search intent for local SEO.
  • Utilize improved natural language processing techniques for keywords.
  • Think in terms of questions because that's what people tend to ask.
  • Optimize your website for long-tail keywords and filler words included.

You can use tools like to find long-tail keywords for your voice search optimization.

11. Monitor Monthly Reports

Reports offer significant insights when you're building a local SEO campaign. Ensuring that you have the most important metrics highlighted in a report is important. This can help you improve your SEO process and evaluate your methods. Reports can also act as milestones to understand your goals better.
Tools For Generating Impressive SEO Reports
SEO reporting is an area where tools have the maximum impact. This is partly due to SEO's many metrics to keep track of.
Today's tools can help you track and optimize various SEO metrics. You can opt for standalone tools or tools with comprehensive reporting tools built-in.

12. Optimize Website Content

You need to optimize your website content for the best website performance completely. This holds for both text and images. Ensure that you have the right keywords for your blogs and other text-based content.
For images and video, ensure that they are optimized to offer the best performance without affecting load times.
Tools For Optimizing Content For Electrician Website
For improved website performance for visitors and on searches, optimization is critical. There are several areas to look at, so tools will help you. You need equal focus on content and visual imagery to help your brand succeed.
Here are a few tools that can help you in both areas.

  • Clear scope is a great tool for content strategy. It is AI-assisted and delivers great results.
  • SEO testing is another powerful content optimization platform.
  • Smush is a powerful WP plugin that can optimize images on your website with a single click.

Have a look at this screenshot that shows the potential savings in page size.

13. Publish Citation Links for Your Electrical Website

Citations are a great way to bring in some fresh and qualified leads for your business.
It involves adding your website link to popular directories for more exposure. It has been used for many industries and can bring in a lot of relevant traffic. And since this is a ranking factor on searches, your local ranking will also improve.
Here Is a List of Citations for You to Consider

  • Yelp
    One of the most powerful business directories around, Yelp has been around forever. It offers a great way to connect with your local audience and bring in more leads for a business.
  • Angi
    Angi Ads are a great place to add a listing to your website. It is frequently visited by many people looking for local services around their location.
  • Expertise
    Covering over 200 industries across the whole of the US, this is a must-have for your business. They help around 60,000 businesses connect with their audience.
  • Yellow Pages
    The Yellow Pages is perhaps one of the most comprehensive directories globally. It can help advertise and track reviews about your brand.
  • BBB
    The Better Business Bureau is the premier directory for all businesses to add listings. They are trustworthy and preferred by people the world over.
  • Apple Maps
    Apple Maps is slowly growing in popularity and is a worthy contender to other location services. It comes default with Apple devices and leads to good exposure.
  • Home Advisor
    Electricians fall under the home repair and improvement services niche, so this is a great place to advertise. It is really popular and has a lot of visitors as well.
  • Thumbtack
    A directory that has comprehensive services for professionals, Thumbtack is great for electrical services.
  • Bing Places
    Bing Places is a powerful directory and advertising space based on Bing search. You can add or claim your business listing from here, adding more flexibility to your business.
  • Manta
    Manta aims to help people find small businesses in and around US cities. It is a powerful service and has many visitors per month.
  • Waze
    Waze is a multipurpose platform that can help you with navigation and advertising. Adding your listing here can have tangible benefits to your business.
  • FourSquare
    A really popular and comprehensive city guide platform, FourSquare has millions of users. All types of businesses can be listed here.

Local SEO for Electrician - FAQs

Q1. Does SEO Work For Electrical Services?

Yes, SEO works well for several types of industries and electrical services. The key is to optimize it to suit your specific needs.

Q2. Do You Have Experience With Electrical Companies?

Yes, we have comprehensive experience with the electrician niche and have delivered great results for our clients.

Q3. What Are The SEO Services For Electricians?

We help with keyword analysis, SEO strategy, execution, and maintenance. We also take care of social media services and optimize business listings.

Q4. How Can I Get More Customers For My Electrical Company?

Local SEO can get you more leads and traffic for your website. Focusing on getting the right people interested can improve business and ROI.

Key Takeaways

  • Local SEO is a powerful platform to get more business for electricians.
  • The electrical niche is competitive - you need SEO to stand out against your competition.
  • A high-performance SEO process needs to be tailored to your business.
  • There are several considerations when doing SEO, and we've highlighted them in the article.
  • Getting the best tools will considerably ease the load on yourself.
  • To be competitive, consider hiring an SEO agency. Today's SEO processes are complex.
  • Keep yourself updated with SEO trends in the market.

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