17 Influential Local SEO Experts to Follow

1. Greg Gifford

Greg is not only a local SEO stalwart but a man whose creative presentations get the audiences to go 'wow' at conferences.
Greg is a local SEO specialist in the automotive industry. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences. His slides are quirky but insightful and often based on movies. Greg is also a regular on several popular industry podcasts.
Greg is the VP of search at SearchLab. His expertise includes local Search optimization, local search, social media, and more.
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2. Darren Shaw

Darren is a Canadian Local SEO evangelist. He is the founder and president of
His firm provides software and services that get brands more visibility in local searches. The company is known for local citation finders and rank trackers.
Darren is an influential figure in the local SEO niche. His drive to create offerings that stand out from the rest has garnered him a following. He is a co-host of the SaaS venture podcast and is a regular speaker at industry events on Local SEO.
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3. Colan Nielsen

Colan is the VP for local search at Sterling Sky. He is a familiar face on SEO forums and an influential Twitter personality. His insightful tweets on Local SEO and Google My Business show his expertise on these subjects.
Data back Colan's solutions to clients. He is known for his actionable feedback on client campaigns that have resulted in more sales and search traffic.
Colan has been in the SEO industry for several years. He is respected among peers and direct reports for his extensive knowledge and mentorship.
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4. Miriam Ellis

A local SEO specialist and a writer par excellence, Miriam is a well-known face in the SEO world. Her prolific and excellent articles for Moz are popular and read thousands of times.
Miriam helps the Moz team answer questions for the Q&A sessions in the forum. She is also the forum moderator for the community at YouMoz.
She runs a web design shop with her husband, that's been doing well since 2003! Since it began, she has been a regular participant in the Local Search Ranking Factors survey and speaks at events.
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5. Tim Capper

Tim is a UK-based Google My Business (GMB) product expert, a true local SEO pro. He currently serves as the SEO director for Online Ownership.
Tim's tweets and posts are popular among small business owners and fans. He is known for his great Local SEO tips and blogs on the hospitality industry. Ethical practices in the industry guide his research in local SEO.
Tim's articles have been published in famous portals such as SEMRush. Google has recognized him as a top contributor for Google Business.
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6. Andy Simpson

Andy is an influential figure in the world of local and technical SEO. He has plenty of experience with digital marketing and has been the driving force behind the growth of many companies.
Andy is currently the resident SEO expert at Digital Law Marketing Inc. He has served as digital director and a guest lecturer on WordPress in previous stints.
His Twitter feed is full of great tips, basic and advanced. He often retweets helpful local SEO articles by other influential SEO experts worldwide.
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7. Elizabeth Rule

Elizabeth is a self-professed SEM nerd and a local SEO pro. She is currently the SEO Analyst & Account Manager at Sterling Sky. Her specialties extend beyond local SEO. She has a firm handle on PPC, UX, and content writing.
She has executed many local SEO and PPC campaigns across platforms and channels. Elizabeth manages an impressive portfolio of over 20 clients globally.
Her strong background in writing enables her to devise compelling ad copy for local SEO campaigns. She often tweets about the latest trends and best practices in local SEO.
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8. Stefan Somborac

Stefan is the founder of Marketing Metrology in the Greater Toronto area. He loved local SEO and helped small businesses grow. He helps them identify effective marketing channels. This has helped single and multi-location local companies in the area achieve their business goals.
Stefan is a tech enthusiast who has been around computers for decades. He loves data and uses it to gain deeper insights into a client's business. Stefan tweets valuable articles on local SEO on his channels.
His clients love his work and the expert guidance he shares to help them grow.
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9. Tricia Clements

Tricia has been helping small businesses get found online. She is a local SEO expert. She is the founder of The Biz Watchdog, an agency specializing in local search engine optimization.
Tricia's focus is on optimizing a client's business profile on Google. She believes that local SEO tactics and great content with regular reviews are essential to better search rankings.
Her videos on various SEO and content strategy subjects are popular. Her other expertise area is social media marketing. She posts many interesting articles on these subjects on her channels.
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10. Craig Mount

Craig is the founder of Classy Brain. It's a company that specializes in digital marketing and lead generation. Craig is a Google Product Expert. He is a contributor at Search Engine Land and a Local Search Expert at the reputed Local Search Forum.
Craig loves content marketing and believes that great local SEO strategies require creative UX along with content. He holds certifications from Brainlabs in the digital marketing field. He has been in the SEO field for over 6-years.
Craig likes to volunteer as an English tutor during his spare time.
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11. Dani Owens

Dani is the founder of Pigzilla. She is a local SEO expert and a white label SEO provider. Dani has over a decade of rich experience with SEO. She has provided SEO consulting services to every company, from small stores to large enterprises.
Dani excels at SEO training and is a highly sought-after trainer and facilitator. Her content and resources have been quoted and shared by top SEO experts in the field.
Dani is an influential Local SEO guru who is respected by some of the biggest names in the industry.
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12. Amy Toman

Amy Toman is a leading exponent of Local SEO and digital marketing. She is an SEO specialist at Digital Law Marketing Inc. Amy has audited and edited over 300 websites for SEO over the years.
She is a local SEO guru and has helped many small business clients grow. She is known for her insightful guidance and local SEO tips.
Amy is a Google Product Expert for Google My Business. She authors SEO articles speak at seminars, podcasts, and more. Her peers highly respect her in the local SEO circuits.
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13. Cori Graft

Cori has grown from strength to strength in the world of SEO. It's been an impressive journey from an SEO lead to the associate director at Seer interactive. Cori excels at all things SEO, especially Local SEO. She has worked on SEO, SEM, content strategies, and more.
Cori has proved herself as a competent people leader. She strongly believes in empowering her teams. Her skilled team manages client revenue of $1.2 M and has executed a local SEO subdivision that has seen great success over the years.
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14. Brian Barwig

Brian is a local SEO veteran. He has seen it from its infancy to the powerhouse today for local businesses globally. Brian has over 15-years of local SEO experience and is an expert digital marketer.
His tweets are an excellent source of local SEO knowledge and tips. He is part of the illustrious Sterling Sky SEO experts group, the Local SEO manager. He often shares their helpful blogs with his followers.
Brian is also an expert at business analysis and development strategies.
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15. Ben Fisher

With over 20-years of experience, Ben is a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing industry. He specializes in Local SEO and is a Google Diamond Product Expert.
Ben is the co-founder of Steady Demand. He works closely with agencies and brands to help them with their local SEO initiatives. His expertise areas in local SEO are GMB, review management, Google Q&A, and Citation building.
Brian's writing is featured on Moz, Yelp, and Bright Local. His articles are a goldmine of tips to succeed with Local SEO.
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16. Phil Rozek

Philip runs Local Visibility systems. A company focused on helping businesses amplify their local search. Philip is a local SEO expert. He has been doing it for several years and has built a solid reputation.
People in general and his clients love his helpful attitude and attention to detail.
Philip has worked with all types of local businesses over the years. He is systematic in his work and honest with his pricing and advice. His tweets are informative, and his blog posts resonate with his readers for their great insights.
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17. Mike Blumenthal

Mike is a Google My Business guru and loves everything Local SEO. His Twitter handle is loaded to the hilt with valuable information about it. He co-founded GatherUp and freely shares his insights on many platforms.
He specializes in Local Search Consulting for SAAS and local businesses. He likes to analyze Google's search strategies and their impact on local searches.
Mike is passionate about local SEO and can often be found tweeting or talking about it. He is a respected presenter at LocalU and has spoken at many industry events.
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Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.


Joseph Schneider

He has spent more than 12 Years strategizing and executing SEO campaigns. He is interested in writing Digital-marketing, PPC, and Social Media Marketing related topics.