Google Ads Certifications

What if Google recognizes your skills and gives you a printable certificate? There aren’t many certificates as valuable in the practical world as that one, are there? Well, such an assessment program does exist, and it can indeed give you certificates! It's called Google Ads certification. Google calls it an accreditation given to those who display digital marketing skills. You can get one after passing an exam that tests your ability to create, run, and measure ads on Google products. These products include Google search, YouTube, and Google Display (more on this later).

Importance of Google Ads Certifications

1. Help You Stand Out

Google certifications (there are six of them!) show that you have a good understanding of digital marketing. If you are an individual, these certifications can help you land a good job. This is because employers prefer candidates having these certifications to those who don't.
If you are a company, these certifications will help you earn a Google Partner badge. This increases your credibility as an online marketer, earning you more clients. You will, however, have to update your certifications every 12 months.

2. Anyone Can Take Them

Anyone can take the assessment, regardless of their age or educational qualifications. All you should have is an interest in digital marketing. Google has created modules that cover basic and advanced aspects of digital marketing. These can help you pass the exam even if you are a newbie in digital marketing.
Note : You can either take all the certifications on the same day or comfortable to you over a period of time. There are six specializations: Display, search, video, shopping, apps, and measurement.

3. Training You Can Trust

Who doesn't want to learn the nitty-gritty of digital marketing from Google itself? And who doesn't want to show off the fact that they received training from Google?
Moreover, the certifications can lay the foundation for your career. They can act as an appetizer that encourages you to learn more about digital marketing & SEO program. Also, they help you better understand the functions of other tools and platforms like SEO.
Google certifications are also safe and free. They leave no room for any misgivings about its assessment and accreditation.

4. Keep You Up-to-Date

Though many of us have a college/school certificate, we don’t remember much of what we learned back in the days.
This is not the case with Google ads certifications. If you want to hold on to that certificate, you should take reassessments every 12 months. This keeps your marketing know-how up-to-date.
That’s why platforms like LinkedIn highlight Google certifications. They send a strong hiring signal to recruiters and serve as a client magnate.

5. Highlight Your Capability

If you become a Google Partner agency, you will be among the first to learn about new marketing trends. You will be part of a partners' community and get access to research, events, and product updates.
That’s the reason why many companies prefer to work with agencies with the Google Partner badge. Armed with the latest information, they can make a company's marketing strategy future-proof.
Extra : Google frequently evaluates the efficiency of its partner agencies. These evaluations add another layer of credibility to the agency.

What Are the Things You Will Learn in Google Ads Certifications?

1. About Google Search Ads & Campaigns

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, with 2.3 million searches performed a second. This means that there's a high demand for ad space on Google’s SERPs.
The process of selling this ad space is simple. You bid on a list of keywords your customers are most likely to use. If Google accepts your bid (the rate payable per click), your ad will appear on the SERPs for those keywords.
They appear either on the top or the bottom of the SERPs. Each ad link will have the prefix 'ad' inside a little green box. Google calls this type of ads ‘search ads.’

2. About Google Display Ads & Campaigns

Here, Google shows your ads on websites that your target audience visits. Display ads can be of different sizes and shapes. They can be text ads like search ads or rich-media ads. The latter might contain images, videos, animations, and other effects.

Targeting in-display ads

Google offers two targeting types to advertisers.

  • You can choose the websites to display your ads on
  • You can choose groups of websites.
    (Google Ads makes these groupings based on user behavior)

Extra : Suppose you visited the product page of a prominent shoemaker. In the days that follow, you might find ads from the same shoemaker displayed on many of the websites you visit. That’s display ads in action!

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3. About Google Videos Ads & Campaigns

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with 1.8 billion users. Google Ads helps you advertise on this massive video-streaming platform.
There are two ad formats on YouTube:

  • In-steam : These are ads placed inside the video content. You can choose to place them in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of a video. YouTube will charge you only when a user views the ad for at least 30 seconds.
  • Video-discovery : These ads appear on YouTube search results. They look every bit like any other video save for the little yellow box containing the letters 'AD'. You pay YouTube only when a user clicks on the ad.

4. About Google Shopping Ads & Campaigns

Google shopping ads appear on the first SERP for a product-related query. They contain a high-quality image, the product name, and the store name. Sometimes, they contain ratings as well.

To launch shopping ad campaign…

You will have to open a Google Merchant Centre account first. Then, in the 'Feed' section, add details of the products you have in stock on your ecommerce store.
Link your Merchant Centre account to the Google Ads account. Now, you can create a campaign either through the Merchant Centre or Google Ads account.

5. About Google Ads for Apps & Campaigns

Google Ads for apps is an automated advertising platform. Using the text and visuals you provide, Google will create ads for you and place them across its assets. These assets include Google search, Google Play, YouTube, and Google Display.
Google Ads will then identify and prioritize text-visual combinations, generating more installs.

Campaign objectives :
  • Cost per Install : In CPI, you ask Google Ads to get you as many installs as your budget allows. A ‘bid’ is the amount that you are willing to pay for each install.
  • Cost per Action : In CPA, you ask Google Ads to get you installs from people likely to make a conversion inside the app.

6. About Google Ads Measurement Solutions

This pertains to the use of Google Analytics to measure ad performance. This performance can be in the form of sales, leads, clicks, and installs.
For a Google Ads measurement certification, one must learn:

The certification syllabus covers eight modules, covering all aspects of ad measurement.

How to Get Google Ads Certifications?

1. Use Only One Google Account

To get a certification, you will need a Google account. In case you are an employee asked by the company to get the certification, use the company email address.
This will be the address Google will associate the certification with. Once you complete the exam, Google will send the certificate to this email address.
Remember to log out of all other Google accounts or accounts of other Google products. This will obviate any confusion during the log-in process.

2. Start Learning

Head over to Skillshop to select the certification you want. You will see six specializations: Display, search, measurement, video, shopping, and apps.
When you click on one, it will take you to an overview page that explains the certification's purpose. Here, you will also find an option to assess your current understanding of the core concepts.
If you want to study the topic, scroll further down to find a study guide. Each subheading in the guide will take you to an e-learning course.

3. Take the Examination

Once you are through with the study modules, it's finally time for you to take the exam. On the overview page, click the 'Pass the assessment' link, which has a little blue flag under it.
The click will take you to another screen containing a button to launch the exam. Bear these points in mind:

  • You have to score at least 80% to pass the exam, which comprises multiple-choice questions.
  • It’s a timed examination. So, complete it in one sitting. Ensure that you have good internet and power connections.
  • Should you fail, you have to wait for at least 24 hours before attempting again.

Tips to Help You Study Better

1. Take Quick Notes

Each module listed in the study guide can take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes to complete. This means you need to invest at least 2 hours for studies.
While you study, take notes of important points. Notes will be a help in case Google decides to restrict browsing during the test.
Extra : Even if you are new to Google Ads, you will pass the exam if you spend enough time studying. If you are a newbie, start with Google search ads. These are a staple among digital marketing professionals.

2. Take It as a Challenge

Don't treat Google Ads Certifications as a mere embellishment on your resume. If you are new to PPC, use this certification process as your baptism into digital marketing.
Understand the methodologies and terminologies of PPC thoroughly before taking the exam. Not only will it help you pass the exam, but it will also help you answer questions confidently in interviews. Also, make it a point to practice what you learned as much as possible before the test.

Google Ads Certification FAQs

1. How Much Should I Pay to Get Google Ads Certification?

Nothing. And you needn’t pay for the course material as well.
There are six specializations -- Display, search, apps, shopping, and measurement. To get a certification in any of these specializations, you need to pass two tests. The first will be for Google Ads fundamentals and the second for the specialization.

2. Will Google Ads Certifications Help Me land a Job?

Yes, it will. None can survive in digital marketing if they don't know about PPC, and none can teach you PPC better than Google. That's why companies like to work with professionals and agencies with Google accreditation. It is also a sign that you are up-to-date with the developments in digital marketing.

3. How Important is Google Ads Certification?

There are many institutes and online gurus offering courses in digital marketing. Many of them, however, are nothing but tricks to swindle you. Google, however, offers you a reliable and free launch-pad with its accreditation program. But, as with all things good, it may not stay free. So, you would do well to take the exams while it is.

4. Can I Make Money With Google Ads Certification?

The certification per se doesn't generate any money. You can use the certificate to attract clients/employers and use the skills acquired to do a good job!
You can, however, use Google Ads to generate revenue from your website. In Ads, you monetize the traffic to your website with the help of Google. It's a proven and transparent method of revenue generation.
Are you looking for an expert consultation in getting Google Ads Certification? Speak to our experts now!

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