Local SEO Tips for Plumbers

Local SEO is nothing but optimizing your business/website for local city-specific keywords. It is the new ‘yellow pages’ for local businesses these days.
By doing Local SEO, you can optimize your plumbing business for local searches.
Local SEO is more powerful as it caters to a specific local area. It helps you reduce the competition in your area. It also makes it easier for your business to rank higher on search engines such as Google. Your main purpose of doing local SEO is to show up on the search engine pages, especially on local map listings.
When your potential customer is looking to fix a leaking pipe or a faucet, they rely on Google to save them.
Here we share a few points on how and what local SEO can do for your plumbing business.

1. Focus on Your Plumbing Business Website

a) You need to set up the title tag as it is very important. It comes right after the domain name description. That is where you include your main service category, location, and your business name.
E.g., Plumber in Idaho – Joe’s Plumbing Services
Don’t let your title tag be more than 40 – 50 characters long.
b) The Meta description is the text that displays below the URL.
When there’s an effective meta description, it not only helps a page rank well but also increases Click Throguh Rate (CTR) and thereby conversions.
This description shows up when a customer searches with keywords. Your Meta description should be no longer than 150 characters.
E.g., Joe’s Plumbing is your answer for blocked pipes (mention other services) in Idaho. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx (your business phone number) or book an appointment now!
c) Your main home page is where you should have a list of services you offer. Use relevant keywords and descriptions of the services.
d) Add another page with the price of your service offerings.
e) Another best bet would be to add an ‘About us’ page that talks about your business. This section can also focus on your plumbing staff members with their picture.
f) Customers take comfort in knowing who would be visiting their home or office to help them. This page can also inform customers about the various levels of experience your team has.
g) An FAQ page for customers visiting your website is ideal as well. This page can state your working hours and days. If there are certain holidays you don’t work on, you can mention it here. If there is an extra charge for a service provided, mention that information in the FAQ page.

2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The first point is to ensure you have an active website for your business. The website should be easy to use and must be mobile-friendly.
About 63% of new business comes from mobile searches. When your customer gets stuck in plumbing trouble, they use their mobiles to search for local plumbers. Your local SEO strategy must include mobile optimization.

  • It means your website shouldn’t take longer than 3 seconds to load on a mobile device.
  • While your site may look great on a computer, you must ensure it looks as good on a mobile device. It includes the font and layout you use on your site.

It is frustrating if a customer has to struggle with finding information on your site. The customer in such a situation would leave the site and impact your local SEO ranking as well.
Audit the website’s metadata by using keywords relevant to your plumbing service. Include key services you offer along with target keywords to ensure your Local SEO rank gets a boost.
Google has a testing tool that allows you to check if the website is mobile-friendly or not.
When you test your website here, it shows if it’s mobile-friendly. If it’s not, it shows issues to be fixed to make it mobile-friendly. Also, it renders the mobile view of the website.

3. Boost Local SEO by Adding Your Information

Update the footer of your website with all your contact details. Mention your email id, postal office address, phone number and name/names of owner.
This is to ensure that you’re findable through any of your pages on the website.
Your website’s footer remains constant. So no matter which page your customer is viewing, they need to scroll to the bottom to find your information.
The footer should use the standard contact information and must stay consistent. It allows your website to send many positive Local SEO signals to search engines.
Inconsistencies of any kind in the contact information are bad for business. Search engines will consider your business to be less trustworthy. Your business will not reflect in local searches with many changes.
Your customers will avoid using your service if there is inconsistent information.

4. Enable Click to Call Plumber Option

Once your website is active, add a contact number that your customers can reach you at. Potential customers don’t want to waste time when there is a plumbing emergency.
Also, it gives them the best customer experience.
They would prefer being able to click and call the number displayed on your site.
You must highlight the content or text you want to use. Help your customers to reach you easily by enabling click to call feature.

5. Stay Social to Enhance Your Local SEO

In this technological age, you must stay social. It is an ongoing process, but it ensures you are not relying entirely on your website for business.
Are you wondering how you can stay social? Create a profile or business page on Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.
GMB is vital for plumbing businesses as for most local searches Google first provides local 3-pack. Sometimes, it also provides business profiles on Yelp, Facebook, etc. to help users with multiple options.
There are several online business directories you can register your plumbing business with.
Once you create your profile on Google My Business,

  • You need to visit to claim your profile.
  • After you complete the verification process, you need to optimize your profile.
  • To optimize your profile, you must complete the verification process.
  • Provide your plumbing business hours, a logo, payment methods and any other images of your services provided.

Promote your service on social media. Most tech-savvy customers are bound to see your page while scrolling through their feed.

6. Add Happy Customer Testimonials

If you have reviews from your previous customers, use your website to display them. Potential customers like to read positive reviews and comments from other customers. It can boost your local SEO performance as well.
Add Testimonials on your website to build trustworthiness in your business.
When you display positive reviews or associate with brands, it helps you!

  • Respond to your customer reviews, both, good or bad. Try to respond to a good review by thanking the customer for taking time out to write you a review.
  • Do ensure you respond to the bad feedback with grace and diplomacy. Don’t pick a fight with the customer who leaves a bad review. It will not reflect well for you or your business.
  • Post video testimonials from customers who have used your plumbing services. If you can recommend a video testimonial to your customer, it would add good content to your site. Video testimonials allow potential customers to have faith in your plumber/plumbing service.
  • Ask your customers for feedback by reaching out to them on email or phone after the service is complete.
  • You can ask them to leave a review for your business on Google, Yelp or social media like Facebook.
  • You can also use automated email templates to ask customers for a review. As a plumber, you need to spend less time on paperwork.
  • If you are an old school at heart, ask for an in-person review. Offer your customers a business card. They can visit your website and leave you a review. They could visit Yelp or Google and leave a review there as well.

Your reviews on business directories like Yelp and Foursquare will build trust for your brand. It also allows search engines like Google to recommend your business more often. Remember, customers testimonials help promote your business for free!

7. Research Top Plumbing Keywords

Keywords related to your business are essential for your Local SEO campaign to be a success. Google Keyword Planner is a great place to get familiar with plumbing keyword research.
It’s a great tool that helps you get new and fresh keyword ideas for local search engine optimization.
If you are struggling with keywords to use, there are various tools available online to generate keyword ideas. You can then plug and play these keywords to get your monthly customer traffic volumes.
For your plumbing business, the main keyword should be like “Joe’s Plumbing” or “Plumbers in Idaho”.
Examples of Plumbing SEO keywords:

  • Sink Clog and Repair Emergency Plumber Service / Emergency Plumbing Service
  • Toilet Clog and Repair Plumbing Service

8. Optimize Your Website for On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays a crucial role for all websites. Make sure to optimize your landing page content properly.
The first thing you need to do is Optimize your URL structure.

  • Always keep the URL short and rich in keywords.
  • Use dashes instead of an underscore when writing a URL.

Example: The Title tag is an important factor in Local SEO being a success for your business. It should include the primary keyword of your business. i.e. plumbing.
Example: Plumbers in Idaho (your city name) | Joe’s Plumbing Service

9. Fix all Technical SEO Issues

Are you running your plumbing business is in different locations? Then, each location’s landing page should include Local Business Schema in the HTML. It marks up your contact information.
With the local business schema, you can give multiple vital information about your business to Google.
It helps your business to appear higher in Local SEO Search results for a specific location.
When you sign up with Google Business, refer to the list of services your business provides.
Examples: Plumber.
Other services can include

  • HVAC repair service,
  • Clogged pipes Repair Service,
  • Blocked drain service.

10. Get Plumber Related Citations

A citation lists your business name and contact details on other websites. Once you set up your website, ensure your details are visible in the footer.
Your Google Business Page information and Website information should be the same.
Industry-specific directories for plumbers offer free listings. Focus on free listings before opting for paid citations.
However, if you are willing to spend money on paid citations, opt for Google analytics to track your website traffic. It will help you to keep your paid subscription cost-effective and valid.
Local business directories are another option to list your plumbing service.
Listing your plumbing business in these directories will increase your chances of being found for online searches.
The online version of your local newspaper will have a list of businesses. Register your plumbing business so that it is easily accessible by your customers.
Local business directories with working links make it easier for your customer to reach you. It helps your local SEO campaign get the significant boost it needs. It allows you to attract new customers to your business.

11. Build Relationships in the Plumbing World

A good opportunity to get customers is to associate your business with other businesses. E.g., Your pipe and other material suppliers.
Mutually beneficial relationships can help in cross-referrals. Local events in your area, and charities can have your website linked to theirs.
It helps in building business opportunities for your plumbing services.

12. Check-Out your Plumbing Competitors

It’s a good idea to check out your competitors. There are various tools online, such as Majestic, SEMrush, and Moz Link Explorer.
You can use these tools to check the links on your competitor’s website and get your business the same.
These tools allow you to find new local business directories. They also help you to get associated with genuine plumbing related news and websites.

13. Track Your Local SEO Results

Once you’ve set your SEO campaign for your plumbing business, you will want to track results and performance. There are lots of FREE and Paid tools that allows you to track your website performance. It delivers ranking reports for the keyword used in your SEO campaign. It even tracks your Google My Business ranking.
You can check how well your local SEO keywords are performing using tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs. It lets you check the traffic they are pulling towards your website.
An important point for all plumbers and plumbing business is to have a valid local phone number.
You need to track how many conversions your Local SEO results are bringing in through the phone number listed.
Google Analytics can help you with tracking the phone calls received through your website. It also helps you check which online pages/directories get you the most or the least business.
Building a Local SEO campaign can be one of the most important investments for your plumbing business. Each of the points shared above can be completed one step at a time.
Follow these points to build a foundation for a solid plumbing business. It will help you to gain more customers requesting for your service.
For a self-run small business like plumbing, organized online traffic is a boon! It is free publicity from search engines. Optimize Your website with relevant keywords and make the most out of the organic traffic coming from search engines.

List of Popular Plumbing Directories - Worldwide


Homeblue will help you find a plumber within a couple of minutes in your nearby area. Once you post your requirements, you will get a free estimation of the expense. After analyzing your requirements, they will find you a suitable plumber. They will help you with any plumbing services such as faucets, fixtures, pipes, and drain block.


PlumbingWeb is the one-stop solution for all your plumbing needs. You will get the detailed info about every plumber you find in our directory. But, they are more than a plumber finding service. They have a lot of plumbing groups where you can get advice and suggestions. Also, these groups give you an idea of the plumbing industry.

3. is another site that connects you with expert plumbers. They have a pool of licensed and experienced plumbers. Based on your plumbing requirements, they will provide you with the list of the plumbers in your area.


Since 2000, Find a Plumber solves all your plumbing related issues. They find you the best plumber, based on your needs: be it residential or commercial. Their plumbers are capable of handling all types of plumbing work. From installation to remodelling to repairing, they are the best when it comes to plumbing.

5. finds you the contractor who is best for your project. They fulfil all home projects related need. Just put the zip code where you are looking for a plumber, and they will provide you with the best ones.


Fixr is a popular site to look for a plumber in your area. Their plumbers are experts in remodelling and fixing any issue. Be it your kitchen or bathroom: they provide you with the best one to fix all your plumbing issues.


Plumbingnet gives you the list of the plumbing manufacturers in your neighbourhood. If you know the type of plumbing related product you're looking for, browse through that category. You will get the list of all the manufacturers in that category. If you know the name of the manufacturer, you can find their contact information as well.

8. lists the plumbers after doing thorough research about their expertise. Also, they do a background check of each plumber. All the plumbers they provide you with are capable and trustworthy.

9. promises to provide the best plumbing solution. They connect you with the local plumber online and through call as well. They have a toll-free number where you can call and get connected with a plumber, based on your need.


Plumbing web finds you a plumber, anywhere in the US. Their green plumbers not only fix your broken pipe or faucet but also take care of the environment. They make sure that they are contributing to the environment.


eHARDHAT ensures you to provide the best plumbing services at the lowest price. They provide you with the list of contractors after asking you a few questions about your project. Based on your answers, first, they send you an estimate. If you're satisfied, they connect you with the best contractor in town.


Myzipplumber connects you with the expert plumbers in your area. Based on your zip code, they provide you with the nearest plumber. Also, you get discounts on every plumbing service they provide: be it repair or installation.

13. is the place where you can get the best plumber in your locality. You can book a plumber online or offline with them. Their expert team of plumbers know how to handle the most complicated plumbing issues.


Yelp is a site where you will find experts to help you with your home projects. There you can find a lot of experienced plumbers who know how to deal with stubborn plumbing issues. Using yelp, you can find plumbers for fixing, remodelling, installation, and more.


Homeadvisor is finding the best local plumbers for people for quite some time. After getting the details of your project, they connect you with the best partner, based on your zip code. They assure you of quality service and an affordable price.


Superpages have a huge database of plumbers in every area in the US. You can search a plumber by entering your zip code. You can also search your region to check the list of the plumbers there. They provide you with all type of plumbing solutions.


Manta is an old place to find the plumbing contractors in your area. They list the best plumbers in town to help you with your plumbing concerns. Their website has the list of experts who are capable of handling all the complicated plumbing issues and installations.
Do you have plumbing website? And looking to do Local SEO? Then, you are in the right place. Drop your details here to get a free consultation now!

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