13 Best Technical SEO Tools Used By Top SEO Companies

1. SEMrush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

One of the most well-known tools for both beginners and enterprises alike, SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO platform. It has a vast feature set and can give you all the data points you will ever need.
Getting anything from competitor insights to keyword research is easy with this tool. It can also help you monitor several aspects of your SEO funnel, including ranking and keyword metrics. It also gives you a lot of suggestions for better SEO viability.

  • It comes with multiple tools for each SEO phase
  • The position tracker tool works well for targeted keywords and snippet opportunities. It updates the rankings every day versus weekly by its competitors
  • Another notable feature, the Writing Assistant, helps you streamline your content inline with your SEO goals
  • It also has a robust audit tool that can highlight a host of SEO issues with your website. This is invaluable, especially after a search engine update

2. Ahrefs

Lite Standard Advanced Agency
$99 $179 $399 $999

Ahrefs is a close competitor for the crown of the best paid technical SEO tool today. And what makes it a brilliant choice among its competitors has to be the speed.

  • It is one of the quickest tools we’ve come across. But it does not compromise on details with all this speed.
  • It has several tools that can help you with your SEO process.

You get detailed reports on keyword and competitor research. This means you get an immense advantage even before starting your SEO campaign.

  • The Site Audit tool crawls and details all the information on your website. It aggregates this into a comprehensive website analysis report
  • Content explorer is your key to great looking marketing copy. It shows you several metrics like organic traffic, domain rating, and traffic value
  • The dashboard is detailed but not overwhelming. People who are just starting will find it easy to adapt to it

3. Screaming Frog

Paid Version

With many great reviews on its website, Screaming Frog is an excellent brand to partner with for SEO metrics. It is the name of a digital marketing agency that provides cutting-edge SEO solutions for businesses from all niches.
You can get exhaustive data analysis and creative solutions all in one place for your business. You can use this to find out SEO issues throughout your website.

  • The SEO spider tool is a crawler that can help your website auditing process. It can deal with everyday and specific problems on your website
  • The focus here is on auditing, and it has several tools that can do that
  • You can find broken links and redirects within your website. It can deliver this as a report or export it in spreadsheet format
  • It can also find content issues on your websites, such as duplicate or thin content

4. Google Search Console


Many people know and use Google tools like Analytics, but Search Console doesn’t get a lot of coverage. But the fact is that today, Search Console is a must-have tool for your SEO campaign. And the best part is that it won’t cost you a penny to work on this tool.
The advantage GSC has is that since it’s part of the Google Workspace, results and searches are quicker. The dashboard is something that we’re all used to, so it’s easy to work with at all levels.

  • It’s free and powerful, so much more cost-effective to use than others in the roundup
  • A clean and uncluttered dashboard with a lot of features and analytics
  • It offers a quick and clean way to get detailed reports about your SEO metrics, including impressions, CTR, and average position
  • You also get options to sort searches by types, including web, image, and video

5. Moz Pro

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

They advertise Moz Pro as a tool that does everything, and they are right. It has all the tools you need to run an in-depth SEO campaign. And of all its features, the best one is the modular working of the tool. You have several modules that you can use to customize it. Also, the fact that SEO experts are behind this gives it an added advantage.
They are in touch with their audience and Google search updates.

  • Their USP is their Keyword Explorer tool. Talked about by experts and beginners alike, it offers a tremendous advantage compared to others in the market
  • Another feature to note is their new Site Crawl. It is a great auditing tool and can highlight issues you never knew your website had
  • Lastly, the Link Explorer tool can help you maximize linking opportunities. You can set various parameters when searching for links

6. Majestic

Lite Pro API
$49.99 $99.99 $399.99

If you are looking for the best technical SEO tool for links, then Majestic has you covered. It offers backlinking a lot more flexibility than the other tools in this comparison. Not that it doesn’t offer additional features, it does. But this platform is worth getting, even if you only focus on backlinks.
You get detailed analysis about who linked to you and vice versa. This includes Trust flow, citation flow, external backlinks, referring domains, and much more.

  • It is without a doubt the most extensive backlink index available for users today. It is also one of the oldest, going back to 2011. Because of this, its backlink metrics are more detailed than other tools
  • It has a proprietary search engine, which you can use to audit and check results
  • It brings to the table several integration options with its API service

7. Serpstat

Lite Standard Advanced Enterprise
$69 $149 $299 $499

Serpstat started as a simple keyword finder tool but now is a complete offering for SEO campaigns. They have uniquely positioned it as a growth hacking tool. In a way, it offers the same features for SEO as do others.
You can carry out technical SEO audits, PPC, and link building with this. The dashboard follows a standard format, and you’ll feel right at home if you’ve used other SEO tools.

  • The highlighted feature here has to be the competitor research tools. It has several options which you can use to get more information like graphs and charts
  • You also get highlights about your niche leaders, which is a nice touch
  • It gives you data about ranks through SERP historical data and Insights. You can also get in-depth information about local search
  • It can also find the top pages on your website and analyze them for keywords. You can replicate this success on other pages

8. DeepCrawl

Starter Enterprise
$89 Custom Pricing

Another tool that is focused rather than offering a lot of options is DeepCrawl. Like its namesake, it has supreme crawling features that are comprehensive and unmatched. It has newly developed enterprise SEO tools, but they are not as good as the crawling module.
You get a lot of actionable data which you can use to streamline your SEO process. It gives you AMP metrics and backlink tracking as well.

  • It brings one of the most detailed crawling experiences in SEO tools. This is useful for even enterprise-level applications. This alone makes it an emphatic purchase
  • Automator is the newest addition to their suite of tools. It focuses on powerful automation features that can help you do more in less time.
  • It comes with a comprehensive API integration enabling it to work well with other more featured SEO tools

9. Woorank

Pro Premium Enterprise
$59.99 $179.99 Custom Pricing

A new entrant compared to the others in the roundup, Woorank offers a unique set of features. It is aimed at businesses that are looking for an automated review solution. Because it is a Chrome add-on, the footprint of the tool is small.
You also get a detailed SEO analyzer, which can audit any website and score it. It updates these website scores in real-time.
You get a lot of information about how your website is doing SEO-wise. Besides this, you also get ‘soft’ metrics like mobile-friendliness and usability. The backlink checker is a bit basic but gets the job done.

  • It works great for small and medium-sized businesses but can be a bit lacking for enterprises
  • It has a straightforward interface that people will find easy to work with
  • You get a detailed Marketing Checklist section where you can track several aspects of your website’s metrics

10. Whitespark

Manual Citation Building Comprehensive Package
$4 to 5 $129 to $599

Whitespark is a specialized piece of SEO software, unlike many others in this roundup. The focus is on helping you build effective citations through analysis. It ensures that your citations are always on the best business directories. This can help with improved brand building and reach. Along with this, you also get a rank tracker and a reputation builder.
The rank tracker monitors the keyword ranks of all selected keywords. While the reputation builder helps you keep informed of reviews and testimonials of your website.

  • Comprehensive monitoring tools for citations, ranks, and reputation. You can set alerts to trigger on anything brand-related that is posted online
  • The citation options it offers are the best of any other tools in this category. It is powerful and comprehensive while still being easy to use
  • You can also avoid expensive subscription-based local listing by using their Yext replacement service. It can help cut down costs and improve your bottom-line

11. BuzzSumo

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99 $179 $299 $499+

Today’s internet space is all about the “buzz” - audience interests in a particular niche.
BuzzSumo helps businesses track, and it is one of the most popular tools used in the niche. It enables you to find the most engaging topics from around the internet in any niche.
You can also get influencers highlighted in a particular niche. It comes with a comprehensive database of more than a billion pieces of content.
BuzzSumo gives you detailed big data analysis, which you can also plug into other tools.

  • As a tool, it works great for discovering new content ideas and opportunities for your business. You have a billion-plus data points which you can use to streamline your marketing strategy
  • It offers considerable depth for monitoring trends so you can quickly respond to changing trends
  • You can connect with influencers in your sphere and get the most out of your marketing strategy

12. AuthorityLabs

Plus Pro Pro Plus Enterprise
$49 $99 $225 $450

AuthorityLabs is primarily a rank and search position monitoring tool. It helps you analyze trends about your ranking and enables you to maximize it.
You also get a lot of competitor insights, which you can use to improve your website. It integrates easily with Google Analytics. It also comes with various features that can help you track customer interactions more accurately. As a tool, you can even white-label your services for other clients.

  • One of the best rank monitoring tools in this roundup. It has a lot of metrics that you can use to track your performance
  • It has powerful API-level integrations with most other tools on the market, including Google Workspace.
  • You can also get results within your city or state. This can improve local presence and help you improve reach

13. BrightLocal

Just Reviews Single Business Multi Business SEO Pro
$8 $29 $49 $79

BrightLocal is a tool that can handle all parts of your SEO campaign. From rank tracking to citations to customer engagement - it does it all.
You can automate several aspects of your marketing funnel. And you also get detailed analyses of all your data. The dashboard is easy to read, even if it’s slightly outdated. It has an impressive set of tools that can help you out in any situation.

  • It excels as a citation builder, and this is easily one of its most potent areas in SEO
  • The tool delivers detailed and highly visual reports, which are useful for beginners as well
  • You can also use it to white-label your services. It comes with a host of customizable features

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