Best SAAS SEO Tools in the Web

1. Screaming Frog

Pricing : Free but limited to crawling 500 URLs.
149 GBP for the unlocked version
About : Screaming Frog is a reputed website crawler software. The crawler is called 'The Spider.' It crawls every corner of your website to identify any issues related to SEO as well as technical elements on pages. The suite also offers SEM, PPC, Link Building, and social media marketing solutions.

Features :
  • Detailed technical audit of your website using the spider crawler.
  • Automate SEO audits to uncover broken links, redirects, and other errors.
  • Generate XML sitemaps to boost your online visibility.
  • Provides crawl path and errors report.
  • Locate duplicate content slowing down SEO growth.
  • Solutions to recover from any Google penalties in the past.
  • Content marketing and link-building services.
  • Free technical support for any issues.
  • It helps you create a marketing strategy for your business based on your goals.

2. SEMRush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95/m $229.95/m $449.95/m

About : SEMRush is a popular platform consisting of a suite of SEO tools. It can help you grow your business and SEO. On the marketing front, it can help you devise a robust marketing and content strategy. It helps in improving your SEO scores through keyword research and competitor analysis.

Features :
  • Gives suggestions on the best keywords to use in your content.
  • Perform SEO audits to identify gaps in on-page optimization.
  • Identify issues on your site with code or web elements that are slowing its performance.
  • Tips and tools to boost local SEO and rank higher in local searches.
  • Great backlink analysis and link-building tools to boost SEO.
  • Handy widgets let you build out beautiful and actionable reports fast by using filters of your choice.


Light Standard Advanced Agency
$99/m $179/m $399/m $999/m

Pricing : 7-day paid trial at $7
About :Ahrefs is one of the most trusted SaaS SEO tools in the market. It is loaded with several features that help with all aspects of SEO. This includes rank tracking, keyword research, link building, and site audits. It features a robust set of analysis and marketing tools to boost your online marketing efforts.

Features :
  • Research for keywords on multiple platforms. This includes YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Bing, and others.
  • Track the growth of backlinks on your website to see their performance over time.
  • Check for content issues on a website and folder level to boost SEO.
  • Get automated rank tracking emails to provide reports on keywords ranking high over time.
  • Analyze rank reports to measure your SEO performance over time.

4. GTmetrix

Basic Solo Starter Growth
free $10/m $20/m $40/m

About : GTMetrix is a SaaS SEO tool that does one thing very well. It checks your site and tells you what's slowing it down. Slow websites send negative signals to visitors and search engines. It identifies opportunities to speed up your site. It lets you test site loading speeds in different countries, browsers, and at various connection speeds.

Features :
  • Automate tests to measure site speeds. You can schedule them daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Select key site performance indicators to generate reports.
  • Run mobile compatibility and speed tests on various simulated screen sizes.
  • Detailed analytics give you information about the site's performance.
  • Get alerts when your site is slow. Alerts are linked to a full report to identify the root cause easily.
  • Record page loading videos to pinpoint the exact moment an issue occurs.


Pricing : Pricing varies based on the plan. Contact Sales for details. About :Pitchbox is a powerful link building and analysis tool. It is a SaaS application that helps you prospect easily for sales. It integrates with several SEO tools to increase your client outreach. It lets you get contact information for top influencers easily. Collaborate easily with clients and internal team members to follow up on projects.

Features :
  • Setup alerts for follow-up with customers. This is useful to chase up leads that look promising.
  • Central dashboard to manage all campaign and link data. This includes emails, prospect info, notes, and more.
  • Seamless integration with other SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs etc.
  • Powerful reports make goal tracking easier.
  • Automatically track backlinks. Get alerts in case of changes.
  • Scalable link building with minimum clicks.


Pro Plus Large Enterprise
$99/m $179/m $299/m $499+

Pricing : 30-day free trial
About : BuzzSumo is a SaaS-based content discovery and analysis tool. It lets you generate great content ideas that are sure to engage audiences and boost SEO. It simplifies the process of researching which content is doing well on the web. It identifies key influencers in your domain to promote your content for increased sales.

Features :
  • Generate thousands of relevant keywords with the keyword tool.
  • Combine keyword trends and search volume insights. Use this to create great content.
  • Locate viral and trending content on the web quickly.
  • Get real-time reports on the performance of new content.
  • Generate great content ideas by using high-traffic keywords.
  • Search Reddit and Quora to get ideas for new content for the site.
  • Chrome extension and API support available.

7. Answer The Public

Monthly Annual Enterprise
$99/m $79/m $399/m

About : AnswerThePublic listens to autocomplete search data on search engines like Google and Bing. It uses this data to help you boost SEO. It gives you a list of search phrases that are relevant to your keywords. This gives you a heads-up on content ideas that can pull in more traffic to your site.

Features :
  • Setup listening alerts for your site. This will pick up phrases and words people are using that contain your top-ranking keywords.
  • Use real-time search data to create a robust content strategy. You can also use this data to time your social media posts.
  • Create exciting blogs and articles to gain audience attention based on data from the tool.
  • Create a great sales campaign by getting a better understanding of customer buying habits.

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8. Hotjar

Personal Plus Business plans
$39/m $99 to $389/m

About : Hot jar is a great tool to glean insights about your visitors. It goes one step higher than regular SEO analysis tools. This SaaS-based tool lets you see what users see on your site. It tells you which areas get more clicks. Hot jar has feedback tools that let you listen to what customers are saying. You can greatly boost your SEO efforts by leveraging these insights.

Features :
  • Tells you what visitors and looking at and for how long.
  • Visual heat maps tell you which site areas are popular with visitors.
  • Record visitor journey on your site. This data is valuable in planning new content and keywords for your site.
  • Easy to automate on-site and external surveys to get customer feedback.

9. Mouseflow

Starter Growth Business Pro
$24/m $79/m $159/m $299/m

About : Mouseflow is another SaaS tool that lets you track user clicks and taps on the site. It tells you which areas get more clicks and pages where customers leave soon. You can analyze customer behavior on pages with pricing. Record visitor sessions for analysis to create a better sales funnel. These insights help you create better content and improve the site look and feel.
Features :

  • Filter and segment visitor site recordings. You can filter by country, language, OS, visitor type, and a lot more.
  • Supports dynamic content, forms, members-only pages, and more.
  • Uncover visitor patterns using heat maps.
  • Track activity across pages on the website. Check how visitors interact with forms and shopping carts.
  • Automate feedback forms for visitors to gain deeper insights.

10. SpyFu

Basic Professional Team
$39/m $79/m $299/m

Pricing : Evaluation version available before purchase.
About : SpyFu is a competitor analysis software that gives you an edge over your close competitors.
SpyFu lets you view the list of keywords, ad campaigns, and backlinks used by your competitors to rank higher in online searches. Starting with SpyFu is simple. Enter your competitor's website address to get a detailed analysis of their strategy.

Features :
  • Powerful keyword research tool that churns out top keywords for your domain.
  • Track paid campaigns on platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Search for keywords bought by competitors on Google.
  • Track Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns by knowing every domain bidding on your Google Ads.
  • Identify top keywords bought by competitors but not you.
  • View a list of competitor Google Ad campaigns to plan your Ad campaigns better.

11. Google Trends


About : Google Trends tells you which search queries are trending in different parts of the world. It also tells you the languages in which people are searching. Google Trends visualizes this data in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs.
This is useful in identifying content ideas or keywords to use in your content and metadata. The 'Hot Trends' feature displays the top-20 rising searches for the last hour across countries.

Features :
  • Discover content and keyword ideas by looking at top trends worldwide and in your country or region.
  • Identify possible backlinking opportunities with quality sites.
  • Keep tabs on the top trends in your industry and create unique content to beat the competition.
  • Check the pulse of a product or service. This is an excellent way to get marketing insights before a new campaign or launch.

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12. Yoast


About : Yoast lets you manage your site's SEO campaign easily without hiring an external agency. It's a SaaS tool that drives more visitors to your site from social media and search engines such as Google and Bing.
It has a dedicated plugin for WordPress, which is popular. Yoast analyzes your site and reports technical and SEO issues that are preventing your site from ranking well.

Features :
  • Analyze content readability with the paragraph analysis tool.
  • Checks your articles for keyword density. This helps you in using keywords wisely in the content.
  • Optimize metadata such as headings and title tags
  • Track keyword usage history.
  • Track link performance on the site. You can get the details for both internal and external links.
  • Support for over ten popular languages worldwide.

13. Google Analytics/Search Console


About : The search console and analytics SaaS tools by Google are free to use but have powerful features. Both these tools help you measure your site performance and traffic. It lets you submit XML sitemaps and provides insights on search queries driving website traffic.
Sign-up for email alerts to know when Google identifies issues with your site. With Search Console, you can claim ownership for your site to make it shine in local SEO search queries.

Features :
  • Track website traffic and identify the source of the traffic and the queries leading to it.
  • Check useful metrics like bounce rates, conversions, and session duration.
  • Use customer journey and other reports to get useful SEO insights.
  • Choose custom parameters to create reports based on the elements you are tracking for your SEO campaign.

14. Moz

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99/m $149/m $249/m $599/m

Pricing : Free 30-day trial
About : Moz keyword explorer is a SaaS SEO tool focused on keyword analysis. Use Moz to perform detailed keyword and SERP analysis for your website. You can generate high-ranking keywords after comparing them with your competitor's site.
Other tools bundled in the Moz suite include site crawler, rank tracker, analytics console, and much more.

Features :
  • Find traffic-driving keywords with more than 90% accuracy.
  • Keyword scores enable prioritization. You can choose to target keywords based on the topic.
  • Export keywords to CSV format for external analysis.
  • Do SERP analysis using keyword filters.
  • Competitor keyword analysis.
  • Generate long-tail keywords with a high success rate for your content.
  • Do SEO site audits. You can generate various reports to find content and SEO gaps.

15. Majestic

Light Pro API
$49.99/m $99.99/m $399.99/m

About : Majestic is an SEO tool that provides tools for link analysis and link building. It offers unique features for building and checking quality backlinks. Majestic has a massive backlink index for building quality backlinks. This lets you create quality backlinks that stand out.
Majestic also includes SEO tools for keyword checks, reporting, and much more.

Features :
  • Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Context report metrics. These unique reports help build great backlinks.
  • Link charts tell you the search queries driving visitor traffic to your site. This data helps you identify SEO gaps.
  • Comes with useful plugins for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Drill down into specific keywords to see how they are performing.

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