Businesses always aim to do better and best. With growing technology and the robust digital infrastructure that we have, businesses benefit by harnessing their power. With a growing population, businesses are striving hard to retain themselves globally and be more visible to customers.
The power of digital marketing has helped many spread their wings across the globe. Every business aims for only one thing - to get more customers. It is for this that they induce various marketing methods for their business.
Using digital marketing, a brand can have enormous customer reach most positively and cost-effectively. Digital marketing is one enormous umbrella under which there are a plethora of techniques and methods for marketing.
With time, traditional marketing is fading, and the options left are either too costly for small businesses to use or not very feasible to accomplish.

SEO & Its Importance in a Business

While there are many ways to incorporate digital marketing, one of the major ones is through SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital digital marketing method through which brands strive to be 'more visible' on any online platform. Here are some amazing reasons why SEO is important for a business.

  • It helps in better ranking and visibility.
  • Improves web traffic, thus improving your prospects.
  • With SEO, you can build your site's authority.
  • It improves the user experience that helps in bringing more customers.
  • SEO aims at growth and expansion.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your content. While there are many other social media and other platforms to up your business game, YouTube is one of the most popular ones. YouTube is considered one of the best platforms to communicate with your customers.
The stats below show you why it’s one of the leading platforms for connecting with the users.
Many businesses use YouTube in providing solutions for their customers through YouTube videos. Its features and popularity are some of the main reasons why businesses use YouTube.
It is an important marketing method. A business can typically use YouTube to introduce, market, and promote its products and services. Here are the top reasons why a business should use YouTube.

  • You can use YouTube to create a community to share information about your product.
  • YouTube videos are a great way to demonstrate how your product or service works.
  • It is also a great platform to build your brand reputation through great visuals.
  • Through YouTube, you can also create and share your brand's personality.
  • This platform is also a great option to consider when promoting and spreading the word about your products.

8 out of 10 search results for videos are from YouTube. You will be amazed to know that 500 hours of videos get uploaded to this platform every minute.
YouTube is a vast ocean, and with so many videos getting uploaded every day, how do you make sure people see yours. For this, you need a robust YouTube SEO strategy.
YouTube SEO is altering and working on quality uploading on your YouTube page so that yours has better visibility.
To rank better in Search Engine Result Pages, one has to create a solid SEO strategy. It is important because the world on the internet is ever dynamic, and one has to keep changing their methods and practices accordingly for better ranking.
YouTube SEO means optimizing your YouTube channel elements like meta description, playlists, title, video quality, and descriptions.

12 Little-Known YouTube SEO Techniques to Get Increasing Video Views

How to optimize your YouTube videos is one question that many have in mind. While many SEO specialists keep working keenly on improving and coming up with the best SEO techniques to rank your YouTube videos better, here are some of them that you can try.

1. Find the Right Keywords for Your Videos

It is important to add the best traffic-generating keywords to rank your videos on top. For YouTube, it is typically a search engine for videos. YouTube's ranking algorithm is sophisticated.
To find the best keywords for your YouTube video, use traditional online tools like SEMrush, Moz, and others. One best way is to include the most frequently searched tags. With these, you get trending keywords that users are searching with.
For example, you can start the title with a questioning word; for instance, 'How to' is one of the most frequently used tags.
Using the right keywords in various places like the metadata, title and description are the best ways to optimize your YouTube video.

2. Optimize Your Video Title for Better Visibility

Your video title should be clear enough for the viewer to understand what the video is all about. The title should be at least five words long and should use at least one focus keyword.
When you go on YouTube, you search for something to find an answer to your problem. That's what the YouTube title is. It would help if you conveyed to your users what best solution you can offer to them through your video.
Also, it should have the content that the title promises to the users.
For example, 'How to add layers in procreate: one step tutorial,' 'How to make apple pie: easiest way.' In these titles, you provide the problem and how you will provide a solution to it.

3. Optimize Your Descriptions and Tags

One other thing that is most important in your video in the description. It tells Google what your video is all about. When you add a relevant and properly structured description, Google knows it better, and when Google reads it better, the crawling is better. This, in turn, will help you rank on the top. Some of the best tips that you can follow are:

  • Make sure there is a focus keyword in the first 25 words in the description.
    Ensure it also has secondary and LSI keywords along with hyperlinks to useful blogposts.
  • Your description should be at least 250 words long.
  • Make sure your keyword is inserted at least three to four times in the description.

Tags, on the other hand, are just as important as descriptions. Tags will categorize your videos based on what it is all about. One basic tip to add tags is to make your focus keyword itself as a tag. Also, include a few variations of it.

4. Ask Your Viewers to Comment

The best way to get more traction is by getting more views and comments. Make your videos more conversational and engaging. In the end, persuade your viewers to comment or ask them for any feedback and suggestions. This is a great way to improve your YouTube SEO.
More the engagement on your videos, the more your reach will be.
More comments mean more popularity, and so aim at this. YouTube works pretty much like Google and ranks only the most popular ones on the top. By asking your viewers at the end to comment on it, you are triggering a question to make them answer for it.

5. Make People Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel

Any YouTuber will know the happiness of seeing a plus one on the subscription list. Ask people to subscribe to your videos. This can significantly boost your chances of people subscribing to it.
One of the best and organic ways to do this is by creating original content. Another way is by prompting the 'subscribe here' button once in a while on your video. You can also ask people at the end of the video to subscribe to your channel.
It’s believed that the more the number of subscribers, the more will be the reach it receives.
Another best way is to link other related videos in your description box and ask people to subscribe to your channel for more similar content. Some other efforts can tell them how to do it and tell them why to do it.

6. Categorize Your YouTube Video

In YouTube, not all videos are for everyone. While it is eligible for everyone to watch, it might not appeal to all groups. For example, baby rhymes are not interesting for professionals. Under 'Advanced settings' in YouTube, you will find the option to categorize similar videos that unfold in creating various playlists.
This helps you reach a more relevant audience, thereby fetching improved engagement.
While it does sound simple, it can be a tad complicated. Understanding how YouTube works is a better way to do this in a simpler way.
According to YouTube Creator Academy, some of the most popular topics that you can categorize your videos into are entertainment, travel, fashion, food, vlogs, how-to videos, product reviews, haul videos, and gaming videos.

7. Make Sure You Add an Interesting Thumbnail

Your YouTube video thumbnails matter. Here's why. They say the first impression lasts. When someone opens your YouTube channel, they should be motivated to open your video and view it.
Also, You should optimize a thumbnail for all devices.
Here is the thumbnail that makes someone decide if they want to open your video. Some of the best tips and tricks to make amazing YouTube thumbnails are:

  • Find a thumbnail template and stick to it consistently so people can easily recognize your videos among so many others.
  • Get inspired by others' but come up with your style. See how the most popular videos are doing their video thumbnails.
  • Keep an eye and look out for thumbnail trends and follow them.
  • Keep experimenting and compare your various videos to see what works and performs the best.

8. Do No Miss Out on Closed Captions

Did you know that YouTube can automatically transcribe your videos?
While they do make your job simple, only 70% of the subtitles come up accurately. Before you blindly trust the AI, get down, fold your sleeves, and do your part to get the subtitles right.
Subtitles or captions are a great way to improve your video views. If your content is super amazing, more people will want to watch it, but they might get upset if it is in a language that they don't understand.
If you dont want to miss out on a larger audience, do not overlook using CC.
So, to avoid such embarrassments, it is important to make sure you edit the captions. Adding captions result in higher search rank, better user engagement and experience, and improves web accessibility. Most of all, it appeals to the crowd.

9. Build Links and Add the Transcript to Your Description

You would have often seen people talk about other related topics in their videos and add a link to them in the description box. This is a great way to add views to other videos on your channel.
It increases your reach, watch time, and engagement on all your videos.
Another best way to optimize your YouTube for SERPs is by adding the transcript in your description.
While it's not that many will go ahead and read it, the transcript is sure to contain some keywords that add to optimization.

10. Add End Screens and Cards to Enhance Your Video

The quality of the video is very important when it comes to YouTube. It is not the definition that we are talking about here but the other aspects that enhance the video visuals.
For example, a title card and an end screen can make a huge difference and can make your videos stand out when compared to others.
It lets you promote your other videos effortlessly.
You would have seen a small white-colored icon with an 'i' on the top right corner in many YouTube videos. This feature lets you add cards. They can be direct links to other videos on your page, links for fundraising, donation cards, poll cards, playlist cards, and others.

11. Concentrate on User Engagement for Better Optimization

While all of the aesthetics are one side of a coin, Google resonates and cares about user experience and how viewers respond to various videos. Watch time is a major aspect of this. The best you can do about it is by adding an impressive teaser.
If you can grab a viewer's attention in the first 15 - 20 seconds, then you can ace this.
So, have a beautiful introduction with attractive images, texts, or videos with a piece of enticing background music.
Session watch time is another aspect of user engagement. It is all about how long the user sticks to your video. So make sure your content is full of life and original.

12. Optimize Your YouTube video

YouTube needs good and real content to feed it every day! If you are looking to bring your videos on top of the search list, you should have enough fresh content.
According to Brightcove's research, around 46% of people have made a buying decision after watching various product videos, of which 32% have made one. YouTube is the second most popular platform when it comes to marketing.
Around 81% of consumers interact with their favorite brands on social media, 43% resonate with brand videos.
This is why most brands, including Apple, Microsoft, even Google, keep producing videos to connect with their audiences.
By optimizing your YouTube videos, you are welcoming more people to view them. When it comes to video optimizing, what plays a major role in the quality of the video.
Editing and voice syncing are the other two major aspects of it. So, the next time you are ready to upload your YouTube video, make sure you get these right.

Best YouTube SEO Tools in the Web

While not all of them are SEO experts, some try and achieve this by learning various SEO techniques by themselves. If you are looking to learn some of the best YouTube SEO tools, then here's a list for you. These amazing tools help you get the best and optimize your videos the best way!
Here Are 7 YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Video Ranking:

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1. Google Trends

To find the best title that will appeal to YouTube users, Google Trends is the best tool.
Explore Google Trends by searching your focus topic, then pick a target group, geographical region, time period, and category. This tool also helps find related queries to the search topic. The best part, this tool is free.

2. YouTube Autocomplete

One of the best features of YouTube is the 'autocomplete.' It is very comprehensive and helps you frame the right and exact titles. While typing on the search bar, you would notice YouTube coming with popular videos.
YouTube throws the most popularly searched video titles, which is the key for you to frame yours. The best thing about this is it's free, and there is open for you to experiment.

3. SEMrush for Keywords

While there are many keyword research tools out there, many feel the best keyword research tool is SEMrush.
The keyword overview tool is one of the best features that help you get all information related to keywords, including data like how many people searched for it, how well it is trending, demographics of it, and much more. It also shows a handy list of other related keywords for your reference.

4. TubeBuddy for Metadata

You have 48 hours from the time of uploading your video actually to stabilize your metadata. If you cross this threshold, YouTube will regard it as less timely.
TubeBuddy simplifies channel maintenance and helps get done with descriptions, titles, tags, and other essentials. It is a browser extension that helps optimize by providing tips and provides automated checks to make sure your videos are organized properly.

5. YouTube Analytics

To exactly determine your channel's strengths and weaknesses, YouTube analytics is the best. It will help you learn about your audience, understand what excites them, what grabs their attention, and much more.
One basic thing to know is that longer videos perform better and that the algorithms of YouTube work based on RealTime and Watch Time reports. You will also get to know the viewer retention data and know what videos have driven more engagement. The best part is that it is in-built, which makes it free!

6. Canva

Remember when we spoke about polishing your video to make it visually appealing?
Thumbnails are one of the most important aspects of YouTube SEO. To create an attractive thumbnail, you can use Canva. While there are plenty of tools out there, what makes Canva the best is that it's simple to use. There are a plethora of free HD pictures that you can use as thumbnails. While a few of their features come in paid versions, most of them are free to use.

7. Blender

If you are looking to enhance your videos, then Blender is your one-stop solution. Using VFX to 3D to rendering, this tool has got it all covered for you. Trimming, transition, filters are also a part of this tool. The tool also lets you mix audio files, and the best thing is that it's a free tool for most of its features.

YouTube SEO FAQs

YouTube is not one-day learning. It is massive and needs a lot of studying before you hit the g-to numbers as your subscribers. The best thing about YouTube that makes it the most loved platform by users is that it is simple to learn. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube SEO.

1. How Do You Do SEO on YouTube?

The basic way to do YouTube SEO is by starting from the basics. It can be as simple as optimizing your metadata with keywords to making sure your video is high-definition. Another great way is providing captions, adding cards, and asking people to subscribe to your channel.

2. How Do I Create Good YouTube Content?

YouTube content requires creativity. Even a simple video can earn thousands of views, but it all depends on how you do it and how creatively you portray it. Adding the right keywords and making sure your content is original is also a great way to ensure that your content is good and ranks better than others.

3. What Are Some of the Best Keyword Research Tools for YouTube SEO?

While many tools can help in proper keyword research, some of them are highly recommended. They are SEMrush,, YouTube autocomplete, and Kparser. These keyword research tools will help you find the right keywords to target your audience.

4. Why Should I Use YouTube for My Business?

The business world is ever dynamic and has cut-throat competition. Time is of the essence, and it becomes important to reach out to as many customers as possible in a short span. This is when digital marketing helps. This is why most businesses create robust video marketing strategies with the techniques mentioned in the image.
YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, as per SmartData. Growing your business on this platform will help you reach out to more customers and show your brand's personality.

5. Should I Hire an Expert to Run My YouTube Channel?

Unlike any other platform, YouTube offers amazing features and benefits that help you make the best use in promoting and shaping your business on the YouTube channel. As intensive as it is, it is not very difficult to learn and do it by yourself. There are plenty of videos on YouTube itself on various tutorials that can help you learn various tricks and tips.
Create relevant and latest expert videos to add them to your channel.
If you still find it complicated, you can always go ahead and hire an expert.

6. How Can YouTube Help in Growing My Business?

Almost everyone sees YouTube every single day. Like Google, YouTube is also one of the most popular search engines. It is one of the platforms that generate high traffic and volume and boosts your search engine rankings based on your video views, ratings, and popularity. It is considered one of the best platforms when compared to other social media platforms.

7. How Should I Optimize My YouTube Videos?

Some of the best tips to follow to optimize your YouTube videos are by making sure your title is at least five words long, add keywords in the first sentence of your YouTube description, insert keywords naturally in the video and the captions, add tags and categorize your video, and add an impressive thumbnail.

8. Is It Good to Add Links to My YouTube Video Descriptions?

Yes. It is one of the best ways to keep your audience grooved to your channel. You can do this by subtly talking about other related topics and provide links from your channel for those in your description. People will tend to explore more if they like the subject or topic that you are explaining. Also, by providing rich links, you are helping your channel in ranking and indexing.

9. What Are Some of the Best Components of an SEO-Friendly YouTube Video?

Some of the best components for a better SEO-driven YouTube are title, tags, category, descriptions, cards, end screens, thumbnails, and captions. Visibility and playlists are also two other important components.

10. Where Do I Start with YouTube SEO for My Channel?

There are so many self-help videos on YouTube itself that will help you learn various YouTube techniques. Research well, talk to other YouTubers and see how they are incorporating various techniques in their channel. The best way to learn is by creating a YouTube SEO checklist and following it step-by-step. YouTube is one of the most creative platforms that a brand can explore. With tons of new content emerging every day, YouTube never runs out of fresh content. With YouTube and a proper YouTube SEO, you can promote your products with extensively visualized videos. Through a YouTube channel for your business, you can easily reach your audience by advertising others and creating videos. Being the second most visited website globally, YouTube holds great potential for all those looking out to expand their business through digital marketing. Are you looking for SEO experts to rank your YouTube videos? Or Do you need more organic views for your Videos on YouTube? Then, schedule a call with our experts now.

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