Top Yoast SEO Plugin Features & FAQs

This article will give you great insights into the best tactics and practices you can use for your website. Implementing these best practices will help you in improving the rankings of your website. These tactics will also help you in gaining organic traffic to your website that can enhance revenue generation.

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

The Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress is a feature that adds high-quality SEO standards to your website.
With this Yoast SEO plugin's help, you will get access to tools that can provide your website high standard SEO content. This article will discuss the various Yoast SEO Plugin features and how they can help you build a better website.

Top 12 Yoast SEO Plugin Features That Will Improve Your SEO

1. Optimize Keywords and Phrases of Your Website

With this SEO plugin's help, you can enter multiple keywords or phrases you want your page to rank for. The Yoast SEO Plugin will then do the internal checks to see whether the keywords you have used for your website are enough and are placed rightly.
With the premium version of the Yoast SEO Plugin, you will also analyze the text in all your website content against the keywords and phrases.

2. Look for High-Performance Keywords

There is a tool SEMrush in Yoast SEO Plugin that will help you find the data about the key phrases of your website content. With the help of this tool, you can increase the relevance of the content on your website.

3. Yoast SEO Plugin Helps You in Letting Google Know About Your Page

Add structured data to your webpages with the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin. It will help your webpage get the due attention from Google and other search engines. This plugin will tell Google and other search engines whether your webpage is an article, or a brand, or a webpage. The plugin will also add schema to your website, which will connect the data to Google.

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4. Get Your Webpage Preview from Google

You will be able to view your web page or posts through a general Google user's eyes with this plugin feature's help.

5. Preview the Social Posts for Your Website

You can also see your posts through the eyes of your readers. The social preview feature on the premium version of Yoast SEO allows you to check your post on Twitter and Facebook. It will help you understand whether the post title seems fitting for the content, or the image looks good with the post, etc.

6. Enhance the Readability of Your Webpage

You must already be aware that users, when searching for something, generally scan the websites first. To ensure that your website attracts the user's attention, you need to enhance your posts and webpages' readability. How to do that?
You can use connecting words and write short precise sentences. You should also add subheadings. Get guidance on all the features that can enhance the readability of your website with the SEO Plugin.

7. Rank Your Website FAQs Page on the Search Engines

Use the Yoast SEO ‘FAQ Structured Data block’ feature that can help you enhance your website's rankings. This feature will automatically add the markup to the block of information. And thus, increase the chances of getting higher rankings for your website on the search engine ranking pages.

8. Avoid Messy Breadcrumbs

Get complete control of all your posts with the help of this feature. Often, we do not realize it, but some of our website posts are listed in various categories on the website. They usually appear with different breadcrumbs on searching. It can often turn messy.
Create and set a primary category with the Yoast SEO plugin. Then accordingly, determine the page taxonomy for different pages to avoid the mess. It will make your pages look neat and well categorized for Google crawling too.

9. Avoid Confusing Google with Duplicate Content

Often, copies of the same piece of content can be found on different URLs. It can confuse Google crawlers. When you have the Yoast SEO Plugin working for your website, it will indicate and flag one URL as the original one. This flagged URL is known as the canonical link.
When you have a canonical link, all your content is found under the same URL that you have flagged. That way, you can avoid the duplicate content issue to a great extent.

10. Yoast SEO Plugin Works for All Types of WordPress Editor

There are different types of editors in WordPress, like the Classic Editor and Block Editor. When you are using the Block Editor, you can optimize all your posts with the Yoast SEO Plugin. Similarly, in case you are using the Classic Editor, you can improve all your posts. You can also use this plugin for the Elementor editor.

11. Fix Technical SEO Issues

Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can fix multiple technical SEO issues on your website with this plugin. SEO works in the process in which search engine robots crawl the web to search for relevant content. Then these search engine robots create an index.
With the help of Yoast SEO, you can edit your robot.txt and also clean the URLs. You can also update your sitemaps and generate them when needed.
Some of the features that this SEO Plugin will provide your website are:

  • Facebook OpenGraph tags for all the pages
  • A structured data implementation
  • Canonical URLs

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12. Keep Your Website Updated as per Google Updates

Even if you are not technically aware, you must have heard about the two major Google updates on search algorithms. These updated search algorithms are called Google Panda and Google Penguin. Google keeps updating its search engine algorithms with minor changes at least 600 times a year.
The Yoast SEO Plugin gets updated every two weeks. It is always ready to optimize your website as per Google's latest version of search algorithm updates. Thus, even if there is a major Google update, your website will not lose its SEO Ranking.

What Are Some of the Best Yoast Plugin Alternatives Compatible with WordPress?

Yoast SEO is one of the most convenient, intuitive, and trusted SEO Plugins. It has a free version and also a paid premium version. It is very convenient and user-friendly. However, there are several other excellent WordPress SEO plugin options available apart from Yoast SEO too. Here are some of the best alternatives that you can use instead of Yoast SEO.

1. Rank Math

One of the best alternatives to the Yoast SEO plugin is Rank Math if you want to improve your website's online presence. It is also known as the "swiss army knife of SEO."
There are several great features available in this plugin. It has a smart automation feature and an easy setup wizard. All these features help you in optimizing your site exceptionally efficiently and without any hassle.
With Rank Math, you can choose up to 5 keywords for optimizing each of your posts. This plugin can also conduct an SEO audit for your website and can help you with local SEO. So, it is needless to mention that together with all these fantastic features, Rank Math can make your website stand out in the crowd.

2. SEOPressor

The SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin that is used by at least 23 million websites around the world. You can check all your SEO Data quickly because it is available on a dashboard for your convenience. It allows you to identify, immediately, any errors in your web content.
You can optimize up to three keywords per post. Their new search algorithm can crawl your website just like Google. This Plugin doesn't have a free version, but the subscription rate is pretty low and is thus a good alternative for Yoast SEO Plugin.

3. WP Meta SEO

If you have little or no understanding of SEO, then one of the best alternatives to Yoast SEO is the WP Meta SEO plugin. As soon as you download the plugin, you can immediately check out all the SEO issues that your website might have at the moment. Once you get the description of your website's kind of problems, you can fix them on the spot. Nothing can be as convenient and straightforward as this plugin.
You can also link the WP Meta SEO Plugin to Google analytics and get your website further analyzed.
It might seem like a plugin for beginners, but it has some great features that can excite professional SEO experts.

Yoast SEO Plugin FAQs

There might be some queries that have arisen in your mind by now. If you are planning to download Yoast SEO Plugin, here are some FAQs and their answers for your knowledge:

1. Will Yoast SEO Be Useful for Increasing Search Engine Rankings for WordPress?

Yoast SEO is just a part of the overall SEO process. Apart from having a Yoast SEO plugin, it would be best to focus on other factors like content quality and readability to gain a high ranking on Google.
High-quality content will ensure that it adds value to your website. Only then will the content get noticed and shared by people. In the process, your website will garner more traffic and ranks higher on search engines.
Secondly, you need to have enough valuable content on your website so that your users have enough to read and learn. Search engines often prefer websites that have lots of meaningful content. But it would help if you kept in mind that the content you have on your website must not be filler content to seal the information gap. They must be meaningful and add value to your website.
One of the other factors that you need to consider is sharing content on various social media platforms. If the above is in order, the Yoast SEO Plugin can help your website rank higher through its multiple useful features.

2. How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogging?

Yoast SEO Plugin cannot be installed on the Blogger platform. There is no such feature available on Blogger. Yoast SEO is a plugin that works on the WordPress platform only.

3. Which Plugin Should I Choose? SEO Yoast or All-in-One SEO Pack?

Yoast SEO Plugin is a unanimous choice for beginners and SEO Experts worldwide due to multiple reasons. Yoast is a more robust plugin than the All-in-One SEO Pack. It has several customizable features that can enhance the SEO of your website. You can play around with sitemap building and page titles. You can also add more official resources to this plugin.
On the other hand, the All-in-One SEO pack has all the modification tabs on a single page. It can thus be a better choice for beginners.
But there are some exclusive features in the Yoast SEO plugin that will give an edge to your website. Some of such features are as follows:

  • Permalinks : there are many permalink settings to build your website with an SEO-friendly structure.
  • RSS : whenever you change your website designs, the RSS function in the Yoast SEO plugin adds words automatically.
  • Bulk editor : with this editor, you can change the post's title and the meta description to make it SEO-friendly.

4. How Do I Install the WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin?

Just follow the steps given here:

  • Go to dashboard
  • Plugins
  • Add new
  • Yoast
  • Install and activate

The setup is a long process but is easy to follow. You can always check the setting up the process from Google.

5. What Are Some of the SEO Techniques That I Can Use Apart from the Yoast SEO Plugin?

  • You can start by naming your website with a keyword-specific domain.
  • Use as many keywords and related keywords on the website as possible.
  • But make sure not to stuff your website with keywords as that can adversely affect the SEO of the site.
  • Name the image files with keywords.
  • Try to create URLs that are based on the title of the page.
  • Keep updating the content of your website at regular intervals.

These are some of the essential SEO tips that you can follow for your website. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the results take time to show, at least two months.

6. What Is the Difference Between the Free and the Premium Version of the Yoast SEO Plugin?

One of the significant differences between the Yoast Free and the Premium versions is the search number. In the free version, you can use only a single keyword for a page of your website. In the premium version, however, you can use multiple keywords for each of your website pages.
Also, there are several extra features in the premium version of Yoast SEO like:

  • You have full access to all the academy courses by Yoast SEO.
  • You can access the internal linking suggestions in the premium version.
  • You can also preview your webpage on the various social media platforms in the premium version.
  • You can prevent your users from getting into a dead link on your website with the premium version as well. The redirect manager feature will reorient the user to a new page that contains relevant information that the user is looking for.
  • And, many more

7. How Important Is the Yoast SEO Plugin for My Website's SEO?

The Yoast SEO Plugin has a host of helpful features that can add tremendous value to your website in SEO. It lets you set up titles and edit the meta descriptions as per the focus keywords. It has a convenient and easy-to-use setup structure for the sitemap building, basic schema, and other features.
Some of the features that you can get access to with Yoast SEO include:

  • Meta control for the author pages and the home page, the taxonomies, and categories.
  • Settings for title and metadata
  • Verification of sites on various search engine pages like Google
  • Build a general sitemap
  • Advance permalink control
  • Support for breadcrumbs
  • Editing of the .htaccess files
  • Generate the robot.txt
  • Can hide the date from the snippets of the search engines
  • It also supports the open graph of Facebook.

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