Best Competitive Analysis Tools to Use

1. SpyFu

Basic Professional Team
$39 $79 $299

SpyFu is probably the top three mentioned in any list when you're talking about competitive analysis tools. It might even be the best one we’ve reviewed. The reason is simple - it is a platform that is focused on only doing one thing well.
Business intelligence is an important part of the marketing strategy for any brand. And for most people, these kinds of apps are out of their budget or just do not deliver results. SpyFu is an affordable platform that also produces accurate results.
It can find keywords quickly and easily. You get insights into your competitor's most used keywords as well.

  • You get unlimited domain and keyword searches even for the basic plan
  • It gives you access to over 12 years of business intelligence data
  • Ability to white label services with custom branded reports

2. Ahrefs

Lite Standard Advanced Agency
$99 $179 $399 $999

Considered by many as one of the best digital marketing tools, Ahrefs has always been popular on a global scale. It has a powerful analysis tool that can help you get vital information.
In every niche, competitors can be problematic. But with Ahrefs by your side, you can find your competitor's strengths and make them your own. It has tools that identify key data points for your rivals' strengths and weaknesses.
You can also prioritize which aspects of the pipeline you need to focus on. This can help you get your campaign up to speed.

  • It comes with several features that can help with competitive analysis
  • It assigns an Ahrefs Rank to w ebsites which can help further categorize them
  • You can analyze and highlight negative SEO attacks against your website

3. SEMrush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

Another popular all-inclusive platform, SEMrush, is widely used by companies of all sizes. It can do everything in a digital marketing funnel. And yes, even competitor analysis is not beyond its reach. And to do this, you need a lot of data points. This is what the platform can deliver for you.
By definition, a competitor analysis is a process that avoids making the same mistakes as they do. Also, you need to follow their success and replicate the same.
SEMrush gives users the tools to get vital information about your competitor's marketing funnel. From keywords to backlinks, you get a lot of information at your fingertips with this app.

  • It has a host of tools that let you identify, analyze and categorize competition
  • You can prioritize your competitors into specific threat levels
  • Get better opportunities through several critical data points

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4. BuiltWith

Basic Pro Team
$295 $495 $995

Even though BuiltWith is a relatively new tool compared to the rest of the lineup, it has built a good reputation for itself in the niche. The platform provides extensive data points about business intelligence and competitor analysis.
With this tool, users can highlight key market segments that brands might have overlooked.
Its competitor modules are pretty in-depth, even for advanced users.
You can keep track of any specific technology gaining or losing market share. It also gives brands insights into churn between competitors. This can help users take a call with what they should be investing in. It has a huge repository of domains that have more than 50k technologies listed.

  • Detailed reports based on technology used on over 370 million active domains
  • You can customize lists based on the keywords you choose
  • Direct comparison of competitor technology is also possible

5. Moz

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

Another popular digital marketing platform, Moz, is backed by experts in the niche. It has a lot of credibility with its user base, which is not unfounded either.
This platform has a lot of tools that are suited to the digital marketing pipeline. It also has a potent competitor analysis module that you can use to reverse engineer their methods.
DA is a proprietary metric that Moz first introduced. This is a metric that has become popular in SEO circles. It gives people a good metric to measure how effective their competitors are.
The competitor tool is feature-packed and lets users highlight competitor backlinks and keywords.

  • Easy to use for beginners and has a lot of tools for competition analysis
  • Domain Authority helps users figure out competitor ranks and relevance
  • Comparative competitor analysis is much easier with built-in tools

6. Raven Tools

Small Biz Start Grow Thrive Lead
$39 $79 $139 $249 $399

If you are on the lookout for a tool that does everything and includes a strong competitive analysis portfolio, Raven Tools is a good choice. It offers something for everyone, including freelancers and marketers who are starters.
Bringing a host of services like keyword analysis, rank tracking, and detailed reporting is a good set of tools.
As a Raven Tools user, you will have access to several competitor performance metrics like load times, page speed, TF, and citation flow, to name a few. You also get reports about social integrations, social media engagement metrics, and more.

  • Head to head comparison of several selected competitors in the same niche
  • Rank Checker shows which keywords your competitors are doing well with
  • The competition manager tool categorizes other brands according to several metrics

7. Alexa

Advanced Plan

Alexa comes across as one of the most accessible competition ranking tools that are available today. It comes with several features that are aimed at competition tracking.
You also get in-depth audits that are customizable. This can help you with highlighting strengths and issues with your website compared to your competitors.
While the tools are not great compared to more focused tools in this roundup, it is more than adequate for medium to large businesses.
One problem with the platform is the price to performance ratio. Several users feel that there are better options at the price point. It delivers a great user experience but might not be great for advanced users.

  • It delivers detailed site audits, paid and organic keyword research
  • You can use this to check your competitors' backlink profile
  • Slightly expensive for the number of features it has

8. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb, as a platform, offers valuable insights into competitor business. It focuses on website traffic, visitor metrics, and referring websites, among others.
The reports it produces are highly detailed - even including average visits and bounce rates. This is not something that a lot of platforms offer.
The tool itself is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. It delivers a lot of detailed information for users at all levels. But, sometimes, this data is locked behind a higher-priced plan which can be a bit of a damper. This intelligence tool works for a global market and can be adapted to international campaigns.

  • It has powerful tools which can be used for benchmarking and comparisons
  • You get detailed reports about competitor ad spends and traffic
  • It delivers reports about social media use and engagement for competitors

9. BuzzSumo

Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99 $179 $299 $499+

BuzzSumo is the benchmark when talking about content marketing. It is a highly reviewed digital marketing platform. It has advanced tools that can help your marketing funnel.
Users get valuable insights into their competitors, which can help with their competitor analysis.
There are several tools at a user's disposal like backlink tool, keyword tool, author tool. Creative use of these tools can help you find things about your competitors that other platforms cannot give you.
BuzzSumo is able to deliver several data points about content publishing, engagement, and social media posting.

  • Users can compare content and social media post strategies between competitors
  • The content analyzer tool gives you new ideas to pitch on your website
  • It also delivers a detailed analysis of your competitor content headlines

10. Sprout Social

Standard Professional Advanced
$99 $149 $249

At its core, Sprout Social is a social management tool that can help brands grow their brand on various social media platforms.
Users can integrate with several popular social media networks to improve their reach and get better metrics. It can also help highlight potential gaps in your social media strategy that needs to be taken care of.
Sprout Social also has a robust competition analysis toolkit. This platform can give you detailed reports about your competitor’s social media stats. And the best part - you can get it for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even use this tool to set alerts for certain conditions, making this a hands-off system.

  • Learn and compare social media strategies from your competition
  • Users can collaborate with teams all over the world on a project
  • It has easy to use automation features but are locked behind higher-priced options

11. Ubersuggest

Individual Business Enterprise / Agency
$12 $20 $40

Ubersuggest is one of the more productive competitive intelligence platforms around. Being backed up by someone as prominent in the industry as Neil Patel is a definite win for any product. It is simple, powerful, and, best of all - it is free to start with.
With a simple interface, Ubersuggest is very easy to get to know. It gives users a lot of data about keyword use, gaps, estimated traffic, and backlinks.
These together can give users enough information to streamline their own campaign. It is also constantly updated, giving you the latest when it comes to function and performance.

  • It gives users much better filtering options compared to others on here
  • It has an SEO expert behind it and so has credibility
  • Because it is constantly updated, the data is accurate and reliable

12. BrightEdge


BrightEdge is sold as a content marketing platform, but it has powerful competition analysis tools built into it. It brings with it a host of robust features which people can use in any marketing pipeline. Users get the ability to aggregate and abstract data, which can l ead to better business opportunities.
The standout feature in the platform has to be the Data Cube SEO tool. It delivers quick and accurate results when investigating a competitor. And the good news is that it works for competitors of any size, even enterprise-level.
Another feature it has is automation which enables users to remain hands-off for limited periods of time.

  • It comes with a large number of tools to track, report, analyze and research
  • The Data Cube tool is the go-to competitor analysis tool in this package
  • Users get insights about competitor rankings, traffic, and overall performance

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13. Owletter

Starter Pro Unlimited
$19 $39 $79

Owletter is an email marketing tool that is used by a lot of smaller to medium-sized companies. But it also does one other thing really well - gather business intelligence.
You can set this tool to monitor specific competitor websites. It can return several interesting statistics about emails.
Some of the statistics users get are open rates, lead generation, and successful subject lines.
This can give users a significant advantage over their competition. It also lets people streamline their own marketing funnel. Also, Owletter stores email forever, which means you have access to metrics for a long time.

  • This is one of the easier tools to use and pretty much turnkey
  • It helps you select the best subject lines for your emails through research
  • It can save emails for a long time, good for referencing past metrics

14. WooRank

Pro Premium Enterprise
$59.99 $179.99 Custom Pricing

WooRank is a review management and SEO tool that lets users improve their brand reach and their leads' quality. Reviews are important, and this platform can help track them better. But what WooRank also does well is detailed competitor analysis and review.
It has focused competitor evaluation tools that can review and analyze several competitor metrics. This includes backlinks, keywords, and content.
You also get detailed audits of competitor websites that can help you improve your own. It also helps analyze competitor reviews which can give you information about brand sentiment.

  • It integrates with a lot of popular platforms like Google, Majestic, and Semrush
  • Competitor analysis works really well and can also monitor reviews
  • Its site crawl tool helps you audit and compare competitor websites

15. iSpionage

Starter Professional Advanced
$59 $99 $299

When it comes to tools that are exclusively for competitor analysis, iSpionage is right up among there.
Although it is marketed as a PPC analysis tool, it does have stellar SEO competitor intelligence. And an interesting aspect of this tool is that it prioritizes content over backlinks.
This is important because today’s metrics are a lot more focused on content optimization. And in this aspect, iSpionage delivers actionable data from your competitor websites.
Users can take a look at content trends, keywords, traffic value, and more through the dashboard.

  • Primarily a PPC tool but delivers insights into competitor content strategy
  • Its SEO Watch tool lets users benchmark against specific competitors
  • The dashboard is simple but has a huge collection of data points

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