Impact of Link Building on Local SEO

Several people search engines to find what they want before even asking for help. Popular studies show that 98% of all internet users use online search at least once a month. This is an important statistic and is the foundation of local SEO.
Link building is a key part of the local SEO framework. When you get a new link from a reputable site, it will give you a small ranking boost. But, the impact of link building on local SEO rankings is primarily determined by the authority and relevance of the sites linking to you.
The sites should be well-known and have a lot of links (and trust). If these conditions are true, then the link you got from them will be significant.
Let's look at a few benefits of link building for local SEO.

Benefits of Link Building for Local SEO

1. Get Better Brand Credibility

The number one reason people don't buy from you is that they don't trust you. Once you establish or reestablish their trust, the sale is half-made.
The way to do this is to offer something of value to them before you ask for a sale. In other words, link building is the act of providing valuable content on your site that others have chosen to link to.

Tips To Get Better Link Building Opportunities for Your Brand

Link building is one of the most important strategies for local SEO. The more links you get, the more traffic you drive to your site. Here are some tips to help you get better link-building opportunities for your brand.

  • Guest blogging can be a good source of quality links.
  • Twitter can help you find reporters who publish articles about your industry.
  • Get Press Release distribution from PRWeb, BusinessWire, and MarketWired. They are powerful platforms and free..

For example, Have a look at this PR release from H & R Block

2. Creating A More Informative Website

Another aspect of website creation is to pass on the right information to your readers. To get more people interested, keep your content accurate and informative.
Doing this makes sure that you have a steady stream of interested visitors. The key here is to generate interest through your

Tips To Create A More Informative Website

Your content should be useful to your readers. That means that the information, advice, and tips you offer should apply to your audience. If you want your visitors to stay and read your content, you need to give them something they can use.

  • Having a separate section for your blogs and social media helps your visitors.
  • Ensure that you have the right images and videos to add to your content.
  • Ensure all your SEO meta is correct and updated. You can check this using tools like HeyMeta and META SEO Inspector.

3. Increased Website Traffic And Quality

Traffic is important, but the quality of the traffic counts. Link building can dramatically affect the quantity of traffic you are getting to your website.
You have multiple sources which you've linked to coming to your website. And these are not just numbers but are highly targeted and focused on your exact niche.

Tools To Improve Your Web Traffic Numbers And Quality

Link building can greatly contribute to the quality of website traffic. Methods like guest posting are proven to generate high engagement and conversions for any brand. Here, the key is to ensure relevant content attracts the right people.

Have a look at this screenshot from Google Analytics.

4. Higher Keyword Rankings

When people use search engines to find information, they type in keywords. The website with the most relevant content for those keywords ranks top.
The goal is to get your website to rank as close to the top of the list as possible. It is something that you can't achieve easily, but with link building, it is possible.

Tools To Improve Keyword Rankings

Improving your keyword coverage involves other processes as well. But the most important part of keywords is proper analysis, tracking, and implementation. Considering the number of keywords a modern SEO campaign uses, tools are mandatory.

  • Google Keyword Planner can give you new insights and detailed analysis, free.
  • WooRank has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can compare keywords.
  • All-inclusive platforms can help track and analyze keywords - Ahrefs and SEMrush..

Have a look at this screenshot from SEMrush that shows the organic keywords search trends.

5. Improved SEO Metrics

Local SEO is a highly competitive niche, and you need all you can to get the right level of exposure. Link building as a method can give your website significantly improved local SEO metrics. It is not just limited to one aspect of the local SEO process. You get a huge boost to everything when you link build properly.
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Tools That Can Improve Link Building

Link building is a process that needs to be done qualitatively to show results. You need to ensure that you've got the right website to link to. The more links you have, the higher you rank in the organic results. But there's a caveat, make sure your links are relevant.

  • cognitiveSEO has a powerful site explorer that you can use to audit your links.
  • You can also monitor your competitors' links with SEO SpyGlass.
  • Linkody is one of the most cost-effective link-building tracking tools today..

Have a look at this screenshot from Linkody, which shows a lot of data, including Moz rank, DA, CF, TF, and more.

6. Better Sales And ROI

The key to the success of any business is higher ROI and sales. And this is especially true in the case of local SEO because it is so competitive. In this case, it can be hard to get them higher without using techniques like link building.

Tools To Improve Sales And ROI for Local SEO

A lot of times, people get caught up in rankings and metrics. But the most critical part of a local SEO campaign is the ROI it ultimately provides. This is where high-quality link building can offer a solution. It can promote high engagement and conversion rates for your local SEO. It improves revenue considerably.

  • Google My Business can help you track impressions on your business.
  • Hotjar can bring attention to where your users are clicking on your website.
  • Kissmetrics uses AI to help you track and respond to user behavior, considerably improving ROI..

Here is a screenshot from the Kissmetrics tool.

7. Establish Your Authority

Today, the customer is a lot more discerning about brands and the trust they generate. This makes it important for brands to have a high authority in their niche to succeed. Brand authority is an important mechanic for SEO, both national and local. But unfortunately, this is not easy to improve.

Strategies To Improve Brand Authority

Brand authority is something that businesses need to focus on today. Today, business is linked to trust, and people are more receptive to brands with high authority.
Trust is much more important to the success of a campaign than authority. People don't care about your credentials. They care that what you say is true.

  • Content marketing is the best method to improve brand authority. AnswerThePublic can help you find key topics of interest.
  • Fact check every part of the content you put out - Google's Fact Check Tool.
  • Build links to relevant and reputed websites in your niche..

8. Connect Better With Your Audience

The ability to connect with your demographic is invaluable for a business. Like gaining trust, this is another powerful mechanic but difficult to achieve.
Local SEO can help you gain visibility and pull people towards your brand. But to build a connection with them is something link building is much better at.

Tools That Can Help You Connect Better With Your Audience

People buy from people - it's a simple idea, but it's very powerful. This is the basis of creating a valuable connection with your audience.
Building links to authority and other trustworthy websites send the right signals to your audience. They understand your brand is good enough to connect with other authority websites.

See how Samsung is offering customer support through Twitter.

9. Increased Visibility In Your Niche

Visibility is everything when it comes to local SEO for a business. It directly translates into more sales and revenue, which is why most brands tend to focus on this aspect much more than others.
Link building can push brand visibility significantly. This is usually done through higher rankings and association with other powerful brands.

Tools To Improve Brand Visibility

Google has focused on offering more visibility to websites that rank higher. However, in local SEO, things get a lot more competitive.
The more websites you link to and are linked with you, the more chances of ranking higher. Link building can offer a powerful strategy to get better exposure.

10. Growth Of Referral Traffic

Link building is one of the best and most reliable sources of referral traffic for local SEO. Referrals are preferred of the different methods to get traffic for the website. The reason is that it is highly targeted and converts easily. This can significantly boost rankings on searches.

Strategies To Improve Referral Traffic

With local link building, you get powerful referral traffic that adds to your business more than just revenue. It increases important website metrics such as visibility and authority. These can also help you rank high on searches. If you have popular website links, it can direct high-quality traffic to your sales pages.

  • Publish visually attractive content like infographics. Canva is a great tool and is free.
  • Use high authority reviews websites to showcase your reviews like BBB or Trustpilot.
  • Find and collaborate with other brands in your niche to guest post on their website..

8 Tactical Local Link Building Strategies

1. Find And Register On Business Directories

Business directories are one of the best places to register your website on. It means improved traffic and more exposure for all your services. It is also a great source of targeted services which means high conversions and ROI. You need to ensure that these directories are aligned with your brand.

How To Find The Right Business Directories

As a business owner, directories offer huge leverage for your brand. The more popular business directories reach millions of people across the globe. The key is to find the right directories that can help your brand grow.
We have a few tips to help you find the right directory for your business.

For example, See how these furniture shops in Houston have created and updated their Facebook & Instagram pages.

2. Opt for Local Social Media Profiles

Social media has been a revelation when it comes to business presence. It has enabled link building to reach a whole new level. Social media content has been indexed on searches. This makes it even more critical to local searches for brands. It is also one reason you focus on creating a local social media profile.

Strategies for Using Social Media for Local SEO

Several social media platforms exist today. Most businesses have a consistent presence on almost all of the most popular ones. This is because a social media profile has powerful linking opportunities that you can use.

  • Creating a link to your website on a page can create a backlink to your website.
  • Remember to be active on social media platforms where you create a profile.
  • Some social media platforms have a place to add your NAP details. .

For example, See how this window tinting company has added their NAP details to their Facebook page.

3. Connect With Industry-Specific Groups

Today, there are just too many businesses to keep track of online. It is a reason why brands are switching to using groups and directories. These not just create a relevant source of traffic but can also deliver quality leads. This works well to build local reputation, which is critical to SEO metrics.

Finding The Right Social Groups And Directories

The first step is to find the right social groups and directories for your local market. Once you are in those groups, you need to participate actively. This will give you a chance to connect with people interested in what you have to offer.

  • Use tools like Google Advanced Search for the area you're located in.
  • Reddit is a trove of contacts and resources that you can use.
  • Social media platforms have many relevant groups that you can get into. .

For example, Have a look at this Facebook group on "Austin Real Estate"

4. Outreach Programs Aimed At Local Businesses

Outreach communication is a powerful motivator for people. Rather than waiting for people to get in touch with you, take the initiative. They might respond to your outreach invitation rather than typical inbound marketing.
Reaching other businesses might provide you with a powerful business relationship.

Tools for Effective Business Outreach

Outreach can take many forms, and it always doesn't have to email alone. It can promote your business within the community. Opt for newspapers and other local forums which can host your business. While you might need to pay for some of them, it is worth the cost.

  • BuzzSumo can help you prospect for the right people to connect with.
  • If you're into blogging, Klear helps get in touch with their community.
  • Ninja Outreach allows you to explore and connect with different types of markets..

Look at this screenshot to see how to reach bloggers based on their website DA, Moz rank, etc.

5. Provide High-Quality, Local-Aligned Content

Link building needs proper content strategies to help increase linking opportunities. Content is a huge part of the local SEO process and content marketing figures on every stage of SEO in general. But with local SEO, the focus on relevant content becomes even stronger.

Tools for High-Quality Content Marketing

Content marketing is a tried and tested method to get more exposure and revenue. It can build brand awareness and establish a lasting relationship with your audience. It also gives you better linking opportunities.
You can leverage content to give you great results by helping you build authority links.

For example, See how this New York-based real estate agent updates videos on YouTube.

6. Approach Local Media Outlets And Communities

Many businesses neglect to get in touch with local media communities. These are powerful for local SEO since they're established resources. They have a lot of power for local searches and need to be used. They can also reach communities that you might not have access to.
Have a look at this promotion by a New York-based real estate firm in a business journal.

Tips for Approaching Local Communities And Media

Local media and forums have a consistent following which can help your business. Getting your business on them can have several benefits for your brand.
This includes more recognition locally and increased traffic. When you have a presence on local media outlets, it powers brand credibility at your end.

  • Search for common phrases like "local business reviews" or "business feature."
  • Check for popular publication listicles or articles to choose one.
  • Find out what your competitors are featured on, then try there. .

7. Ensure Broken Link Removal

When your website grows, it is easy to lose track of its backlinks. Broken links can result in drops in traffic and other issues that you need to deal with. The only way to combat this is through regular checks of your website.

Tools for Finding And Correcting Broken Links

When looking for local SEO rankings, broken links are a huge factor. These can lower your rankings and sometimes even drop you to the second page. But fortunately, this is easy to fix with the right tools.

Here is a screenshot from SEMrush displaying the number of broken external links.

8. Monitor Your Competitor Backlinks

Business intelligence is a vital part of the local SEO process. It improves your link-building process by applying their learnings to your marketing pipeline. It can be helpful to get valuable insights into what your competitors are doing.

Tools To Help Competitor Backlink Monitoring

Your competitors can help you get better results with your link building. By analyzing their backlink profile, you can get better insights into your own. This might have been impossible, but now with AI-assisted tools, this is a reality.

Have a look at this list of "Competitive domains" for

Link Building & Local SEO - FAQs

1. How Can I Do Link Building for My Website?

There are many ways to link building for your website. The first and best method is to create high-quality content for your website. And then, you need to approach viable brands in your niche.

2. Does Link Building Have A Tangible Effect On Local SEO Rankings?

Yes, it can considerably improve your website SEO metrics. It is especially helpful for local SEO, where the competition is high.

3. Is Local Link Building Different From National/Global?

Yes, local link building is a lot more targeted and competitive. There are many more businesses vying for a smaller part of the market.

4. How Do You Handle Link Building for A Website?

The first and the most important thing is to ensure that your content and existing backlinks are good. You can leverage this into new and better links for your brand. Also, have tools that can analyze backlinks for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Establishing relevance is key to a strong backlink profile.
  • Focus on high-quality content creation for both text and video.
  • Check for consistent NAP across all your profiles.
  • Audit and correct broken backlinks on your website.
  • Create attractive outreach templates for email and local media ads.
  • Invest in powerful backlink analysis tools for your business.
  • Work on creating specific landing pages for several critical keywords.
  • Remember that trust-based marketing is vital to your success in link building.

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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.