Off-Page SEO: What Is It? Why Is It Important? & How to Do It?

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Q1. Which Activities of an SEO Strategy Come Under Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to all the SEO activities you perform on external sites rather than your site. These include link building, content marketing, business directory submissions, social media, etc.

Q2. How is an Off-page SEO Strategy Different from On-page SEO?

An off-page SEO strategy is partly or partially dependent on the external web admins. Meanwhile, you have total control over the on-page SEO strategies.

The main off-page strategies include:
Content marketing, link building, review generation, social media marketing, etc.

The main on-page strategies are:
Site content development, Meta Tag & Image optimization, internal linking, etc.

Q3. Can I Rank in SERPs Without Off-page SEO?

No, due to the daunting competition in the SERPs, it is almost impossible to rank with just on-page SEO. Off-page SEO plays a prominent role in building your site’s authority, link profile, brand value, and trust.

Q4. Why do Reviews remain a Crucial Off-page SEO Strategy?

Online reviews have a substantial influence on a buyer's journey.

89% of consumers today prefer checking user reviews before buying any product.

79% of shoppers consider reviews as important as a recommendation from a friend or family.

Nevertheless, review generation helps you with boosting conversions. Google uses reviews as important trust signals for compiling local search rankings.

Q5. Which are the Main Off-page SEO Practices for Local Businesses?

The most crucial off-page activities for local SEO include:

GMB profile creation & optimization
Establishing business listings across Yelp, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps, other local business directories, etc.
Attracting backlinks through content outreach, guest posting, link exchange deals, etc.
Earning local reviews on GMB, site, and other business listings
Gaining rewarding PR mentions on the niche and location-specific PR platforms

Q1. How does Link Building Contribute to My SEO Growth?

Link-building activities earn you high-authority links from relevant websites. These links add to your Domain Authority (DA) and thus impact your search rankings. Relevant link-building practices also grow your site’s visibility and earn high referral traffic.

Q2. What are Some Prudent Ways to Build Backlinks?

Some tips to support your link-building efforts are:

Produce highly useful content and share it as a valuable resource for relevant sites through social media. This approach can attract valuable backlinks to your content.
Use SEMrush or Ahrefs to assess the referring domains of your competitors. You can send link exchange requests to these relevant referring domains and win links.
Also, check which blog or content pages are sourcing authority links for your competitors. Work on these content ideas and promote them for links.

Q3. Which are Several Commonly Used Link-building Channels?

Some common link-building channels include:
Social media, video sharing, image sharing, guest posting, directory submission, forum posting, etc

Q4. What Type of SEO Metrics Reveal My Off-page SEO Efforts?

The main SEO metrics to scrutinize your off-page efforts include:

The number of referring domains
No. of ranking keywords
Rankings in the SERPs
Total organic and referral traffic
Number of brand mentions
Increase in the number of reviews
Increase in social following
Number of PR Mentions
Increase in Enquiries or Conversions

Q1. How is Content Marketing different from Content Development?

Content marketing comes as the next step of content development. It is the practice of sharing your quality blogs, videos, podcasts, etc., to the relevant target audience. The goal is to engage them with your content and encourage them to take a call to action.

Q2. Is Content Marketing an Effective Off-page SEO Strategy?

Businesses that invest effort in content marketing draw 6x more conversions. Moreover, your content marketing strategies help you increase referral traffic, backlinks, mentions, etc. Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with link building to help you build your site authority.

Q3. What are the Top Types of Content Marketing Assets for Boosting Off-page Efforts?

The top types of content assets that grow your off-page signals include:
Blogs, FAQs, Email Newsletters, Videos, Social Media Posts, ‘How To’ guides, Press Releases, Case Studies, and Podcasts

Q4. How to Win More Benefits from Content Marketing?

A few ways to capitalize on your content marketing efforts include:

Check the content (blogs, videos, guides) that drive high traffic and backlinks to your competitors. Use these ideas for promoting and marketing your content.
Invest in video marketing, produce short-form videos, and share them on video-sharing platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.)
Repurpose content for social media sharing and collaborate with social media influencers for better reach.

Q5. How Brand Building Efforts Boost Off-page Signals?

Brand-building efforts have an evident impact on off-page SEO.

These efforts allow you to build valuable brand mentions across relevant high-traffic sites.
Good branding builds trust and credibility for your brand.
A strong brand reputation catalyzes your PR outreach and link-building efforts.

Q1. What’s an Easy Way to Track My Brand Mentions?

Use Google Alerts or Mention to check all the sites that mention your brand or products. Moreover, you can use the same tools to set up alerts and stay notified whenever you earn a new mention.

Q2. What would be a Good Way to Earn Valuable PR Mentions?

PR Outreach requires sorting the right PR sites & editors, pitching your contributions, etc.

HARO and ProfNet are two valuable platforms that can assist you with earning relevant PR mentions easily.

PR professionals regularly post about their latest PR story ideas on these platforms. If you deem yourself an expert contributor to their story, you can pitch your contribution.

This way, you can gain highly relevant PR mentions for your business.

Q3. How does PR Outreach Contribute to SEO?

PR campaigns earn you high-authority backlinks

PR mentions boost your brand awareness and can increase your brand searches

You can witness an increase in referral traffic owing to increased visibility

Valuable PR contributions build trust signals for your brand

Q4. Is Off-page SEO Crucial for Local Businesses?

Yes, off-page SEO is crucial in building your local business's right visibility and authority.

It helps you grow your site authority through relevant backlinks
It assists you with GMB listing, local business listings, and local citations
You need off-page SEO efforts to attract local reviews and brand mentions

Q1. Does My Social Media Presence Impact My Off-page SEO?

Yes, social media efforts give a considerable boost to off-page efforts.

Social media efforts grow the referral traffic on your site

Good social media presence gives your content the right reach and wins you backlinks

Google considers social signals important for scrutinizing a brand’s credibility

Q2. Is Influencer Marketing an Effective Off-page Strategy?

89% of marketers say influencer marketing delivers comparable and even better returns than other marketing strategies.

Moreover, marketers witness a return of $5.78 for every $1 spent in influencer marketing.

The ever-rising popularity of social media platforms has made influencer marketing a huge hit for B2C businesses.

Q3. How Can I Capitalize on Influencer Marketing?

Use these collaboration and marketing tips:

Use Heepsy, BuzzSumo, or Fourstarzz Media tools to find and connect with niche-specific influencers.
Request them to explore your products/services and share their reviews online with their followers.
Produce collaborative content like commercials or campaigns with influencers

Q1. What’s the Best Way to Gain More Reviews for My Business?

There can be multiple ways to support your review generation efforts:

Attract Google reviews by adding your GMB profile link to your feedback request emails.
Use CustomerSure or SurveyMonkey to simplify the review generation process.
Turn your loyal customers into micro-influencers and request them to share their positive reviews on their social profiles.
Attach incentives to your review generation program. And set feedback reminders for repeat visitors to your site. (E.g. “Write a review about your latest buy from our site and get 10% off on your next purchase.”)

Q2. Is Off-page SEO a Long-term Strategy?

Yes, off-page SEO is an ongoing strategy. You need to keep building links and grow your site visibility through your off-page efforts. This helps you retain and grow your ranking positions in the SERPs.

Q3. Should I Hire Off-page SEO Experts for My Business?

Off-page SEO has an influential impact on your overall SEO value, traffic, conversions, and rankings. Moreover, it requires connection building, competitor analysis, and expert tracking.

Therefore, hiring a professional SEO company makes sense for ongoing off-page SEO. A professional SEO agency also offers you access to paid tools and transparent reporting.

Q4. What Are Some Additional Benefits of Off-page SEO?

Besides link building and content marketing activities, off-page SEO includes building brand reputation and reviews.

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