Optimize Your Hotel’s GMB Listing in Austin 

Google My Business provides a platform for businesses to grow in the market. The hotel business is considered to be a seasonal one. But with proper marketing and SEO strategies, one can gain enough customers even during the off-season. 

It might sound tricky, but we will tell you the right ways to make it work for your hotel business.

This article will discuss ten proven tips and relevant tools for hoteliers to optimize their GMB listings.

10 Tips to Optimize GMB listing of Your Hotel in Austin

1. Claiming Your Business Listing on GMB

Listing your hotel business on GMB gives it ample market exposure. Ensure you choose the right primary category on GMB. 


After listing your hotel business on GMB, It is essential to claim it. Claiming your business listing means you are the sole authority of the listing. It avoids the risk of plagiarizing your business name.

Some of the benefits of claiming your hotel business listing on GMB include,

  • Your business listing is indexed with priority due to its social image and credibility among your audiences.
  • Claiming your business listings keeps your market rivals with the malicious intent of taking or copying your business name.
  • Claimed businesses possess higher brand credibility. Hence, a claimed business performs better in sales, brand reputation, and lead conversion rate in the market.

Let’s see the process to claim your business listing on GMB.

2. Consistent Business Information

Business information on any local directory attracts niche-relevant prospects to a business website. Hoteliers often miss out on a large portion of the market prospects due to inconsistent and outdated business information on their GMB listings.

Consistent business information on online listings can manipulate user intent in your favor. Businesses should check on this using free tools like Mozlocal to get rid of misinformation on the web. 


The more people see consistent business information on a business listing, the higher the chances of getting converted into organic customers.

Benefits of posting consistent business information on GMB listing include,

  • Consistent and updated business information on GMB listings keeps search engine penalties at bay.
  • Consistent business information leads to higher organic engagement onsite.
  • A search engine will rank your website higher on localized SERPs due to consistent business-relevant information on GMB listings.

Inconsistent and outdated business information can have negative impacts on your local as well as organic rankings. It will invite a negative market reputation which eventually will reflect on your sales and other important SEO metrics.

3. Engaging Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

An initial impression of the audience is vital for hotel businesses. It leads to improved engagement, sales, and market reputation. The Meta description and title tag of your GMB listing will boost most of the performing SEO metrics for your hotel business website. 

Take a look at the below example. The hotel has given a title and description. But it’d be good if it’s optimized for the users and search engines. 


Title tags and Meta descriptions help a search engine understand a website and its functionalities. Title tags and Meta descriptions are the first two things a user sees upon searching for a business.

Title tags are similar to a website’s title. It grabs the attention of your target audience. The blurb underneath the title tags describing the website is the Meta descriptions. 

Invest more time curating a creative and engaging title tag for your hotel website. The title tag represents your brand and what the business stands for.

Here are some tips to optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for your hotel’s GMB listing.

  • Limit your title tags up to 60 characters for better engagement.
  • Include performing keywords in Meta descriptions.

4. Consistent NAP details

NAP consists of the Name, Address, and Phone Number of a business organization. It is crucial information for people to reach out to you for business. 

As per a survey, consistent NAP details on a local directory listing might engage 40% more audience with your business. The more people your GMB listing will drive, the better market performance your hotel business will yield. 

You can check NAP consistency on the Brightlocal tool. 


Benefits of consistent NAP details on a hotel’s GMB listing include,

  • Customer outreach and subsequent sales are two crucial SEO metrics for hotel businesses. Consistent NAP details can boost both.
  • Consistent NAP details across all local directories will fetch your hotel the perfect name it needs. The more people talk about your business, the better reputation and market value it will gain.
  • Consistent NAP details are also an essential ranking factor in Google's search engine algorithm. Hence, your hotel will rank higher if it has consistent NAP details on its GMB listing.

5. Create Engaging Contents

An updated GMB listing should be followed by a business website full of creative and engaging content for potential prospects in the market. 

Content is the king when it comes to hotel business websites. The more people find your website content relevant and worth their time, the better market performance your hotel will yield.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of having engaging content on your hotel website.

  • Engaging content improves website dwell time. Dwell time is an essential SEO metric for localized rankings. The more time people will spend exploring your hotel website, the higher the chances of them availing themselves of your services. 
  • Creative content automatically boosts a hotel website's overall SEO health and market reputation.

Tools and tips to create engaging onsite content for your hotel website.

  • Guest blogging and onsite blogging are two of the proven ways to create quality business-relevant content. Find the relevant websites to post these types of content using keywords like “hotel + submit guest posts”, “hotel + write for us”, “hotel + contribute an article”, and many more related keywords. 
  • Sumo is one of the versatile blogging tools in the market. It provides easy-to-use analytics tools to monitor your content performance.

6. Provide Accurate Location Details

Google My Business creates opportunities for businesses to rank on other native google platforms such as Maps and Google Earth. Ranking on these platforms will expose your hotel to potentially unknown prospects around the globe.

Mentioning accurate business location details is a must to optimize your GMB listing. As a hotelier, your customers must reach your establishment to avail your services. Accurate location details will drive more crowds to your property and boost your sales numbers. 

Take a look at the below screenshot showing how to add accurate address details and pinning location on G maps. 


Let's discuss some inherent benefits of providing accurate location details on a GMB listing.

  • Higher rankings on localized searches. Location accuracy improves the reputation and engagement of a business establishment. The more people talk about your business brand, the higher it will rank on SERPs.
  • Improved business engagement, sales, and onsite lead conversion rate. More people will reach your hotel to stay and avail of your exquisite services. It will enhance the overall business standard of your hotel.

7. Mention Social Media Handles

Hoteliers should leverage the power of social media to market their business. Social media platforms are one of the most practical yet underutilized digital marketing tools. These platforms have millions of active users every day. 

Hence, mentioning social handles on GMB listing will improve your audience drive and onsite user engagement. These handles appear on SERP, as shown in the below screenshot. 


Some of the social media platforms you can use for your hotel's outreach and marketing include,

  • Facebook Business Suite offers a wide range of analytics and behavior tools to monitor your audience and engagement onsite.
  • Instagram Business lets you get in touch with your customers directly via DMs. It will help you gain genuine customer testimonials.
  • Pinterest offers features for businesses to engage more prospects. You can create your hotel rooms and services pinboards to engage more customers.
  • YouTube has creators. You can invite some of them to stay in your property in exchange for high-quality genuine reviews. It will add some severe weight to your brand credibility.

8. Mention High-quality External Links

External links, otherwise known as backlinks, have versatile uses in digital marketing. 

These links are responsible for driving more than 40% of organic engagement to a business website. Guest blogging on the website with higher domain authority will help acquire high-value backlinks.

Mentioning external links on GMB listing will expose your hotel business beyond your target audience domain. It allows Google to rank your business higher and improve your brand image in the market.

Some of the more popular external link managers are following,

  • SEMRush Link Manager keeps track of all the external links your business website has throughout the internet. It will update you on their performance analysis regularly. Here’s a screenshot snippet of backlink analytics of a hotel site. 
  • Moz Link Explorer helps you monitor your external links' performance on the local directory listings and social platforms.
  • Linkody is one of the leading link manager tools available in the market. It enables you to monitor and compare your external link structure with relevant market competitors.

9. Use Internal Linking Structure

You can use a basic internal linking on your GMB listing's Meta description. It will allow your visitors and search engine crawlers to navigate your business website seamlessly.

GMB listing of a hotel will have thousands of visitors every day. A good internal linking structure will further boost your hotel website's SEO health if you have followed the previous optimization tips.

Some of the proper internal link building tools are as follows,

  • Interlinks Manager is a valuable plugin for all seasons. It allows you to manage all your on-page internal links and individual performances. 
  • Internal Link Juicer is an intelligent internal link plugin. It automatically inserts performing internal links in the content as you create it.
  • Link Whisper is the gold standard internal link plugin available in the market. Hoteliers and F&B startups rely on this plugin to improve their business websites' dwell time and onsite user engagement.

10. Acquire Genuine Customer Testimonials

Some benefits of gaining genuine Customer testimonials on Google My Business hotel listing are as follows,

  • More than 85% of customers rely on online testimonials. Genuine reviews give your hotel the necessary market authority it needs.
  • Google will rank your hotel higher if it has genuine positive reviews on its GMB listing.
  • Customer testimonials are social proofs for your new prospects and visitors. 

Take a look at the below screenshot showing customer testimonials of a hotel on GMB.


Some of the proven tips and tools to gain and monitor customer reviews are as follows,

  • Apply AI and ML environment to the sections of your review. It will instantly reply and engage with queries and reviews. It shows the human side of your business that you care about your customers and their opinions.
  • Podium is an interactive review management software. It allows you to get in touch with customers to resolve their queries.
  • Trustpilot is an online review/reputation management system best suited for hotel businesses. It allows hoteliers to monitor and resolve negative reviews and acquire genuine positive customer testimonials.

Google My Business for Hotels – FAQs

1. Why Is Google My Business Important For Hotels?

Answer – Google My Business help hotels to rank higher on localized and organic SERPs. It improved customer engagement and brand reputation in the market. 

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GMB consistently drives relevant prospects to hotels during the offseason. Hence, GMB is important for hotel businesses in the market.

2. How Can You Add A Hotel On The Google My Business Platform?

Answer – 3 easy steps to add your hotel on Google My Business.

Step 01: Go to GMB and create a business profile by entering your name. 

Step 02: List it and follow subsequent steps to claim it.

Step 03: Mention Location and other business-relevant details.

And you’re done!

3. What Is Google My Business For Hotels?

Answer – Google My Business lets hotels create their unique online identity. It allows travelers across the globe to find their ideal place to stay within their budget. 

Here’s a screenshot showing how it helps the audience. 


It also improves localized and organic rankings on SERPs for hotels.

4. Can You Integrate GMB With Social Media Marketing For Hotels?

Answer – Absolutely! Integrating GMB with social media marketing will yield better results for hotel businesses. It will help hotels reach more prospects quickly and reduce capital investment. It surely would improve website drive and onsite user engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Claim your business listing on Google My Business.
  • Provide consistent business-relevant information on GMB listing.
  • Invest more time in creating engaging title tags and Meta descriptions.
  • Provide consistent NAP details for customers to engage with your business.
  • Create engaging and business-relevant content for both your website users and visitors.
  • Provide accurate location details for your customers and visitors to reach your hotel.
  • Acquire backlinks from relevant websites with high domain authority in the market.
  • Create a proper internal linking structure to improve onsite dwell time and user engagement.
  • Leverage social media platforms to market your hotel business to a broader set of audiences.

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