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What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO is different from SEO for regular sites. It is aimed at improvements for Shopify sites. The Shopify platform already boasts several features that are great for SEO. This includes redirecting ability and blogs.

In addition to these, you can optimize several other areas to deliver a rich experience and improve the visibility of your Shopify portal. A Shopify site with good SEO rankings gets twice as many customers online.

Why Choose The Dallas SEO company for Shopify SEO Services?

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What Are the Things We Cover in Shopify SEO?

List of Questions to Ask When You Hire a Shopify SEO Firm

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Our Six-Step SEO Process for Your Shopify Website

In-depth Site Structure Optimization - We help keep your site structure simple. Too many sub-categories and product trees are confusing. We help you optimize every inch of your site. This helps Google crawl and index your site with ease. We also optimize the 'About Us' and 'Contact Us' pages for a seamless customer journey.

Deliver a Delightful User Journey - The ease with which a user navigates your site affects your SEO scores. We boost user experience in several ways:

  • Optimize site for speed
  • Implement a mobile-responsive design
  • Use compressed but quality images
  • Remove apps that are not in use

These tactics and others deliver a great navigational experience.

Perform Target Keywords Research - Choosing the right target keywords forms the basis of your Shopify store's SEO success. We research and compile a list of top keywords for your site. Our keyword list is based on your product categories and customer interests. Our target keywords list gets you more views and leads.

Tweak Product Pages for SEO - Our strategy gets you more organic traffic. We optimize every product and landing page for the most SEO effectiveness. We use top-ranking keywords seamlessly in product page titles and meta descriptions. We also optimize top-selling product URLs to enable easy indexing by Google. We don't overuse keywords.

Build Quality Links to Store - We use several best practices to get quality links to your store. Backlinks from reputed sites or companies help build your SEO reputation. Our team's backlink strategy includes:

  • Find positive online mentions and links to your site
  • Inform top sites about broken links to link to your site in return

Integrate Best Shopify Tools and Apps - Shopify has dozens of apps and tools on its platform. Not all of these are useful. Too many default Shopify apps can slow your site and affect SEO. We help you eliminate unwanted apps and integrate only your Shopify store's best apps and tools.

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Shopify SEO - FAQs

Is Standard SEO Different from Shopify SEO?

Most of the general SEO concepts apply here too. Although, Shopify is built for online stores. It has tools that help with sales and visitor traffic. It makes SEO implementation easier.

Can I Hire a Regular SEO Expert for Shopify SEO?

We recommend an SEO expert who has some experience working on Shopify sites. They are aware of best practices that work best with the Shopify platform. They are also in touch with the latest Shopify design and algorithm updates.

How Much Does Shopify SEO Cost?

The pricing for Shopify SEO is subjective. It depends on many factors. This includes your target audience (local, national, or international. It also depends on the experience of the SEO expert and the level of optimization needed for the site.

What Are Some Simple SEO Tactics I Can Do Myself?

You can implement many simple SEO practices in-house for your Shopify online store. A few useful ones are:

• Keep site structure simple

• Reduce image sizes for fast loading

• Use trending keywords in your titles and descriptions

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

It can take a few days or several weeks to see noticeable results. It depends on your domain and the competition within the industry. Shopify SEO takes time and effort. Don't rush it to see quick results.

Does Shopify Have In-Built SEO Tools?

There are many SEO tools and apps that integrate into Shopify. These tools range from keyword research to image optimizers. Even a novice user can use some free or paid tools to start the Shopify SEO journey.

Can I Hide Certain Pages from Search Engines?

Yes, you can hide pages that you don't want Google to crawl until they are ready. Shopify's 'robots.txt.liquid' file will let you edit entries that you don't want visible. Lookup Shopify's help pages for more details.

How Do I Know If Google Has Indexed My Shopify Site?

You can search on Google to find out if it has indexed your Shopify store. This is a good checklist item for SEO before anything else. Enter "Site:" (where is your Shopify store) in Google.

What Aspects of SEO Must I Prioritize?

Many SEO techniques play a role in SEO success. However, some must be given precedence over others. Here are our top three recommendations:

• User experience: Easy navigation, mobile-ready, and fast loading

• Research top-ranking keywords

• Build quality backlinks

Is SEO for Shopify a One-time Effort?

Just like standard SEO, follow-up is a must to see sustainable results. Keep checking on the latest trends in your industry. Research relevant keywords often. Check for broken links and duplicate content. These best practices ensure consistent SEO scores.

Boost Organic Traffic to Your Shopify Store

Get in touch with us to build a rockstar SEO strategy for your Shopify store. With the help of the latest data-driven SEO strategies, we generate more orders for your Shopify store.

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