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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one proven technique to improve a business website's market visibility and customer engagement. The right set of SEO techniques can do wonders for a business website.

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Image/Video Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Climb Search Engine Rankings

Digital Marketing

SEO, SMM, & PPC marketing are all profitable digital marketing strategies. A synergy of multiple strategies tends to yield better business performance in the market.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Gain More Exposure
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Active metrics of an SEO strategy such as site traffic, market reputation, and brand visibility are heavily influenced by a businessโ€™s social media presence.

  • Follow Competitors
  • Local Awareness
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Improve Social Proof
  • Respond to Customers

12 Reasons Why You Need a Content Writer in Dallas

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Other Services We Offer

Local SEO

  • Focus On Local Angle
  • Scale Small Businesses
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Achieve Better Rankings
  • Gain Rich Listings
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PPC Services

  • Pre-plan Your Budget
  • Retain Great Clients
  • Edge Over Competitors
  • Stand Our From Competition
  • Increase Quality Score

Reputation Management

  • Create Brand Image
  • Develop Trust
  • Manage Negative Comments
  • Remove Wring Information
  • Use Social Listening

Inbound Marketing

  • Attract Quality Leads
  • Generate Traffic
  • Draft Buyer Persona
  • Deliver Right Content
  • Bring More Customers

12 Things You Can Expect From a Great Content Writer in Dallas

Ask About Working Conditions

Before you sign a writing agency, it's important to know how they plan to achieve your company goals. Ask for clear actions steps by defining working conditions. These steps should include delivery times, correction policies, payment structure, etc. Agree on all these terms before proceeding.

Ask About Writing Team

Depending on your project, the type of writer you require changes. So, ask the content writing agency to have writers who can take on various deliverables, from technical research papers to social media copy. A team of diverse and skilled writers means you can achieve multiple content goals.

Ask for References

Agencies list case studies and testimonials on their website and portfolio. However, apart from that, ask them to give you references of clients in a similar industry as you. Go the extra step and call those references to get valuable feedback about the agency's work ethic and results.

Ask If They Have In-House Writers

Many agencies hire freelance writers to complete client work. Outsourcing to other writers can lead to many issues. Delays in deadlines, miscommunications, and lack of control can hamper the progress of your goals. So, ask the agency if in-house writers are assigned to your company.

Ask If They Use Language Tools

There's nothing worse than error-filled or plagiarized content. So, it's important to ask whether the agency uses language tools to check their writer's work. Google penalizes plagiarized content. Therefore, ensure the agency has strict protocols and automation tools to check the quality and validity of the content.

Ask About Their SEO Experience

Content writing agencies usually have in-house SEO experts who work with writers. That's because well-written content needs the help of SEO to gain maximum exposure. Ask the agency about their SEO experience. This step is essential if you require optimized content for your website.

6 Questions to Ask A Content Writing Agency Before Hiring Them

Our Step-by-Step Content Creation Process

Create Content Strategy

At Dallas SEO company, we strategize the best way to create and spread content based on your company's KPIs. We also know that a good strategy depends on inbound marketing goals. So, once finalized, we create the content strategy. This includes deadlines and assigning content to expert writers and SEO specialists.


The next step is to ideate based on buyer persona and gets client approvals. Creating landing pages or campaign material is dependent on your audience. So, once the profiles are established, we research keywords, influencers, topics that align with users and company goals.

Implement Latest SEO Techniques

After client approval, the detailed content brief is assigned to our in-house writer. They create content based on the brief, keeping in mind the identity and voice of the company. Additionally, they implement the latest SEO techniques to ensure that their first draft meets online norms.


We at Dallas SEO company have an extensive revision process. Editors and SEO experts check the content and make suggestions. After those changes, the second draft goes through language tools. This additional step ensures an error-free final draft, which we send for approval for the client.


The content is ready for distribution at this stage but needs final optimization. Our SEO specialists prepare the content using technical SEO practices such as meta tags, site indexing, etc. Once the content is optimized and given one last check, it is published on the desired platform.


Content analysis is the final step after creation, production, and distribution. All published content is tracked and monitored. Our analysts use reputed SEO tools to create reports and give clients feedback on results. If the content isn't performing well, our problem-solving experience helps optimize its potential to meet goals.

Social Shares

The amount of times content is shared on a social platform is called social shares. If a user took the initiative to share your content with their followers, it's deemed useful. So, a high number of shares indicates that your content resonates with the target audience.

Active Page Time

The number of seconds a user spends actively on your page is another great indicator of content quality. If users read or browse your content, you will have a high active page time. Pages with low CTR and a high active page time indicate that the content is performing well.

Scroll Depth

Scroll depth is a helpful metric to measure content quality. It tells us the exact point on the page a user clicked off. Content writers can rewrite this section, so users read it till the end. Additionally, this metric can be used to determine the optimal word count.


The more leads you get through subscriptions indicates that you've created meaningful content. When a user subscribes to your newsletter or brand, it's important to see which page/source they used to sign up. The pages that motivated them to subscribe are the ones with high-quality content.


If you have a thriving comment section on a social post or web page, then congratulations, you've created quality content. The number of comments is a good metric to analyze. However, read the comments carefully. Foster positive interactions and problem-solve any negative ones not to affect brand reputation.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the biggest metric determining whether your content is high quality. It measures the percentage of users who accessed your content and then performed the desired action. So, a high conversion rate means more users subscribe, comment, more video views, etc. - indicating that your content is high quality.

6 Tips to Measure Content Quality

Types of Business Industries We Serve in Dallas

Education - Content marketing is an excellent way to promote educational institutes. That's why colleges and schools in Dallas choose The Dallas SEO company for their content writing requirements. Our writers have ten years of experience in the educational industry. So, they know how to create well-articulated content to entice potential academics and students.

Travel - At Dallas SEO company, we understand the importance of content for the travel industry. Tourists nowadays rely on information about their travel destination. That's why we offer our content writing services. We have helped travel agents in Dallas attract more visitors through how-to blogs, website content, and social media posts.

Real Estate - The real estate industry in Dallas is highly competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, we offer clients the best content marketing solutions based on ten years of experience in the industry. These include creating content specific to homeowner profiles and local SEO practices.

Ecommerce - Promoting products and creating brand awareness in the world of ecommerce is a challenge we're equipped to handle. Our content writing services help our Dallas clients reach customers through targeted blogs, ads, website content, etc. Our expert marketers and content writers know how to increase sales and get more visitors.

Legal - Clients nowadays search online to find lawyers and firms to consult. Additionally, clients use the internet to look up legal advice. That's where we come in. At Dallas SEO company, we create content for our clients using the latest legal SEO practices to increase web traffic and convert leads.

Accounting - Chartered accountants used to rely on word of mouth for clients. Nowadays, however, clients search for them online. That's where we position our accounting clients. We spread brand awareness and increase visibility through our content writing services. We help local Dallas accountants rank high on search engines.

Hospitality - Dallas's hospitality scene is an emerging industry with stiff competition. Our tried-and-tested content service helps you stand out. In the last ten years, our team of SEO specialists, marketers, and content writers has helped 100s of restaurants with brand awareness and visibility.

Home Services - We pride ourselves in being able to help countless local electricians, plumbers, carpenters, beauticians, builders, etc., with their content requirements. Our clients have carved a niche and a name for themselves through The Dallas SEO company's content marketing and local SEO services in Dallas.

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