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National SEO

As a brand and business, the ultimate goal is to improve profitability. And an important way to achieve this is through the expansion of services and clientele.

Getting more clients for your brand is critical for survival. It is a natural evolution of your brand.

While SEO is a force multiplier, the type of SEO also matters.

Most startups and even larger businesses focus completely on local SEO. But when you need to expand, you need to appeal to a larger audience. That is when your brand needs to use National SEO.

What is National SEO?

For a lot of companies, national SEO might seem like a new jargon for digital marketers. But national SEO is part of a business life cycle, now more than ever.

A lot of brands tend to stick to local SEO because ‘it works for them.’ The truth is that local does very little to expand your reach outside a specific area. It will not help to build your reach beyond certain limits.

National SEO is the first step to appeal to clients outside your city or state. A misconception several people have with national SEO is that it is a scaled-up local SEO pipeline. It is wrong.

National SEO has an entirely different approach, with more specialized skills and metrics.

But should national SEO replace your local process?

Do You Need National Over Local SEO?

Yes, You need national SEO if you want to promote your brand on a national scale. It improves your existing brand perception and adds more clients.

Local SEO is limited in a lot of areas. You can only reach and deliver clients in and around a specific geotag. When you get into national SEO, you widen your perspective. It builds trust and quality.

If you have the goods to cater to a larger audience, then national SEO is the logical next step.

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Basic Requirements For National SEO

These are what you need if you are thinking of going national:-

Products For National Audience

The first and most critical factor of all - do you have an appealing product or service?

Every brand believes in what they are doing. And that’s the way it should be.

One way to check if you will succeed is to check the targeted markets for similar products. Or if you’re getting inquiries about your business from people outside your area.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Unlike local SEO, national SEO focuses on a broader keyword profile for your business. It means that keyword research has to be intensive and on-point for good results.

How detailed your keyword list is going to be a factor in the quality of your national SEO.

Good Presence On Searches

While it is not mandatory, a strong local SEO profile can help to go national. A good way to check this would be to check your rankings for local searches.

If you’re doing well, the logical next step would be to use national SEO. Provided you have the infrastructure and manpower in place.

Well Designed, Mobile Optimized Website

When it comes to national SEO, you are competing with a higher class of brands. A website for optimized local SEO will not be a great fit.

Website optimization needs to be intensive and load times as low as possible. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you need to do it ASAP.

Specialist Teams Around The Clock

National SEO is putting your brand into scenarios where things can go wrong in an instant.

You need your teams to get on this as quickly as possible. It calls for specialist teams that are available at most times.

A 24-hour working schedule might be impossible for smaller brands. Aim to be as responsive as you can.

National SEO VS Local SEO

Here are a few differences between national and local SEO.

S.No National SEO Local SEO
1 Drives traffic from all over the country Drives traffic from a specific area
2 Helps enterprises and large businesses Suited to brick and mortar companies
3 It’s more expensive to run It is more conservatively priced
4 Relies on other platforms like social media to boost the reach Can work within search engine parameters and basic tools
5 Businesses mostly operate online with the majority of clients serviced online Has a physical location where services are offered
6 Broad keywords profile Geo-specific keywords
7 Run by bigger specialized teams Uses smaller multi-functional teams
8 Social media integration is very effective Social media management is difficult
9 Requires a lot of specialized and broad scope content Does not need more content
10 Emphasis is on content expansion, including internal and external linking Need to focus on local search listings and content
11 Increased number of KPIs Fewer KPIs, but more optimization
12 Target is usually the first three rankings Focused on appearing in the local pack
13 Website design needs to be robust with low load times and UX Local businesses requirements can be a bit relaxed

As you can see, this is not simply a matter of ‘scaling up’ processes. There are many more things that go into upgrading your SEO pipeline.

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How To Grow Your Company Outside Of Your City?

As brands attract customers, they need to grow. SEO is a great method to get positive growth. It can help improve brand perception and reach. But, local SEO can only do so much. Especially true if you have products that generate appeal with your target audience. At a point, brand growth will plateau, and this is where national SEO comes in. Here’s how you can start on brand growth outside your target area.

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Why Do You Need National SEO?

Let’s take a look at why national SEO is integral for any business to grow and survive.

Benefits of Doing National SEO

National SEO offers several tangible benefits to your business. These are a few of them.

Enhanced Visibility

It is an important consideration, especially in a competitive industry. The more visible a brand is, the better chances it has of getting more leads. It also improves brand perception.

Higher Traffic

National SEO can bring in a lot of traffic to your website. But getting people on your website is only half the job done.

Brands need to make sure that they can fulfill their expectations.

Consistent Engagement

Engagement is one of the more important metrics directly tied to brand recognition.

With growing traffic and visibility, engagement is another metric that increases. Top brands have high engagement numbers.

Increased Reach

Reach is nothing but the number of people who can see and hear your brand message.

National SEO involves significant optimization of content, keywords, and links. These results in increased organic traffic for the website.

Brand Perception

One of the quickest methods to improve brand perception is through national SEO. As this is an intensive process, every facet of your website is improved.

Improved perception can lead to better conversions.

Better Endorsements

For a business, endorsements are a significant part of its image.

People are generally more inclined to endorse a service that opts for national SEO. The more endorsements a brand has, the more leads it can generate on different platforms.

Complete Social Integration

Businesses need to integrate social media into their business strategy. As a platform, social media has billions of people and huge engagement numbers.

Social media has become a business necessity.

Multiply ROI

National SEO pushes your business to a different level of marketing. It means more customers and better conversions.

Naturally, your business ROI will improve significantly.

Faster Growth

Growth is critical for businesses, and it can slow down when limited by just local reach.

National SEO can raise growth through better reach and revenue. It optimizes your website for the latest trends in your niche.

Achieving Tough Objectives

Most times, businesses limit themselves based on the scope of their SEO process. It can handicap them and prevent them from accomplishing difficult goals.

National SEO improves upon all commercial touchpoints. It can help you compete against the best in the market.

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What Are the Types of Businesses That Need National SEO?

While every brand requires national SEO, a few domains need it more than others. Here are a few businesses that need national SEO to maximize revenue.

eCommerce Brands

Ecommerce businesses are perhaps one of the most intensive users of SEO. Since they are on the digital platform, SEO is tailor-made for them. National SEO is how they can achieve the most profit.

SaaS Companies

SaaS has clients all over the world and digital deliverables. These companies depend on national SEO for better numbers.

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Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry uses national SEO to generate interest in upcoming content. The introduction of streaming services means that national SEO has become relevant to this niche. National SEO will allow brands to expand and push distribution boundaries. It will be even more helpful when it comes to viewership and ad revenue.

Information Technology Companies

IT services have always been a global market. National SEO improves brand perception and awareness for the top brands in the niche.

Consulting Firms

It is another competitive niche that has clients all over the world. Consulting firms need national SEO. They are not able to sustain themselves by only running local SEO campaigns.

Automotive Manufacturers

A majority of automotive manufacturers are not limited to an area when it comes to sales. The automobile sector requires high brand perception and awareness to be successful. These are metrics that can only be delivered by national SEO.

Medical Services

Medical services are one of the most volatile and competitive domains. It benefits from national rankings. With travel becoming cheaper and easier, the medical niche can expand its services.

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Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

It is a high turnover business that requires a wide network. Industrial manufacturing requires significant coverage when it comes to branding. It is something that local SEO optimization is just not able to provide.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing National SEO

These are the things you need to avoid when it comes to carrying out SEO.

Search Engine Updates

When upgrading your SEO process, make sure to account for search engine updates.

A lot of businesses tend to panic when they see a drop in rankings. It could be because of a tweaked algorithm and not a messed up SEO process.

Unrealistic Expectations

When implementing an SEO process, national or local, always keep expectations realistic.

Expecting 500% revenue after two months of SEO will lead to disappointment.

Steady incremental progress with sudden spurts and troughs are normal.

Irrelevant Keywords

At the initial stages, it is important to weed out any non-related keywords. It is important because you may waste a lot of time on the wrong choice of keywords. It has to be taken care of early in the engagement.

Poor Content

Content for the sake of content should never be the case. Figure out a posting schedule and plan with high-quality content.

Content is the foundation on which you need to build everything else. It makes sense to keep it as solid as possible.

Not Using Social Media

Social media is a powerful part of the SEO process. With over 3.8 billion people logged on to it every day, it is a huge potential market.

Brands need to use the strength of social media platforms to leverage marketing.

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Keyword Stuffing

SEO has changed a lot over the last few years. Methods like keyword stuffing are not going to work today. Not only that, but it might also even hamper your progress.

Search engine algorithms are becoming more complex every day. You mustn’t ever opt for black ever opt for black hat methods to promise quick results.

As you can see, national SEO delivers a huge boost to SEO metrics. And it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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