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Reasons Why Dallas Customers Choose Us to Handle Their PPC Campaigns

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Associated Services We Offer

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone dreams of finding their brand name at the top of a search result page. Well, an SEO strategy can make that dream come true for a business.

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Fix Technical Issues
  • Website Optimization
  • Monitor Rankings

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter hold the power to expose your brand to millions of potential prospects. Leverage these platforms for better market performance.

  • Brand Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • High Quality Content
  • Print Advertising
  • Measure Traffic/Conversion

Social Media Marketing

Inbound marketing allows businesses to create customer-specific content. It engages prospects & inspires long-term client-customer relationships.

  • Granular Targeting
  • Improve Sales & ROI
  • Automate Ad Copy
  • Establish Trust
  • Boost Customer Retiontion

Why It Is Important to Hire a Pay-per-click Advertising Firm for Your Dallas Business

Rank Your Website

Other Services We Offer

Local SEO

  • Appear At The Top
  • Get More Customers
  • Consistent NAP
  • Business Citations
  • Increase Local Traffic
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Video Marketing

  • Build Awareness
  • Resonate With Audience
  • Optimize For Mobile
  • Built Around Goals
  • Drive Leads & Engagement

Reputation Management

  • Reap The Benefits
  • Build Online Community
  • Gain Positive Presence
  • Potential Customer View
  • Fix Your Reputation

Inbound Marketing

  • Quality Content
  • Well-researched
  • Content Curation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Press Releases

12 Things to Look for in a Dallas Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Firm

What Tools Do You Use to Measure PPC?

Always ask the agency to name a few tools they use for PPC. A reputed agency has access to premium paid tools that give your campaign an edge. Check how they plan to use these tools. Ask whether it's for content creation, user reach, or analytics.

What Insights Do You Share in Your Reports?

Data and analytics play a pivotal role in a PPC campaign. Be sure to ask the agency what type of reports they create and how often they are shared with you. Ask them about the metrics in these reports that have a high impact on your campaign success.

Can You Share Results and Methods for Successful Dallas PPC Campaigns?

It's a great idea to ask the agency for data around other PPC campaigns in the area. Ask them to share the sales and visitor data for clients before and after the PPC effort. Have them explain the process they followed and any challenges they faced during the execution.

How Do You Come Up With Keywords for Our PPC Campaigns?

Ask the agency for their keyword strategy and the tools they use for research. How do they decide which keywords to focus on and check if it's performing well? Ask them the keyword strategy they used for a similar industry as yours and the approach results.

Do You Assign Dedicated Staff to our PPC Campaigns?

Most often, PPC companies have their staff working on multiple projects at a time. This could hamper the attention your campaign deserves. Ask them if they have a dedicated project manager and team dedicated to new projects. If not, how do they ensure that your campaign gets top priority?

What SLA's Do You Follow? How Do We Reach You?

It's crucial to get a commitment on support and SLAs before you sign on a company. Ask them the time they take to resolve typical customer and technical issues. Check if they have a point of contact who can be reached to fix any problems or answer queries.

Questions to Ask Before Signing the Contract With a PPC Firm

Major Types of Industries We Work in Dallas

Education and eLearning

Innovations in technology have benefitted the education domain over the years. A vast number of people look for courses online. Investing in PPC and SEO are sure-fire ways to attract students to your colleges or eLearning websites. We can help you reach your audience in this segment.

Finance and Banking

Financial services PPC campaigns enable businesses to find customers easily. We have worked with many finance and banking firms in Dallas. We work with you to create great PPC Ads that convert. Our PPC Ads and content drive qualified traffic to your site. It also helps with brand visibility.

Health Services

More healthcare professionals are leaning towards the internet to promote their services. We have worked with all types of medical and healthcare service providers in Dallas. This includes hospitals, clinics, spas, dentists, and more. We know the best ways to drive PPC campaigns for this industry.

Home Maintenance

The hospitality industry is vibrant in Dallas. We have worked with many top restaurants and cafes in the downtown area. Our PPC Ads are targeted at local Dallas residents. We help you promote your events and special offers with good-looking Ad content and graphic design.


The Dallas SEO company has managed PPC campaigns for many ecommerce properties based out of Dallas. We are experts at digital marketing for ecommerce brands. Our targeted PPC Ads help your brand with visibility and great sales. Also, we provide all PPC services for this industry which is an excellent ROI for your business.

Real Estate

We serve both the housing and commercial real estate segments in Dallas. Our services include PPC and SEO for this industry. We have years of experience in curating PPC campaigns for the biggest names in the market. Our PPC Ads and Local SEO experience drive the perfect engagement.

Professional Services

We offer our services to a wide range of professional services in the area. We have worked with accountants, HR firms, consultants, law firms, and more. Our teams know the best practices involved for a leading PPC campaign. We can help you with content creation as well as promotion.

Access Other Digital Marketing Services

PPC by itself cannot consistently deliver great results. It goes hand in hand with other SEO and Social media marketing methods. When you choose to work with an agency, it's easier to access these services in one place. This may not be possible with freelancers.

Access to Premium Tools

Bounce is another legacy metric that still holds good today. The number of people who click away from your website in a short time is the bounce rate. This needs to be as low as possible in an ideal scenario. Low bounce indicates the content you're pushing to your audience is relevant.

Diverse Industry Experience

When you hire a professional PPC agency, you work with a dedicated team of experts. The team may have worked on many similar projects in your industry and many others. This gives them an all-around competence to handle every type of PPC effort.

Cost-effective Solution

Although freelancers may be cheaper, they are not as cost-effective as hiring an agency. A freelancer works alone and takes more time to complete a task. But, a PPC agency has more people to work on your project. This reduces the time taken and eventually results in better ROI.

Professional Reporting

PPC agencies use advanced reporting and analysis tools. They have analysts on board whose only job is to evaluate and make sense of campaign and audit data. A freelancer may not have access to such tools, nor may they have the skills to analyze complex data for your campaign.

Reliable Customer Support

It's not as easy to get customer support for issues with a pro agency. Although the freelancer may help resolve problems, they may not be available on demand. A pro agency has dedicated support teams who are quick to reach and experienced in resolving common issues.

Why You Should Hire a PPC Firm Over a Freelancer

How Do We Measure Success of a PPC Campaign?

Click-through Rates (CTR) - People click on an Ad if they see value and benefit. The PPC Ads that they see must be relevant to their purchase journey. Measuring this metric (CTR) tells you if your PPC media addresses the right user demographic and sentiment. Google Ads lets you calculate these metrics.

ROI and Profit - Return on Investment (ROI) is a top KPI to measure for any PPC effort. It tells you if the money you spend on campaigns is delivering value and profitable over time. Measure this KPI over the life of a campaign and later determine if it pays off.

Overall Audience Engagement - Your goal for a PPC campaign may not always be sales. It may be better engagement with your audience through brand awareness. Measuring audience engagement is a good way to check if you are reaching your audience. Track if they return to your site to complete registrations and micro-conversion activities.

Monitor Impression Shares - Impression share is straightforward to measure and plays an important role. It simply says how many people saw your ad. Even though it does not count if this led to a click, it can indicate your market share in your domain.

Track Quality Score - The quality score is not directly related to PPC campaign success but has an indirect impact. It's a Google metric that checks the relevance and value of an Ad to a user's search query. So, if your content and keywords are on point, it leads to clicks and subsequent conversions.

Conversion Rates and Cost-per-click - This is the most valuable metric to measure for PPC. Getting people on your site with Ad clicks is not enough. Do they go all the way and buy the product? The conversion rate tells you if they did or not. It shows if your campaign is a success.

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