Local SEO Tactics for Roofers/Roofing Companies

As a roofer or roofing company, your customer base pertains to a specific location or area of services. And so, you need to battle the daunting local competition to earn a significant number of leads.
Moreover, your ideal customers are most likely to rely on Google for finding a roofing company.
And what's more crucial to understand is that most users wouldn't scroll past the top 7 organic results.
That said, you need to earn your spot as a trusted roofer/roofing company in these top spots. Here is where your local SEO efforts come to your aid.
Let's check some definite local SEO tactics for your roofing company.

Local SEO Tips for Roofing Companies/Roofers

1. Establish Your Roofing Company's Google My Business Profile

An updated GMB profile allows your business to show up in Google Maps. And it adds to your probability of ranking for the Local 3-Pack Results for local searches.
So, you must ensure your roofing company has a well-defined GMB profile. Here is how you can update it:
NAP Consistency : Your GMB profile is an authentic business brochure for your roofing company. And you must display the updated firm's name, address, and contact number here.
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Services : List the types of roofing services you offer. Also, add your service-specific keywords and specialties. These can include: Commercial/Residential Roofing Services; Roof Replacement; New Roof Construction; Types of Roofing (Metal, Single Ply, Coating, Concrete, etc.)
Description : You get a 750 character window to describe your business. So, you must describe your main services, years of experience, USPs, etc. Highlight some USPs like the no. of clients served, team strength, accreditations, etc.
Service Area Business : As a roofing contractor, you must mark your business as a 'service area business.' You can now add locations or radius where you serve. And your business then becomes eligible for searches from these service locations.
Hours : Mention your business hours and your service hours for the week. And regularly update this information.
GMB Reviews : Google and users consider GMB reviews as authentic social proof. So, integrate a feedback generation plan to attract positive Google reviews.
Images : Leverage the images section to showcase your branding elements. And highlight your team and project pictures (old to new).

2. Define your Service Keywords and their Location-specific Combinations

You need to optimize your site for the keywords used by your target audience to find roofing services. These can be service-specific, information-specific, and location-specific keywords.

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So, you need to research the best keyword combinations for your roofing business. Here are some examples:

  • Roof repair services in (Location)
  • (Location) Residential/Commercial roofers
  • Concrete/Single Ply/Metal roofing contractors
  • (Location) licensed roofing contractors

Moreover, here are some popular information-based keywords for roofing contractors:
Keyword (Search Volume):

  • "Why hire a roofing contractor" (70)
  • "what to ask a roofing contractor" (40)
  • "how do I find a good roofing contractor" (30)
  • "how to check roofing contractor license" (40)

You can research valuable keyword combinations using Google Keyword Planner.
Moreover, you can save yourself some effort by finding keywords through competitor analysis. The 'site explorer' and 'keyword explorer' tabs in Ahrefs and SEMRush bring live valuable keyword opportunities.
The next crucial step is producing quality content and mapping these keywords smartly.

3. Draw Valuable Insights from Your Competitors' Strategies

You are most likely to excel at repairing roofs, but local SEO is certainly not your cup of tea. And a good choice is to learn from your competitors who are excelling at their SEO game.
So, switch to an insightful competitor analysis tool like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, or Ubersuggest.
You must draw plentiful of insights like:

  • The keywords positions and the keywords that drive traffic for your competitors
  • The type of roofing industry content your successful competitors are producing
  • The referring domains that are offering links to your competitors
  • The type of content is earning significant organic engagement for them

You might want to take inspiration from their keyword choices and content topics. Moreover, you can check if your competitor's referring domains are willing to link to your content.

4. Establish a Prudent Feedback Generation Process

When was the last time you earned a testimonial from a client? Or did he post a review about your service on Google?
Today reviews significantly affect your online presence and popularity as a local business. Moreover, users actively check the reviews about a business before connecting with it.
Google evaluates the customer sentiment about your brand via reviews on your GMB page. And this sentiment factors while Google consolidates the rankings for search results.
So, you must define a feedback generation strategy for your roofing business. You can request feedback from your clients post your service through email campaigns.
You can also use templates like these.
SurveyMonkey and CustomerSure can help you bring your feedback generation strategy into action.
Moreover, you must attract text and video testimonials on your website and other listing platforms. These will further add to the positive user sentiment for your roofing company.

5. Attract Leads by Optimizing for Local 3-Pack Results

Local 3-Pack results drive the highest conversions and traffic for local intent searches. Moreover, Local 3-Pack results make it to the top of organic results for 93% of local-intent searches.
Here is how the Local 3-Pack results look when a user searches for "Roofing Contractors in New York" -
So, businesses that rank for the Local 3-Pack enjoy distinguished real estate on SERPs. And these are the businesses that attract the highest leads or queries for local searches.
This distinguished format for the Local 3-Pack results lists plentiful valuable data. This includes the website, location, contact info, service hours, and business ratings.
Your GMB profile marks an important role in defining your eligibility for the Local 3-Pack. So, make a particularly comprehensive and reliable GMB profile.

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Also, ensure to list your business in:

Further, try to encourage sufficient positive reviews from your customers. These reviews and ratings act as a badge of trust from your customers for your brand. And Google considers these sentiments valuable while consolidating the Local 3-Pack.

6. Implement Technical SEO and Monitor Your SEO Efforts

SEO results are quite evident and measurable. You must start with setting up the technical SEO for your site.
Ensure you create an SEO-friendly site structure and individual pages for your different roofing services. This allows you to map the individual keyword sets for these pages.
Next, you must create and submit a sitemap to seamlessly allow search engine crawlers to index your site.
Also, use several Schema Markups to allow Google to comprehend your content easily. Google can also draw quick answers like your listed location, service timings, etc.
For example, Have a look at this website displaying the ratings and number of votes using Schema Markups.
Further, you need to set up Google's SEO tools for monitoring your site performance and SEO. These include Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
These tools allow you to analyze site traffic, keyword rankings, top keywords, user metrics, etc. You can submit your sitemap through Google Search Console and check for a penalty.
Mention is also one crucial tool to track your brand popularity. With this tool, you can check your brand mentions across the internet and social media. This lets you check the audience sentiment for your brand and find link-building opportunities.

7. Optimize Your Site's On-page Elements

Whether you wish to rank for local or global search results, Google evaluates your on-page SEO. The on-page optimization forms the basis of your primary SEO activities.
So, you need to ensure that your roofing company's site is well-optimized for the search engines.
Some of the most crucial considerations include:

  • Highlighting a page's context in its URL.
    E.g., A URL like "" is comprehensive. It explains that the page is about roof-replacement services from the company (your domain).
    See how this website has added "Dallas roof repair" in the URL to rank for the same.
  • Create keyword-specific Meta Title that befits the page's context and attracts clicks
  • Add an informative Meta Description and optimize it with page-specific keywords.
  • Optimize the content for keywords and also improve your content's readability. Create informative subheadings and add secondary keywords to these subheadings.
  • Produce new site content to generate topic authority and relevancy
  • Create a crawlable internal linking architecture
  • Compress images and add Alt Texts to these images

You can use tools like Tinypng or Image Compressor to compress images.

8. Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

Unlike the traditional SEO approach, today's content marketing drives excellent SEO value for a business.
You must produce industry and user-targeted content for your roofing business. These can include various text, video, and image format content on your site, blogs, listings, etc.
Have a look at these blogposts from a Roofing company in Austin.
Also, repurpose your content on social media into other content formats for better exposure.
You must address the common user queries through your content. Some topic examples include:

  • How to measure the estimated cost of roof replacement?
  • What are the best tips to hire the right roofing contractor?
  • Do roofing contractors fix skylights?
  • How to prepare for a roof installation service?
  • How to assess the license of a roofing contractor?

You can add this content to your site and guest posts to attract backlinks.
By creating quality content for your roofing company, you can:

  • Optimize for more crucial keywords
  • Grow your site's exposure and earn higher traffic

Moreover, Google notices the variety of content you create around the roofing service industry. And it considers your content as an authoritative resource for relevant queries.

9. Earn Backlinks to Grow Site Authority

Backlinks are the most closely associated entity with PageRank. They make up for a visible impact on your search rankings.
That said, you need to improve your link profile by earning quality links regularly. A great way to earn backlinks is by churning exclusive niche-based content and marketing it.
You can produce long-form blogs relevant to the roofing industry topics. And you can share them on social media and even promote them through PPC. The goal is to earn maximum exposure, and many web admins might link back to your content.
Further, produce content for relevant PR sites or guest post it.
For example, Have a look at this guest post on a roofing topic by Will Daniel.
Businesses also earn a mention by answering some reporter queries related to their industry. You can find some such reporter queries/requests on HARO and ProfNet.
These niche-specific backlinks further draw qualitative link juice for your site.
You must also use competitor analysis to your advantage. Study your competitors' link profiles and referring domains. Connect with the referring domains to pitch them your content as useful resources.

10. Use Social Media Platforms for Earning Better Reach

You can establish significant popularity for your roofing services with social media platforms.
A good social media presence drives high referral traffic and direct inquiries.
Moreover, social media sharing allows your content to reach a larger audience. This also attracts backlinks to your site from engaged readers.
Have a look at the Facebook page of this roofing company in Dallas.
You might leverage social media in several profitable ways:

  • You can share your blogs, videos, infographics, etc., on social media to earn referral traffic.
  • You can promote your offers for your roofing services to attract direct enquires
  • You can gain traffic through Quora, Tumblr, and Reddit.
  • The engagement on your social profiles and positive comments add to your social proof.

11. Rank for the Searches via Mobile Devices

Today, mobile devices drive over 60% of local search queries on Google. And, Google has already placed its faith in mobile-first indexing.
So, if you wish to rank for relevant roofing service queries, you require a mobile-optimized website.
Moreover, if you attract traffic through mobile devices, these users bounce back.
Start with scrutinizing the shortcomings using Google's Mobile-friendly Test Tool. Next, ask your developer to assist you with the crucial changes and make the site mobile-compatible.
You must also modify the site's content structure and user experience for the mobile platform.

12. Optimize Your Site to Load Faster

Your site's speed weaves a crucial part of your site experience. What's more, it factors significantly in your search engine rankings.
Google highly values user experience, and therefore, it uses site speed as a ranking factor. Moreover, Google's Page Experience Update highlighted the importance of page response time.
So, by improving your site loading speed, you get a competitive advantage in the SERP rankings.
Ideally, your roofing services site must load within 3 seconds.
Check the page loading speed of this roofing website.
So, start with assessing the current loading speed and the errors using Google's PageSpeed Insights tool. A developer will help you with analyzing these errors and fixing them.
Further, use some crucial tips like:

  • Use image compression plugins as larger media tends to slow down your site.
  • Minify and combine JS, CSS, and HTML files
  • Use asynchronous loading for JS
  • Use Gzip compression to minimize loading time

Additional Local SEO Tip for Your Roofing Compan

I) Add Citation Links On Authoritative Websites

Here Is a List of Authoritative Citations in the Web

1. Yelp

Yelp is a well-trusted platform to search and explore local businesses across many geographies. Yelp listing drives you qualified inquiries and exposure.

2. Expertise

It is another popular business inquiry platform across major states in the US. It also publishes its recommended lists, and you might want to rank there.

3. Houzz

The platform showcases house architecture ideas and lists homecare professionals. Your roofing services can attract qualified leads here.

4. Angi

This platform attracts a significant US audience looking for local services. You can list your roofing services here and even respond to inquiries.

5. GAF

They are a highly preferred roofing manufacturer in the USA. You can also list your roofing business for location-specific customer inquiries on their site.

6. BBB

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit business review platform. Your business can find a trusted recognition by listing here.

7. Apple Maps

Apple Maps works as a counterpart of Google Maps for iPhone users. By listing on Apple Maps, your business finds a good exposure on local searches through iPhones.

8. Home Advisor

As its name signifies, Home Advisor allows users to gain tips and hire home care professionals. Here you can find relevant leads for roofing services.

9. Thumbtack

It is a good local business advertising site. The site uses a PPC-like model, but you pay when receiving relevant inquiries.

10. Bing Places

Akin to GMB, Bing Places is your official business profile for the Bing search engine. Set a business profile here to rank for local roofing services on Bing.

11. Manta

It is a good platform to earn prominent recognition as a local business in several US geographies.

12. Waze

The Waze platform uses a live map feature to list your business for local brand recognition and location-based inquiries.

Local SEO for Roofers/Roofing Companies - FAQs

Q1. How Can I Drive Relevant Organic Traffic to My Roofing Services Business?

Ans. Some crucial tips to follow:

  • Optimize local SEO rankings and visibility by updating GMB profile
  • Encourage positive Google reviews and try to rank for Local 3-pack results
  • List the business on local and niche-specific business directories and listing sites
  • Use Quora and popular social media platforms to promote your services organically

Q2. Why do Most Marketers suggest Local SEO for My Roofing Business?

Ans. You are probably serving a local customer base. And a significant percentage (over 75%) of your audience is perhaps finding local roofers just by searching on Google. So, local SEO helps you organically appear in their searches.

Q3. Any Quick Tips to Earn Backlinks for My Roofing Services?

Ans. Follow these tips:

  • Produce content around popular user queries and market it via social platforms
  • Check your competitors referring domains and pitch them with guest posting or content resource opportunities.
  • List on local and niche-based listing platforms
  • Publish PR on Roofing Contractor or other local PR sites

Key Takeaways

The easiest way to attract leads for your roofing services is by appearing in the top spots on Google results. However, unless you are the only roofing contractor in your area, you need to battle the tough online competition.
So, use these local SEO tips:

  • Create a comprehensive business profile on GMB to rank for Local 3-Pack
  • Attract reviews on GMB, listings, site, and social media
  • Submit sitemap, add schema, and setup Google SEO tools
  • Map location-specific keywords to site and off-page content
  • Build quality links through a guest post, outreach, and PR collaborations
  • Optimize site speed and mobile-compatibility

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