Importance of SEO for Your Walmart Product Listings

1. SEO Helps You Optimize Spike in Queries

Pandemic-induced lockdowns have driven millions to go online to find the products they need. Most of them spend hours searching for these products on platforms like Walmart.
Fifty-three percent of millennials claim that search helps them decide what to buy. What's more, 49 percent of online shoppers went past the first SERP to look for the product they need.
These indicate that thousands of product queries are being made on Google, Amazon, and Walmart. And the only way to leverage this spike in queries is to do SEO for your product listings.

2. SEO Gives You More Sales

Walmart, like Google and Amazon, has its advanced search algorithm. This code has only one job: To provide Walmart users with the best results for their searches.
Remember, most searches on Walmart search bars are transactional. So, the results appearing at the first and second SERP have a higher chance of landing a sale. This is where SEO comes into the picture.
Walmart SEO is a procedure by which you make your product discoverable to the algorithm. The better you do your SEO on your product listing, the more sales you land from Walmart users.

Tips to Increase Sales for Your Walmart Product listings

1. Find a Good Title for Your Product

You need to attract the algorithm with a title having the right parts, keywords, and length. For example:
Suppose you want to buy a chopping board for your kitchen. You being health-conscious, have already decided that you will not buy a plastic one. You search for 'wooden chopping boards' on Walmart, hoping that you might land a good deal. On a SERP, you home in on these options:

  • Chopman bamboo cutting board 5*10'' yellow
  • Chopboy crack-proof bamboo 5*10'' cutting board for healthy cooking

Which do you think you would buy?
Notice how a feature, the material and size, and a benefit are arranged on the second one. It is also within the ideal character length of 50-75.

2. Make Use of Long, Short Descriptions

It is okay if you cannot come up with a good title. Let it be ‘Chopman cutting board yellow!’
You still have a broader playing field in product descriptions. Here, you can wake up that salesperson in you and go gaga about your product, provided you don’t forget the keywords.
The description can be divided into two parts--long and short. In the former, explain how the product can change the user's life. Remember not to assume a condescending tune; talk to them, not educate them. While you are at it, subtly insert keywords most searched in your product category.
In the short description, list four or five key features of the product. You can put these as bullet points.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Something is exciting in touching and inspecting a product at a shop. It lets you more in control of the entire transaction. This, however, is completely lacking in an online sale. And experts term it as the biggest bane of online sales.
So, how can you overcome this? The answer lies in high-quality pictures of the product. Of course, this is no substitute for actually touching a product. But, it is the closest as it gets. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Background of product images should be white
  • Images should adhere to Walmart trust and safety standards
  • Read Walmart editing guidelines before upload
  • Insert keywords in filenames and alt text

4. Keep Pricing Competitive

In 2016, Walmart was the world's largest company, raking in a whopping $486 bn in annual revenue. The company owes this success to its pricing strategy known as Everyday Low Price (EDLP).
Used to perfection in their stores, this strategy is being employed online as well.
This is because 85 percent of its customers base their buying decisions on pricing. So, if your products have multiple sellers on Walmart, keep your prices competitive. From an SEO standpoint, this will benefit your ranking on SERP and help you win the buy box.
Extra : Remember to not engage in a price war that will drive down your profit. Calculate your expenses wisely before quoting the price on Walmart.

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5. Get Positive Reviews from Customers

The importance of User Generated Content (UGC. cannot be more stressed on Walmart. UGC can be as elaborate as written reviews or as simple as start ratings. Whatever be the form, they indeed decide how high your products are displayed.
Both users and the algorithm think highly of positive reviews. If you get negative ones, address them immediately. Sometimes, a timely response can turn a sulking customer into a loyal one. Here are some tricks to tackle negative reviews.

  • Don't be in denial. Give honest response to the customer
  • Deliver the product in time. Delay by even a day can harm your reputation
  • Don't copy-paste. Give each of your negative reviews a custom reply.

6. Give Right Attributes

People visit ecommerce stores expecting a wider choice of products than physical stores. But to reach the right choice, they need a method. Product attributes are that method. They also help your products to be displayed before the right customers.
At Walmart, depending on the product category, you can add up to 24 attributes. You can find these attributes when you are writing your long and short descriptions. The more common attributes include: material, color, shape, size, taste, feel, and capacity.
Extra : Relevant attributes increase your sales, while irrelevant ones do not. So, don't put any attribute under the category 'other.'

7. Choose Two-Day Delivery Tag

Walmart's two-day delivery program is a proven way to increase sales. This is akin to Amazon's Prime, which has brought much growth to that marketplace.
The program promises a user delivery anywhere in the country within two days. This does not entail a minimum basket amount or a fee either.
The two-day tag may not influence ranking, but they raise views and impressions. Walmart studies have found that the tag increased impressions by 75% and product views by 1.5 times.
There are two ways you can get the tag.

  • Complete a minimum order fulfillment of 100 or marketplace presence of 90 days.
  • Handover order fulfillment to an established player like Deliverr.

8. Send Them Shipping Status

Giving your customer precise shipping information is a good business manner to espouse.
You can send them the shipping status from time to time until the product reaches the customer. Within a few days of delivery, you can seek a product review too.

Return policy

At Walmart, you have to take care of your returns. And you have to ensure that your returns (due to damage. are below three percent of your total sales volume. Also, make returning process easy for customers, like:

  • Making the return policy clear at the beginning itself
  • Giving at least 30 days to return the product
  • Processing return transactions within 48 hours of receiving the product

9. Invest in Inventory Management

Walmart wants to let people shop whenever THEY want. So, when you are out of stock, it sends a negative signal to the algorithm. This affects your ranking and sales. At the same time, overstocking can lead to dead stock and loss.
To prevent such incidents, invest in demand forecasting. This is, of course, if you are serious about your business. If it’s a side business, you better skip this part.
You can predict demand using Google Trends. It gives you historical data on demand for a particular product. Armed with this data, you can use adaptive storage solutions to manage your stock.

Top Tools for Product Marketing

1. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the oldest and a reliable digital marketing method. It helps you build relationships with customers, opening a one-on-one communication channel.
A benefit is that you can automate most of your email campaigns. This way, you can contact buyers at different stages of their purchase journey. A few trusted names are:

  • Mailchimp: It comes in both paid and free versions. Its recommendation feature helps you finetune your marketing efforts.
  • Sendinblue: This tool offers you over 70 design templates. You also get a preview and A/B testing.

2. SEO Tools

Since Walmart uses a search algorithm, SEO is of utmost importance. But, it has metamorphosed into something huge. As such, you would do well if you invest in an SEO tool. Some reputable names are:

  • SEMrush: It finds your keywords, their search volumes, and their competitiveness. It is easy to use and worth the investment if you are a multi-channel business.
  • Google Keyword Planner: You can use it to find keywords and their search volume. But, it will come in handy for your PPC campaigns as well.

3. Listings Tools

Listing tools can come in handy if you sell on multiple channels. These are pieces of software that help you create product listings for marketplaces. Some reputable tools are:

  • Zentail: This tool reduces your effort to publish listings on Walmart. You can integrate them with tools like Deliverr to automate your functioning.
  • Sellbrite: Small and medium-scale sellers use this simple tool to publish listings. If you already have an Amazon catalog, this tool can help you customize it for Walmart

Walmart SEO FAQs

Q1. How Pricing Affects Walmart SEO?

Walmart owes its success to an ingenious strategy called Everyday Low Price (EDLP). This means that prices at the marketplace are consistently low.
As such, its algorithm is coded to find the lowest-priced products and list them first. Pricing becomes even more important when you are selling a general product.
You should, however, read the pricing rules of Walmart first. If you violate these rules, Walmart will suspend your account.

Q2. How to Sell More on Walmart?

Like all other ecommerce marketplaces, Walmart uses an algorithm. And you need to please this algorithm to reach the top of search results. So, make use of all your SEO knowledge. Here are some tips:

  • Find out popular keywords associated with your product
  • Insert these keywords in useful titles and descriptions.
  • Keep your pricing competitive
  • Strive to obtain positive feedbacks

Q3. How to Add Products to Walmart?

Enter Walmart Seller Centre account. On the 'Item Create' page, feed your item identifier (ISBN, UPC, or GTIN). Walmart will now run a check and return similar products.
If any of these products matches yours, you can click 'ye.'. If not, click 'Not My Product.' You can then populate your product attributes and add names, descriptions, and images.

Q4. Who are Walmart's Target Customers?

That would be the common citizenry who wants to make the most of every penny they earn. And Walmart has served them well ever since its first shop opened at Rogers, Arkansas.
Instead of seasonal discounts, Walmart adopted a strategy of high discounts every day. They did it by buying products in bulk from suppliers and passing on the benefits to customers.

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