Why Startups Need SEO Services?

1. For a Better Visibility

Proper SEO tools and techniques give the startups what they need the most: Visibility.
Being a startup, it is not always easy to find investors. Until and unless you assure them of a successful run, they remain skeptical.
In this scenario, SEO helps you turn the tide in your favor by strengthening your online presence.
SEO helps a business attract organic traffic. You also get a chance to increase your engagement with the customers.
As your audiences start liking you, so do the investors.

2. Long-term Investment

Investing in SEO is like taking insurance for your house. An initial cost is there, but in the long run, you feel secure. The same way when you invest in SEO, you secure your business’ success.
SEO takes time to give results. You have to wait for at least three to six months. However, there is no looking back after you hit the right chord.
An SEO company always set goals in sync with your business goals. As and when it achieves its goals, you go a step closer to your business goals.

3. You See Results

When you use SEO accurately, it will never disappoint you.
Startup founders seldom have the money to experiment. They need a sure shot recipe for success.
While SEO is no magic wand, executing it does wonder for business. However, you cannot be impatient. Also, you need to be consistent in your efforts.
When you hire an SEO firm, they will devote themselves to gain organic traffic to your website. As the traffic converts into leads, your conversion rate will increase rapidly.
You witness the flow of money as your business achieve new heights.

4. Great Way to Build Relations with Customers

Finding the right audience is one of the biggest challenges for startups. However, with SEO, you get maximum output by putting minimum efforts.
SEO helps you to secure a position on the first page of the search engine results.
As you use relevant keywords, your site will appear when people search for your products. Now, people trust Google to make the right choice. So, when Google shows your website higher on the list of results, people will start trusting you.
Gradually, you form a connection with them, and your customer base expands.

5. Spike in Traffic and Conversion Rates

There are various digital marketing mediums on the web to yield revenue. Some of them are social media advertising, remarketing, and paid ads.
However, there is one method that relatively assures better results at less cost.
It is Search Engine Optimization.
You need to use relevant and competitive keywords. It will help you to drive organic traffic to your site.
Studies have proven that organic traffic gives better leads than other forms of marketing.
The traffic you get from Google has a 400% better chance of a conversion. It makes SEO worth your money and time any day.

6. The Online Market Is Expanding

Studies have found that the online market is around 45 percent of the global population. Apart from this, over 90 percent of people begin their online journey by searching for a product.
The number of people using mobile phones to access the internet is growing rapidly every year. It is creating umpteen opportunities for startups to find potential customers.
As a business owner, you would never like to miss out on any opportunity. While mobile advertising is there, nothing can beat the reach SEO has.
SEO will help you to exploit the ever-expanding online market to the maximum extent.

7. Do Not Undermine the Power of Google

The majority of people trust Google for proper suggestions and results.
With the expansion of the online market, Google’s role in one’s life is also increasing. However, people never go past the first page of the search result.
Most of the people confine themselves to the first few links. It makes it essential to grab that spot and secure it too.
What can be better than SEO to increase your Google ranking?
Using SEO, you provide people with genuine content and a user-friendly website.
Google prioritizes these two factors while assessing the performance of the websites.

8. Spread Brand Awareness

For a startup, promoting its products among the audiences is a stepping stone to success.
Until you make them aware of your existence, your business cannot flourish. It may appear to be challenging, but the world is now becoming a global village.
You can target the right set of audiences with just a click. What more?
Use SEO and make your life even easier.
When you do SEO properly, search engines start liking your site, and people find you easily online. This way, they learn about your brand, products, and services.

9. Understand Your Customers

When you are new in the game, it is hard to understand what the audiences want.
However, until you know what they want, how can you up to your game?
That is when SEO strategies show you the path.
Keyword research helps you gain insight into the customers’ behavior.
You understand what they like and need as well as what is bogging them. Besides, by using Google Analytics, you get to track data of people who visited your site. It can be their age, location, or gender.
You can also use Google Analytics data to identify areas of your website that need fixing.

10. You Are in Better Control

SEO helps you gather information about your customers.
Now, you can use the same information for the overall growth of your business.

  • For example, Google Analytics data may reveal that more females are visiting your website.
  • You can now identify their age and location and use this data to make your site more attractive to them.

Apart from this, research helps you identify the relevant keywords. You can also use this data to create other relevant keywords to increase traffic to your site.
SEO gives you a direction and help you make informed choices.

11. Search Engine Algorithms Are Constantly Changing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing regularly update their algorithm. If you fail to track them, you miss out on opportunities that your rivals cash in. It makes it essential to hire an SEO firm.
The SEO firm will have the tools and technology to find regular updates made by Search engines. They also know how to use them to benefit your business.
Once you incorporate SEO into your business, you need to follow the updates. Using outdated SEO practices will do more harm to your business than good.

12. Tap the Local Market

Your startup caters to local users and has nothing to do with national connections. SEO is of great use to you.
With widespread access to the internet, many prefer online research.
According to a study, over 80% of people search ‘near me’ on Google before visiting any shop. Now, unless your site prominently appears on the first page of Google, you are going to lose business.
Make sure your website has all the relevant information about your services.
Contacting you should not be difficult. Otherwise, you will lose clients to your competitors.

13. Your Credibility Increases

Your responsibility will increase once customers become aware of your brand. You have to satisfy their needs to retain them and encourage them to bring new customers.
There is another way through which you can invoke trust among customers – by using SEO.
Several strategies can aid you in your goal. Some of them are quality backlinks, on-page optimized content, and the like.
As you share quality content, chances of third parties sharing your link rises.
As a result, more people start trusting your site, and gradually you gain authority in the market.

14. SEO Takes No Break from Work

SEO works round-the-clock to promote your business and bring you organic traffic. As it works continuously, you will gain an optimal rank on the SERPs within six months.
SEO firms also track changes in Google algorithms.
As and when Google update them, the firm will make the necessary changes to keep you at the top of the game.
These continuous efforts make it difficult for your competitors to topple you. However, ensure that the SEO firm considers your business goal. Otherwise, what’s the point in hiring them!

15. Smart Choice

When you plan to incorporate SEO in your business, you incur some expenses in hiring an SEO firm.
The firm then works 24*7 to help you gain your goals. Remember, the gains are not limited to the time you use the SEO strategies. That is what makes SEO a smart choice when compared to paid advertising.
Paid advertising may give you immediate results. However, you stop gaining the moment you stop spending. That will make it expensive in the long run.
On the other hand, SEO helps you cut costs and invest more in other business aspects.

16. High-quality Content

High-quality content rules the internet, even in 2021. It does not matter how attractive your site is.
Your website will lose traction if you do not provide high-quality content. It is one of the reasons an SEO firm always focuses on optimizing the content.
For this, the firm also studies your competitors and find out the factors that work in their favor. Accordingly, they incorporate changes in the write-up.
Apart from this, an SEO firm conducts research to identify the needs of the people. They use relevant keywords in the content to make your website gain the attention of the people.

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17. Better User Experience

  • SEO targets an optimal rank on the search engine result pages.
  • UX (user experience) targets at providing an extraordinary experience to the users.

Both, when combined, give you success.
SEO incorporates practices aimed at improving user experience.
SEO gathers data based on customer preferences. You can use this information to include write-ups, pictures, and videos on your website.
Apart from this, SEO also focuses on making the website user-friendly. These factors give optimum satisfaction to the customers visiting your website.
The better the user experience, the higher is your rank on Google.

18. Your Website Becomes Mobile-Friendly

Google prioritizes user experience while ranking a website. Hence, you have to focus on the designing part.
In 2021, most of people prefer Googling any site from their mobile than on desktop.
It makes it essential that your site is mobile-friendly.
If not, users will have a hard time to view every element on the page. You will lose customers.
However, when you follow SEO, this problem no longer remains your concern. SEO mostly focuses on responsive web design.
In this approach, web pages adjust themselves to the screen’s size, giving little to no trouble.

19. You Gain More Market Share

SEO helps you to remain ahead of your competitors and enhance user experience.
SEO also focuses on innovative ideas. All these factors go in your favor as you race for the highest rank on the search engines. And once you achieve it, a large number of people will start visiting your site.
The more the organic traffic, the more the leads you gain.
The chances of these leads converting into business partners or customers are always high. And every time it happens, you get to earn a share of the market.

20. SEO Boost Marketing Activities

SEO strategies help you gain relevant data about customers’ preferences.
You get to know the key factors that are drawing them to your site.
Now, this information applies to your other campaigns as well. For example, Google Analytics may reveal that more teenagers like your product.
This information helps you in two ways.

  • First, you restructure your social campaign strategy to focus on the target audience.
  • Second, research to find out the ways to target other age groups.

21. Decrease in Page Loading Time

The time taken by your website to load has a huge impact on your website ranking.
Even a two-second delay in loading can cost you over four percent of sales. This reason is enough for anyone to focus on the speed of the website.
However, how do you improve speed?
You can do it by focusing on strong on-page optimization strategies.
They make your site user-friendly.
You get to eliminate problems that slow down your webpages’ loading time. Besides, an SEO firm always keeps an eye on your site’s performance.

22. You Remain Aware of Your Website’s Health

An SEO firm provides you with a monthly performance report. It helps you know your position in the search engines.
You find out how well the firm is utilizing your money and their plans. Besides, if the SEO firm offers automated SEO services, you will receive results more quickly.
Automated SEO reports and audits give you regular feedback about SEO performance.
Apart from this, the automation of many SEO activities will improve the health of your website.
You get to spot duplicate pages, server errors that are hampering your website’s growth.

23. Beat Your Rivals

Having an SEO-optimized website will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. It will be even more helpful for startups with several competitors in the market.
SEO is not uncommon for businesses to have the same products and competitive prices. However, what makes the difference is the way you are using SEO strategies.
Any day, SEO gives better results than traditional marketing techniques. Besides, SEO is more affordable than traditional varieties.
As you use the best SEO practices, you shine and find a way to retain it.

24. SEO Helps Secure Healthy Backlinks

When you are new, getting noticed by the search giant can be challenging.
True that having quality content and a friendly website is important. However, what’s the harm in trying other possibilities.
When you outsource SEO to a professional firm, the team will create a bank of healthy backlinks.

  • They contact authoritative and reputable websites of your niche for link exchange deals.
  • They also use their influences to find genuine backlinks for you.
  • They will reach out to relevant forums, social media groups, and bloggers.

In short, they do everything possible to spread your link as much as possible. However, the team must stay away from spam sites. Google does not like those sites.

25. You Get to Manage Human Resource Cost

SEO is a necessity for startups and is not an option anymore. However, having an in-house SEO team can be a strain on your pocket.
The easy way out: Hire a professional and reputable firm. This way, you benefit in multiple ways.

  • First, you do not have to hire individuals who specialize in the various aspects of SEO.
  • Second, you do not have to provide them with computers and other amenities.
  • Third, with experts by your side, you get the best services.

You are new to the game. Why increase the burden when you can get professional help at a better price?

26. Save Your Time

Time is money, especially when you have too much on your plate.
The better the management, the higher the scope of earning. In this scenario, having a professional SEO team can benefit your business.
The direct benefits aside, the SEO team will free you from the day-to-day affairs. It will give you plenty of time to focus on your products and other aspects of the business.
A professional SEO firm with years of experience knows what to do. They will cut to the chase and do the needful without wasting time. It will have a positive impact on the overall growth of your business.

27. Track the Changing Trends

The market is changing and so do the customers’ preferences. If you fail to remain updated, your business will suffer.
Every business focuses on relevant keywords to capitalize. However, with changing market conditions, the keywords change. Remember that your competitors are putting their best foot forward.
Unable to track the changing keywords can cause you huge losses. When you get onboard a team of SEO experts, they take care of everything, from keywords to algorithms.

28. SEO Firm Analyzes Your Website

A startup can face numerous challenges. You may have a beautiful website, but it is failing to generate traffic.
Include SEO services for your startup and see how things change for the better. The first thing that an SEO firm does is do a thorough check-up of your website.
The company will scrutinize every aspect of your business to find out what is working in your favor and not. Accordingly, they work on unreliable factors to benefit your website.
SEO analysis is essential for the success of any business. Without this activity, your SEO strategies cannot give the optimum result.

29. Your Engagement Rate Increases

When you employ SEO services, your site becomes user-friendly. It indicates that people will spend more time on your website. Now, this is important as it is related to a better return on investment.
When a user spends more time on your website, they are trying to know you better. With time, the bond strengthens, and they become loyal to your product.
If you provide quality content, the chances of them sharing it across social profiles increases.
A high engagement rate not only generates more sales but also promotes your brand.

30. You Enjoy Better Click-Through Rates

A major benefit of SEO strategies is higher click-through rates (CTR).
As your website becomes visible, and your rank increase, organic traffic increases. It means that your website starts getting more clicks.
According to a study, having a high rank ensures over 30% CTR on desktop and over 25 percent CTR on mobile.
Your ranking and CTR are directly proportional to each other. The more the CTR, the higher is your rank and vice-versa.

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