What is Google My Business?

  • Google My Business is a platform that businesses use to manage their online presence.
  • GMB is one of the best tools for organizations to optimize their online presence.
  • Google My Business is completely free and easy to use for beginners.
  • GMB is the only way businesses can get verified on Google Searches.

Google my business is powerful for optimizing your local search profile. It can help you in improving the visibility and effectiveness of your business by channeling local leads.

  • It ties in easily with the Google review system for your listings.
  • It becomes a one-stop platform for everything related to this.

For example, you can respond to reviews, connect with your customers, and even publish posts.
Using GMB can also give you valuable insights about your local presence. You can’t get better and detailed statistics about the relevancy of your business.
You can also connect it to Google Analytics, which uses this data to give you an accurate picture of health.
Google My Business is a great place to start with local search engine optimization for your business and is easy and comprehensive. It is also compatible with several tools from the Google Suite. This makes it a great choice for SMBs and enterprises.
Let’s take a look at the several benefits GMB offers for your business.

Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

1. The Google Local 3-pack Benefit

  • A lot of people might be aware of local 3-pack results on Google searches.
  • It happens when any local relevant searches display the first three local results as a pack for your query.
  • It is much more powerful than 1st-page results because it is rich with information.
  • It contains details of your business, along with navigation details from Google Map.
  • It is incredibly easy for people to click on one of the three and get what they are looking for.

That is why it is so powerful. And since mobile traffic has beaten other sources, GMB becomes a much more important prospect for businesses.

2. GMB Delivers Powerful Online Search Presence

Optimizing your website for local search results is the first thing they should do for a better online presence. And this is where GMB is your powerful ally.
When you have a detailed GMB profile, people can find your brand a lot easier. It translates into much better brand recognition and visibility. The process is the same for all sizes of companies - big or small.
Your brand’s GMB profile is also a place where you can interact with your customers. This makes it a great platform to engage with them and even make changes to your business processes.

3. GMB Increases Performance Per Dollar

If you didn’t know already, creating a GMB profile is free. But unlike other free tools, this is a lot more powerful.
The reason is that it can add to your SEO strength. You can get a lot of insights and metrics that would otherwise be difficult or through other paid platforms.
You can port the data you get through GMB directly to other software like Google Analytics or Ahrefs. You can apply results on multiple platforms, and it delivers great results on all of them.

4. GMB Provides Better Visibility On Google Maps

Another significant advantage of Google My Business profile is that it directly ties in with Google Maps.
If you update your address on it, your customers will be able to find you through Maps.
It is a huge advantage as you get more customers to visit your office. You also don’t have to worry about them finding your place correctly.
There are also multiple categories that you can select on your Map profile to make it even easier for people to find. This is guaranteed to improve your brand’s reputation.

5. GMB Increases ROI And Revenue

GMB has been the key to better brand perception, ROI, and business reach for several companies. It lets you have consistent information across all your Google services profiles.
With the Google Insights tool, you can better control your ad campaigns. You can tweak it for maximum effectiveness, and you can also deal with customer reviews and troubleshooting.
Insights tool can help you with conversions and getting more people on board. All these add to your revenue significantly.

6. GMB Scores On Brand Values And Trust

One of the best uses of GMB for brands is trust signaling. For any business to succeed, it needs to have a trust-based mechanic for its customers.

The more trusted brands are. The more customers will flock to it. Here, GMB adds a lot of trust-based data, including reviews, location, and related businesses.
These together offer a cohesive picture of the business. It elevates trust factors and helps customers find out more about the business.

7. GMB is an Essential Element For SEO

Usually, the first step most agencies take is the optimization of your My Business page.

  • It is critical as it is the foundation that ties in all types of SEO processes together.
  • It enables your business listings to appear on local searches.
  • It can highlight your business through specific and broad queries.
  • GMB offers a lot of data that can work with all SEO tools.
  • It is usually what SEO companies start with.
  • It even links other social media platforms to your business, like Facebook and Instagram.

8. GMB Grabs Relevant Leads

One of the primary goals of a business is to generate adequate leads to keep it profitable. That is where an optimized GMB profile can help.

  • When you have an accurate GMB page, you get the advantage of targeted leads for your business.
  • When you have targeted leads, they have a better chance of being converted.
  • It results in a much better conversion ratio and bottom line.

You can also increase your chances of mouth-to-mouth marketing, which happens to be the best method today.

9. GMB Comes with an Integrated Menu Option

A completed GMB profile has several advantages for a business, especially when it is a service-oriented company.
You can choose to display a list of your services on the GMB profile. It offers customers a novel way to understand what your business is about. It is especially effective if you have a salon or a restaurant.
You can stand apart from your competitors with an integrated menu on your GMB. you can also update it in real-time to make sure that your customers get the latest information.

10. GMB Provides Additional Insights For Business

GMB comes with a powerful Insights feature that can give you a lot of information about your market. It includes the number of views your business listings get and engagement numbers.

You can also check the demographics of your website visitors. It is helpful when you want to build a campaign specific to your audience.
Add your website link in GMB. It helps to check the number of people who have clicked the link as well. You can tweak your ad campaigns with this information.

11. GMB Enables Video Uploads On Searches

You can add a 30-second video to your GMB profile. It is a novel way to promote your business.
Video promotions have a much higher chance of being seen by your audience. Videos are one of the most opted marketing mediums today. And using videos, you can creatively present your business to your customers.
You can also generate a higher engagement with videos on your GMB profile. Once you’ve uploaded the video, it might take up to 24 hours to become visible on your GMB.

12. GMB Helps to Get In Touch With Clients Through Message Board

With the new messaging feature on GMB, businesses can directly get in touch with customers.

  • It becomes useful when you need to communicate on a per-person basis on your GMB page.
  • It could be anything from a response to a review to a question directed at you.

You can designate a particular member of your organization to respond to those queries through messaging. The queries will come to their email and from where they can engage the customer. You can turn this feature on or off anytime from your GMB login.

13. GMB Has Offer Posts Feature

Business owners can get in touch with their customers directly using GMB. They can do this by making use of the post feature in the GMB tool.
Posts are incredibly useful when you want to share or disseminate information from your feed.

  • It includes announcements, offers, or coupons. And the best part is that the clients can respond to this as well.
  • It creates a space for engagement right on your GMB page.
  • It provides another avenue besides social media to get to know your customers better.

14. GMB Includes “People Also Search For” Feature

Something that is not as publicized but offers a great way to get useful insights is the “People Also Search For” feature.

You can find this at the bottom of your GMB listing. It allows you to see what other kinds of businesses your customers are searching for. It can give you an idea about the brands you are associated with.
If you are part of the A-list tier of brands, then it means you’re doing something right! And conversely, if you’re not among the brands in your niche, you need to put in more effort.

15. GMB Provides Better Opportunities For Relationship Building

While your Google My Business listing is an important criterion for SEO, it is also vital for relationship building.
If your business has an optimized GMB listing, it will be displayed when people search for it.
A GMB listing can act as an all-inclusive platform for you and your audience.
You can interact with people, and they can leave reviews that talk about your services. And this is even more powerful now because over 85% of all shoppers check online before buying something.

16. GMB Helps to Get In Touch With A Huge Community

Another thing that people often overlook is the GMB Community and the help they can get from it. Signing up for GMB doesn’t mean a simple listing on a directory.
You also get access to a lot of knowledge through guides, real-time news, and articles for business owners.
These can help to streamline your GMB page and get the most out of Google searches.
You can even post questions on the forums, and people will answer them for you. It is a completely helpful and constructive space where you can improve your listing.

17. GMB Provides More Possibilities For Future Partnerships

Google My Business listings are critical to customer acquisition and retention. But another facet of it is business development.
You can use your GMB listings to reach out to similar niches to initiate partnerships. The outreach will be easier for you as you have all the details in your GMB. And you will get a good view of their capabilities through their listing.
It is an example of how you can use GMB to improve brand reach and form partnerships.

18. GMB Helps to Make A Great First Impression

As we all know, the first place potential customers will search for information on your brand will be online. It means you need to make an impression with them to get them to buy from you.
With a GMB profile, everything becomes easy for you. You can let your customers know what business you are. By reading your reviews, people can gauge how well you are suited to their tastes.
GMB alone can improve your lead generation and conversion ratios.

19. GMB is a Great Place to Host Customer Reviews

One of the unique selling points of GMB is that it has a comprehensive review system. And it works well regardless of the niche.
The best part about it is that anyone can comment.

  • It makes it a completely unbiased tool for people who go by reviews of a business.
  • It also has a feature to respond to customer reviews.
  • It makes it a great place to engage your customers and address their criticisms.

GMB reviews are so popular that even social media reviews come in second place for the customer.

20. GMB Is A Robust Online Marketing Tool

Google My Business is an underrated tool for lead generation.
A lot of brands are under the impression that it is just something for informative purposes. They couldn’t be more wrong.
While it might have been limited at the start, today, it is much more cohesive and coherent. You can ask for and respond to customer reviews.
You can also use it as a lead generation tool for your marketing process. An optimized GMB page can act as a conduit for better conversions.
Is this a tall order to tackle them all yourself? Get in touch with us to see how we can help your Local business succeed.

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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.