How Can Influencer Marketing Impact Your SEO?

Influencer marketing can help you drive sales. It can also help generate more brand awareness, get more backlinks and brand mentions. All of these factors can help you improve your search engine rankings.
In this article, let’s look at:

  • How influencer marketing can impact your website’s SEO, and
  • How you can make use of certain influencer marketing tools to improve your SEO.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing, that involves roping in influencers to promote and endorse your products/services.
Influencers are people on social media who have a significant number of followers. They can influence them to make decisions.
Influencer marketing acts as social proof for your target audience. Suppose trustworthy influencers in your niche mention your brand or endorse your products.
Benefits: Then your brand’s visibility, trustworthiness, and credibility improve. The followers genuinely trust the influencers they follow. Hence, you’ll drive a considerable number of sales this way.
Influencer marketing has many parts to it. These can be brand mentions, product mentions, affiliate links, and product endorsements. All of these factors contribute a great deal to your site’s SEO.

How Can Influencer Marketing Impact Your SEO?

As mentioned above, influencer marketing can greatly impact your SEO. In this section, let’s have a look at different ways in which influencer marketing can boost your SEO.

1. Influencer Marketing Creates Inbound Links

Backlinks are one of the major contributors to good search engine rankings. Google considers high-quality backlinks as one of the top three ranking factors.
Getting good-quality backlinks from top authoritative sites can be very challenging. But, you can do this by pairing up with the right influencers.
Authoritative influencers usually have their own website. Or, they have access to a bunch of high domain authority websites. Using this may help you build backlinks to your website.
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Moreover, influencers also help you promote and share your links. This can lead to more shares and reshares. This way, you are likely to get links from various new websites. This is not just great for your link profile but also for your visibility.

2. Influencer Marketing Improves Brand Awareness

You may be one of the hundreds of brands in your niche. Hence, it is easy for your brand to get lost in the crowd despite all the marketing efforts. Even paid advertisements on social media channels may not give you visibility.
Working with influencers can be transformative in improving your brand’s awareness.
Influencers have worked relentlessly to create a massive following. These followers place immense trust in their recommendations.
So, when such influencers promote your brand:

  • There will be a great impact on your visibility.
  • More people will get familiarized with your brand name, your products, your brand’s values.
  • This will lead to more social media shares.
  • This will also help with word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

All of these factors will help you drive more branded searches on Google. Thus, this will improve your SEO.

3. Influencers Create Unique Content

Creating unique, fresh content can be challenging for marketers and business owners.
After a point:

  • Your content might get redundant.
  • Your content might not generate as good a response that you would expect.

Influencers can help you get over this by creating unique content for your brand.
Influencers’ main job is to create fresh, compelling content that interests their audience. So, you can expect some amazing content on your brand and your products.
Moreover, influencers can also help you with user-generated content. They can urge their followers to create content for your brand. This, again, can be massive for your visibility and create a fresh take on your brand’s perception.
In this way, influencer marketing can increase your brand’s social media impressions. This will lead to more hits to your website. Google considers these factors while ranking your site for relevant searches.

4. Influencer Marketing Improves Engagement

Marketing without engagement may not be as much effective as you would expect. Simply viewing your social media ads may not contribute to conversions. Influencer marketing can play a huge role in improving your engagement.
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Advertising or other forms of marketing may seem to be one-sided and lack social proof. In comparison, influencer marketing will increase your brand’s engagement. This is mainly because of the trust that the follower's place on influencers.
Good engagement can increase social shares and product endorsements. It can spark conversations about your brand. More users will want to visit your website and checking out your offering. All this can be highly beneficial for good SEO for your website.

5. Influencers Marketing can Push Users Down Your Sales Funnel

Influencers can help you take users from the awareness stage of your funnel to the next stages.

  • This includes the interest and the purchase stages of your funnel.
  • This will lead to an increase in the number of Google searches with purchase intent. Thus, this leads to better SEO.

This happens because influencer product endorsements will create interest in the minds of users. Product recommendations by influencers may even lead to product name searches on Google.
Ranking for promotional keywords and getting branded searches on Google may take a long time. But with influencer marketing, these can happen with less effort. In this way, influencer marketing boosts your website’s SEO.

7 Useful Influencer Marketing Tools To Increase Your SEO

1. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a powerful influencer marketing tool. It allows you to find influencers across their wide database of websites. You can search for influencers using usernames and keywords.
You can filter influencers based on various criteria. These can be niche, location, budget, engagement, and followers. You can also use the tool to find influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
NinjaOutreach also helps you create email outreach templates to reach out to influencers. You can create mass outreach campaigns. And, you can find the best influencers that fit your requirements.

2. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is another powerful influencer marketing tool. It helps you find the right influencers and build strong relationships with them. You can use the tool to look for the top influencers in your niche. You can also use the tool to add their contact information automatically.
BuzzStream allows you to build lists of influencers and bloggers. You can then use these lists to create personalized outreach campaigns. You can also set up automated follow-ups. And, you can track every touchpoint with the influencers.

3. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is a tool that allows you to find the best influencers in your niche. You can search from a vast database of websites and social media profiles.
You can discover influencers from blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can filter your influencer search by ad networks used, engagement rate, and audience size.
Using GroupHigh, you can find influencers’ contact information and build target outreach lists. The tool also allows you to vet influencers based on various metrics. This can help you qualify them before reaching out.

4. Keyhole

Keyhole is another great influencer marketing tool. It helps you find influencers and optimize your campaigns. You can find influencers using various types of metrics available.
The tool also allows you to measure your influencer marketing campaigns. You can see key performance metrics of your influencers’ posts and followers. The tool also offers recommendations to improve the engagement of your campaigns.
Using Keyhole, you can track campaign reports. You can also compare the performance of different influencers. You can use this data to improve your campaigns and get better results.

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5. Klear

Klear helps you find influencers, track analytics, and manage relationships. You can find the right influencers for your campaigns on various platforms. Filters such as influence type, audience age, brand mentions, etc., are quite useful.
Using Klear, you can keep track of influencers, their engagement, and content. You can use these metrics to qualify influencers for your campaigns.
The best part is that it offers an influencer Customer Relationship Management (CRM.) Using this, you can manage emails, DMs, and other communications from a single platform.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great influencer marketing tool. It can help you find the most influential people in your niche.
You can find content creators and influencers across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can make use of the platform’s powerful filters. You can look for influencers who will be the best fit for your campaigns.
Using BuzzSumo, you can search for influencers based on the content that they share. You can also use the tool’s competitor analysis feature. This can help you figure out the winning strategies of your competitors and use them to your advantage.

7. Followerwonk

If you are looking only for Twitter influencers, then Followerwonk can be a great option for you. The tool offers both free and paid versions. If you are on a budget, then you can try the free plan offered by the tool.
Using Followerwonk, you can search Twitter influencers based on keywords in their bios. You can also filter based on the number of followers, location, and the number of tweets.
You get unlimited searches with the free version, and you can also download reports.

Influencer Marketing & SEO FAQs

Q1. Can Influencer Marketing Beat SEO?

It is not wise to compare influencer marketing with SEO. This is because both these strategies work towards the same goals.
Influencer marketing helps you improve your visibility and improve audience engagement. SEO helps you drive visitors to your website organically.
Both these strategies help you drive more website traffic and increase your conversions. Therefore, it is wise to work on both strategies together to achieve the best results.

Q2. How Influencer Marketing Can Benefit Your SEO Strategy?

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help you boost your SEO. This is because influencer marketing helps you improve your brand’s visibility. It helps you improve your audience engagement.
Influencer marketing also helps you generate tons of high-authority backlinks. These factors result in more traffic to your website. This leads to better search engine rankings and SEO.

Q3. What are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies to gain visibility from the right audience. Influencers act as social proof for your offerings. Thus, it results in better, unique content for your brand.
This results in better engagement and an increased customer acquisition rate. Thus, influencer marketing results in increased sales and revenue for your business.


Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. It can bring about massive changes to your search engine rankings. SEO, on its own, can be a tough space to win.
Suppose that you couple SEO efforts with influencer marketing campaigns. Then, you are bound to get the best results. So, start implementing the tips and strategies mentioned in this guide. Using these, you can use influencer marketing to boost your SEO.
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