Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate How-to Guide for Marketers

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Why Choose Us for Instagram Marketing

We Offer Our Significant Domain Experience

We have years of experience working with our clients as a marketing agency. We have delivered results for top businesses globally.

We Share Our Portfolio With Your Team

Our portfolio is available for your reference when you engage with us. We are transparent with our data and confident in our abilities.

We Understand How To Grow Your Business

The focus of our company is not just to grow your Instagram feed but your business. We work on improving your business metrics.

We Have Professionals And Experts

With decades of experience, our team has the best professionals in the industry. They are accomplished and help you achieve your goals.

We Do Not Outsource Work

All work is completely done in-house. We have different teams for everything we do, and it's all done within the agency.

We Provide Result-Oriented Services

The goal of our marketing program is not just about numbers. It's about delivering results that matter for your business.

We Create A Tailored Experience

The first thing we do is to understand your brand story. Only then do we proceed to build your Instagram marketing funnel.

We Are A Customer-Centric Agency

It is no secret that we keep you in the center of everything that's happening. We empower our customers to ask questions.

Why Choose Us for Instagram Marketing

Different Formats of Instagram Marketing

Regular Feed Posts (Images)

These are what a majority of the users' post. This is static, and it might have filters depending on who is posting it. It is a simple image that can also have words on it.

Feed Videos

This kind of post is the same as the regular posts but is in video format. It is also quite common to find on your feed.

Instagram Live Video

Live Video is something that Instagram is famous for. You can stream live videos to your friends and followers.

Instagram Reels

Reels are pretty new on Instagram. These are normally shot in portrait mode and have a max length of 30 seconds.

Instagram Stories

One of the most popular formats on Instagram is Instagram Stories, and it has been a revelation. These are 15-second clips that are highly favored on the platform.


If you have a longer format video, IGTV is where you upload it. Depending on the account, it can go up to even 60 minutes.

Steps We follow to Create an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Tips to Measure Instagram Marketing Results