List of Top 20 SEO Podcast Everyone Should Listen To

1. Authority Hacker

As a brand, Authority Hacker has a lot of clout in the SEO and digital marketing niche. And this professionalism and knowledge show during the Authority Hacker podcast.
Gael Breton and Mark Webster are the main people featured on the podcast.
They also have guests and members from their team talking to the listeners sometimes. This is perhaps one of the most widely followed podcasts and is widely popular. And because they are a successful bunch of internet marketers themselves, they have credibility.
Something they can boast, which no other brand does today, is their transparency. They are open about their projects and results. This adds even more trust to their brand.

2. SEO 101

If you are looking for a more starting from the basics approach to SEO, then SEO 101 is something you want a subscription to. This podcast is part of the WMR.FM website and has a lot of information about getting started on SEO.
The hosts of the podcast Ross Dunn and John Carcutt are experienced in the ways of digital marketing. They have put out more than 200 episodes of their shows. So, you can get a lot of value if you are subscribed to their podcast.
You also can check out the older episodes for more beginner-friendly content. It also discusses various new tools and techniques in the industry. This also includes search engine algorithm updates and how it affects people.

3. MozPod

Everyone who has ever ventured into digital marketing has probably heard of Moz. They have had a huge impact on the SEO landscape.
With a huge collection of tools and people who can help, they are all about digital marketing. But the difference between here and other high-profile podcasts is that it’s not just aimed at experts.
Brian Child is the host, and he also has other guests on the podcast. Because he’s the training program manager at Moz, he has a lot of experience creating newbie-friendly content. The host offers a lot of insights into the inner workings of the digital marketplace.

4. Voices of Search

Aimed at more users of all levels, the Voices of Search podcast ticks all the boxes for SEO. It is primarily aimed at people who are looking for more information about content marketing and search optimization.
The host Benjamin Shapiro is knowledgeable about all things SEO and is a friendly voice on the podcast. He does a great job of making things accessible, even if you’re just starting. Their deep-dive episodes deal with problems that arise because of factors like updates. You can gain actionable strategies through the podcast.

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5. EDGE of the Web

In the ever-changing world of SEO, it is sometimes hard to get the information you want. The EDGE of the Web podcast hopes to be your guide through the digital marketing landscape.
The podcast is hosted by Erin Sparks, who is also the founder of Site Strategics. This company specializes in every kind of digital marketing service. This gives the host a lot of credibilities when it comes to discussing prevalent issues.
The podcast has guests every week who have critical inputs regarding the techniques used in digital marketing today. And since this podcast is weekly, it's a definite add to your listening schedule.


Digital marketing can be a daunting mountain to climb for many people who aren’t used to it. And this is exactly the kind of people which is looking to help.
Rebecca Gill has over 15 years of real-world SEO experience. Being the founder of Web Savvy Marketing, she has tackled problems big and small in the digital marketing field. She leverages this into actionable tips which the readers can use to improve their SEO methods.
The podcast is aimed at intermediate experienced people but can be useful for both beginners and experts.

7. The Search Engine Journal Show

Talking about big names in SEO, Search Engine Journal is one to be mentioned. They are a repository of knowledge and have been writing about SEO for years now.
The Search Engine Journal Show highlights several aspects of their material online. It also has in-depth interviews with notable personalities in digital marketing. This podcast is for people who are looking for a broader view of the SEO terrain.
They have guests from different backgrounds who can all contribute to a better understanding of the subject. They don’t have a particular single host - members of the SEJ brand take turns welding the mic, and all of them do it with aplomb.

8. The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

With the current trends in SEO and changing requirements, getting consistent good rankings can be tough. This podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, hopes to educate and inform people how to better go about it. This is run by Chris Burres and Matt Bertram, who are both internet marketing experts.
They are founders of the company EWR Digital, a full-service digital marketing firm based out of Houston. Their podcast is both informative and entertaining while dealing with several current issues in the SEO niche.
They talk about SEO and even how events like the rise of cryptocurrency tie in with SEO.

9. Skill Up

Skill Up is a podcast where people of all SEO levels can get their dose of knowledge and information about digital marketing. It is hosted by Marjorie Munroe and Matthew Howells-Barby, both of who are part of HubSpot, a globally acclaimed brand when it comes to services.
They are also frequent speakers at global events, so they have considerable experience with broadcasting their thoughts. This podcast is a part of the HubSpot Academy, an initiative to improve global digital marketing exposure.
Listeners can get entertaining commentary and expert advice on specific topics. This can help you improve your SEO strategies and come up with better results.

10. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

If you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO podcast but is quirky and funny, The Digital Analytics Power Hour is a good bet.
The hosts of this podcast are Michael Helbling, Moe Kiss, and Tim Wilson. While the podcast's tone and the content are not formal, the hosts are super knowledgeable about SEO.
Michael is the owner of AJL Analytics. Tim is the director of analytics at Search Discovery. Moe oversees Data and analytics at Canva.
Together they have a good perspective of the direction of global SEO. And this podcast is where they share all their knowledge.

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11. The Recipe for SEO Success

The Recipe for SEO Success is an SEO podcast that hopes to demystify the process for people who are just getting into it. This is hosted by Kate Toon, who is an SEO copywriter and consultant. She has years of experience with digital advertising and marketing.
She has also worked with top brands in the world for their digital marketing requirements. Through this podcast, people can get a good idea about how content contributes to SEO.
You also get various copywriting strategies that can help you increase conversions and get better business numbers.

12. The Business of Digital

This long-running podcast has a lot of actionable information that people can use for their business.
Regardless of being a newbie at digital marketing or an expert, you will find valuable information. This is run by Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer, who have a combined experience of over forty years between them.
They have worked with several brands and niches, so they have a broad perspective on digital marketing. This is what they bring to the podcast.
Listeners will get to hear their many stories about how they dealt with SEO issues. It can give them perspective about how they can overcome their own hurdles.

13. Technical SEO Podcast

A recently started podcast compared to the rest here, Technical SEO Podcast first broadcast in 2018 February. But it has since then gained quite a few followers. It is hosted by Dan Taylor and Adam Gent, who are experienced practitioners of digital marketing.
Since the podcast deals with technical issues and in-depth analysis, this might be suitable only for intermediate and expert users.
They discuss some really niche topics that might be quite useful for long-term SEO consultants. While only one season has aired to date, the hosts are soon coming up with a second season.

14. Search on Tap

The Search on Tap podcasts is where experienced SEO people talk about their experiences in and out of the niche.
With several people hosting from the Search on Tap crew, the focus is on the people they invite. They have some well-established names from the SEO world like Rand Fishkin on their podcasts.
Their content is top-shelf stuff and nets them a lot of reaches. This podcast is for intermediate users who have a working knowledge of digital marketing best practices. But there are resources for the beginner as well, but you may need to search a bit.

15. Experts on the Wire

If you’re looking for a weekly podcast to get your fill of digital marketing news, then Experts on the Wire needs to be part of your schedule. This is hosted by Dan Shure, the lead consultant of the boutique SEO consultancy Evolving SEO.
They have some of the biggest clients on the roster, including Harvard Business Review and Zappos. Dan gets a lot of impactful SEO gurus on the show to pick their brains about current trends.
Listeners can get a lot of useful info which they can adapt to their niches. This podcast has also been downloaded more than seven hundred thousand times.

16. Search Talk Live

Search Talk Live is a podcast that offers something for everyone. Even if you’re a beginner, you will find something that can apply to your brand. Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber host this informative podcast.
Robert is someone who has close to twenty years of experience with branding and SEO. He picked up SEO as a hobby but then soon turned it into his professional pursuit.
Matt is the president and CEO of ROAR! Marketing. Since they’re both industry veterans, they offer several insights into how people can improve their businesses.

17. Webcology

Webcology is one of the longest-running podcasts when it comes to SEO. You get quick and informative advice on anything related to digital marketing. And, of course, you get a healthy dose of banter from the entertaining hosts as well.
Jim Hedger and Dave Davies host the podcast. Both of them are dyed in wool SEO professionals who have been working for decades in the industry.
Unlike other more serious podcasts, this one is a lot lighter on the ear. But the information is solid and actionable. This makes it popular with all types of listeners - beginners or experts.

18. SEO Mechanic Podcast

The SEO Mechanic Podcast is the brainchild of Charlie Rose, and it focuses on imparting actionable advice.
The fact that Charlie also runs a results-oriented SEO agency contributes to the high quality of the podcast. You get varied discussion topics on the podcast, like improving local SEO, Google updates, and even website audits.

All of this can help people who are starting to get better results from their brand. You can also message him about specific problems you have. If it is common with a lot of people, he usually addresses it in the next episode.

19. The Lion Zeal Show

The Lion Zeal Show is a great recommendation for people who are looking for maximum value and minimal time spent. The host is someone who has confessed he doesn't fancy podcasts. The advantage listeners get is that the shows are short and full of information.
Daryl Rosser is a hard-hitting and fast-talking SEO and marketing maven. He focuses on results-oriented marketing strategies. And some of the techniques may not be conventional, but they have been tried and tested.
A standout feature is that everything on the website and the podcast is free. The information he doles out is so good he gets rave reviews about it from a lot of online publications like Search Engine Journal and Moz.

20. SEO is Dead and Other Lies

SEO is Dead, and Other Lies is one of the more recent podcasts, but it brings a lot to the table. The hosts of this podcast are Paul Warren and Ryan Klein.
They only have eighty-odd episodes out but have gathered a good number of fans for their content quality.
They deal with a lot of different topics about SEO, including issues that are indirectly connected to it. And the best part is that it reaches people from all walks of life - from business owners to SEO consultants.

Importance of Doing SEO for Your Podcast

Podcasts are one of the most influential content platforms today. Every business has a podcast that discusses various aspects of the market and offers value-added advice to its listeners. But like all content, it needs to be optimized for it to perform well on searches.
Here are a few ways how SEO can help your podcasts get more listeners.

1. Getting the Title Right

First things first, the title is critical to getting word of your podcast out to the public. If you want to be found on searches, you need to make it easier for them to find. And this is not stuffing keywords into your podcast.
The key is to make it interesting for people who browse the internet. For example, let’s take the last entry from the podcasts we discussed.
SEO is Dead, and Other Lies has several advantages in searches. It has the keyword SEO, but the rest of the title deals with the popular “SEO is dead” myth. This instantly appeals to people who want to know what is discussed on the podcast.

2. Optimizing It for Several Platforms

Unlike earlier, there are several high-profile platforms out there today. You need to make sure that your podcasts are optimized for popular content-sharing platforms.
YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other social media platforms are great places to share your podcast. You also have a chance of going viral when you do well on these platforms.
Publishing on several platforms increases your chance of being seen by more people. And becoming relevant on these platforms improves your SEO strength getting you better results even on searches.

3. Including Transcripts for Your Podcast

If you didn’t know already, transcripts are a great way to include keywords on your podcast page. You would have noticed that most brands have a transcript page which is useful for their visitors.
This is not just for the keywords, though. Since brands are global today, people having difficulty with the host’s accent or understanding their speech can refer to a transcript.
This gives them a better understanding of the subject and encourages sharing as well. They can also use translation services to have a better grasp of the subject in their language.
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