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Remarketing is a digital marketing practice commonly used to retarget visitors. We retarget users who previously visited a particular website or content. At Haitna, do it using personalized advertisement campaigns.

The idea behind remarketing is to bring the audience back to your product or service. You can do it using repeated exposure to it even if the user does not visit the website for a second time.

When a user visits a website, he gets tagged with a cookie and added to a retargeting list. Based on the user’s activities, we will launch personalized ads towards the user. It will only be visible to that particular user. And, this method of tracking the audience benefits both customers and the business.

For customers, it would be an opportunity to go back to the content and do further research on the product. For business, the retargeting practice reaps more benefits of conversions. Research shows that remarketing leads to an average of 70% conversions. We are experts in doing Remarketing services. Contact us to know more.

Types Of Remarketing We Offer

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Standard Remarketing

Standard remarketing method targets users who have previously visited your sites. You can target them based on the known taste and shopping behavior of the user. You can also do it during a particular period, like the holiday season. This method is a paid promotional method but worth for the money spent on it, as the return on investment is high.

Dynamic Remarketing

This method involves tailoring ads based on the taste and activity of users. You can do it based on what they have seen on the website during their initial visit. People may get tired if you put the same ad again and again. Dynamic targeting helps us to use multiple ads. You can do it based on the different services or products available on the site.

Social Media remarketing

Users may leave a website after using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can retarget those users, and this method is nothing but Social Media remarketing. You can use this kind of ads for retargeting any user who has visited the site. These ads will get displayed when they enter any social media platform in the future.

Retargeting Video Viewers

Shoppers spend a good amount of their online time watching video-related content. Studies forecast that the lion-share of internet traffic would be from videos in the future. Around 60% of users are more likely to purchase after watching video ads. Thus retargeting videos are more significant than ever. Use personalized and interactive video ads while Retargeting. It can give fresh experience to users. It will also bring in greater conversion rates.

Email Retargeting

A user may have shown interest in a particular product when they visit your website. You can remarket to them using email marketing. While remarketing, you can use special offers and personalized messages. Email marketing can help in reengaging active customers, and it increases the retention rate. Email retargeting brings more results and drives more sales.

Previous Purchasers

Target previous purchasers after a period of the gap using special offers. It is another form of remarketing, and you can do it by using personalized messages towards users. This marketing uses customer feedback, thank you pages, and custom conversion events. Creativity and novel ideas for upselling hold the key to this success.

Shopping Cart Abandoners

A study says 88% of purchasers abandon their shopping cart without proceeding to checkout. Most of the users cite pricing and time are the factors leading to cart abandonment. Ads targeting this specific group of people need to tailor effectively. When it comes to price, you can offer special discounts, freebies, and free delivery to the users. One might have left the cart due to a lack of time. In that case, a periodic and regular reminder will bring the user back to the fold.

Multi-Channel Remarketing

Companies use multi-channel remarketing to target a specific audience using multiple remarketing platforms. They do it with a channel-specific advertisement strategy. The campaign includes websites, videos, social media, and emails.

Google Display Network Remarketing

Businesses display attractive ads to attract users. They do it across a wide range of websites in Google, known as Google Display Network remarketing. According to Google, such a retargeting campaign covers around 90% of the total users. It spreads across two million websites on the web and hundreds of thousands of sites.

Google Search Ads Remarketing

These are pay-per-click retargeted ads placed on the Google search network. It usually activates when a user types specific keywords related to that ad. Google search ads are of two types - text ads and display ads. This kind of retargeting is one of the most effective ways of advertisement.

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Google Shopping Dynamic Remarketing

This remarketing technique in Google uses three kinds of formats. They are responsive ads, product image ads, and plain static ads. As it is a successful ad format, the product image format is the most used ad format. It delivers unique and tailor-made advertisements to users. Responsive ads can’t use more than two images, and they are tailor-made ads for individual customers. They automatically adjust their size and appearance based on the space available. The image ad shows a specific image and is available in various dimensions.

Keep your customers engaged. Capture potential customers by delivering Remarketing campaigns for the users. Call us today to learn more.

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Nine Ways to Scale-up Your Business using Remarketing

Helps in Branding - Remarketing using effective display ads can popularise the brand in a bigger way. It is better than the tiny text ads or organic search listings. The limit of characters restricts the text ads and organic search. They do not support displaying elements. But, remarketing tools provide more creative prospects for businesses. You can do it by infusing designs into an image.

Re-engage With Customers - Many a time, users who come to the site do not convert on their first visit. It may be due to various reasons, or they may get engaged with something else. They might not get convinced enough to continue shopping. Or, They may want to do some more research before purchasing. Retargeting helps to reconnect with them, and they are more likely to stay on it.

Remarketing Gets You Hot Heads - The basic idea of remarketing is to reach out to the users who already know your product. So the chance of conversion is high when compared to traditional marketing. The remarketing tool acts as a soft reminder for the users to return to the website. They can also search for their needs with a better idea about the product than during the first visit. And the results are more likely to be a positive one!

Target Based on Niche - The business owners can target a specific group of customers. It is one of the best things about remarketing. Also, you can use customize ads relevant only to cater to that group. This on-target marketing helps to strike at the right users (be it age-wise or location-wise). The conversion rate would be higher when compared to other forms of marketing.

CPC Is Very Low - You can use retargeted advertisements aiming at specific groups. The Cost Per Click (CPC) is low compared when to the traditional campaigns. Also, there are high chances of conversions in remarketing ads. So, the cost per conversion would also be very low. The cost depends on the competitiveness of the industry, and it would be more or less flat.

Higher Conversion Rate - Remarketing has a higher chance of converting visitors to customers. During the first visit, the visitor already gets an impression of the brand or impressed by it. They may not continue shopping at that time due to many reasons. But, the retargeted ads will bring their focus back to the site.

Targetted Advertising - Remarketing can personalize ads based on user behavior. It is one of the major features of remarketing advertisements. It can create a specific target audience list established based on certain criteria. You can do it like adding users who abandoned their cart during checkout, and those who visited your site. Personalized ads will boost the conversion rate.

A Cheap Way of Marketing - Traditional search ads have fewer conversion rates than retargeted ads. Also, it includes a higher cost per click (CPC). In contrast, the retargeted ads have a cheaper cost per click. And the conversion rates will make sure that the CPC is less compared to traditional search.

Get High-Quality Traffic - Irrelevant searches may lead to accidental impressions on the website. It can hurt the on-page conversion rate, which affects the marketing budget and the sales team’s time. Targeted marketing makes sure the ads reach relevant users. Mostly we will target those who have visited the website multiple times. It increases the conversion rate drastically.

We are experts in doing cross-channel engagement and remarketing. We Deliver Measurable Results to customers. Get in touch with us now.

6 Incredibly Powerful Social Media Remarketing Strategies

LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn has over 575 million active monthly users. You can Retarget audiences using LinkedIn by using specific audience-targeted campaigns. You can upload the contact details of the existing customer database. You can also use Sponsored content and InMail for retargeting campaigns.

Twitter Ad Retargeting

A unique and personalized ad can bring more conversions on a platform like Twitter. You can manage the target audience by selecting specific criteria. Twitter retargeting ads are incredibly powerful. You can use it on users to complete shopping or to increase unique visitors to a website. Thereby it improves the traffic to your site.

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Facebook has over 2.6 billion active monthly users. It is the most powerful social media remarketing platform. People spend a significant amount of their time online on Facebook. For retargeting, Facebook is one of the best platforms. The organic search on Facebook for businesses is huge when compared to other social platforms. Retargeting ads are comparatively cheaper despite its wider reach. Facebook ads amplify the reach of the content. Based on various criteria, businesses can target their desired audience. The criteria can range from age, location, or even interests.

Snapchat’s Retargeting

Snapchat has 229 million active users. There are lots of products listed on the Snapchat platform. People may see these products and show interest during their visit. Snapchat allows businesses to use targeted ads on these users. Business owners can also send targetted follow-ups through this platform. These ads run based on the actions people take on Snapchat. It means that a user who uses a brand’s feature or plays a brand’s video is more likely to get targeted ads than the one who is simply watching an ad.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube has over two billion logged-in users. There are more than 500 hours of videos uploaded per hour. On average, a visitor spends 11m 24 seconds per day on Youtube, according to 2019 statistics. Youtube retargeting can capture viewers’ attention persistently. You can demonstrate the product in a short period. Also, it enables location-specific ads and improves and impress the performance using analytics.

Instagram Retargeting

Over 26.9 million internet users have an Instagram account. It makes remarketing using this photo-sharing platform a crucial one for businesses. It is Similar in lines with the parent company Facebook. The retargeting process on Instagram can be effective. You can use tailored ads towards a specific audience. Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, ads need to be with minimum text. It also needs to have a highly aesthetic visual content to grab attention. The user behaviors on Instagram also play a crucial role in ad placement.

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