List of Industries that Get the Most Benefit from Local SEO

All kinds of businesses can benefit from implementing local SEO strategies. You need to have an effective SEO marketing strategy working for your business. It will help customers to reach you for service easily.
However, the benefit for certain industries far exceeds the others when it comes to local SEO. The reason is that Local SEO has more penetrating power over conventional SEO. So, it can work wonders for industries that leverage on localities. Hence, if you have any of the businesses mentioned below, you can benefit immensely by investing in local SEO services.

1. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an emergency service, and people often look for such a service at their nearest location. That is why it is important to target the top spots on the search engine pages. When you have a strong local SEO strategy, customers will find you based on the locality they search.
More than 85% of people use the internet to search for information, especially related to healthcare. When your website can provide a complete experience for your customers, it is needless to say that your business will thrive.
Healthcare services that you can provide to your customers also include FAQs on healthcare. You can add scheduling of appointments with the doctors on your website. It will make it more user-friendly.
Most healthcare facilities believe that if people are sick, they are going to visit the clinic. Around 77% of patients prefer reading online reviews of various healthcare providers before opting to visit one.
People are now taking charge of their own decision about their health. Your online presence can directly impact their decisions to a great extent. Hence, the use of local SEO is a good decision for a healthcare facility.

2. Dentist / Dental Clinics

If you are a dentist and have your clinic, you must already be aware of the importance of local SEO for your business.
After putting a search online on Google for a dentist, around 72% of customers will choose to visit a dentist within five miles from their homes. You need to have a good local SEO strategy in place for your business. It will get you more traffic to your website and more business for you.
Local SEO can show quicker results than conventional SEO. The reason is that it has less competition for rankings in a specific location. Thus, it is needless to say that local SEO is more useful for a business. It will help you to make it to the top ranks of a search engine page.
You must also remember that even when your website has made it to the topmost rank on the search results, you must not stop the SEO services. SEO techniques do not show overnight results. And that’s why tracking progress is important.
Make your local SEO strategy work for your dental clinic. Remember, Conversions, traffic, and ranking are equally important.

3. Hotel Industry

The hotels have been one of the most competitive businesses in recent times. It has something to do with the recent pandemic too.
Throughout the year, people have chosen to stay back at home. Now when the lockdown is over, people are trying to get back to their old lives in the new normal.
The hotels are opening their doors to travelers again. But we need to mention that hotels have to compete against the various price comparison travel websites.
The competition is rather stiff. Hence, this is the correct time to invest in good local SEO. It will help to bring your hotel business to the top of the search results.
Also, you must remember that there are two kinds of travelers, business and leisure. Meaning, not all bookings made via the web are similar in nature. You will see an impact on bookings for your hotel from prospective customers from Google.

4. Plumbers / Plumbing Companies

Plumbers usually work in a locality. It is rare for them to go outside their local areas for work. Hence, it is needless to say that local SEO works well for a plumbing business. Customers who look for such a service require it within a short period.
Support you have a home flooded with water because of a burst pipe. You wouldn’t want to wait for a day to get it fixed. In case such an incident happens at your home, you wouldn’t use the Yellow Pages to look for a plumber.
Rather, you would dive into the world of a search engine like Google. A customer looking for a plumber will put his search on Google as “plumbers near me.”
The advantage of local SEO is that it can drive such customers to your website. Your website must have proper SEO elements like keywords, meta tags, title, and more. It will help you to rank when someone looks for plumbers in your area.

5. Doctors / Medical Industry

Doctors and other medical services like a polyclinic also benefit from local SEO services. Suppose a person experiences any health symptoms that require a quick visit to the doctor. He would ideally search for a health service nearby. And there is no better place than Google to start searching for such a service.
Having a local SEO service working for your website can ensure that potential customers can locate you over others in the area.
Traditional forms of advertising, like TV ads, print ads, and radio ads, can push your message across to your patients. But with the help of local SEO, your visibility will increase online. Also, more customers will get in touch with you for your services.

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The advantage of local SEO is that it will drive good quality traffic to your website. You need to do Good SEO for your website. It will help the users visiting your website to convert into a patient in the coming days.

6. Lawyers / Legal Services

Lawyers and other legal service providers can benefit a lot from local SEO.

  • Firstly, lawyers are based in a particular location.
  • Secondly, lawyers have specialized skill sets. Thus finding a good lawyer is a priority for any specific location.

Lawyers are almost always in high demand. So the opportunities of local SEO marketing strategy works well for the lawyers and legal services.
If you are a lawyer, you can improve your local SEO rankings with original targeted content on your website. For instance, you can maintain a periodic blog about specific case studies you have worked on.
You can also discuss legal issues that most clients face. You can boost your website’s ranking by adding your name, address, and contact details on various business listings in your area.
Local SEO is a combination of science and art. Google keeps making changes in its algorithm for local search engine ranking pages.
Implement local SEO and adjust according to the changes made by Google. It will ensure that your law firm remains visible on the front pages of the search engine results.
Keep in mind that the local search results are mainly based on distance, relevance, and prominence. When all these factors work together, they make the best match for a search by a customer.

7. Photographers

Photographers can use video blogs or photo blogs. Blogging works best for this kind of business.
Do you have amazing photos to display your talent? Then, one of the best ways to do that is to create and maintain a photoblog.
You should then publicize your blog on various social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.
Once your blog gets the desired popularity, it will help your blog make it to a search engine page’s top spots.
You can also create and maintain a photography website. Your website will also feature on the top pages of a search engine ranking with effective local SEO services.
You must follow some additional techniques while maintaining a photo blogging website. It is to ensure that your photography website is ranking well on the search engine pages.
With local SEO techniques, you should start using localized keywords and phrases in your website content. It will ensure that the search engines can read what you are trying to say on your website.

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As a technique, you can also add your location to the localized keywords and phrases. That will narrow down the search results to a huge extent.

8. Mobile/Computer Repair Shops

Repair shops are another service that people online during immediate requirements. Being online can be rather beneficial for you. There is an immense opportunity for expanding your business with local SEO services.
Mobile and computers are two of the most used gadgets that every customer uses. Hence, mobile and computer repair shops can gain a certain advantage in search engine rankings with local SEO.
Add as much information as possible to your website. It will help your customers to find out the most about your services. It will help you in generating good quality traffic to your website.
Since repair shops do not get lots of customers every day, it cannot be easy to get online reviews. Thus, you need to provide great customer service to garner positive online reviews. They will help you in enhancing your local search rankings.
SEO takes around 200 different factors into account during the execution of the strategy. Here are some of them: user-friendly keywords, quick loading website, content quality, and navigation ease.
Thus, it can take a while for the local SEO techniques to work. Patience with SEO will give you astounding results for sure.

9. Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate industry is yet another industry that usually gains a lot of attention online. When people are seeking new homes for themselves, they tend to search online first.
Did you know that around 44% of home buyers search for property listings online? They do not depend on a real estate agent.
Depending on the property, real estate agents may take a lot of time to provide information. Hence, it is always more convenient for users to seek information online.
Real estate agents themselves like to depend on Google at times too. People looking for certain home décor or specific apartments or condos will rely on online searches. So, SEO strategies that target a specific location are important for real estate companies too.
The best thing about local SEO for real estate business is that it will help your business generate leads without any need to post ads. You do not even need to make cold calls to potential customers for selling a plot.
With the help of local SEO, your real estate business website can stand out in the crowd. Also, it can compete with various real estate giants. Local SEO techniques will also help your website in improving the quality of leads.

10. Pet Service

Businesses that offer pet services can benefit immensely from local SEO services. Pet owners treat their pets like their own family members. Thus, the owners always look for the best available facilities for their pets.
Like they would want for their human family, they would want the same kind of treatment for their pets. Usually, pet owners look for pet grooming services, pet spas, dog walking, and animal dating in their specific areas.
They also need veterinary services near their homes to look after their pets’ health and well-being. Have a decent online presence for your pet service business. It will give you an edge over your competitors.
You can achieve a good online presence with the help of local SEO. Having an efficient SEO marketing agency working for your business can do the trick for you. SEO is not only about ranking on the top search engine pages. It involves tasks like social media management, local listing, content marketing, and much more.

11. Bars/ Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are service-based industries. Their popularity depends largely on positive online reviews obtained from customers. Positive online reviews from various social media platforms can enhance search engine rankings.
You must also put up your restaurant details to as many business listings as possible. Optimizing the visibility of your website will also bring in more customers to your restaurants.
Bars and restaurants mainly operate locally and serve mostly local and targeted customers. Thus, having good online reviews can be immensely helpful for your business.
The best-rated restaurants and bars usually come up in the first few search engine pages when customers look for them. It is thus imperative to mention that local SEO is of utmost importance for bars and restaurants.

12. Home Repair Services

The web is a huge place, and it isn’t easy to mark yourself on there. Finding a good local business in a specific area often looks like finding a needle in a haystack. Because there are so many options to choose from, it is rather difficult to stand out in the crowd as a reputable home repair service against all the competition.
Do you want to make your home repair service visible to the local customers? It is time to use local SEO services. Customers who need home repair services will search locally for the nearest business.

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That is why you should target customers in your service area with a local SEO strategy. It can provide your business with enhanced traffic to your website.
While local SEO is rather affordable, it can offer you results at an exponential rate. It is hard to stand out in the highly competitive market of the home repair services business.
Most customers cannot choose between two home contractors as they cannot tell the difference between the two. That is why the users search online with key phrases like, “home repair services nearby,” “home repairing contractors nearby,” etc.
The potential customers usually click on the first few results that pop up with their search engine pages. That is why you need to invest in a good and efficient local SEO service. It should bring your business to the top of the search engine results pages.
Does your website belong to any of these industries or any other industry? Drop your details here to get Local SEO help for your website.

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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years in strategising and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested to writing Digital-marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing related topics.