Local SEO Tips for Hair Salons

1. Create a Salon Website Aligned to Beauty Niche

The first thing to do when you want to create a brand is to build a website. The beauty and wellness niche has several characteristics when creating a website.
Your target audience is going to be people who care about their appearance. And your website should reflect this.
Web site creation in this niche is a mix of being creative and factual. And here, everything matters - the color, font, layout, graphics, and content.
You need to make sure that your website is compatible with all types of buyer personas. It includes people who are just shopping or others who are intent on making a purchase.
It is something you should get right because getting high traffic is a requirement for this niche.
You should also make sure that your website load times are fast. Slower websites are just not valuable to customers. You can get ideas from Google Page Speed Insights.

2. Find Hair Salon & Spa Specific Keywords

One of the most critical parts of a local SEO campaign for specialized niches like this is keywords. You need to get this exactly right from the start.
The reason is that everything else in your SEO campaign depends on proper keyword research. The key to good keyword research is using the right tools to get the most information out of the niche.
Your research should include things that your customers are liable to search for. It includes types of services available and location-based searches.
Another important part is to reverse engineer competitor keywords. It can help you get an idea if you have gaps in your keyword list.
You might not cover all the keywords, but you should have the best performing keywords in your list.

3. Work on Meta Tags and Descriptions

A lot of people seem to think that basic SEO metadata is not important anymore. But they couldn't be more wrong.
Meta information like tags and descriptions are the foundation of powerful SEO campaigns. And to this end, you need to make sure that you've got all the right ones included.
The key is to create a good description and tag it to keep it reader-friendly. And at the same time, you also need to include keywords in them.
Create titles that offer value to your user - adding "best" to everything isn't the way to move forward.
Add catchy phrases common in the niche, like "Here's a secret!". It makes your pages more clickable and gets more people interested.

4. Prepare a Search & Demand Curve Analysis

The hair salon is an area that is niche-specific. As this is a specialized niche, you need to understand the dynamics of search and demand. It will be tough for you to get good results without understanding this.
To start with, the intent of customers when they search about your niche is service-related. Queries for informative content tend to be fewer in number. And another thing is that people are going to search for long-tail keywords.
For example, they will search for "hair salons near me" instead of just hair salons. Because just searching for hair salons is not going to be of interest to them. And the list grows with more specific keywords.
Something like "bridal hair salons in Los Angeles" is specific and has a much higher chance of conversions. And you need to make sure that your website can cover all your strengths.

5. Optimize the Website for Your Target Keywords

Just creating your website and adding a few keywords will not help improve business. You need to optimize the website with a goal in mind.
For a website to be successful:

  • It needs to be user friendly
  • It must offer value, and
  • It should cater to their demand.

With more than a billion websites for any niche, you need to make your website stand out.
User-friendliness is a key parameter these days, and you need to make sure your website adheres to standards. And because this is a service-oriented niche, your website should be able to cover all interests.
People may or may not have shared interests in the services you offer. It's a good idea to cater to different services on specific pages. It will increase your reach and also help you rank better for those specific search queries.

6. Analyze Your Competitors in the Salon Industry

When you are in a hyper-competitive niche such as hair and beauty salons, it is a good idea to step back and analyze your competition.
If your competitors are big, they are sure to have a few things to learn from them, at least when it comes to SEO. There are bound to be a few factors that you might have missed.
You can get more details when you analyze your competitors with the SEO tools you have. It is also a good idea to be part of an SEO group or a forum.
Here, you're able to pose questions to people who are more knowledgeable than you. It keeps you grounded with current trends in SEO and improves your practices as well.

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7. Create & Update Your Google My Business Page

Once you've got your website and keywords done, then the next step should be GMB listings. It is perhaps one of the most valuable and powerful methods to get more local reach for your business.
While it might not have been so important a while ago, today, it offers significantly more business performance.
With a GMB listing, you will now appear on Google searches with a link to your listing. The user can click on this link to get more information about your business.
You also get reviews and other information from the profile page. It is linked to the Google Maps service, so customers can find your place easier. It is a useful and integral step to getting the most out of your local SEO. And the best part is that it is free to get done.

8. Write Unique Content for Every Salon Service

Content creation is the crux of modern SEO campaigns. Most of the top brands rely on content marketing to promote their local SEO goals.
What this means for you is that you need to work on creating unique content for each of your services.

  • It means that you will attract targeted traffic to these pages.
  • You can also convert these pages into landing pages for your services.
  • It can help you rank better for those specific keywords and push your overall ranking higher.

For example, you could have pages dedicated to hair coloring, conditioning, and styling separately. People who are searching for these related keywords will end up on those pages. You could use them to funnel traffic into your sales page.

9. Include Salon Targeted Keywords In Your URLs

URLs are another area where you need to pay attention to during on-page optimization.
There are several things that you need to focus on during URL creation. The most important aspect is to have readable URLs on your website.
There is nothing more unfriendly to a user than having gibberish in your URL.

  • It turns people off from your website.
  • It can also make recalling the page difficult for them.

Having a legible URL structure makes it easier for people to navigate. Also, try using keywords as part of the URL structure. It can significantly help to rank well for niche, relevant keywords.
Another thing you need to be aware of is security. Make sure that you have an HTTPS, validated website. It can help customers feel a lot more secure, especially if you are transacting cash on your website. Having a secure protocol also helps your search rankings.

10. Earn Links from Relevant Salon and Spa Websites

Link building is a vital part of a high-performance SEO campaign. Link authority flows from one website to another. It is in your interest to have links from authority websites in your niche.
Getting links from quality sources is not an easy thing to do. The key here is to create content that people find value in. You need to focus on things that people have problems with and then offer a solution.
One way is to publish your content on places with a lot of traffic, like YouTube or Reddit. Another method to get links is through guest posting. It is a process by which quality content you create is hosted by the authority website. You get a link back from either the author bio or content. It can help get quality link flow to your website.

11. Create & Promote Discounts & Promos for Services

One of the best marketing ideas, regardless of niche, is promotions for your core services. It is important to your brand growth in the long run as well.
A lot of people think if they're offering the best services, discounts should not factor in. It is wrong because even the biggest names in the business offer regular discounts for their products.
The interesting thing is that even if you run discounts, you don't lose money. You stand a better chance of getting more profits and customers. But random discounts without taking into account various factors can be a problem.
Make sure you've done all the requisite research before you finalize a discount package. Promo codes and discounts are some of the most important marketing methods in this niche.

12. Create & Optimize Your Social Media Pages

Social media has a mammoth number of followers across the globe. More than 3.7 billion people are on some form of social media daily. And another fact on social media is high engagement rates.
Compared to other forms of communication like email or ads, social media has one of the most engaged user bases in modern times. That is why a lot of big brands are using social media as their backbone for marketing.
The first thing you need to do is create a page that has all your details. It includes your website, your location, and all your contact details added.
Facebook Pages are a great way to start. You can also run Facebook ads from your account. And once you're done, you can then share it on various other social platforms as well.

13. Engage With Your Customers On Social Media

Now that you've created an identity for your business on social media, the next phase is earning their trust. You might have noticed that almost all brands today have a social media page. That is where they interact with their customers.
You can get a lot of valuable insights when you speak to your customers on social media. They can be constructive advice that can improve your business setup. It can also help you track down niggling issues that might have resulted in a loss of customers.
Engaging with them can also help improve your business' trust levels. People are usually more trusting of a brand that is willing to interact with them. And if you have a social media profile, there are chances people will post their queries regarding your service.

14. Request for Reviews on Your Spa & Salon Services

When it comes to modern marketing techniques, reviews are among the most powerful methods to gain business. Review signals have become relevant in modern times.
The most popular listing platform Google My Business has a review score right by the brand page's side. All this points to the fact that reviews are an important factor to consider with your marketing.
Most brands ask their customers to leave a review if they have a positive experience with them. These reviews are testimonials of social proof for a brand. And it can also help you get much more traction with newer customers looking for services in your niche.
You can either give them the option of an online review form or direct them to your GMB page. Another option you have is verified reviews on websites like Trust Pilot, which can significantly improve your reach.
If you are looking to promote your salon with Local SEO services, get in touch with our experts now!

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