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Outsourcing SEO

Businesses become specialized over the course of their lifetime. It means they should focus on core functions rather than others.

SEO has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. What worked then might not work today. There is also the question of hiring more people with SEO knowledge.

With the COVID crisis this year, hiring has effectively come to a stop. With all these factors in mind, what are the options for companies that are available?

That is where full-service digital marketing agencies come into the picture. SEO resellers can deliver expert teams and tools for any business. It completely negates all the disadvantages mentioned earlier.

Most of the top brands outsource their SEO services to a company. It offers them a much better financial control of their processes.

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In-House SEO VS Outsourcing SEO

S.No In-House SEO SEO Outsourcing
1 The costs of SEO talent involved may be high. It is much less expensive to hire a team of experts.
2 It takes a lot more time to get the results you want. You can set deadlines on when you want the project to be completed.
3 There might be miscommunication between your SEO team and the core team. More experienced teams are capable of understanding your requirements perfectly.
4 Tools may be outdated, leading to mediocre results. Powerful and cutting edge tools for exceptional performance.
5 Adds complexity to the effective team and resource management. Outsourcing simplifies management tasks.
6 Core functionalities suffer because of a focus on SEO. The company will take the SEO workload off your hands, and it will result in better focus.
7 Traffic and conversions may not be as expected. When it comes to metrics agencies, deliver things precisely as per the requirement.
8 The quality of leads and links might not be the best. A team of experts delivers the highest quality leads in your domain.
9 Tend to miss important aspects for improvement due to familiarity. Bring a different perspective to problem-solving for a brand.
10 Chances are high; they might not have the exposure required for results. A digital agency deals with hundreds of clients a year, and they bring this experience to the table.
11 Cannot take on a lot of work because of several limiting factors like size and expertise. Possible to take on a huge workload without any problems.
12 Scalability is expensive and sometimes is not an option. Agencies provide scalability at relatively low costs. They will expand this to suit your needs.

Advantages of Outsourcing SEO

The agencies are much more capable of handling issues during the project. Agencies use better strategies that can prevent mishaps. It is especially true when it comes to marketing.

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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing

As SEOs are mostly tailormade campaigns, they will differ from one process to another. You should do your research to make sure that the company suits your brand.

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Advantages of Outsourcing SEO

1. Having More Experienced Partners

With the growing competition in all niches, SEO has become a complex task. More than a billion brands are competing for attention in the same niche. The online marketplace is shrinking rapidly. It is a cause for concern with most businesses out there.

It is in the company’s best interest to hire an experienced SEO agency to solve this issue. They are much more capable of handling issues that arise during the course of the project. Agencies have much better strategies that can prevent mishaps. It is especially true when it comes to marketing.

2. Keep Up With Evolving SEO Trends & Strategies

Back in the day, you needed very little to get to the top of the rankings. Posting some spun content, directory posting, and some blackhat links will get you to the top. But today, search engines are a lot smarter. It means that your SEO strategy needs to evolve, as well.

The truth is that every company out there is carrying out paid SEO. Simple tweaking of your brand profile will not give you the results you’re expecting. It takes the effort of a team of experts to improve rankings. And the best way to get them to work for you is to approach a digital marketing agency.

3. Gets Increased Traffic With Improved Quality

Consumers today are much smarter than before. It isn’t easy to get them enticed to a product. Also, with thousands of brands to choose from, they are more empowered. It makes getting a favorable purchase decision from them a painstaking task. Companies need to adapt or risk being forgotten by them.

For most companies, making their brand more attractive to their audience is difficult. Digital marketing agencies have dealt with hundreds of brands, so their input counts. They can improve website traffic through legitimate strategies. They have domain-specific optimizations that can deliver results.

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing SEO

1. Verify Their Expertise in SEO

Experience is probably one of the most important aspects to consider during selection. A company needs to be as experienced as you can afford to get good results. Because in SEO, time spent directly translates into good results.

Ideally, you should also check if they have any experience with your niche. It is important when you are from a specific niche like attorneys or eCommerce.

As SEOs are mostly tailormade campaigns, they will differ from one process to another. You should do your research to make sure that the company suits your brand.

2. Ask for a Dynamic Pricing Model

The budget is another critical part of choosing the right SEO company. As your white label SEO partner, they should be able to reduce your expenses. It makes no point hiring them if they cannot fit your budget.

If you find a company that you like and are out of budget, you should try negotiating. Most companies in the niche are open to cutting down their prices for the right client. You might be able to get the deal you want.

3. Get Customized Pricing Plans

If there’s one true adage, it’s that ‘no two businesses are alike.’ What this means is that you should always opt for tailormade services for your brand. They should be able to offer you customized solutions. If not to your brand, it should at least be niche specific.

In these days of high competition, results only favor the most optimized. So talk to your SEO agency and make sure they have a unique proposition for you. Or else, they could be just a bad idea to invest in at the moment.

How to Outsource SEO Services the Right Way?

Check Your Brand Metrics

Before you start on engagement, it is important to check your metrics. It gives you clarity on how much your brand has improved during the process. It also helps you calculate important statistics like cost per lead. These can help you hire the best agency to externalize your job in the future.

Audit Your Resources

Something that a lot of companies forget to do is verify their workforce. Taking stock of your resources gives you a good idea about the things that need more attention. It can allow you to negotiate with your service provider as well. As a business, you should use every available resource you have on your hand. Getting rid of what is not required is also a critical part of the process.

Compare With Your Competitors

An agency will give you accurate stats about your competitors through their analysis. But it’s always better to get your information along with that.

Assessing your competitors can give you a new perspective about the things that need extra attention. It can also point out flaws in your perceived plans. It is a useful talking point when you engage your white label SEO agency.

Calculate Costs

Cost is probably one of the most critical things to get done if you are going to outsource SEO.

When a good digital marketing agency pitches, it is hard not to be completely taken in. It is not their fault. It just showcases how good they are at selling. Regardless, you need to figure out the financial side of things.

You need to have answers when it comes to how affordable and feasible they are.

Pick The Right Agency

Getting the right agency is a complex task. It is difficult to pinpoint whats’ right’ here. There are more businesses than agencies. It means you are eventually going to share an agency with others.

The key is to identify the pain points of your organization when it comes to SEO. If an SEO agency can check them off, then they are the right agency.

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Setting Goals And Targets

For a plan to succeed, their goal-setting must be on point. The results are what dictates the route taken. And the other advantage is that it helps to track progress.

For this reason, you need to include short- and long-term goals as part of your strategy.

  • Long-term goals exist as beacons to direct the process.
  • Short-term goals serve as checkpoints to ensure focus.

Deciding On Scalability

As a client, you need to decide on how many resources you are going to use.

Even though outsourcing is scalable, you might save money by streamlining your requirements. And you can only do this when you are aware of pivotal aspects like goals, clients, and plans.

Scalability is all about finding new methods to improve reach.

Check the Scope Of Their Content Delivery Systems

Content is the foundation of all SEO processes. For this reason, you need to validate how they develop content.

  • Do they have writers?
  • Can they deliver upmarket videos?
  • How good are they with infographics?

These are some questions that you need to have answers to. Ask for past deliverables to get an idea of their quality.

Calculate Their Turnaround Time

As a business, time is a critical factor to success. You have clients to whom you’re answerable to.

For an outsourcing process to work, the partner should respect that.

  • If the turnaround times are too long for certain processes, check with them.
  • If they don’t answer them, they probably don’t have the best people on the job.

Or it could indicate a hole in their strategy. Either are signs of a weak company.

Formulate An Action Plan

The agency you are going to hire will have a plan to execute. But it is important to have a plan of your own.

Get your top people and brainstorm about the things that need attention when it comes to SEO. They will have valuable insights to share, which you can use.

An action plan doesn’t have to be elaborate. But it needs to highlight every area that you want results on.

Start With A Low Budget

If you’re dealing with a new SEO agency, you should temper your spending. Don’t be too hasty to assign work to them, as they are still an unproven quantity.

You should be investing in them in stages. It makes it easier for you to account for losses if they do not perform. On the plus side, if they do well, you can improve funding and get more done.

Monitoring Progress

Being a client, you need to track progress when it comes to your engagement. It gives you a better idea of where your marketing spend is going. It also helps you figure out how much work is getting done.

Ideally, a company should be providing you regular reports of engagement progress.

Working With Deadlines

Every company works on deadlines, and so does yours. That is why you should also enforce the same on the people you are hiring.

The agency needs to be accountable when it comes to deadlines. Talk to them about what the penalties are for missing deadlines. If there are none in the contract, it should raise suspicion.

Focusing On Strategic Impact

All companies should consider is the positive impact SEO can have on their company. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy. Figure out how SEO fits into this.

Most modern brands rely heavily on SEO for results. It also means that low-quality SEO is rampant these days. It is a good time to discuss SEO best practices with your provider.

Help Educating Your Team

Rather than putting your team through video training, they could learn from observation. So your team will be a lot less fatigue, and they will learn more from expert SEOs. It will help your employees to contribute more to your company. It is a win-win for you and them as well.

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