Why Getting a Google Analytics Certification Is Important?

Any SEO specialist or a digital marketer who wants to make a positive impact and climb the search engine rankings has to be proficient with Google Analytics.
This is why Google is also offering free analytics courses.
Apart from being one of the most used services utilized by experts, Google Analytics gets updated with every tweak Google makes to its algorithm. Therefore, making it an important tool to use for interpreting your website stats.
You might ask yourself - is it worth doing the Google Analytics Certification, also known as Google Analytics Individual Qualification?
Currently, there is a wealth of information online that offers tutorials on Analytics. However, Google provides an authorized certification. Similar to receiving a degree, getting a Google Analytics Certification helps to understand the software fully.
Plus, it is an esteemed accolade that adds to the reputation of your company.
Still unsure about getting the certification? Let’s walk through some key points that will aid your decision.

Importance of Google Analytics Certification

1. Improved Competency

As with any course, the main point is to gain as much knowledge as possible about the subject.
In this case, doing the Analytics certification helps specialists improve their skills and competency. The certification program offers an in-depth exploration of Analytics so that you can make the most of all the features and tools.
The courses offer in-detailed information through videos.
Even if you’ve used the software in the past, Google’s classes and video tutorials unlock precise information about the basic and advanced features, including factors such as customizing the dashboard, the best practices with analytics intelligence, etc.

2. Reputation Builder

Stand out from the crowd of specialists who claim they are experts at Google Analytics with your well-earned certification. The Google Analytics Certification isn’t just a vocational or training course. To get your certification, you must pass the exam.
Only after you have successfully passed the exam will you be awarded the certification and a badge on your Google Partners account.
Therefore, it’s not something just anyone can fake and include in their resume - it has to be earned, which helps build and strengthen your own resume.
If you have confusion on how to get it started, here’s the process to follow.

3. Added Company Benefits

When hiring, not all companies look for the Google Analytics Certification. However, it does make you an attractive candidate because having it comes with added company benefits.
An employee with this qualification allows companies to update their status as a Google Analytics Certified Partner.
Partnership status comes with perks such as access to special technical support and gives companies an official listing with Google. Additionally, companies get updates on exclusive conferences and product information that are available to certified partners only.
Along with the in-depth knowledge of Analytics, these perks make candidates with the certification highly sought-after, especially for higher-level positions, where companies are looking for both experience and qualifications.

4. Improved SEO Strategies

Google Analytics is the most-popular analytic software used by established companies, startups, professionals, and beginners because the data it collects can grow a business and improve a website’s ranking.
As per a survey, here are the top 10 countries and the number of websites using Google Analytics to track traffic.
Therefore, the skills and insights you get from the Google Analytics Certification will help further enhance your decision-making, your ability to leverage data points and understand reports to create a better, more robust SEO strategy.
A strong foundation in Google Analytics will undoubtedly impact how you see data and how you implement it in SEO campaigns in the future. Armed with certification, your SEO strategies will have a stronger chance of success, leading to increased website ranking.

5. Better Campaign Tracking

The certification will also help you get better at identifying how users discover your site. SEO campaigns bring vast amounts of data and valuable insights, and with Google Analytics, you can track every detail of your campaign.
Knowing the intricacies of Analytics and expertly examining the reports that show dimension and metrics is an essential factor when campaign tracking.
(Nothing more to add here; it’s good as is)

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The Google Analytics Certification will help you improve your skills and accurately track online advertising campaigns, as well as your Google Ads generated campaigns.

6. Increased Personal Credibility

After you successfully pass the Google Analytics Individual Certification (GAIQ) exam, you will receive a certificate and a badge that gives you the status of being ‘Google Certified.’
A badge like this immediately boosts your credibility in the eyes of companies and clients because you’ve got a credible certificate from one of the most renowned companies in the world.
You can do personal branding by posting about it on LinkedIn and other portfolio sites.
Additionally, listing your certification on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can unlock more chances of getting hired.

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7. Stronger Foundation

Google Analytics isn’t the only analytics software on the market, and as a digital marketer or SEO specialist, you will no doubt come across others like Adobe Smarlock, for example.
However, having the Google Analytics Certification creates a strong base foundation, allowing you to use other analytic software with just as much proficiency.
Additionally, being certified will help you expertly utilize Google Analytics 360, the premium version of Analytics with additional features.
It offers a plethora of additional features that having GAIC help you adapt to it really quickly.

Things You Will Learns With The Google Analytics Certification

Scrolling through the Google Analytics Academy, you will come across multiple video courses that you take online for free to prepare for the Google Analytics Certification.
Google recommends completing the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses before attempting the exam. Mentioned below are just a few of the things you will learn when you take the courses.

1. How to Set Up Google Analytics?

The first step to understanding Google Analytics is to get your hands on the software.
The Google Analytics for Beginners course has a whole introduction section on setting up Google Analytics for your website so that you can get started. Besides learning the setup, you will also dive into how Google Analytics works, why it works and set up views with filters.
Many sites offer this information; however, this setup tutorial's best source is undoubtedly Google and their in-house professors.

2. How to Track Visitors on Google Analytics?

Once you’ve gone ahead and installed Google Analytics on your website, you’ll meet the impressive dashboard filled with all sorts of visual data, which for beginners can be pretty daunting.
However, when it comes to tracking visitors on your website, all you have to do is head to the left-hand navigation, where you will see the “Audience” tab.
It will provide plenty of data on the website’s performance.
Under this tab is “Overview,” which will give you all the info about your visitors - information such as the number of people who visited your site, where they’re from, the time of the day they visit the most, etc.
The Google Analytics Certification covers this topic in great detail so that you can expertly track visitors and implement your data into your marketing and SEO strategies.

3. How to Understand Pageviews on Google Analytics?

Similar to Instagram likes, Pageviews are an insightful measurement that can indicate the web pages that are most popular and doing well on your website. However, other variables also account for pageviews, such as revisiting users, campaign adverts, call-to-action buttons on the home page, etc.
These details give vital insights to enhance a business website.
Google Analytics considers all this and more, giving you precise and targeted insights into pageviews. Learn the nitty-gritty of pageviews by doing one of the Google Analytics courses available in the Google Analytics Academy.

4. How to Use Mobile Overview Reports on Google Analytics?

The dawn of the smartphone has led to an increase in mobile usage over the years. Understanding the data from mobile users is vital to the success of your website. That's why Google Analytics has a 'Mobile Overview report' that helps you observe how well your website is doing on mobile devices.
In this report, you can find information such as what kind of devices people are using to view your site or where you can make improvements.
This lets you compare conversions across the devices, view details crucial like OS and screen resolutions.
Google Analytics offers many helpful reports like this; having a discerning eye is important, which is why a certification course will help further your knowledge.

5. How to Use Goals to Measure Campaigns on Google Analytics?

Another unique feature that Google Analytics offers is setting custom goals (also called conversions). In this case, a goal represents a completed activity that has contributed to your business or campaign's success.
A properly configured goal on Google Analytics can offer a plethora of vital information, such as your site's conversion rate.
Knowing this information and properly customizing goals to your specific needs can be learned in the How To Use Goals to Measure Campaigns video, which is part of the 'Google Analytics for Beginners course.

6. How to Analyze Data on Google Analytics?

One of the most important things you will learn from the Google Analytics classes is setting up and analyzing the various reports. You can use the data to meet any of your goals, such as increasing your website ranking, growing traffic, or increasing revenue.
In these classes, you learn more than just the basic software functionality.
You are taught how to implement and analyze data available on Google Analytics, making you an expert in assimilating information you gather from GA's many reports such as the Audience report, Acquisition report, and Behaviour reports.

7. How to Track Google Ads Conversions on Google Analytics?

Google Ads or paid ads are a big player in traffic, so understanding and tracking these ads on Google Analytics is a must. As part of the Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking section in the Google Analytics for Beginners course, you will learn how to just that.
Learn how to navigate acquisitions reports, search queries paid searches, and use keyword reports to see just how well your multiple advertisements perform.
Knowing how to incorporate different matrices and understand the data is paramount, which is why part of the beginner course.

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How to Get Google Analytics Certification?

Now that we’ve given you sufficient information to whet your appetite, it’s time to talk about how to get the certification.

Step 1 - Sign Up For Google Partners

Every course or online profile starts with a signup process, and applying for the certification is no different.
Before you can sit for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), you'll need to apply to Google Partners - a platform where Google interacts and collaborates with digital marketers and agencies. It's free to signup; all you have to do is head to the Google Partner's website to get your account.

Step 2 - Take the Courses On Google Analytics Academy

Before you apply for the GAIQ exam, it's a good idea to learn about Google Analytics. There are many sources of information and courses online to learn Analytics but the best source is the Google Analytics Academy that offers various courses.
Even if you're proficient in Analytics, it's advisable to revise what you know as there is always room to learn something new.
The two main courses you must start with are Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics. These courses break down everything you need to know to pass the exam.
There are video classes for each section, and the course has many modules such as Audience reports, creating goals, customizing the dashboard, etc.
If you're not keen on video classes and prefer reading, Google Analytics Academy also offers textbook format courses.

Step 3 - Take the Exam on Google Skillshop

Once you feel ready and have prepared, it's time to take the GAIQ exam. First, you'll have to go to Google Skillshop and sign in using your Google account.
On the main toolbar, under the 'Get certified' tab, you will see 'Analytics Academy,' which leads to 'Google Analytics Individual Qualification.' When you reach this page, all you have to do is click the GAIQ exam button, and the exam will begin immediately.
Here are a few key points about the GAIQ:

  • The exam is free to take.
  • It's made up of 70 questions. These are multiple-choice or true/false questions, making it easier to select the correct answers.
  • Google says you have 60 mins, but many who have taken the test got 90 mins to finish it.
  • As soon as you start the test, the timer begins, and there is no way to pause it. So, ensure you have 90 mins to concentrate on this exam
  • You need to answer at least 56 questions correctly, get 80% to pass the exam.
  • You do not get to see the correct answers after you finish the exam.
  • To retain your certification, you need to resit the exam within 12 months.
  • If you fail, you have to wait one day before you can sit for the exam again.

Step 4 - Check Your Account on Google Partners

After completing the GAIQ and passing it, check on your Google Partners account. There you will see a Google Analytics Certified badge. This is a stamp of recognition given by Google, and everyone who views your profile will know you are now an Analytics expert.
Additionally, you'll receive a certificate that you can hang on your wall or include in your qualification documents.

Step 5 - Download Your Certificate from Google Skillshop

Google offers many certification courses, and you will find all the certificates in Google Skillshop. Head to your profile on the Skillshop website and then select the certificate you wish to download.
If you've completed the GAIQ exam and haven't received your certification, you can directly download it from this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Analytics Certification

Q1 - Is a Google Analytics Certification Worth it?

Yes! Google Analytics is one of the most popular software used by marketing and SEO professionals around the world. Knowing the software and having a certification will undoubtedly uplevel your skills, but it will also give your resume a boost and increase your credibility as a digital marketing expert.

Q2 - How Much Does a Google Analytics Certification Cost?

Google offers this certification for free! There is no cost for the Google Analytics courses, the GAIQ exam, or the certification. However, there was a $50 fee for the GAC in the past, but Google amended it to make it accessible to all. Other platforms, such as Udemy, charge for their Google Analytics courses; however, Google's ones are free.

Q3 - Is the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Difficult to Pass?

Yes and No. If you’re a complete newbie, then the obvious answer is yes. However, after taking the Google Analytics for Beginners and the Advanced Google Analytics courses, even people who don’t have experience can pass the exam.
Professionals with years of experience using Analytics may find it easy to pass the exam, but it’s always advisable to take the courses for increased success.

Q4 - Does the Google Analytics Certification Expire?

The Google Analytics Certification has a 12-month expiry. So, to keep up your Google certified status and keep your Google Analytics Certification badge on Google Partners, you must retake the exam within 12 months.

Q5 - How Do I Darn a Google Analytics Certification?

There are three steps to earn your certification:

  • You will need to sign up for Google Partners.
  • Take the Google Analytics for Beginners and the Advanced Google Analytics courses available in the Google Analytics Academy.
  • Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam. Once you pass the exam, you will get the GAC and the badge in Google Partners.
  • There you have it!

    The information provided here is a snapshot of everything you need to know about Google Analytics Certification. It's a fairly simple process that is vital to growing your business and up-leveling your skills.
    We wish you luck with your certification exam, and remember to bookmark this page for any GAC-related queries!
    Drop your details here to get a free consultation on Google analytics certification.

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