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Used Car Dealer

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Local SEO

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About the Company

Carfax is an American company that supplies consumers with vehicle history reports. It deals with history reports of cars and light trucks. They are a web-based service provider. Our client has an extensive database of vehicle history. People can buy these reports to check if a seller is legit before making a purchase.
Our client is one of the most trusted companies in the US and Canada for vehicle history reports. The reports contain details such as past owners, damages, thefts, readings, and more. Their vehicle reports help thousands of people in making a wise purchase decision. Our client also sells used cars on their website, along with vehicle history reports.

The Challenge We faced

This vehicle's history provider does almost all its business online. Their website is the face of the company. People from all over the country can search for used cars and history reports for their town or city.
The company wanted to target local searches seeking vehicle history reports. The aim was to grow their business through an increase in organic traffic. The company knew it was popular with customers and had a good reputation. They wanted to leverage this to generate more local leads.
The challenge we faced was developing a strategy that boosted local SEO and brought qualified traffic to the site. The current site traffic was inconsistent and not delivering desired results. We audited the site and identify areas that needed work. We had committed results to them and had to get up to speed quickly.

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The Strategy We Used

We formed an effective strategy with a focus on Local SEO. We not only wanted the visitor traffic to surge but also rank them higher for local searches. We started with a granular site audit. This told us about several areas to optimize for SEO. Our approach was two-fold. Technical and Non-technical. Listed below are tactics that showed excellent results:

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO strategy was to ensure that the site metadata and structure were optimized. We worked on several elements of the site, such as:

  • Improving site loading time
  • Optimized URLs
  • Added Local SEO keywords in key pages
  • Optimized the site for mobile
  • Ran site link checker to detect broken URLs

Non-Technical SEO

We focused on enriching the content on the site to build trust. We audited the existing content and tweaked gaps in the content. We worked on quality link building to grow the credibility of the site.

The result

The project was a resounding success. We were able to deliver on time and showed a marked increase in traffic. The site visitor traffic shot up from 1 million to 2 million in a month. Our client was also happy that only qualified visitors were on the site. It helped them drive excellent sales and leads.

The content optimization and Local SEO efforts paid off with a big jump in local searches. We have improved their credibility online. Our continued efforts have seen an organic rise in traffic month after month. Our client can dominate the market again with its boosted online presence.