Benefits of White Hat SEO Techniques

With the advent of new businesses, consumers have a hard time choosing what's best for them.
Everyone is equal in the eyes of SEO. It doesn't matter if you're a new business building up from the ground or an old one.
In the world of SEO, the controversy between white hat and black hat SEO keeps on wavering and unfolding.
For this purpose, today, we're going to discuss the white hat SEO technique. That is the best way to fund your marketing campaigns, both in the long-term and short-term. It also fulfills your desire to rank well on Google.
Let's start with an obvious question, what is white hat SEO, and why is it different from Black hat SEO?
White hat SEO is a marketing strategy that adheres to Google guidelines. It terms and conditions and regulates under search engines.
In general, it's an approach to improve your website's rank while maintaining its integrity and ethics. In short, it acts as a "yes man" to Google.
Usually known as ethical SEO, white hat SEO resists itself from using illegal approaches to rank websites. This is why it prefers to "play by the rules" in the long-run.
Black hat SEO refers to using unethical ways to rank high on Google like buying links, keyword stuffing, and using hidden keywords. In short, it tricks Google.
Often tactics like this can be manipulative. That's the reason why Google bans those sites that uses risky ways to gain website traffic or conversions.
To conclude, black hat SEO is risky.
Whereas, white hat SEO strategy is a long-term commitment with Google.

  • It mainly focuses on human interaction.
  • It aims to provide businesses with long-term investments and results rather than quick wins.

The typical SEO strategies include using appropriate keywords, link building, guest posting, and keyword analysis. Implementing white hat SEO is like using a shield for your website; it protects you and your business from future worries or violations.

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Furthermore, it offers quality content and services, fast site loading times, using descriptive. The keyword-rich meta tags and making the site easy to navigate.

Importance of Following White Hat SEO Techniques

Above all, the most important thing for any website is to stay safe. When you put all your sweat and tears into building a website, it's essential to check whether your website is secure from Google spam filters or not.
You might think that white hat SEO is a slow and steady process. Indeed, it is, but it's also rewarding at the same time.
A new wave of technology has entered the landscape, which demands transparency and acceptable search standards. So, using the white hat SEO strategy today will only help you outshine others in your industry.
To drive the point home, here are some advantages of white hat SEO techniques:

1. Earn a Good Reputation in Google's eyes

"It takes more than 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently", Warren Buffett.
Your website also builds its repo in the eyes of Google, little by little. When you earn a spot in Google's good books, your site remains safe for a longer time.

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There's no risk of penalties, banning profits, or website visitors. White hat SEO acts as armor; also, visitors love places that follow Google instructions and conditions.
When you use white hat SEO techniques, your business growth is more stable. This ensures that your time and efforts do not go in vain.

2. Save Money and Time in the Long-term

Everyone loves instant results and short-term success. But what comes with instant results is fearβ€” fear of risk and losing it all.
This is where white hat SEO shines and becomes a significant part of your marketing strategy. It's a more organic and natural approach to make a human-to-human connection that surpasses all the tests for Google's credibility.
It's not a surprise that marketing takes a lot of time and monetary funds before seeing any results.
Also, white hat SEO techniques are robust if done right. It doesn't need much money to sustain itself for a long-time. But, black hat SEO eats up all your funds with no guarantee of any positive returns.
Google often updates and changes its algorithm. Thus, it gets hard for a website to keep up with all the shady black hat SEO tactics. It bends Google's guidelines and attempts to misguide users (which is not best for your business).

3. Shareable Content

The most asked questions by every business are "how can I make sure that my team adapts to the new marketing strategies?".
The answer is by sharing and making the process more transparent.
White hat SEO helps you brace your employee efforts and ranking websites, networking, and branding.
Consider this; you aren't violating any rules or regulations now. Even if Google updates its algorithms, you can take your own time to update your strategy. And then share your ready-to-use white hat SEO guidelines with your team.
In contrast, black hat SEO can be high-risk if you're still a neophyte in your industry. So, your employees must trust your processes and stay away from negative publicity.

4. Good Website Ranking

No wonder we put all our efforts into our website content to reserve a spot on Google and earn a good website rank.
As a rule, white hat SEO designs a set of rules and regulations that align with Google's search engine guidelines. And that's how it helps your site rank well.
Slowly but surely, good content makes your website stand out. White hat SEO acts like a good friend to your site only if you don't act like a rebel (conditions apply) or go against Google's requirements.
Good website rankings help you to get found by your customers and also potential customers. Besides this, white hat SEO isn't a trend that will disappear soon. It's a system to maintain your business's profits and an excellent way to build real relationships with your users.

5. Carries Less-Risk

We know that Google is a billion-dollar company. Now, imagine a law-suit from this billion-dollar company. Sounds daunting, right?
In this situation, use the first-hand precaution like white hat SEO. It puts you in less danger and offers you a more decent place in the web-content world.
On the one hand, there are government legal regulations, and on the other, there are search engine regulations for the use of a property. Hold on to these rules because they are beneficial for your business.
Being authentic is the need of the hour. We can say reliable and useful content is still the king and will remain forever.
To keep Google by your side, following Google's rules is crucial. It's essential to avoid deceiving your audience with spammy content, links, or offers.
The real deal is to rank on Google and have a good reputation for your business.
In the long run, all you need is trust. And to gain trust, your business needs to be authentic and real. And white hat SEO techniques prepare you for all these cases.

6. Build Loyal Relationships

As a business, it's more important to have adequate credibility sources than millions of fake followers. Even if you succeed in persuading your visitors that your brand is loyal, spammy things shine from a distance.
This is where black hat SEO loses all its credibility and gets punched in the face. Often they are built on a spam platform, which hinders the existing customer-brand relationship.
Maintain an honest relationship with your clients and potential customers and produce great content to solve their problems through your content efforts (not a spammy article). Google will reward you for all your efforts in the long run.
White hat SEO techniques help you to build an authentic and no-filter relationship with your customers.

List of Important White Hat SEO Techniques to Follow

The businesses that take the white hat SEO route see a drastic change in their growth, traffic, and more. It's a self-sustain way to keep your business on track and prioritize your users first over anything else.
Here are some time-tested white hat SEO techniques to follow:

1. High-Quality Content Creation

Content is everywhere, but quality content needs a second thought. It's not that easy to create "high-quality" content. Content that's unique yet relatable and content drives traffic yet adheres to the Google search engine's rules and regulations.
However, you can make sure that your content rules in some criteria. For example, your content length, the topic, your choice of keywords, and anchor links. Since this is a benchmark for white hat SEO, it sets you apart in the sea of content.
When Google crawls through a website, it evaluates it on the wide range of signals.
A good quality piece of content is:

  • Long
  • Well-researched
  • Resourceful
  • Presented from a different perspective

If you're planning to write an article, make it long, prepare ahead, add multiple images. Using infographics and all other creative aspects can pull off your content. It portraits you as an authoritative and expert brand.
Even studies show that long-form content has a higher ranking than short-form content.

2. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google first came with this news in 2016, where they announced that the future lies in mobile-friendly searches.
This means your site needs to be mobile-friendly to increase the chances of being relevant and get found by the users.
In June 2019, Google saw mobile account for 50.71% of searches, with desktop dropping down to 45.53%. To get the results of your SEO technique, focusing on mobile users is vital.
A white hat SEO plan needs to optimize your site for screen width, readability, and clear CTAs. The best news, even Google has released its mobile-friendly test app. You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not and figure out the loopholes.
It concludes that user search intent is necessary to rank your website in the modern world of SEO services.

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3. Do a Deep Research on Keywords

Back in the early 2000s, keywords were stuffed in a 1000 word article wherever and whenever possible. Google is now smarter than ever before, and this approach is most probably dead.
Congruent and deep research on keywords is a must to sustain within the white hat SEO process. In the modern world, 13.53% of keywords consist of only one or two words. This shows people are inclined more towards phrases and whole body terms.
As a result, "Keywords" are more than just keywords now. Context and intent are a big part of using keywords in any content. Put yourself in the searcher's shoes and then go beyond the first layer of research. Mainly, keywords research includes all these factors:

  • Finding out the primary keyword.
  • Analyzing keyword search volume and competition.
  • Keyword difficulty range.
  • Pages that are already ranked for.
  • Finding out the LSI keywords.

You can combine tools and a proper strategy to conduct deep keyword research. It also helps you analyze ranking, competitors, and users' search intent for a successful marketing campaign.

4. Focus on Meaningful Link Building

Link building is a very tangible process in the white hat SEO toolkit. As per Spiralytics, 94% of blog posts have zero external links. These stats alone show that building meaningful links is not an easy task for any business.
Getting quality links to your real websites is a link-building process, and yes, it takes time, effort, and a lot of email pitches back and forth.
Search engines push your website when your content teems with high-authority backlinks. It's easy to think that it will be easy to implement just because the white hat SEO works. But good things take time.
High-authoritative links are a green signal for your audience so that they can trust, share and take action on your content. It's all possible with the help of credible testimonials, valuable guest posts, and social media shares.
Don't spread yourself too thin because making a profit from high-quality link building can be simple. Creating first-hand quality content and then promoting it later with a plan of action is all you need.

5. Give Importance to Website Design and Navigation System

You can attract traffic to your site, but if your customers keep dwelling on your site aimlessly, then that traffic is purposeless.
This means that your site needs a stronger navigation system.
To succeed with your white hat SEO strategy, having a clean and minimalist site is crucial.
Google is increasing its importance toward "user search-intent" on every algorithm update. Your website must follow the intention behind these words to impress Google.
Consider these points before making any changes in your navigation system:

  • Does your audience want to be informed?
  • Do they want to make a purchase?
  • Do they want to check your credibility?

Answer these questions first and plan accordingly. A smooth, flawless, and easy-to-navigate site gives your viewers a pleasant experience and even to the website crawlers. When your audience is happy with your website, so is Google with your efforts.

6. Make Full Use of Schema Tracker, also known as the schema, is a vocabulary of tags. You can add these tags to your HTML code, which will make Google's work easy to find your website and rank in SERPs.
Now, the question is how it can help you in your white hat SEO strategy?
Your websites get a competitive edge with this strategy.
Try to add effective CTRs and credible sources like ratings, reviews, and numbers. It looks attractive in the eye of viewers.
Furthermore, when a user searches for your website, he can see your content in the form of a rich snippet (different from a regular snippet). This includes microdata and maximum relevant data and increases the chances of your click-through-rate on your website.
The surprising fact, only 0.3% of sites are using schema tools, which means there's enough room for your website to rank.
You can add structured data to your site so that Google can extract relevant data from your rich snippet and drive more traffic.
Google often encourages SEO to expand the use of rich snippet data. It's simple, user-oriented, and easy-to-understand.

7. Content Marketing is the Key

Non-bloggers and beginner SEO people often ignore this point. But the good news is content marketing helps to put all your pieces of content in line and white hat SEO strategy in practice.
As per DemandsMetric, content marketing costs 62% less and generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing. The quality of content gets enhanced when it reaches in front of thousands of eye-balls.
Focus on creating content on subjects that your audience wants and needs. You only need proper keyword research, an optimized on-site page, and valuable content to create a repeated use process.
Reliable content marketing is the foundation of the relationship with your customers. Your content needs to be transparent so that even strangers can relate to your content. This validates your content and gets shares for showing credibility.
This reciprocation system works as a masterstroke for your content marketing strategy.

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8. Focus on Local Listing

No one can deny that Google is trying to satisfy the user's search intent day and night. Google updates its algorithm from time to time just so our users can stay at the top and get top-notch quality content in less time.
One such upgrade was local listing. Yes, the "near me" option, remember?
Usually, the users who want their favorite latte, or the best furniture for their new home, don't want to travel to a showroom or cafe which is out of the way.
Most businesses use local listings to keep up with their targeted audience searches. They show up on Google search engines whenever their audience needs them.
Approx. 82% of shoppers who use their smartphones for shopping conducted "near me" searches. When you confirm your position on Google local 3-pack, it helps your website and business to stay ahead of others.
You're using techniques that certainly suit your audience's search intent.
It gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd and reach the top. These searchers include your business's physical location and access to your local shop's address, phone number, website URL, and more.

9. Use Proper Tags, Meta Description, and Title Tag

Writing compelling titles, meta descriptions, and a perfect URL increases your website's click-through-rate.
It allows Google to understand what your website pages convey to your desired audience.
Moreover, tags are predefined terminology in WordPress. Also, it helps you reach out to readers who want to read your content on other web design sites. Often it makes it easy for people to follow through with your content.
Meta description makes your white hat SEO process more clear and concise. When it appears in the search, your audience will decide whether they want to click on your website or move on to the next option within a few seconds.
This means meta description can either make or break your click-through-rates.
A perfect URL is the showcase of a perfect destination that your audience wants to reach. It makes perfect sense to choose a short and sweet URL that appeals to your audience's eyes. And also, that works in line with Google's guidelines.

10. A Good UX is All You Need

The importance of UX hasn't changed much. It's just that now managing good UX has to be a priority, which wasn't a compulsion in search engines' earlier days.
Meeting user's demands works in favor of your audience, and that's how the users come back to your site. It is the only technique that makes white hat SEO more relevant than a black hat SEO strategy.
It skyrockets your SEO strategy. It often helps you in improving your website's bounce rates. Moreover, it ensures the credibility of your site.
You can see a whopping conversion rate of 200% with the help of a well-designed user interface.
In earlier days, analyzing and making user-oriented UX design was hard. But, now, you don't need to be an SEO expert to find out the loopholes in your design.
Thousands of UX design guides can show you the loopholes and also the solutions to fix them.

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To summarize, white hat SEO does wonders for your business if you can shift your mindset and put users first in every way possible.
When you use white hat SEO techniques, you have the right to safeguard all your efforts and time, unlike the black hat SEO, where no one knows when your business can shut down.
In other words, to revive your modern business, pull off some great content and fix the little details. And remember, white hat SEO works in the long run and ultimately pays off in the end.
Do you want to know more about the benefits of using white hat SEO strategies? Drop your details here.

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