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Benefits of Email Marketing

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How We Do Email Marketing

Determine Your Goal

The prime step to starting an email marketing campaign is determining your goals. What do you want to achieve from this campaign?

Select a Service Provider

You need a reliable service provider to plan and implement your email marketing strategy. You should consider aspects like cost, timeline, and alignment of ideas.

Grow the Mailing List

It is a time-taking yet necessary step for successful email marketing. Make a list of contacts. Verify the emails and grow the mailing list organically.

Segment and Categorize the IDs

Divide the mailing list based on geography, preferences, demography, purchase history, engagement rate, etc. Go in-depth in segmentation for better results

Design the Email Campaign

Designing an email campaign is easy if you use an email marketing platform. There are ready-made templates to choose from and customize for your requirements.

Structure the Email

Create content and CTAs carefully to suit the target segment. For example, users in Dallas might want something different from users in Carolina or California.

Set up Autoresponders

Autoresponders send pre-determined responses to replies or emails sent by subscribers. These save time for the marketing team and ensure customers don’t feel ignored.

Turn on Email Tracking and Analytics

By setting up email analytics, track the email opening rate, click-through rate, response rate, etc. The reports will help you fine-tune emails.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Service?

Rank Your Website

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Service?

Rank Your Website

Benefits of Email Automation

Save Time and Money

The marketing team can focus on other channels without wasting their time, energy, and resources only on email marketing.

Get Detailed Reports

Email marketing automation software provides in-depth reports to help identify areas for improvement and increase the success rate.

Improved Personalization

The software is integrated with the CRM system to personalize emails and send them to the target audience automatically.

No Human Intervention

Automating the email workflow minimizes human intervention. This keeps the system going and eliminates the risk of human error.

Improved Targeting

The software's advanced features allow you to categorize customers based on their data available in the CRM systems.

Retain Customer Interest

Retaining customers is as vital as attracting new ones. Automation ensures that existing customers feel respected and cherished by the brand.

Benefits of Email Automation

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Email Marketing – FAQs

How Many Types Of Email Marketing Can I Use?

You can use any or all types of email marketing based on your goals and target audience.

Newsletter marketing (informational and promotional)

Sponsorship emails (paid marketing strategy)

Dedicated emails (for each product/ service/ event)

Transactional emails (welcome, purchase confirmation, delivery receipt, etc.)

What Are The Top Five Email Marketing Tools?

The following are the leading email marketing tools:

Constant Contact: paid (60-day free trial)

Sendinblue: paid but cost-effective

GetResponse: free and paid (30-day free trial)

AWeber: free and paid

Active Campaign: paid (14-day free trial)

Why Do I Need To Invest In Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy where you can personally communicate with your target audience. The ROI for email marketing is high since users can easily access their emails from various devices. It is cost-effective and user-friendly.

Why Is Email Marketing Still Famous In The Industry?

Email marketing has been popular for decades. The advent of technology and smartphones make it easy for brands to reach out to users without disturbing or annoying them. It is less expensive and uses a targeted strategy to attract different customer segments.

Is Ecommerce Email Marketing Different From Regular Email Marketing?

Yes, eCommerce email marketing is slightly different because it focuses on promotions and transactions. You want to convert user interest into sales and retain customers for repeat sales. eCommerce email marketing is more about understanding customers to increase sales.

Is A Website Necessary To Run An Email Marketing Campaign?

No. A website is not necessary for email marketing. Instead of a full-fledged website, you can add CTA buttons to Google forms, social media profiles, or a simple landing page. However, having a website can increase brand credibility.

Are There Any Particular Days To Send Email Marketing Campaigns?

Well, the answer depends on the data taken to run analytics. However, we can say that weekdays (apart from Monday and Friday) are the best to send email marketing campaigns. Many businesses prefer Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

What Does Email Marketing Intelligence Mean?

Artificial Intelligence technology to plan, analyze, and implement email marketing strategies is known as email marketing intelligence. Customer behavior is analyzed to align the emails to meet their preferences and increase the engagement rate.

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