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uplift in Conversion Rate


uplift in Conversion Rate

About the Company

Haggar Clothing co. is a manufacturer of men's pants and slacks founded in Dallas, TX, in 1926. The company went into the history books for coining the term "slacks." It is a leader in menswear innovation and technology. The company has been in business since 1926. Their stores dominated every city and town in America and became a household name.
They adapted to changing times by retailing their clothing online. One can buy their menswear from the site with ease. Their ecommerce portal is a major channel for selling their products. Their online store is a major revenue source as it's open to shop 24/7, unlike its physical outlets.

The Challenge We faced

Ecommerce is a global market. Every company, large or small, is down to a level playing field. The challenge they faced was the mounting competition. Many online stores won over their loyal customers. Competitors used better online marketing and SEO techniques.
They came to Haitna with this issue. They wanted to claim their online market share by getting more people to visit their site.
We had to start from the ground up with our SEO strategy. Our experts spent time with their management at Dallas, TX, to understand their strengths and possible gaps.
After extensive analysis and data gathering, we came up with our SEO strategy. We planned the campaign in phases with clear outcomes defined for each stage. Each team member was assigned a role, and we closely tracked every deliverable to ensure success.

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The Strategies We Used

We devised an SEO strategy that was unique and time-bound. We focused on several key SEO tactics during each stage. The plan was to see a marked rise in click traffic in 8-12 weeks. Here are some things that we tried:

  • Mobile-friendly Site: We made the site mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. We wanted to tap into the mobile-savvy younger generation.
  • Focus on Content: We analyzed the existing content and implemented top keywords in landing and product pages.
  • Regular Reports: We shared daily and weekly reports to understand visitor trends and work on gaps.
  • Faster Search: We enhanced the site search feature to ensure customers found products with ease.
  • Competitors: We researched the keywords their completion was using. We used this data to research unique keywords that would give our client an edge.
  • User Experience: We audited the site and shared insights on ways to improve the user journey.

The result

Our SEO strategy resulted in a significant rise in qualified visitors and better sales. The click-through rate improved from 90k to 180k per day in just a few weeks! The traffic we generated was organic. Our content and site improvement efforts resulted in lower bounce rates and more mobile traffic. Our client beat their close competition.

They saw higher sales and more satisfied customers owing to our collaboration and teamwork. We monitored and fixed issues as and when they came up.