25 Top Paid SEO Tools You Must Start Using Today

1. Ahrefs

Lite Standard Advanced Agency
$99 $179 $399 $999

Perhaps one of the most used platforms for SEO, Ahrefs is a tool with many features. But what makes it truly a great platform is the speed. Coming in second only when compared to Google, you get super quick web crawling results. It delivers detailed reports on several factors. And you can use this tool for anything from link building to keyword research to competitor insights. It really can deliver a lot of data for the price. All these features make it an effective tool for SEO agencies.

  • It offers comprehensive keyword research for over ten different search engines
  • When analyzing search volumes, you can get more data about clicks as well. This is something that isn’t common on other platforms
  • Getting detailed traffic estimations for top ranking pages and tracking them
  • Comprehensive backlink growth graph which can also let you identify negative SEO attacks

2. SEMRush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

SEMRush is another popular tool with a majority of digital marketing agencies. It has many features and is an excellent choice for people looking for an SEO tool that does it all. It has powerful tools to decode search data, get competitor insights, and compare domains. You can also monitor your keyword rankings and find recommendations for improved SEO performance.

  • It has a Keyword Magic Tool, which is a powerful keyword research tool. It lets you find new opportunities for your keyword profile.
  • You get a powerful SEO checker tool as well. It gives you insights into how you can fix your on-page SEO to get into featured snippets.
  • An interesting feature is the Cannibalization Report. This lets you avoid cannibalization issues - several pages ranking for the same target keywords.

3. cognitiveSEO

Starter Business
$129.99 Custom Pricing

Another all-inclusive platform, cognitiveSEO, is a cloud-based solution for SEO agencies. It can fulfill several roles required for digital marketing, including traffic analysis, keyword research, and auditing. The price point is lower than other platforms. cognitiveSEO is aimed at digital marketing and SEO startups and SMBs on a budget.

  • It comes with a comprehensive content optimization tool. It also uses NLP analysis to produce excellent results
  • Its keyword research and optimization tool uses advanced AI routines to increase organic traffic for your website quickly
  • Get actionable insights from their website crawler, which helps you fix your client website
  • Detailed SEO audits can give you a summary of all aspects of a website
  • It can help you detect unnatural link detection preventing Google penalties
  • It has a powerful backlink analysis tool that can extract critical data for your SEO campaigns

4. Whitespark

Manual Citation Building Comprehensive Package
$4 to 5 $129 to $599

We divide Whitespark into three tools - local citation finder, rank tracker, and reputation builder. It helps you aggregate and track your local citations. It lets you unearth new opportunities based on your niche and competition. Using this tool right means that your client’s business is always on the most popular citation websites. The reputation builder keeps track of online reviews and testimonials.

  • It comes with competition comparison tools letting you compare performance across several categories
  • You can monitor your reputation and citation growth
  • Rankings overview records all changes in ranks over time. This includes visibility and keywords
  • Find your way into the Google local pack much easier with optimized search performance
  • It lets you automate the process of review acquisition from customers. You’re able to collect negative reviews before it goes online

5. Raven Tools

Small Biz Start Grow Thrive Lead
$39 $79 $139 $249 $399

Raven Tools is a highly analytical and detailed SEO platform. It works well for intensive digital marketing campaigns. It’s made for the professional SEO analyst who wants all the data and numbers on an SEO campaign. You get access to several tools like website auditor, competitor research, backlink explorer, and more.

  • The most powerful feature is their Website Auditor, which can identify and track hundreds of different issues. It can highlight issues with visibility, metadata, content, links, and a few others.
  • It has a detailed SERP rank tracker which can also deal with bulk tracking
  • You can get competitor analysis through their Link Spy feature. It’s easy and powerful
  • Using the backlink analyzer tool, you can identify people linking to you and your competitors

6. BrightLocal

Just Reviews Single Business Multi Business SEO Pro
$8 $29 $49 $79

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive SEO-platform with citation building included, BrightLocal is the tool for you. It brings users powerful features that can help you build a competitive SEO profile. It has organic traffic stories, search rank tracking, and local citation management. You also get white-labeled local search audits for all your clients.

  • Trusted citation partner for more than a thousand SEO agencies
  • It has a unique feature - Roll-Up reports, which caters to multi-location businesses. This lets them compete locally for rankings
  • The lead generation module enables SEO agencies to collect high-quality leads through free local audits
  • It gives you 19 months of GMB Insights tracking, which works well for long-term clients
  • Detailed and hyper-localized ranking data helps you get better numbers quicker

7. BuzzSumo

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99 $179 $299 $499+

BuzzSumo is an analytics and curation tool for content marketers. It works by indexing and categorizing content found across the web. It finds the highest-rated content through social media interactions and sends it back to the user. It is a niche independent platform and works well across all domains.

  • It helps you discover valuable content and connect with influencers through keywords, trends, and topics.
  • It has an AI-powered content assistant which can help create the right kind of content for the brand
  • Get powerful backlinks from key domains and your competitor websites
  • You can set custom alerts to trigger every time an influencer or content creators post. Being the first to engage with them gives you an advantage

8. Screaming Frog

Paid Version

SEO audits are an integral part of the SEO process, and with Screaming Frog, the process is easier for you. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a tool that can review a website and highlight SEO-specific errors on it. It generates appropriate response codes in the tool, so you know what’s going on. You can also analyze URLs with it and make sure it adheres to standards.

  • The paid version gets you an unlimited list mode, which helps bulk crawling of URLs
  • You can also audit redirects when you’re migrating your website from one domain to another
  • You get detailed reports about the crawling process, which you can use to identify errors
  • The built-in snippet emulator lets you check out your meta tags as they appear on search

9. GrowthBar

Per User

With a much smaller footprint and a price tag than the other entrants here, GrowthBar is a plugin for your browser. This gives it an ease of use factor that is unparalleled compared to the rest. It integrates with your Chrome browser and works in parallel with Google searches. As a package, it’s aimed at people who are just starting.

  • A much lower price of entry and smaller footprint make it a desirable choice for SMBs
  • Provides a complete set of features like keywords research, competitor analysis, and DA metrics
  • It integrates with Google search and helps you target the right set of keywords for your website
  • You can also check the CPC of keywords you are planning to use through this tool

10. Advanced Web Ranking

Starter Pro Agency Enterprise
$49 $99 $199 $499

Like its namesake, Advanced Web Ranking provides a significant boost to rank optimization and tracking. It has a powerful and intuitive dashboard. With this, you can manage numerous projects on it with no fatigue. You can also pull up keyword ranking reports or research with minimal delay. You can also find several informative resources online.

  • It comes with all the tools expected of an SEO platform, including detailed reporting
  • It has an easy-to-use interface and works well for keyword rank tracking
  • Its most notable feature is its powerful Rank Tracker module. It lets you track keywords over 3000 different search engines.
  • You can also schedule how often the tool needs to track rankings and have them sent to you
  • It includes local rank tracking as well. You can even specify the GPS coordinates of the location.

11. KWFinder (now Mangools)

Basic Premium Agency
$49 $69 $129

Perhaps one of the best keyword analysis tools in the market, KWFinder is necessary for today’s SEO process. It has a great-looking interface and comes with powerful features. The straightforward interface is simple enough for beginners to use. But it also provides enough value through features for professionals. It also comes with a new SERPWatcher tool which can help you with accurate rank tracking.

  • Outstanding performance when having to do keyword research
  • The point of entry is low - beginners can start using this easily
  • It has a great price point considering its in-depth features
  • You get a lot of options for keyword research, which can give you a lot of unique keyword opportunities

12. Moz Pro

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

One of the most comprehensive SEO platforms today, Moz Pro has everything you need for your SEO campaign. Being of the Moz fame, the tool has a lot of updates from industry experts. This makes it a powerful investment, especially if you’re a large digital marketing firm. It comes with a lot of accessibility features built-in, like drag-drop modules.

  • You can use the powerful Keyword Explorer to improve your keyword research and find new opportunities
  • Their Keyword Explorer is much more accurate than other brands. The reason is that they use real-time data rather than relying on Google’s metrics
  • Another powerful feature is the Link Explorer. It has a database of over 35 trillion links
  • They back all this up with superior and in-depth reporting, which can make analysis a lot easier

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13. Majestic

Lite Pro API
$49.99 $99.99 $399.99

People confuse Majestic with other all-inclusive platforms like Ahrefs and Moz. But the fact is that even though it has several features, it’s most powerful with backlinks. And this works well with the tools mentioned above. It can supplement their weak backlinking process. You also get several backlinking graphs and reports, which you can use to improve its profile.

  • It is one of the largest crawlers available today. It has a vast selection of backlinks which it has been accumulating for the last ten years
  • Includes several backlink related metrics like citation flow and trust flow
  • It also comes with Keyword Checker and Search Explorer for getting more information about money keywords
  • The compare tool can help you get statistics about headlines between several domains

14. Authority Labs

Plus Pro Pro Plus Enterprise
$49 $99 $225 $450

Authority Labs is an SEO management platform that helps marketers get the most out of their SEO. It has keyword and campaign analysis, along with accurate tracking and reporting. But one of the more powerful features in the package is their rank tracking. You get a module that is super accurate and includes multiple features, including hyper-local searches.

  • One of the best-featured rank tracking module with customizable data tracking and zip code search
  • It offers significant customizability on its keyword tracking through data and competition filtering
  • You can also use it to track featured snippets for more opportunities. It also makes it easier to find out where you’re ranked
  • Another unique feature it has is tracking syndicated content ranking vs. original content

15. Ubersuggest

Individual Business Enterprise / Agency
$12 $20 $40

Ubersuggest started as a free tool but then was acquired by Neil Patel. This acquisition gave it a new lease of life and plenty of features. It has a lot of tools that can help speed up growth for brands. You get a host of most commonly used features, including SEO analyzer, backlink data, traffic, and ranking trackers. The tool is simple to navigate, and you can get the most out of it quickly.

  • It has a comprehensive domain overview feature which includes detailed reviews of keyword, traffic, domain score, and backlinks
  • You get a powerful SEO analyzer that can offer suggestions and insights about your website’s SEO profile
  • You can also get a detailed review of your website's statistics like metadata, loading speed, and top pages, to name a few

16. Answer The Public

Basic Enterprise
$99 $399

Answer The Public is a creative and powerful keyword research tool that can improve your ROI. The key factor for this tool is visualization. All data is visualized creatively in easy-to-understand formats. It helps you factor in new searches and opportunities for business. It breaks down search patterns from all over the web into chunks of visual data that are easily understood.

  • The primary focus is on search terms online. It gives you a lot of options to customize your searches according to your products.
  • It has a lot of scope for detailed keyword research. You can monitor selected keywords over time.
  • Another feature is that you can also get several comparisons with various search queries. This is especially useful when you want to feature in Google snippets.

17. Serpstat

Lite Standard Advanced Enterprise
$69 $149 $299 $499

Another expansive SEO platform, Serpstat, is another comprehensive SEO tool. It started as just being a keyword research tool but quickly added more features. A key advantage here is its price point. They’ve been able to price it a lot lower than other big players in the market. So, this is a handy tool if you’re running an SMB.

  • The standout feature for this platform is the keyword research feature. It is compatible with SEO and PPC as well.
  • You can use this tool to get relevant, high-value keywords related to your SEO campaign. It gives you a lot of ideas for new content implementation
  • Backlink analysis helps you understand how you can improve your link profile. It gives you a report about how your links are classified

18. Long Tail Pro

Starter Pro Agency
$37 $67 $147

One of the longstanding SEO tools available today, Long Tail Pro is a solid SEO platform. It gives you a lot of data to work with at all points in the SEO pipeline. From keywords to content marketing, it offers a lot of flexibility. However, the interface can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. There is a lot of information to process. With time, however, it can be a powerful ally for all sizes of business.

  • Like its namesake, the most powerful feature of this platform is the ability to draw keywords.
  • It has powerful tools that can uncover valuable keywords for your SEO campaign.
  • You can also use the tool to find out what your competitor keywords are and optimize accordingly.
  • Has in-depth keyword ranking and reporting, which can help you optimize your content strategy

19. WooRank

Pro Premium Enterprise
$59.99 $179.99 Custom Pricing

Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, WooRank is a powerful tool, regardless. It has all the functions people normally associate with more expensive platforms. You get a detailed SEO analyzer, which can highlight problems with your website. It also comes with a comprehensive scoring mechanism that instantly updates when you change your website. SEO audits are quick and detailed as well.

  • This is one of the best entry-level SEO tools that have this level of flexibility and choice. You get a lot of features for the money
  • The low price point makes it a superb choice for smaller businesses without compromising on performance
  • The Technical Site Audit is noteworthy because of its speed and accuracy. You can even set it to scheduled intervals, which makes it convenient

20. SpyFu

Basic Professional Team
$39 $79 $299

There are many ways of classifying SpyFu. Some call it a competitive intelligence tool, and others refer to it as a search marketing software. Regardless of what we call it, it offers remarkable performance when it comes to business intelligence. And unsurprisingly, very few other tools can do this. This tool stands in a league of its own.

  • Probably one of the very few platforms that can offer this service. Competitive analysis is detailed and has information no other platform can give you
  • It has a Kombat module that can help with selecting the right keywords. It evaluates your website and competition to give you a list of optimized keywords.
  • Find out ad copy from even nine years ago for specific keywords. This can give your ad copy a tremendous boost.

21. SiteChecker

Basic Startup Growing
$19 $29 $69

SiteChecker is an all-purpose SEO toolkit. It offers marketing agencies a great way to improve their search results. It connects with popular Google platforms and gives you a complete overview of your website. It can analyze and pinpoint problems with your website and give you feedback. You get a lot of features at an attractive price when you opt for this. It might not be the most accurate always but overall performs well.

  • The SEO analyzer module delivers actionable information which you can use to correct issues
  • The dashboard is easy to use but does not have as many features as a few others in this roundup
  • Auditing is quick and accurate - it gives you usable information and not just generic instructions

22. SEOQuake

Only on request

With the small footprint of a plugin, SEOQuake delivers the full experience of an SEO tool. It works well for smaller businesses and people who would prefer using something easier. It has a great-looking dashboard, and the built-in keyword search tool is powerful as well. But the focus of the tool here is on speed. Since it integrates with your browser, it is quick at delivering results.

  • It connects with all Google platforms, giving users a cohesive experience.
  • Compatible with all popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It also works well on mobile devices.
  • The SEOQuake diagnosis tool has a lot of data points. It shows the general health of several SEO parameters of your website.
  • Even though it has a small footprint, it comes with a backlink management tool that can give you reports of internal and external links

23. Pitchbox

Basic Plan Small Business Plan SEO Agency Plan Enterprise Plan
$195 $295 $395 $1500+

Pitchbox is an SEO platform that is used for branding and link building. You can use this to get in touch with influencers in the niche and find new linking opportunities. It gives you several valuable data points that can help make your decision. You get a comprehensive collection of analytics and SEO integrations that can make your job easier. The platform is scalable and can work for businesses of all sizes.

  • It is aimed at optimizing branding opportunities keeping in mind reach and influencers in the niche
  • Has several email automation tools which you can use for initial outreach, follow-ups, and retargeting
  • You can personalize it based on several customer profiles
  • It is a data-driven approach, making short work of all kinds of client profiles and niches of any size

24. Seobility

Price Premium Agency
Free Basic $50 $200

An SEO analysis tool, Seobility, checks your entire website by traversing through all the links. Its dashboard is easy to read and work with. Not just that, it also has a plethora of data that you can use for your SEO campaign. It lets you know all the relevant facts and figures about your SEO metrics with clarity. You also get a complete link building and content optimization package along with it.

  • A barebones but powerful SEO platform that can be used by beginners and experts
  • The standout tool here is the TF*IDF tool. You can use it to gain insights into content optimization and gain relevant opportunities

25. Netpeak Spider

Standard Pro Premium
$19 $39 $149

One of the most feature-rich and powerful SEO auditing platforms, Netpeak Spider is great value for money. It has hundreds of metrics that can be tracked and compared. This is aimed at smaller teams rather than enterprises. It is quick and light on resources. You can work with extremely large websites from it without slowdowns or delays. This is the auditing tool of choice for entrepreneurs.

  • One of the most detailed auditing platforms we’ve seen to date.
  • It also comes in at a great price point - perfect for newer brands or individuals
  • You can also use this for website scraping saving you a lot of time during the research phase

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