How Do I Get the Best Out of Google My Business for My Plumbing Services in Dallas

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the authorized tool used to create and manage official business profiles on Google. 

These business profiles represent that Google officially recognizes your business. And these profiles show up for relevant searches in Google Search and Google Maps. 

Your Google My Business Profile display details like: 

  • Business Name, Website Link, Phone Number, Address
  • Business Category, Services/Products, Description, Images
  • Business Hours, Reviews & Ratings, Offers, FAQs, etc.

Tips to Optimize the GMB for My Plumbing Services in Dallas

1. Create a Verified Listing for Your Plumbing Services in Dallas

If you haven’t yet listed your plumbing business on GMB, here is how you can do it: 

  • Here you add your Google Account (You can create it from here.)
  • Next, you need to search for your existing business listing. If you find your business listing, check its information and claim it by clicking on “Request Access.” Or, if your business doesn’t have a listing, create one. 
  • If you create a new listing, you need to start by adding your official Business Name and the Primary Category.
  • Next, you need to add the service areas for your plumbing business. To add the service areas, choose ‘No’ for the question displayed in the image below: 

You need to add several business details like contact, business hours, images, etc. Once you fill in the details, request a profile verification. 

Choose for the Postcard Verification if you do not see the phone and email verification options.

2. Add Your Crucial Plumbing Service Locations to the GMB Profile

If you mistake highlighting your physical location on your GMB page, replace it with your service locations.

Here is how to hide address and add service areas for your plumbing business:

  • Click here to open your Google My Business account
  • Next, select the “Info” tab in the sidebar and choose the Edit Address option. 
  • Here you can see your physical business location. You need to select the “Clear address” option to remove the address.
  • Next, you can select the crucial service areas for your plumbing business in Dallas.

Here is an example:

  • Once you have selected the service areas, check these edits on Google Maps. 

Also, mention the same service areas in your website footer and other pages. Also, add these service locations to your other business listings. 

Google considers this consistency, and you are more likely to rank for plumbing service-related searches in these locations.

3. Optimize Several Components of Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business listing remains an integral part of your local SEO. And Moz’s study says that the quality of your GMB profile has a 25.4% share in defining the local 3-pack results

So, optimize the following GMB components for your listing: 

  • NAP Consistency: Ensure you use your original business name across the GMB, site, and listings. Also, use consistent service locations and contact numbers. 
  • Category: Mention ‘Plumbing services’ as the main category. And compliment it by choosing the relevant secondary categories. These can be ‘residential plumbing contractors,’ ‘emergency drainage fixing services,’ ‘industrial plumbing contractor,’ etc.
  • Services: Showcase all your plumbing services. These may include Emergency Pipeline Fixation, Pipeline Installation & Restoration, Industrial Plumbing Services, Leaking Faucet Fixation, etc.
  • Description: Write a 150-200 words description of your plumbing business. Highlight the USPs, specialties, and important keywords (location & service-specific). 
  • Service Area Business: Ensure to claim all the crucial service locations for your plumbing business in Dallas. 
  • Service Hours: Make sure to update the service hours on your GMB profile. 
  • GMB Reviews: Your GMB reviews have a significant share in deciding your local search rankings. So, request and attract abundant positive reviews. And manage negative reviews with patience. 
  • Images: Grow engagement by showing several images, E.g., Show before & after images of your plumbing tasks, staff images, branding images, etc. 
  • Posts: You can further grow engagement by creating intriguing offers using the Posts feature. 
  • FAQs: Make your GMB profile highly relevant for long-tail queries by adding relevant FAQs. 

4. Earn Plentiful of GMB Reviews 

Your GMB reviews have a substantial influence on your SEO performance. They factor in your ranking capability and position in the local 3-pack results. 

Moreover, users refer to the GMB reviews as reliable social proof for your plumbing business in Dallas. 

So, unless you have abundant positive reviews on your profile, you might witness lower ranks and conversions. 

That said, here are some ways that can help you with generating Google reviews for your business: 

  • Schedule feedback generation emails for your customers. You can also make the email personalized. And don’t forget to add the link to your GMB listing. 
  • If it doesn’t hurt, you can incentivize your feedback generation process. E.g., “Hope you loved our pipeline installation work. You could rate us on Google and earn a 10% discount on the next service.”
  • Ensure to draft quick responses to positive responses. You can appreciate the reviewers, start a conversation, and win loyalty. 
  • Manage negative reviews by transferring the conversations on 1:1 channels. Show concern, offer a solution, reconcile with the reviewer, and request him to update his review.
  • Connect with local influencers who would be happy to try your plumbing service and post feedback.

5. Grow Relevancy with Localized Plumbing-service FAQs

After the BERT update, Google comprehends long-tail queries with improved accuracy. 

And so, you must optimize the relevancy of your GMB listing for long-tail localized searches.

A smarter way to do this is by answering the most common questions by your consumers. 

So, you can directly answer the consumer queries on your GMB profile. 

Moreover, you can use other profiles (other than your official profile) to post FAQs and answer them. Google doesn’t show the name of the user who posts an FAQ. 

This approach will likely cover many important long-tail keywords for your plumbing business. 

You must further create blogs out of these FAQ topics. 

Here are some relevant FAQ topics related to your plumbing business: 

  • How to prevent my toilet from clogging frequently? 
  • Is there a DIY tip to fix my garbage disposal leaks? 
  • How can you choose the right plumbing services in Dallas?
  • What is your annual plumbing maintenance cost for my residence?
  • Is there a good way to locate leaks in my bathroom’s pipeline? 

It is good to use natural long-tail keywords for these FAQs and in your blogs. 

6. List Your Business in Local Plumbing Services Directories

Your GMB listing is one of your plumbing business's most influential local citations.

But, you must also focus on growing your business visibility across the internet. 

You can do this by locating and listing other popular local listings in Dallas. This helps you grow your location authority and probability to rank for the local searches. 

Moreover, many consumers directly open the local directories to search for plumbing services. So, by listing in the local directories, you can expect high referral traffic. 

Some crucial local listing sites and niche-specific directories for your plumbing business are:

Moreover, you can find some more relevant listing sites for your plumbing service business here.

In Dallas, you must use data aggregators to get your business listed in local directories. The main data aggregators include Express Update, and Neustar Localeze

Yext’s Business Scan tool will help you ensure if you are missing out on a crucial listing platform.

Ensure to keep your business details (name, service locations, contact, categories, etc.) consistent. Also, work on enriching these profiles with services, images, USPs, etc. 

7. Check if Your GMB Profile Fails to Appear in Searches and Fix It

There are chances that your GMB profile is not appearing for highly relevant searches in Google Maps or Search.

If you witness a similar challenge for your plumbing service listing, there can be multiple reasons. 

Try checking and fixing these possible reasons: 

  • You haven’t yet completed the 14-day postcard verification process. 
  • Google has marked a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ profile suspension due to one of these reasons: 
  • Stuffing keywords unnaturally; or 
  • Creating multiple GMB profiles for the same business; or
  • Variations in Business Name, Location, or Contact Info; or 
  • Website URL is forwarding. 
  • You haven’t mentioned your service locations and are still displaying your address. 
  • Your location authority is low, and you are fighting against the daunting competition.

If Google has pulled down your profile due to any of the above-listed reasons, you need to rectify it. Next, you can request reinstatement. 

8. Add Localized Keyword Terms Smartly to your GMB Profile

You must ensure that your profile remains highly relevant for the crucial search terms. These search terms may include your plumbing service keywords and localized keywords. 

For example, 

You might be optimizing for general keywords like “plumbing contractors,” “best plumbers,” etc. But, these keywords miss out on the location relevancy. 

So, work on creating crucial localized keyword combinations like: 

  • Plumbing services in Dallas
  • Best plumbing contractors Dallas
  • Pipeline installment services in Dallas
  • Dallas drainage fixing services
  • Industrial plumbing fixation in Dallas

Here, you can create the keyword combinations based on your service locations in Dallas. 

Next, you must sprinkle the keywords smartly in your GMB description and several FAQs. 

Moreover, optimize your site content for these localized keywords. 

You must also plan blog content around long-tail localized keywords and share them. These blogs help you attract referral traffic, backlinks, and citations. 

9. Grow Engagement by Leveraging the Posts Feature on GMB

Another factor that you must consider is your GMB profile engagement. 

How many users engage with your profile or drop inquiries through your GMB profile? 

If you aren’t proud of this answer, you must start growing your profile’s engagement. 

GMB offers you a ‘Posts’ feature to create offers, events, CTAs, etc. 

Moreover, your created Posts stay on your GMB profile for up to 7 days. 

Here is how GMB Posts look: 


Here is how you can use the Posts feature for your plumbing business:

  • Open your GMB business account
  • Find and select the “Promote” tab in the sidebar
  • Here, you can choose the type of post relevant to your business 
  • You can choose from Post elements like Events, Photos, Videos, Offers, CTAs, and Text. 
  • Create offers that could engage your customers and win inquiries. 
  • Use the ‘Preview’ option to scrutinize how your post looks
  • If the post looks good, you can click on “Publish.”

10. Try Google Maps Ads Above GMB Listings 

While optimizing the organic GMB listing, you can also try paid Google Map Ads. These can help you promote your GMB listing for relevant searches in Google Maps.

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Here is how Google Promoted Pin Ads look: 


You can create promoted pins ads by following these steps: 

  • Open your Google Ads account. It must be the same Google account from which you have created your GMB listing. 
  • In your Google Ads account, enable the ‘Locations Extension’ for your plumbing business’s location.
  • Head over to the “Keywords & Targeting” option in the navigation. 

  • Here, select “Locations” and add your target plumbing service areas in Dallas 

  • Then, you need to add your target plumbing service keywords to each ad group. 

  • Finally, preview your ads and publish them.

Here are added features that you must leverage with promoted pins: 

  • In-store Offers: Showcase your plumbing service discounts directly on your promoted pin ads. 
  • Customizable Business PageYou can create a customizable business page for your plumbing services. Here, you can display your service locations, contact info, services, images, etc. 
  • Featured Customer ReviewsUse this feature to showcase your customer reviews & ratings when a customer taps on your promoted pin. 

Key Takeaways

Here are the key ways to capitalize on the GMB listings for your plumbing service business:

  • List your plumbing service business on Google My Business and verify it. 
  • Ensure to add all your crucial service locations to the listing. 
  • Add a consistent NAP, category & sub-categories, services, service hours, description, images, etc., to your GMB profile.
  • Use SurveyMonkey, feedback generation emails, and incentives to generate GMB reviews.
  • Add plumbing service-related FAQs to your GMB profile
  • Create an optimized business listing on Angi, Porch, Expertise, Yelp, Home Advisor, etc. 
  • Check if Google has suspended your profile, fix errors, and request reinstatement.
  • Enhance your profile’s relevancy by sprinkling long-tail and localized keywords
  • Use GMB Posts to show offers, CTAs, etc. for high engagement
  • Try Paid Google Promoted Pins along with GMB optimization 

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Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.


Brice Decker

Brice has been handling marketing projects for more than 12 years and he is providing consulting services on SEO, Social Media and PPC. He has a huge expertise in working at large corporations including Accenture Interactive & PwC Digital Services.