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What is Startup SEO?

Startup SEOs are no different from SEOs done for any big brand. But startups often tend to ignore the SEO part due to a tight budget.

  • A successful startup needs to reach its customers online.
  • Startups should consider SEO in the initial stages of the business development plan.
  • Startup SEOs enable them to integrate SEO components into the business.
  • Startup SEOs increase business longevity.

Things Included in Our Startup SEO

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How We Do SEO For Your Startup Website?

Why Do Startups Fail at SEO?

Competition is heating up, and there are a billion websites in the same niche. It takes professionals to overcome the hurdles faced by modern businesses.

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Why Startups Need SEO Services?

Being a startup, it is not always easy to find investors. In this scenario, SEO helps you turn the tide in your favor by strengthening your online presence.

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Why Do Startups Fail at SEO?

1. Not Opting For Experienced Agencies

SEO might have been a simple process earlier.

All you need to get to the top was to fix metadata and spin a few pages of content. But today, it has become difficult to rank on the first page. A lot has to do with the choice of SEO agencies.

Choosing inexperienced agencies cannot give you the results that you are looking for in Google.

Competition is heating up, and there are a billion websites in the same niche. It takes professionals to overcome the hurdles faced by modern businesses.

2. Lacking Proper Initial Analysis

Several SEO agencies are eager to get started on new engagements. Because of their hurry to kick things off, they tend to neglect a detailed analysis.

An initial analysis is the most important part of the entire SEO process. It sets the tone and depth of the engagement.

Without proper SEO analysis, the process will not be as effective as proposed. In some cases, it can even be detrimental to the brand.

A detailed analysis should always be a top priority. It saves all parties a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Lacking proper analysis means you don’t get a strong keyword profile. It leads to inaccurate results.

3. Not Hiring The Right Team

Having the best tools and infrastructure still won’t be enough if you don’t have the right people.

Several startups confuse ability with facilities, and this is the problem.

SEO is all about people. It is built by the people, for the people. The software does make it easier, but without skill, it’s hard to do well.

When it comes to the team, always go for the best one. You need to thoroughly vet the members to ensure they are up to standards.

23% of all start-up businesses fail because they have an inadequate team. SEO requires a high output of individuals who can work as a team.

Why Startups Need SEO?

1. For a Better Visibility

Proper SEO tools and techniques give the startups what they need the most: Visibility.

Being a startup, it is not always easy to find investors. Until and unless you assure them of a successful run, they remain skeptical.

In this scenario, SEO helps you turn the tide in your favor by strengthening your online presence.

SEO helps a business attract organic traffic. You also get a chance to increase your engagement with the customers.

As your audiences start liking you, so do the investors.

2. Long-term Investment

Investing in SEO is like taking insurance for your house. An initial cost is there, but in the long run, you feel secure. The same way when you invest in SEO, you secure your business’ success.

SEO takes time to give results. You have to wait for at least three to six months. However, there is no looking back after you hit the right chord.

An SEO company always set goals in sync with your business goals. As and when it achieves its goals, you go a step closer to your business goals.

3. You See Results

When you use SEO accurately, it will never disappoint you.

Startup founders seldom have the money to experiment. They need a sure shot recipe for success.

While SEO is no magic wand, executing it does wonder for business. However, you cannot be impatient. Also, you need to be consistent in your efforts.

When you hire an SEO firm, they will devote themselves to gain organic traffic to your website. As the traffic converts into leads, your conversion rate will increase rapidly.

You witness the flow of money as your business achieve new heights.

FAQs on Startups SEO Services

Will You Provide Me with a Detailed Report of the Work?

Yes. You will get a detailed report on the work we do. We will send you two reports every month.

As a Startup, Do I Need to Outsource the SEO?

SEOs are crucial for startups. It helps you compete against giants and establish your brand name. An effective SEO strategy includes a lot of factors to get the desired results. Outsourcing SEO will save time and let you concentrate on your business. Make sure that you are in safe hands.

How Long Does It Usually Take for a New Site to Start Driving Traffic?

Based on your ranking on the search engine results page, you get traffic on your site. Website age, keyword competition, authority are important factors for ranking. You would need approximately 4 to 5 months to start getting leads.

Should I Invest in SEO Rather than Spending on a PPC Campaign?

People widely use both SEO and PPC marketing strategies for their businesses. They are different. But in the long run, SEO generates more ROI (Return in investment) than PPC.

Does Your SEO Guarantee Safety from Google Penalties?

We work following all Google guidelines. You will never find us following a grey or black hat, as we follow only white hat. If you’re following the guidelines diligently, Google does not penalize you. So, don’t worry. Your startup business is safe from Google penalties with us.

Will Startup SEOs Help Me Scale-up My Business?

Startup SEOs are the best way to scale up a business. Also, it fits into your budget. It gets you consistent leads, build your brand name and authority. You stay ahead of the competition.

Is There Any Difference Between Startup SEO and Normal SEO?

Concept wise there is no difference between Normal SEO and the Startup SEOs. But, in Startup SEO, we must give importance to a few aspects. Building trust, brand image, and authority can be quite challenging for new websites. For Startup SEOs, we invest more time on the on-page and building authority. It will get more traffic to the site.

How Much Do You Charge For Startup SEO?

The pricing depends on several things. The number of keywords, competition level, and the target city is the criteria. But, You can get our service at a nominal cost of $299.

What Are the Different Industries That You Have Worked in the Past?

We have experience in working with several big and small industries. The list is quite long. You can be in any industry: big or small, we are there for you. Be it attorney, real estate, or education, IT/ITES, and more.

Will I Get Help with On-Page Optimization from Your Team?

Yes. Our team of experts will take care of your on-page optimization. After that, it would start with off-page optimization. We make sure that your content, headlines, title tags, everything gets optimized. Also, we will optimize your website structure. Increasing your website engagement and minimizing bounce rates are our priorities.

Will I Get Help in Increasing the Page Load Speed from Your Team?

Yes. We have expertise in making website navigation easier. We take care of your page speed so that the pages load faster. Nowadays, Google’s algorithm considers speed while ranking sites. Pages that load faster get higher ranking on Google.

Do You Have Any Software or Tools for Startup SEO Services?

We use Google Analytics, SEMRush, Search Console for our startup SEO services. We also have our in-house software that employs Artificial Intelligence. Different software help in understanding the bounce rate, visitors flow, and user behavior.

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