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Uplift in Ecommerce Sales


Uplift in Avg. Number of Visitors

Bicycle Ecommerce Company SEO Case Study: 234% Boost in Daily Traffic within 1 Month

About the Company

Headquartered in California, US, the bicycle retailer had set its sails in 1981. And, since then, the company has gained good brand awareness in the USA.
It sells the entire range of high-performance sports and mountain bikes along with their accessories. And along with its retails stores, the bicycle company has a well-established e-commerce store. And the online store has a considerable contribution to the company’s total sales.

The Challenge We faced

The company has decent footfall traffic and sales from its offline stores across California. But, it wishes to lay its dependency and earn significant sales through its e-commerce store.
The bicycle company had kept its e-commerce growth objective above board with Haitna. And it wanted to make e-commerce sales play a major role in its business growth strategy.
The client wanted Haitna to set up a regular traffic channel for his e-commerce site via SEO. Thus, reducing the cost per lead and increasing the returns on investment.

328% Increase in Ecommerce Sales




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The Challenges Faced

The company had been investing in the promotion of its e-commerce, but the ROI was low. Moreover, the high competition in the bicycle e-commerce sector was impacting sales.
The not-so-impressive e-commerce sales were delaying the company’s growth objective. And the company communicated about this stagnancy with Haitna.
We were aligned with the company’s challenges and were able to unveil some specific issues like:

  • The site was only ranking for some low-volume keywords. Therefore, the overall traffic on the site was low.
  • There was an issue of thin content on various pages, and these pages had SEO gaps.
  • Keyword stuffing and keyword cannibalization were also affecting the rankings and traffic.
  • The site lacked substantial off-page SEO efforts. And our team was able to highlight the importance of these efforts in the overall SEO growth.

The Strategy We Used

Our SEO experts at Haitna kept the client’s objective at the center of decision-making. And we placed the SEO audit in tandem with the site audit as soon as we kickstarted the project. The initial goal was to ensure that the site delivers superior performance and has on-page SEO in place. This could help improve the user metrics and win improved sales for the bicycle company. Further, the team implemented and executed a custom-defined off-page SEO strategy. Here is a glimpse at the pathway we followed to draw stellar SEO results for the client:

  • Based on the site audit report, we suggested some site optimization changes to the developers.
  • Google Analytics was used to check the existing SEO performance. And we used the Search Console to track performing pages and keywords. This data was then used for optimizing individual pages.
  • We made several on-page SEO changes related to keyword stuffing & cannibalization. We also replaced the thin content with search engine optimized content.
  • We analyzed and created various keyword sets for specific product pages. We then updated the metadata and content of these pages based on the sorted keywords.
  • We completed most of the on-page SEO activities within the first week. And then, the team set the sails for aggressive off-page SEO efforts.
  • The SEO experts analyzed the link-building opportunities and built niche-specific links for the site. Moreover, we executed other off-page activities to earn quality referral traffic to the site.

The result

  • The consistent SEO efforts increased the Traffic from 15K to 35K per day in just 1 Month.
  • The Sales on the e-commerce site grew by 328% within 1 Month.
  • The e-commerce site witnessed a growth of 234% in Daily Traffic on the site.
  • Several products started appearing in organic product listings on Google.
  • The company appears for more than 30 transactional keywords on the first page of Google.

Result Highlights

328% - Growth in E-commerce Sales
15K to 35K – Upsurge in Daily Traffic in just 1 Month.
234% - Boost in the Avg. Number of Visitors
30+ – Transactional Keywords ranking on the 1st page