VPN & SEO: Importance of VPN for SEO & How to Use it?

What is a VPN service?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a modern-day tool used to extend your private network across a public network. It manages you to have secured connectivity to another network over the world of the Internet. It shields your browsing by tampering with your locational details.
A simple overview of VPN looks like the image below.
The main tasks of VPN are hiding your IP address, encrypting essential data, etc. VPN ensures that you remain unknown in the cyber world. You can break the Internet geographical limitations, and your activity becomes untraceable.

Why is VPN Important to us?

Virtual Private Network adds privacy and security on private and public connections. Cybercriminals are waiting for you to get all your personal information.
VPN is like your locked system that no stranger can access.
A Virtual Private Network helps to route the device's Internet to your chosen private server. The data you send and receive while using public Wi-Fi will remain encrypted until the end. It prevents cybercriminals from accessing any data.
The Virtual Private Network operates the transmission of data between two locations. The data then goes through a tunnel of encryption, hiding the information from outsiders.
VPN is beneficial for those organizations that work and want to spread branches worldwide. VPN helps you read restricted content. As a result, it helps many corporate giants to get customers/clients across the boundaries.
Online shopping stores have different rates for the same product at various locations. Sometimes people find the same products at a lower price for foreign residencies than their local online stores. VPN can help you access that product from your preferred online location.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of enhancing your website's visibility during relevant searches. In simpler words, SEO is the technique of targeted traffic to a website from an engine's organic rankings. SEO work includes creating backlinks, finding relevant keywords, etc.
It’s vital for all online businesses to prevail in the market, and SEO helps you in it.
SEO is ever-changing and more fluid than the stock exchange. The search engines tweak their search algorithms to offer users quality and relevant data. The business owners and marketers develop innovative ways to rank higher and be more visible on the search engines.
Whether you are a business owner or SEO expert, having access to SEO's latest information is necessary. You got to be sure of the credibility of the data.

Benefits of SEO

SEO can benefit businesses, bloggers, influencers, etc., in many ways. Here are some primary advantages of SEO in our fast-changing world.

1. Lead Generation

SEO is the primary method of lead generation. The business website aims to reach the most number of people to extend their sales. Of the audience, it has reached, it will convert them into your potential leads.
SEO helps brands to improve their visibility.

2. High Conversion Rate

A good ranking of websites can guarantee high conversion rates. The targeted audience will be more familiar with the brand once it maintains the top position. Brand visibility ensures the trust-building between customers and businesses.

3. SEO Is Better at Cost Management

Staying at the top because of your merit will omit the cost of the external advertisement. According to a report by Devrix, SEO fetches more leads than any other marketing strategy.
Inbound lead generation contains Social media management, Search Engine Optimization. These things don't consume any money.

4. SEO Makes Your Website Responsive

Search Engine Optimization helps to improve the user experience. The parameter of Google search called ‘Ranking signal’ determines the friendliness of the website. Easy navigation on the website encourages users to visit again. SEO is an everlasting process that keeps you recommending the vital website changes needed to beat the competition.

5. Makes You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Integrating the best SEO strategies can allow you to take the lead amidst your competitors. Keep yourself updated with the advanced digital world. It is the era of changing and evolving user behavior. A well-studied analysis of customer preferences can put you in the top position.
The top SEO strategies like keyword research using free tools, quality link building, social media content, and updating content often keeps you ahead of the competition.

How Can You Use VPN for SEOs?

If you wonder how Search Engine Optimizers can use VPN to develop new strategies, this article is worth reading.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a beneficial and handy technology for SEO experts. Establishing a secure connection over other networks is a critical task. There are so many ways how VPN reduces the efforts of an SEO expert. Securing your private data to helping you figure out the best keywords, a Virtual Private Network can reduce your effort.
This article will be looking at 10 different methods of how a VPN can benefit in optimizing the search engine.

1. Access to Foreign-Local Keywords

It's challenging to find out the exact searched keywords of a foreign country. Sometimes the targeted audience belongs to locations outside our country. So, it becomes essential to know the analytics of the local searches of that location.
For example, you live in the U.S, and you want to target an audience staying in Brazil. As an individual, you don't have access to the local search results of Brazil. Yet, an SEO expert has to study the audience's online searching behavior. VPN allows you to study the searching analytics of Brazil.
There are many free VPN tools or browsers like Opera, which help you access searches of different locations.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) tricks the search engine by proving that you are a Brazilian. For using this whole idea, you need to search for a service provider offering VPN service for Brazil. Moreover, using this strategy in the right way can make you ahead of your competitors.
Based on your analytical skills, creating impressive ads for the targeted audience won’t be a big deal for you.

2. Makes Your SEO strategy Concealed

Learning from your competitors and applying it sounds like a great strategy. But it can be an ineffective way. The SEO industry is full of stiff competition, so it is imperative to be unique and different. Moreover, if you try imitating your rivals, they will catch you. They can track your IP address and recognize you.
Anything suspicious in your SEO strategy will be under supervision by Search Engines like Google, Bing. The result of such activity will go against your will. It's always recommended to remove your digital footprint before your rivals catch it.
Using a VPN can be an ingenious way to protect you from such threats. Virtual Private Network helps you to share content without disclosing your device location. Since your actual IP address is concealed, you can watch your rivals by staying anonymous.

3. Keeps the Remote Working Safe

Browsing through unsecured websites and using outdated personal devices may harm your cybersecurity. As an SEO professional, you must spend a lot of time on websites, even if they are not secure. As a result, your valuable data can be at considerable risk.
You can redirect all your internet traffic towards the VPN service provider. VPN adds a layer of the encrypted sheet to your precious information so that you can do your SEO work without worrying.
SEO experts always have confidential data along with them. It can be very risky while working in public Wi-Fi. Luckily, in the presence of a VPN, you will avoid all those risks.
The sophisticated encryption method of VPN allows you to browse through the Internet.

4. Improves Accuracy of Google Ad Preview

Managing pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns can become complicated if Google ad preview is not handled well. Google ad preview plays a vital role in making and tracking PPC ad campaigns. This tool allows you to have a note of the searches in any specific location.
But, this tool does not provide accurate results all the time. The Google ad preview provides the wrong order of PPC ads and organic listing sometimes. It is not a reliable option for SEO professionals to depend on the Google ad preview tool. This tool fails because it gets confused between paid and organic results and then mixes everything.
So, VPN becomes vital to keep a check on all google ads to enhance your own.
Using a VPN in such a scenario can be a smart move as VPN allows you to see both organic and paid results in their correct order. Although Google ad preview is a used tool, using VPN can take you a step further than others.

5. Crushes the Cyber Limitation

An SEO strategist always needs access to blocked content. Many countries have denied the public to have access to many vital websites and services. A rigorous study of those content will help you come up with new and unique SEO strategies.
Virtual Private Network can move your actual operating place and give you direct access to blocked content. It connects you to the inaccessible server by making the host believe that you are a local guy surfing the Internet.
Certain VPNs like Expressway create an easy way for users to connect with their desired content anywhere in the world.
Over the past few years, internet censorship has become very strict. There are some strong VPN available in the market which can uplift the Netflix ban as well.

6. Advances the Internet Security

Across the world, cybercriminals are waiting for you to make that one wrong move so that they snatch away everything from you. All the efforts you have put into coming this far can go down the drain with a single wrong move. As an SEO expert, you cannot handover sensitive data to anyone.
Not only the big businesses but also individuals experience cyberattacks. Proper use of a Virtual Private Network can protect you from such attacks. VPN will provide you a temporary IP address from your chosen VPN server and mask your original IP address. You can transfer sensitive information and data.
We always recommend you use a good VPN. If you send details related to bank accounts, business, confidential strategies, etc., VPN can be a good assistant. Revealing your anonymity in the market can reduce your rate of growth.

7. Eliminates the Trouble of reCAPTCHA

A Search Engine Optimization specialist always needs to keep a search browser active all the time. A tab of SEO statistics and keywords is a must open thing for covering any SEO project. Continuously using that tab for getting updated keywords may backfire you in some ways.
Google will flag you for doing so many searches in such a short time. As a result, you will be redirected to the Google reCAPTCHA page every few searches. It keeps asking you to prove your authenticity by rendering the following dialogue box.
It is unproductive to fill the reCAPTCHAs the whole day long. Another error that one might witness in such a condition is "Unusual traffic from this network."
Such troubles consume your valuable time and resist you from focussing on new ideas. Virtual Private Network does not allow such problems to make space in your daily life. VPN masks your original IP address to smoothen your workflow.

8. VPN Is More SEO Friendly than Proxy

If you are an SEO expert, you must be familiar with the term 'Proxy.' Proxy helps the user stay anonymous while browsing like VPNs. So, you might be wondering why don't we use the proxy over VPN while surfing? So here are the reasons why we must be preferring VPN over proxy:

  • VPN works much faster than a proxy.
  • Using a proxy for masking your IP address will prevent you from downloading or streaming due to a low-performance issue.
  • VPN can change the IP address on the fly.
  • Proxies are vulnerable to security breaches allowing exploiters to infiltrate the network.
  • VPN has a better and stable user experience as compared to the proxy.
  • VPN services are better when it comes to data encryption.
  • A VPN server is more useful while working remotely.
  • With all these causes, you must have understood why VPN is recommended for SEO-related work.

9. VPN - A Multi-Featured Technology

VPN is a technology offering so many benefits to its users by managing cost efficiency as well. Many businesses and individuals suffer from the high cost while project completion, which results in low profit. VPN can address such types of problems.
Using a VPN can reduce the cost of server maintenance. It is possible because the third-party service providers can arrange support at a lower price.
A VPN can reduce the telephonic charges of a company. For instance, rather than connecting via a remote access server and dial-up network, you can connect to the local ISP access point.

10. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

We know the importance of fast internet speed in the field of SEO. Without it, any strategy is not possible. Have you ever thought about why the internet speed reduces while visiting a website?
One of the primary reasons could be bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling is the process of slowing down the available bandwidth. You might be wondering, who would do such a thing?
Well, companies between you and your destined website will get benefited from it. For example, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may reduce your internet speed to minimize network congestion. It ensures that they don't have to buy extra tools to handle traffic surges.
A Virtual Private Network can be useful in such conditions. VPN takes your traffic through a private network rather than a third-party ISP to avoid bandwidth throttling. A private network is spacious in comparison to a third-party Internet Service Provider.
The encryption of your device's network helps in preventing data throttling as well. Since VPN does not allow others to see what you are doing, your ISP is unaware of your activities. They don't know when to reduce your internet speed. So, in that way, VPN helps in preventing both bandwidth and data throttling.


A Virtual Private Network is a beneficial tool when it comes to good SEO. While choosing your VPN service, you must keep in mind that not all VPN works in the same way.
So, we highly recommend you going through the user reviews on globally reliable platforms like Capterra and Trustradius.
VPN provides you the control over adding layers to your privacy and security. Someone who cares about their online security must do thorough research of the VPN they are going to use. VPN with more location can be beneficial from an SEO point of view.
It’s not easy to determine the encryption quality of VPN by an overlook. Looking at the feedback of people may give you a bright idea about it.
From advanced security to help you in keyword research, a Virtual Private Network has a lot to offer to an SEO.
Do you want to know more about the importance of using VPN ? Drop you details here to speak with an SEO expert.

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