15 Best Keyword Research Tools Used By Top SEO Companies

1. Google Keyword Planner


This is probably one of the most used keyword research tools in the SEO niche. Google Keyword Planner might be a free tool, but every company uses it consistently because of its robust feature set. It works for all business categories and niches. And since it is a part of the Google suite, the results are accurate and reliable.

  • You can specify a period when you use this tool. This can help to chart out trends in the keyword rankings
  • There are several visualization options available for straightforward data interpretation
  • Since it is popular, there is a lot of documentation available for the tool online

2. KWFinder (now Mangools)

Basic Premium Agency
$49 $69 $129

Keywords have become a critical part of the SEO strategy, and even more so today. Mangools is one of the better-known keyword research tools in the market. It's a straightforward solution to the keyword problems faced by companies. It aims to get you an optimal list of keywords, and it does that really well. The interface is simple enough for beginners and professionals alike.

  • Everyone, including SEO starters, can maximize the use of this tool with little learning
  • It has a competitive price tag when compared to other tools in the niche
  • One of the best tools to consider for detailed keyword research and analysis

3. Ubersuggest

Individual Business Enterprise / Agency
$12 $20 $40

Aimed exclusively at getting the best keywords for your business, Ubersuggest is a comprehensive tool today. Since its acquisition by Neil Patel, it has gone from being a simple keyword tool to a well-rounded SEO platform. It can improve brand growth through optimal keyword selection. It offers great value when you consider that it does a lot of things well now.

  • It's not just a beautiful interface but is a powerful tool for getting results
  • You get a lot of great ideas for keywords. And you can get even more ideas from the related tab
  • Customizability is also possible through the prepositions tab, where you can tailor modifiers

4. SpyFu

Basic Professional Team
$39 $79 $299

SpyFu is a fascinating tool when you look at the features. It is not a classical keyword research app but a business intelligence tool. Competitor keyword performance is not easy to come by, yet this tool delivers. And it does its best to keep the research as detailed as possible. This is a tool in a class of its own - not many tools can do what it does.

  • You can get a lot of intelligence from your competitors through data mining with this tool
  • It gives you a lot of actionable data, especially when you’re starting on your SEO campaign
  • It’s quite a value proposition when you consider what it does

5. SEMRush

Pro Guru Business
$119.95 $229.95 $449.95

SEMRush is often considered one of the market leaders in this niche, and for a good reason. It gives you all the tools you need for an SEO campaign. But its keyword planner module is a powerful ally. It delivers comprehensive analysis for keyword research, including keyword rankings and competitor keywords. You can organize results into an excel sheet which can help you work on it easier.

  • One of the most comprehensive keyword search position and tracking tools here
  • Integrates with a lot of other tools, including Google suite for even better analysis
  • You can get a featured snippets report which makes it easier to get on the snippets section

6. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Lite Standard Advanced Agency
$99 $179 $399 $999

As a tool, Ahrefs is right up there with the best in the business. But what is notable is that its Keywords Explorer tool is powerful all by itself as well. It can help you highlight thousands of potential keyword ideas across the world. You get valuable insights on how you can optimize your SEO profile for the best results. It delivers compelling visualizations that can help you make effective decisions on your SEO campaigns.

  • This is one of the best keyword research tools on the market. It supports results from over a hundred and seventy countries all over the world
  • You get accurate results when you’re looking for keyword search volumes
  • You can filter through results on ten different search engines. This ensures your analysis works for any platform

7. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Standard Medium Large Premium
$99 $149 $249 $599

Backed by an SEO maven like Rand Fishkin, Moz is a de facto standard for SEO tools. Its Keyword Explorer is part of their whole package, and it’s really powerful. As far as keyword search results go, it is definitely in the top three list. It enables some really powerful features like predictive keyword metrics. This can help you filter out those money keywords even better.

  • It has international relevance - you get usable results regardless of your location
  • One of the most accurate tools for finding keyword search volume
  • You can find keywords in a question format which can help you highlight related topics

8. Google Trends


Another entrant from the Google Workspace, Trends, is different from the Keyword Planner tool. Many people think that graphs in Keyword Planner and this is just not accurate. Google Trends focuses on the number of keywords with unique searches to the sum of all possible queries. And this number is represented on a graph from zero to a hundred. In short, it lets you highlight “hot topics” a lot better than the Keyword Planner tool.

  • It gives you a unique perspective of keyword rankings compared to other tools
  • You can use this to identify blind spots in your SEO campaign
  • It can help pursue cyclical trends for brand positioning



With a huge influx of positive reviews, Keyword Tool is becoming a force to be reckoned with. It has a simple design language and is a much more accurate tool than others in the roundup. Another factor to remember is that unless you use Google AdWords, you’re not getting accurate results. This circumvents all that - it delivers accurate tracking and trends right to your doorstep.

  • It can find more keywords and ideas than most other tools here
  • You can also find out keywords on different social and eCommerce platforms like Facebook and Amazon
  • You can use this tool to customize your keyword profile. Using the Negative Keywords checkbox, you can specify a list of keywords that you don’t want to rank for

10. Soovle


Unlike most tools in this roundup, Soovle is a search engine results aggregator. Meaning, it collects results from every search engine that you specify. While this is not a classic keyword research tool, you can use this to get content ideas. You can use this to find content ideas better than other tools. But you will need another full-fledged keyword research tool to get the most out of it.

  • It gives you results from more than a hundred and fifty different search engines
  • It can deliver a lot of keyword and content ideas which you can use. Most other tools do not give you so many concepts when it comes to keywords
  • You can customize it as per your requirements, and it is simple to get things done

11. Long Tail Platinum

Starter Pro Agency
$37 $67 $147

Long Tail Platinum features every list of keyword tools, and it’s not hard to see why. It offers a lot of performance for a competitive price. You can choose several aspects of your keyword analysis, including broad and exact match. You can apply several filters to get the results you're looking for in your SEO campaign. You can also get a competition analysis report that can highlight differences between your campaigns.

  • One of the most featured keyword tools in this review. It has a lot of tools and modules which can help you get the most out of the keyword process
  • It gives you a detailed Keyword Competitiveness score which can help you improve your SEO metrics
  • The Platinum version has even more features when compared to the Pro version

12. Answer The Public

Basic Enterprise
$99 $399

Answer The Public is a different on most keyword research tools. It is pitched as a search listening tool that provides insights into customer behavior in your niche. Rather than focusing on single keyword metrics, it uses the three billion searches every day. It categorizes and analyzes these searches and helps you build an effective campaign. You can get related questions, comparisons, and prepositions, to name a few.

  • It delivers data interpretation through effective visualization. It makes this tool easy to understand at all levels
  • It lets you focus on the bigger picture rather than just long-tail keywords
  • It delivers in-depth data which you can use for many applications on your SEO campaign

13. Keywords Everywhere


Keywords Everywhere is a supremely powerful keyword tool with extensive features. And to add to its benefits, it is also free. It is a browser extension that is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome. It integrates with the whole Google Suite, SEO tools, and popular platforms from all niches. You can use it for several niches, eCommerce, third-party SEO servicing, or improve SEO metrics. It is flexible, and you can get a lot done with it at literally zero cost.

  • One of the most feature-rich platforms that come for free
  • Its best feature is the keyword search tool, which is more detailed than even some paid platforms
  • You get multi-language support, which means you can coordinate with your teams all over the world

14. Keyword Snatcher

one-time payment

Finding keywords is a hard task. This is even more pronounced when the niche is difficult. And here is where Keyword Snatcher makes its presence felt. This is a tool that can work even for the most difficult domains. Using it, you might even be able to unearth keywords that are ignored by most other tools. You get several filter options that can help you curate your keyword list.

  • It can give you new insights about rarely used eCommerce related keywords and for any products
  • It offers great value for money when you consider what it can do
  • You get a much better keyword list using this tool together with the one you’re currently using

15. WordStream Keyword Tool

Online Advertising Software plus Assist plus Offline Assist
$49 $299 $649

Most people in this line of business would’ve heard about WordStream. It is a popular all-inclusive tool for improving your SEO metrics. But it is notable for its excellent Keyword Tool, which performs admirably. It is comprehensive and full-featured, suggesting keywords that are effective and relevant. You can also use the negative keyword tool to help you streamline your keyword list. The tool also ignores multiple occurrences of keywords as required.

  • It can give you much better CTRs through the right choice of keywords
  • It delivers detailed monthly reports, which you can use to revamp your process further
  • You can curate your keyword list through negative keywords, which can exclude specific keywords

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