Google Certifications: Importance & Different Types

In today’s day and age, anyone can learn from the internet and claim to be an expert. So, how can one truly measure your expertise on a subject?
How can you stand out amongst others who claim to be experts?
Google certifications might be the answer.
Have you been thinking about getting Google certified on Ads and Google Analytics? In that case, this brief guide will help you decide that. In this article, let’s explore the importance of Google certifications and how you can get one.

Importance of Google Certifications

There are various reasons why Google certifications might be of great help for you. This applies to you if you are an agency owner. This also applies to you if you are a digital marketing professional or a student.
In this section, let’s look at some top reasons why you should get Google certified.

1. Learn Google’s Tools In-Depth

Google Analytics and Google Ads are tools that are some top in-demand tools. Many people may know the basic know-how of these tools. But, many will not know the different capabilities of these tools.
Suppose you want to make the most out of Google’s tools; what better way to get certified by Google. Through Google’s certifications, you can learn these expert skills. You can learn about these essential tools from the horse’s mouth.
Through Google certifications, you can get great inside tips on such subjects. Google trainers curate these courses. These can be beneficial if you want to build a career or a business in any of these areas.

2. Create Successful Campaigns and Improve Conversions

Google offers expert-level certifications on Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Having powerful knowledge about these tools can be beneficial. How? These tools can help you build successful digital marketing campaigns.
Expertise in these tools can also be useful to improve conversions. You can use expert knowledge on these tools to grow your business. Or, you can also use this expertise to help other businesses. You can help them accomplish their goals and accelerate their growth.

3. Enhance Your Portfolio or Resume

You may be a digital marketing professional looking to enhance your resume. Or, you may be a part of an agency that helps other businesses grow. Either way, Google certifications can help you stand out from the crowd.
Google certifications stand out. This can be in your resume or as a part of your digital portfolio. You can use these certifications to your advantage and gain more clients. You can also get better job opportunities or any other lucrative offers.

4. Google Certifications Add Credibility to Your Brand

You may be aiming to grow your brand or gain visibility for your business. Either way, Google certifications act as a powerful form of social proof. These certifications can add immense value and credibility to your brand.
Clients, stakeholders, and other business owners will perceive your brand with higher value. This will happen when you have an array of Google certifications to add to your credibility.
Some certifications also help you gain the Google Partners badge. This badge adds up to your brand’s authority and expertise.

5. Get Google Partner Membership

Through Google Ads certifications, you can gain the coveted Google Partners Membership. This has many lucrative perks. Google endorses you through this membership. Or, Google endorses your agency as a Google ads expert.
Moreover, as a Google Partner, you also get other added benefits. You get training, support, and rewards from Google.
These will help your company get more clients and build trust with them. You can stay on top of industry trends and get access to technical support. You can get rewarded for your achievements.

What are the Different Types of Google Certification?

By now, you understand the importance of Google certifications. You understand Google certifications can help you gain credibility and authority. Now, let’s look at different types of Google certifications.

1. Google Ads Certification

Google Ads certification is one of the most coveted certifications on the subject. There are certifications for candidates of all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Getting Google Ads certifications can help you earn the Partners Badge.
Google offers six types of Google Ads certifications:

Google has designed these certifications for different difficulty levels and marketing objectives.

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2. Google Marketing Platform Certification

Google has designed the Marketing Platform Product certifications for intermediate-level users. This is for users with hands-on experience on Google Marketing Platform Products.
There are four types of Google Marketing Platform certifications:

1. Display and Video 360 Certification:

Google has created this certification for agency traders and media managers.

2. Search Ads 360 Certification:

This certification covers everything related to Search campaigns setup. Paid Search directors, analysts, and supervisors can take this up.

3. Campaign Manager Certification:

Google has created this certification for experienced users of Campaign Manager. Users with trafficker and analyst roles can take this up.

4. Creative Certification:

This certification covers rich media creative setup using Google Web Design and Creative. Project managers, creative developers, designers, and animators will find this certification useful.

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3. Google Analytics Certification

The Google Analytics Individual qualification certification covers everything about Google Analytics. The certification covers both basic and advanced concepts of the tool.
Here are some Google Analytics concepts that are a part of this certification:

  • Planning and principles
  • Implementation and data collection
  • Configuration and administration
  • Conversion and attribution
  • Reports, metrics, and dimensions

If you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can consider taking up the Google Analytics courses. Following this, you can take up the individual qualification exam to get certified.

4. Google My Business Certification

You may be a local business owner or a marketing professional. For such cases, Google My Business is one of the best tools that you can learn.
Google My Business helps you register your local business with Google. This way, your business will show up on Google’s local search results. Google My Business is one the most effective tools for bringing in local customers.

5. Google Digital Unlocked Certification

Google Digital Unlocked offers the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification. You can take this up if you are a business owner, an agency owner, or a marketing professional.
This course offers 26 modules on digital marketing along with a certification. Google trainers have created these courses. The trainers have filled these courses with practical exercises and real-world examples.
The certification covers the following topics:

  • Planning and setting goals
  • Setting up website
  • Creating an online business strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Video marketing
  • Data and analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • International marketing and export

This course consists of IAB-accredited digital marketing certification with 40 hours of training.

How to Get Google Certifications?

If you’ve been wondering how you can get Google certified, then the following steps will help you.

1. Choose a Google Account

To get started, you must choose a Google account. The type of account you pick depends on your goals. If you are a part of a team or an agency, you should consider using your work Google account.
Suppose that you are getting the certification as an individual. In that case, a personal Google account will work. You can also choose to create a new Google account for getting Google certifications.

2. Register with Skillshop or Google Digital Unlocked

Once you have chosen the Google account, you can register with Skillshop. While registering, ensure that you have signed into the right Google account. Remember to sign out of all other accounts. You can complete your Skillshop profile set up and registration.
Google Digital Unlocked offers certain certifications such as the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. So, for these, you can register with Google Digital Unlocked instead of Skillshop.

3. Complete the Courses (if Available)

Most of the Google certifications come with the option to take up courses or training. Taking up these courses will help you better prepare for the qualification exams. This training will also help you get an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand.
Hence, before going for the certification exam, try to complete the courses offered by Skillshop.

4. Pass the Certification Qualification Exams

Once you have completed the training, you can begin attempting the qualification exams. It is better to start with beginner-level examinations. Following this, you can take up intermediate and advanced ones.
Passing the qualification assessments is necessary for getting certified by Google.
After completing one certification, you can move on to others. Ensure that the certifications you take up are relevant to your career. Try to make the most out of these Google certifications.

5. Connect with Google Partners (if Applicable)

As mentioned before, Google Partners is a coveted endorsement opportunity offered by Google. Certain criteria will make you eligible for the Google Partners badge.
Google will launch its revised Google Partners program in February 2022. Starting June 2021, the requirements to earn the Google Partners badge will change.
The requirement categories include performance, ad spends, and Google Ads certifications. Users who qualify for these requirements can make use of the Google Partners program.

Google Certification FAQs

Q1. Are Google Certifications Valuable, and do They Cost Money?

Google certifications are free of cost and highly beneficial. Google offers courses and certifications in subjects such as digital marketing and Google Ads. These certifications are highly valuable. And they can be a great addition to your resume/portfolio.

Q2. Is Google Certification Valuable if you Want to Build a Career in Digital Marketing?

Google Digital Unlocked offers the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and certification.
This consists of a course with 26 modules.
Following the modules is a qualification exam for certification. The certification offers expert knowledge on various topics on digital marketing.
These include SEO, social media marketing, paid to advertise, and many more. This certification is highly valuable if you want to build a career in digital marketing.

Q3. What are the Benefits of Google Analytics Certification?

Google offers Google Analytics certifications along with courses for beginners and advanced. Here are the benefits of getting Google Analytics certification:

  • You can get in-depth knowledge on the usage of Google Analytics.
  • The Google certification will be a great addition to your resume or your portfolio.
  • You can use the expertise to build your own business or help out other businesses.

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Q4. How Can One Get Google Certifications Done?

You can get Google certifications through the following steps:

  • Choose a Google account.
  • Register with Skillshop or Google Digital Unlocked.
  • Complete the available courses or modules.
  • Pass the qualifying exam for certifications.

Q5. How to Get Google Ads Certification?

Google offers various types of Google Ads certifications. You can get these certifications through the following steps:

  • Choose a Google account (personal or business account.)
  • Register with Skillshop and complete your profile.
  • Pick the Google Ads certification of your choice. You can pick based on your difficulty level.
  • Complete the course and pass the assessment exam to get certified by Google.


Google certifications are useful resources. You will find them beneficial if you are looking to enhance your career. Google offers certifications on various subjects completely free of cost.
Google trainers have curated these courses and certifications. Hence, you are bound to get immense value and expert knowledge from them. This article will guide you through various steps on how to get Google certified.

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