Things to Consider Before You Choose a Company to Outsource Your SEO

1. Verify Their Expertise in SEO

Experience is probably one of the most important aspects to consider during selection. A company needs to be as experienced as you can afford to get good results. Because in SEO, time spent directly translates into good results.
Ideally, you should also check if they have any experience with your niche. It is important when you are from a specific niche like attorneys or eCommerce.
As SEOs are mostly tailormade campaigns, they will differ from one process to another. You should do your research to make sure that the company suits your brand.

2. Ask for a Dynamic Pricing Model

The budget is another critical part of choosing the right SEO company. As your white label SEO partner, they should be able to reduce your expenses. It makes no point hiring them if they cannot fit your budget.
If you find a company that you like and are out of budget, you should try negotiating. Most companies in the niche are open to cutting down their prices for the right client. You might be able to get the deal you want.

3. Get Customized Pricing Plans

If there’s one true adage, it’s that ‘no two businesses are alike.’ What this means is that you should always opt for tailormade services for your brand. They should be able to offer you customized solutions. If not to your brand, it should at least be niche specific.
In these days of high competition, results only favor the most optimized. So talk to your SEO agency and make sure they have a unique proposition for you. Or else, they could be just a bad idea to invest in at the moment.

4. Test Their Knowledge On Google Updates

Most companies need to note that Google updates are more frequent these days. They are so unpredictable and can play havoc with your rankings. You need to monitor them closely. Else, there is a high chance that your site may get a penalty or lower rankings in search engines.
From a hiring perspective, you need to look at how aware the digital marketing agency is. Also, ask them how they have managed to deal with the past few updates. It can give you some ideas about how they approach updates.

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5. Find Out the Size of Their Workforce

SEO is a complex process today because of the competition and intricacies involved. It makes it a difficult task for beginners or small organizations.
Opt for an SEO partner if you don’t have the team size to carry it out. And this is exactly why you should talk to your SEO agency about their workforce.
Unless they have a large and diverse group, they will not be able to deliver quality service. For example, They need designers on hand to make changes to your website. Else, it will lack quality.

6. Browse Through the Tools They Use

Check the list of SEO tools & software the agency is going to use. It is a crucial point to discuss. Digital marketing has been continuously evolving in the last few years.
One reason is that everyone is into SEO these days. But there are a few tools that you can use to make things a bit easier.
It is important to clarify with your provider the tools they are going to use. Because if they are going to use the same tools as you do, it will be a waste of time. Also, verify that they have the licenses to use them commercially.

7. Take Time to Read Their Online Reviews

It is probably the easiest thing you can do to check a company’s reputation. Searching can throw up a lot of results related to them. Randomly choose a few to read, so you get a better idea of their service quality.
Ideally, it should have a mix of both good and bad reviews. The good reviews are self-explanatory. The bad reviews can help you judge how they deal with lapses. Also, be wary of companies that don’t have a single bad review online. They could be manipulating reviews to suit their image.

8. Get in Touch With Their Past Clients

The agency you’re going to engage with should be able to share their past clients with you. It is important because it can give you insights into how they treat current customers.
If they are on good terms, the clients will have no problems interacting with you. Top SEO companies even arrange for calls with their past clients. They are that confident about the level of services delivered.

9. Double Check On Hidden & Additional Costs

Something that you need to watch out for when you engage agencies are hidden costs. Make sure you discuss this with the representative about this. It also helps to go through a copy of the contract beforehand.
Hidden costs are something no SEO resellers should employ. It completely undermines their talent.
As a client, you should always steer clear of such companies. They are never good to engage with on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is by reading through the contract. Make sure they don’t subcontract/contract out the work to others.

10. Be Aware of the Minimum Engagement Period

Discuss in detail about the Minimum Engagement Period. It is another thing that you should be talking about during the pre-engagement meeting. A lot of companies set their minimum engagement period at 12 months or more. Unless you know the company well, this is a suspicious tactic.
Professional SEO resellers will not try to lock you into a contract with them. Only opt for companies that have a shorter engagement period if you don’t know them.
Three-month engagement cycles are common to start with when it comes to SEO. Don’t let an agency pressure you into a longer contract. Most often, it’s never worth the trouble.

11. Have a Clear Reporting Schedule

Getting a customized reporting schedule is a vital benefit in choosing top SEO companies. And in several cases, it is important to have this tailored to you.
Let’s say you have a difficult niche with volatile products. A good example is a gold and related commodities. As this is a sensitive product, you would like updates more frequently.
Your SEO provider should be able to deliver reports when you want them. Most SEO agencies give you an option right at the start to customize your schedule.

12. Keep a Shared Business Goal

A company that works with you should have inclusive goals with your brand. It ensures that both of you are on the same page. When setting goals, make sure that they cover your interests. That is what makes an engagement successful.
Having shared goals is something that works for the long-term. Just getting this done in a one-sided manner won’t help move things forward for both parties. If you want to prioritize certain metrics above others, make sure they know it.

13. Match Your Brand Identity

Intensive SEO has become a unique product with several nuances and intricacies. It has resulted in the development of specialized digital marketing brands. So, you need to check with the agency first. It will help you determine if they are suitable for your brand before you farm out the work.
Getting an agency that gels with your brand can be the key to delivering the goods. Since they have experience in your niche, the results will be quicker and better. They can predict patterns and use them to their advantage.

14. Gain Content Ownership

A lot of businesses are unaware that some companies do not transfer content rights. It is something that you need to deal with before starting the process. The reason being they can alter or take it away from you at any point in time.
As a client, you need to make sure that you discuss the ownership of the content. Make sure that you get the content for your brand. It is another case of oversight when it comes to SEO. Most top SEO companies discuss this at the start. If they don’t, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t be in business with them.

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15. Look for a Proactive Customer Support

A company can be the best performing SEO provider in the world. But if they don’t have adequate customer support, they will never be a top brand. You can determine through the several calls with the company you’re interviewing. If they direct you to the same person every time, then it’s a good sign.
It shows that the company is consistent with client communication. However, if you get several different people, it can betray a lack of attention. Dealing with companies like this can be problematic.

16. Validate Their Facebook & Google Certification

Something important that you need to verify is the company credentials. It is good that an agency has several certificates of merit. But they are of no use if you don’t verify these certificates.
Verification is a major step in the process. Because if you find anything fake about the firm, then you should never engage with them. And sometimes, this is a metric that even established companies overlook. They might not have renewed their licenses or access to tools.
As a client, you must bring it to their attention. If you have considered working with them, this is a second chance. You can choose to hire them based on what they do with this information.

17. Test Their Consistency

Consistency is a vital thing to look at when it comes to outsourcing. It is especially true when hiring someone for your SEO. While digital marketing has changed considerably, consistency is something that never will. It holds for processes and strategies.
When you are interviewing for outsourcing your needs, always choose a consistent performer. You should choose them above other companies with huge highs and lows—being consistent shows that they know what they are doing. And they most likely achieve results through knowhow rather than a fluke.

18. Make Sure They Stay Ahead Of Market Trends

SEO is dynamic and ever-changing. And this holds even more true today because of the constant updates. SEO trends are volatile and change daily. The only constant thing is that SEO is all about user experience. You need a service provider who can interpret the pulse of SEO today.
For this to happen, an SEO agency needs to be agile and connected to the ecosystem. They keep communication channels with their peers open. They are willing to experiment with new ideas. Only these things can help with getting the job done.

19. Opt For Local Service Providers

The mantra with hiring SEO agencies is to keep it local for better results. It is important because they can deliver better results. They can do this because they better understand the market. Also, they are well-versed with strategies on how to get ahead of your competitors.
It is a major development, especially for businesses that depend on local presence. Local vendors can better figure out the needs of businesses. It makes hiring brands with local expertise a better option for quick results.

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20. Verify Their Case Studies

Case studies are an important part of the company profile. So you need to verify this completely before proceeding. Some companies have lackluster case studies. They might be really old, or the company doesn’t exist anymore. As a client, it is up to you to get to the bottom of this.
Verify if they have records of engagement with the companies on their profile. Several companies also have references missing in their case studies. These are sure signs that there is manipulation going on with them. It is a huge red flag when it comes to hiring talent.

21. Choose An Agency That Has Exceptional Language Skills

When you’re hiring a company for your SEO requirements, good language skills are a necessity. Today’s SEO must focus on delivering high-quality content. And agencies need to up their game when it comes to this.
Language is a difficult topic to get right for all brands. You need to ensure that the agency you are interviewing has the right standards. The reason why brands should have high standards of language is interpretation. Choosing the right words is key to getting search engines and people on your side.

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22. Data is The New OIL - So, Double Check The Data Security

In these times, data security is one of the most vital aspects of an engagement. When it comes to SEO, there are a considerable number of metrics involved. Usually, data connects all these metrics on the brand. This data is confidential, and you need to keep it that way.
As a business, you need trustworthy partners to help you with your brand. It means keeping you in the loop as far as anything is concerned. If they are considering outsourcing, they should check with you if you’re okay with it. But a full-service SEO company will not involve in subcontracting.

23. Check Their Geographical Location

If you think a company that is not local to your location can help, you can approach them. But there are specific issues that you might need to deal with in differing time zones.
There might be a delay in communication by hours and sometimes even days. So, consider it when you’re opting for an out of country provider. Also, it is in your interest to enquire about specific SEO standards. They might differ from one area to another.

24. Check The Compliance To The Laws Of The Land

Local laws are another thing to consider when you’re hiring providers from different areas. While SEO does not infringe upon laws, the monetary side of it might not be clear. Another thing to note is the legality of the partnership to the area.
Make sure that you know the legal aspects before you agree. Top SEO companies can advise you on engaging them even though it is always better and safer to get an opinion from around where you are. You might need to hire someone with legal expertise in this regard.

25. Scrutinize The Contracts Thoroughly

A contract is perhaps one of the most critical documents when it comes to business. It is your only legal recourse if you are not happy with your partner’s services. So it stands to reason that it needs to be as elaborate as possible.
An engagement contract is where a lot of businesses try to manipulate the deal. It might have gray areas that you need to address it properly. An example of this would be the termination of the services section. A good company can offer a mutually beneficial option to terminate the engagement. But some companies make the client pay for suspending services.

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26. Make Sure That You Will See an Increase In Efficiency In Business

Something that companies opting for outsourcing should take note of is business efficiency. Choosing a digital SEO partner should be able to improve your efficiency. It is true for both the functional and the financial parts of it.
When you can engage the right partner for your business, efficiency increases over time. It means a better bottom line and ROI for your company. Also, it results in a positive client demand loop, as it attracts more clients to your brand. Your services give clients more value for their money.

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27. Make Sure They Follow The Closed Loop Principle

Businesses are looking for any advantage of getting ahead of their competition. Top SEO companies are using closed-loop reporting for better and quicker results.
The method is to research several possibilities and outcomes during the testing phase. Top SEO companies today use a closed-loop reporting strategy. It is getting as much data as possible about the methods they use. It can help determine which is the best strategy for a given scenario.

28. The Agency Should Follow Strategy-Driven Processes

There are a lot of ways to approach a problem when it comes to SEO. And not all of them will produce optimal results. A significant part of this is how they deal with long term planning. Most inexperienced agencies use a task-driven approach. It is not able to deliver good results.
The alternative would be to consider another approach. When it comes to strategy, you need to make sure that the agency uses a strategy-driven approach. Task-driven planning is limited to just accomplishing short-term goals. But strategies offer a much better approach in the long run.

29. Make Sure Their Video Production is In-house

A website that has high-quality content will have a strong foundation in SEO. But when we say content, it has different mediums. Blogs and graphics aren’t the only methods to deliver quality content. That is where video comes in.
In 2020, video is one of the most used content mediums around. A significant part of this development is fast internet and mobile devices. As a partner, their ability to handle video marketing is critical. Video has the potential to attract more customers than thought possible. It is probably another reason why most brands are pushing for video more than before.

30. There Must Be No Need For Any Supervision

One reason why you are opting for outsourcing is to ease the significant workload on your team. Your digital marketing partner needs to be able to pick up the slack when it comes to SEO.
To this end, you need to make sure that they are a turnkey agency. There is no point in hiring a company that you have to micromanage. An autonomous company can get a lot of things done with minimal or no supervision. The only time when they probably require your feedback is during reporting.

31. Do not Give Up The Operational Control

A significant aspect of a partnership is the decision of operational control. As a client, you are within reason to want maximum control of the business as possible. It is an area where a lot of first time SEO agencies can falter.
Top companies prefer to work with their clients rather than working for them. The marked difference is that there is less friction in this scenario. You, as the client, still hold the reins of the engagement. It can get a little tricky. Agencies may want to change anything related to brand image without any reason. It is a definite negative, and you should not be opting for them as partners.

32. Clear The Barriers In Communication

Communication is important in a partnership. Especially since SEO is not an easy niche to work with, you need to take an important call. Make sure that you can communicate with your agency clearly and effectively.
Several things come under effective communication. The primary aspect is language. If they’re from a different location, it is important that both of you speak and write a common language. Another aspect is time delays. Please make sure that there are no delays on their side when it comes to replying. Or if they are, they should at least have a valid reason.

33. Test Their Response To Priority Changes

As a service provider, a key aspect of professionalism is the ability to adapt to changes. Since the markets are competitive today, you might need to make quick changes. And you probably won’t have a lot of time to do it. That is where the best SEO agencies can step up their game.
Experienced digital marketing companies can have contingency plans for issues. If there are changes to be made, they can get it done without taking too much time. That is what sets them apart from the rest in the business.

34. Make Sure That The Deliverables Are Of High Quality

When you contract SEO companies to Outsource SEO Services, this attribute is a given. They produce higher quality deliverables than you can. And the reason is simple - they are better at it.
With the top talent, tools, and strategy, it is no surprise they are better than you at SEO. To be a successful company entirely depends on your digital partner. Most top businesses hire digital agencies to increase strength in the market. These days it is impossible to get ahead in SEO without help.
Consider these things before choosing an SEO provider to Outsource Your marketing services.

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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.

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