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Why The Dallas SEO company is the Preferred Choice for Magento SEO

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What are the Things we Cover in Magento SEO

Rank Your Website

Six Questions to Ask a Magento SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Our Six-step Process for Magento Website

Step 1: Taking Care of Page Title and Meta Description - The most important aspect of your website is not what is on it but rather how it is brought up. We start with the essential elements such as Page Title and Meta Description. You may be wondering what these are. The page title is the text displayed in the browser tab, while the meta description is the text displayed in SERPs. We concisely express what your page content is about by including relevant keywords to generate more clicks.

Step 2: Optimizing URL Structure - We consider many parameters while setting up a structure for your URLs, such as Page Rank, text length, and keywords in the URL. It consists of a machine-readable name, followed by a unique descriptor that humans can easily read. The key is to make sure that your URLs are both human and machine-readable so that search engines understand your Magento site well to provide more accurate results.

Step 3: Touching Upon Headings - In the third step, we ensure that the headings are used correctly. A well-optimized heading structure makes understanding and indexing your page easier for search engines. We optimize H1 Heading Tags and ensure they contain the right text. We also ensure logical hierarchy in this step.

Step 4: Ensuring Site Speed - We start with enabling Varnish Cache to increase your Magento site speed. Next comes decreasing the database load by configuring Memcached, a memory object caching system. Our Magento experts will also optimize JavaScript and CSS to ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Step 5: Optimizing Product Images - Ecommerce sites are known for their massive library of images. We optimize your Magento site images to speed up your website and free up some back-end storage. We use image compression tools to reduce the size of the images without affecting their quality.

Step 6: Creating XML Sitemap - Creating an XML sitemap is one of the little-known tasks to improve your Magento site's visibility and rank on search engines. In this step, we generate a sitemaps.xml file, commonly used by Magento, and upload it as a document to Google search console or Bing Webmaster Tools for indexing.

Rank Your Website

FAQs About Magento SEO

How does Magento SEO Differ From Typical SEO?

Magento is a go-to platform for those who are in the eCommerce domain. This makes the platform unique from others. Likewise, there are specific issues (faceted navigation and Magento logs) exclusive to the Magento platform.

What are Some Common Magento SEO Mistakes?

Magento site owners make most of the mistakes are paying no attention to Title Tag optimization and not using Alt Tags for images. Another classic mistake is not turning on the Canonical URL setting for all products and categories.

What are Some Good Extensions for Magento SEO?

Extensions are a must to make your Magento SEO rank higher on SERPs. Google Custom Search Integration extension for Magento 2 improves the search engine functionality in your store. If you want an all-in-one tool, consider SEO Suite Ultimate Extension.

Do I Need Extensions for my Magento Site?

Yes, you do need them. Extensions effectively communicate with search engines about your site content. They come in handy to handle customer support, marketing, site optimization, account, etc.

I am Migrating from X-cart to Magento. Is Magento SEO URLs Migration Plugin Necessary?

We recommend using tools such as Easy Data Feed to do this task rather than relying on plugins. Such tools also come in handy to extract product data, prices, competitor information, etc.

Can I Do Magento SEO

You can do some basic Magento SEO stuff by following online guides. However, we recommend leaving the job to professionals like us so that you can concentrate on scaling your eCommerce business.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing The Dallas SEO company over Others?

Having experts in-house, we can give quality results for your brand.

> Our process is effective and customized to the eCommerce niche.
> From our keyword selection strategy to our outreach, we build everything to perform.
> We choose the right type of approach based on your needs.
> With our expertise, you will be able to rank higher than your competition.
> We have strict quality checks in place to ensure that our clients get the best service.

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