10 Influential Female Local SEO Experts to Follow

1. Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson is a celebrity in the local SEO circles. Her insightful articles on local and technical SEO have earned her hundreds of followers on Twitter.
Her advice and research in SEO and data visualization have enabled dozens of small and large companies to achieve their goals.
Rachel loves dabbling with data of any kind and Google's data studio. Her Twitter feeds are a must-follow whether you are new to local SEO or a seasoned hand.
She is an influential figure and currently heads web intelligence at LSG. In her previous roles, she was a technical SEO analyst at Deepcrawl. Rachel loves gardening, fermenting, and cats.
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2. Claire Carlile

Claire Carlile is a UK-based local SEO expert and digital marketing consultant. She is currently the resident local search expert at Bright Local.
Claire is one of the most influential women in the Local SEO circles globally. She is a popular guest author and blogger.
Her articles have been featured on some of the most respected SEO company websites.
As an independent digital marketing consultant, she helps small businesses. She guides them on the right local SEO strategy to grow their reach and sales numbers. Claire is also a faculty at LocalU.
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3. Joy Hawkins

Joy Hawkins has emerged as a towering presence in the local SEO industry. Her proven expertise and eye for business have led her from strength to strength.
She owns The Local Search Forum and Sterling Sky Inc. Joy is known for her unmatched Local SEO expertise and a knack for engaging audiences at events and conferences.
Joy takes time to respond to SEO queries on forums despite her overwhelming business commitments. She also mentors budding local SEO talent going so far as to hire the cream of the crop into her organization.
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4. Krystal Taing

Krystal Taing is a Strategic Partnerships Solutions Engineer at Uberall in San Diego. She is a Google My Business gold product expert.
Krystal is an ocean of knowledge. She consults with small businesses to define their search and engagement strategies.
Krystal comes with over a decade's experience in the SEO space. There is barely any SEO concept or practice that slips past her.
She has been actively exploring Local SEO since 2014 and is considered a veteran.
Her Twitter feeds are rife, with hundreds of people thanking her for her local SEO tips and guidance.
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5. Amy Toman

Amy Toman is no stranger to the internet or online businesses. Her first stint with using the internet goes way back into the 1980s.
Amy has audited and edited over 300 websites across various web platforms over the years. She is a local SEO guru and is lauded by her small business clients for insightful guidance and advice.
Amy is a Google Product Expert for Google My Business. She authors SEO articles, speak at seminars, podcasts, and more. Her peers highly respect her in the local SEO circuits.
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6. Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill is an influential local search analyst and community manager. She has a deep-seated passion for all things local SEO. Her keen eye for problem-solving helps local businesses make the best of their local SEO campaigns.
Carrie has served many SEO roles such as specialist, PPC manager, email marketing expert, and content writer since 2006. She is a prolific writer.
Her blogs and articles often feature in some of the top industry publications. She is also a versatile speaker, having spoken at several leading conferences and workshops. She currently manages community events at LocalU.
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7. Elizabeth Linder

Elizabeth Linder loves local SEO and working on Google My Business listings for local businesses. She is an SEO strategist at Kickpoint, where she manages many SEO projects.
Her focus lies in helping local companies fight online spam and drive effective campaigns.
She is an influential woman in the SEO circles. Her clients love her approach to SEO. Elizabeth gives equal attention to small and large businesses, whether online or local.
Her strategies have helped many companies achieve their business goals. She often tweets about her live conference events. Many find this insightful.
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8. Miriam Ellis

Miriam Ellis is a leading exponent of Local SEO. She works at the reputed Moz agency, where she answers Local SEO queries on their popular forums.
She moderates and edits posts submitted by the member community on YouMoz.
She writes often, and you can find many of her helpful articles on the Moz blogs pages. She is a specialist in local search consulting.
Her clients span continents, right from the USA to New Zealand. When not caught up with SEO, she loves organic farming and studying foreign languages.
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9. Maria Amelie White

Maria Amelie White heads the SEO division at Kurt Geiger in London. She is an all-star when it comes to SEO.
Be it local SEO or technical and data analysis, she has done it all. She has over 12-years of experience in diverse SEO roles.
She has curated and implemented winning strategies for local and global brands.
She has delivered services to leading brands like the BBC, Louis Vuitton, and many more. She is a prominent speaker at various industry events. Some respected ones include BrightonSEO and We Love SEO (Paris).
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10. Sherry Bonelli

Sherry Bonelli is an industry veteran with an astonishing 23-years of experience. She is the founder of Early bird digital marketing.
She champions BrightLocal's local SEO services. She led several of their research programs over the years. She is a GMB gold expert and a local SEO evangelist.
She is a respected presenter and columnist. Her articles have appeared in several leading publications.
She has presented at top digital marketing conferences and appeared on SEO podcasts. She holds many digital marketing certifications that help her clients harness the power of local SEO.
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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.